Would You Buy A T-Mobile iPhone?

Say what you want about Apple, Steve Jobs, AT&T or the iPhone in general, you just can’t deny its been a wild success for AT&T. For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone, as it’s a roadblock on any number of levels. AT&T has taken beating after beating the past three years for network quality and by all accounts, they’ve deserved it. While many of you might question, as is often the case with iPhone rumors, can T-Mobile handle the data traffic? That might be a question for another day and for that matter, one we aren’t prepared to answer in any case. For the moment however, lets just focus on the idea of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and if its something that excites or repulses you. Some of you think these rumors are nothing more than attempts by bloggers to increase pageviews and drive traffic and while we just consider that foolish, we really can’t help but wonder just how many of you would fall to the temptation of a T-Mobile iPhone. So find your way to the poll below and vote.

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  • blah

    I love to see how everyone still hates on the iphone yet most of you wouldn’t mind having it.Everyone knows the iphone is a premier device and if you don’t want to admit it then you are just plain ignorant. I work for T-mobile and I think the iphone 4 would be a great addition to our current line up. I myself have an iphone 4 with At&t and I don’t mind paying my monthly bill because its that good!! I have a Vibrant and a Mytouch slide and still my phone of choice is the iphone 4. The day it comes to T-Mobile I will pay my cancellation fee with at&t until then I will have the best device in the world because I WANT TO!!! And thanks to T-Mobile and all you people loving our devices I can pay my bill with At&T!! So keep trashing the iphone and thinking Android is better but the day I see lines and lines for people waiting for and Android device well that will be the day until then go iphone and I hope it comes to T-Mobile!!

    • Maemo

      The only major advantage the iPhone 4 has over other high-end smartphones is the display resolution … but then again the 800×480 resolution on a 3.5″ display on a Nokia N900 puts up a major fight.

      Other than that:
      – I’ve been able to multi-task, video-call (over wifi AND 3G), view Flash like a real browser (not Flash lite), stream movies in HD, run @ over 1Ghz, take advantage of my expandable memory, replaceable battery, take pictures with my 5MP camera with duel LED flash and enjoy the freedom of installing/removing and doing what I want when I want without my manufacturer playing dictator over my own equipment waaaaaay before the iPhone 4 was ever released.

      So no, your phone is not “the best in the world” – it’s far from it.

      • Cybersedan

        You’re so not a T-Mobile Employee!!

      • Los22

        The T-Mo Samsung Vibrant’s screen BLOWS away the iPhone. All my iPhone owning friends agreed. It’s also a fact that Apple wanted that AMOLED screen but Samsung can’t produce enough for themselves, their military contracts AND Apple, so they turned Apple away. There’s only 3 companies making AMOLED.

      • daniel


    • JT

      ATT has 90 + million user. How many have iPhone? Less than 20% and it would be less than 20% of the people on the T-mobile and hopefully all of those are new customers.

      I would never buy an iPhone and I change my phone every 6 month. I like to see different type of phone every six months and none of the phone has been apple or android from me.

      • Meamo

        Cybersedan, what’d you mean?

    • Los22

      You’re ignorant IMHO. You’ll never “lines and lines” of people to buy an Android because there’s TONS of stores where you can go to get an Android. There’s a lot of T-Mo, AT&T, Sprint, VZW stores (even Radio Shack, Costco, etc…) available so there’s no need to camp out for days and get in line like iSheep to get the latest Jesus phone which releases once a year.

      Android has MANY options so if you don’t like what’s coming out today, wait on another manufacturer’s model with Android on it. That simple. With iPhone you have just ONE phone, ONE manufacturer, ONE new model to choose from and usually only ONE damn store close enough to justify driving to. That’s a BIG difference.

      Now. Despite there being tons of stores, the Verizon Droid SOLD OUT! People are still waiting for more stock so they can get one. I won’t argue that the iPhone is a great phone and helped change smartphones but get your facts straight and don’t make you & your fellow Fanbois look so ignorant.

    • Fred

      What phone do you have that does all of that?

    • 2Funny

      You know, if they bring the iphone to T-Mobile, ok.If they don’t bring the iphone to T-Mobile, ok. I AM a T-Mobile employee and I say no matter what phone is out on the market, great so long as it meets the customers expectations. Now if we come out with the iphone, I hope three things will be different than att to keep and retain our customers. 1. our data stays unlimited (which has been a certainty among the big wigs) 2. We INSURE the iphone (sucks to be a new att customer and the phone gets destroyed) and 3.our prices stay the same or go lower, bc our competitors that make up the “BIG 4” are not in a position to go as low as T-Mobile….

  • Jason

    Seeing that I have a distaste for Steve Jobs and the way he chooses to respond to his consumers, I would never consider buying an Apple product. I don’t like him telling me how I want to use my device, and until then I don’t even bother. That’s not me saying the iPhone sucks, its a great device, I just won’t give that company my money until their philosophy changes.

    Plus, having handled an iPhone and various Android phones, I feel Android is superior in all ways EXCEPT the app store (and believe me, with Android growth, that will change in the coming years).

    • blah

      Years? Are you kidding me? The time is Now !!

      • http://www.htcyou.com applebook

        Take your own advice.

  • Marcus Armstrong

    @blah….sir i forgive u bcuz ur on ur period and ur not thinkin clearly…#1 iPhone has been out since 07 and has had almost 4 yrs to gain a VERY dense fanbase vs 2 yrs w/ Android. i admit iOS4 is VERY nice and idiot and consumer friendly…but i left my t-Mobile iPhone 1st gen and came to Android when it 1st came out #2 Already we have ppl leaving iPhone for Android..so much for “thinking Android is better” when the number of users w/ Android OS is now larger than ppl w/ iPhones. look it up Apple fanboy…AT&T can keep their failPhone4 and let it FAIL thier restricted network up. f##k yo couch…

    • blah

      lol nice but like I said before you are ignorant and I know the truth hurts so what ever makes you sleep better at night then so be it. Look up the facts the iphone to this day has not been a failed device for At&t..you my friend are a loser!

      • blah

        and please pay your bill on time so that I can pay my At&t bill hahahaha!!

      • Marcus Armstrong

        @blah haha its funny…loser? ha the truth is that u need to go get a Girlfriend b4 ur porn subscription and ur supply of lotion runs out LMAO. on a serious note.. that fact of the matter is that the iPhone is best on AT&T, ur intelligent to draw that conclusion urself. it should stay like that and u kno it…PERIOD iPhone brought them waaay too much money to jus let Apple go. they will renew that contract. trust me its like training a horse for a VERY long time but sum1 comes along, takes the horse, and rides off into the sunset w/ it. its brought healthy competition to the wireless carriers since theres FINALLY a REAL threat to iPhone unlike Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberry. im done doin back n forth childishness. hava good evening

  • 1shot1kill

    hey whats up ppl. i’m have a nexus one and before i had a white g1 rooted with cyanogen’s rom. the simple fact of being able to root my phone if i wanna and doing other little things is awesome. and being a nexus one user i know whatever update google puts out i will get. but like many others mentioned my biggest problem with apple is them wanting to control everything. make a product and let customers do what they want with it.

  • sidekicker89

    heeey update the site already! haha its been like a whole day and no neeews :( I’m sad now

    • David

      I wish there was news for every day, but not every day has T-Mobile related news!

  • http://Mobilephonestoday.com Isaac

    I guess i would start liking the iPhone if it was on T-mobile but T-mobile doesn’t have adequate data coverage either. If they go to the tiered data plan i will never by any smart phone let alone an iPhone.

  • voicestream01

    at&t 2011 that’s when it ends…stop with these dumb ass rumors please

    • Chris

      Actually its 2012. Rumors sometimes come true so you’re “stop with these dumb ass rumors” snip is rather ignorant.

      Contracts get renegotiated all the time.

      • Chris

        Like, ever heard of someone upgrading their phone early?

        Yes, someone gets out of a 2-year contract, pays a fee, and enters into another contract either with same carrier or a different one. People get out of contracts every day.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    I just want to say that i just went to one of my local TMO stores to check out the Vibrant personally. I must say that i really like the phone more now that i have played with it in person. I was concerned about the phone feeling too light and cheap as many people have reported but i didnt really get that feeling at all. i mean it is light as hell but i dont think its cheap. the girl who works here at the san antonio TMO location let me play with a live demo. first off the screen is as good as people have said. OMG! Avatar looks awesome on the Vibrant. Google Earth looked pretty sweet too. Anyway just want to say that i will definately be picking up the Vibrant. I could wait to see if we get the Iphone 4 or see whats coming up the pike. But i dont have any patience and i would probably be waiting forever for that Perfect phone.

  • MotoUser

    Not only would I buy a T-Mobile iPhone, I would prefer it over AT&T.

  • Um No

    Keep your Apple devices sir. I will keep my money out of Jobs’ pocket. Thanks though.

  • paul

    i rather get an adroid than the iphone, but it could make tmobile more popular

  • ObsceneJesster

    We better hope the iPhone doesn’t come to T-Mobile….The last thing we need is all the teenie boppers and soccer mom’s hogging up our bandwidth while they check the status of there farm on FarmVille.

    • Xtian

      Rofl nice

    • ajju

      Very true! If Tmobile gets the iPhone, I’m going to have to move to Sprint/Verizon!

  • Dale Murphy

    um dying over here…new article needed…about anything…please.

  • Charles Xavier

    I’m not sure an iphone on T-mobile would be good because the data is sparse and unreliable. Add in questionable antenna design and I smell total failure.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    Has anybody found any good cases for the samsung vibrant? one with a kickstand would be nice!

  • nippleRunderrated

    does anyone know why in the pic of that iphone the top bar is erased out??

    • David

      Because the original pic said T-Mobile and Verizon so I blacked out the Verizon part, see the original:


      • ObsceneJesster

        Dave, I like you man but I have never seen you comment so many times about a blog post. It’s quite obvious you are a iPhone fanboi.

        • David

          I’m not any kind of a fanboy, but this Apple hatred is just ridiculous…the entire point wasn’t whether or not Android was better, you simply had to answer yes or no to whether or not you would buy an iPhone.

        • tmobile4ever

          and it looks like you got your answer

      • ObsceneJesster

        I iPhone would not be good for existing customers on T-Mobile. The flood of teenie boppers and soccer moms would not be good for our bandwidth. I can also assure you, T-Mobile would raise there prices.

        If it were up to me, this plague would stay far away from Magenta.

  • JSY581

    Nope, already had an iphone, not interested in having another… time to move on

  • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

    Interesting… I tried to change my plan online and got the message
    “We’re sorry—your Plan and Services are currently unavailable while we work to improve the site for you. Please try again later.”

    And then I call and the recorded message says they’re making “Exciting changes” to their plans, so any changes must be handled over the phone. If it was an internal system upgrade or maintenance they wouldnt say they’re making exciting changes.

    I’m feeling a sort of excitement… it’s called fear. What are they going to do? I bet AT&T was announcing “exciting changes” when they changed their data plans.

  • Bobby

    IPhone is craze is dead… Way to be way out of touch with reality… Tmobile should focus on building nationwide network with great coverage. Not 4G or 5G or whatever but just simple network that works everywhere!!!

    They had their chance to bring customers with Android before the big players jumped in the game. Look at what the droid campaign did for Verizon. Tmo’s commercials and underpowered hardware turned people away… I still hate my self for buying MyTouch… HTC HD TOTAL FLOP!!! Who cares for WinMo… If that phone had come out with Android OS it would have been a hit…

    There is nothing wrong with Android over iPhone. Neither phone is significantly better. The only difference is people KNOW iPhone because of the huge campaign that ATT and Apple put up…

    And really quit putting up such nonsense ATT will never let this phone go outside their network that is all they have..

  • ManoloDF

    Imagine if T-mobile had an iPhone with UMA, I would buy 2 just to make sure I have a backup ready at all times in case one breaks.

  • gladiatrix

    In Europe, T-mobile has the monopoly on iPhone, however they also have the monopoly in crappiest carrier ever. This thanks to the iPhone overload (this is what they told the press themselves, I’m not making this up). As soon as I want 3G i get kicked out of service and no one can reach me. What’s the use of having an iPhone without good reception, let alone decent internet connection?

  • the guy

    wow, just about every comment on this article reads like dialogue form idiocracy.

    • Bob

      Brawndo the thirst mutilator….it’s made from electrolites.

  • J

    Yes BUT…. I am really impressed with the Android platform since having started to use the GarminFone. Really happy and impressed…. So as of now, it’s Android for me. Especially with iPhone antanae issues…? JMO

  • evan

    i agree with david. it is just a phone after all. i think the iphone coming to t mobile would be awesome. i think att and apple need to give everyone else a fair chance to dominate. i guarantee everyone here who is hating on the iphone would be first in line to get one when t mobile has their launch event. don’t even try to say different band wagoners!

  • dunn dun

    not i would not buy a tmobile iphone(or any other phone that is made for 3g speeds). i barley get edge where im from, 3g coming here is like waiting on the war to end. tmobile step your 3g game up!… #jus sayin

  • Mercer One

    I don’t care about having an iphone on T-Mobile more so I’d love to have an HSPA+ ipad! Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

  • Samski

    I just switched to T-Mobile from AT&T.

    Got a Vibrant to replace my iPhone3Gs. So far, I like it, although Android 2.1 is still not as polished as iOS. Close, but not quite there. But I do like the integration with Google’s services and the somewhat better tweaking options.

    The biggest surprise for me has been the fact that in West Los Angeles, the hills and the Valley, the T-Mobile data service is considerably slower than AT&Ts.

    The download speeds with T-Mobile range from miserable double digits in the hills, to 200-500kbps in the Valley and West Hollywood. In many of these areas, I used to get consistently 1000-2000kbps with AT&T.

    The upload speeds are actually more comparable, with T-Mobile ranging between 200-1100kbps, while AT&T was generally 500-1500kbps.

    I always thought T-Mobile was faster in LA, but apparently not :(

    The price is a bit better though, so I’ll stick with T-Mobile and hope that service improves soon.

  • Kevin

    If android wasn’t a thing, then i’d buy one. I hate Apple and Steve Jobs, but they know how to make a good product. Except the iPhone 4, that thing sucks. Death grip, yellow pictures, spots on the screen, is not made out of super strong glass.

    • tmoledu

      Heard about deathgrip. The camera looked great, only used it inside store thiugh, but the pics were crystal clear. Spots on screen and the glass part are news to me. What’s that about?
      Btw, video cam was a little frustrating, the focus box is tiny, maybe there’s a trick to it.

  • Fred Coulter

    No, I would not buy a T-Mobile iPhone. At least not for myself. (I have kids, so I might end up getting them one. The factors I consider important may not be considered important by my kids.)

    My issue with the iPhone has nothing to do with T-Mobile, it has to do with Apple.

    While I appreciate the idea that apps purchased from the app store are technically vetted and should play nicely with the other apps, Apple also decides what kind of apps detract from the iPhone experience. This includes stopping certain political apps, certain R rated apps, etc. I am a grownup, and can make those decisions for myself. I’ll take the risk of running unvetted apps from the Android store.

    I also know that the courts have recently said that it is not illegal to install programs from sources other than the Apple Store onto an iPhone. But the ability to do this is limited to those people with the techical expertise (or time) to do so. I have a life (see above comment about kids, etc.) and I don’t want to work getting my phone to do what I want it to do. I want to easily install a program without having to fight with the OS. Making it legal doesn’t make it easy.

    So the end result is that I’ll stick with Android. The openness of the app ecosystem more than offsets the risk of poorly programmed apps.

  • chess

    yes the EDGE is crap on my jailbrake 3gs

  • elizabeth

    I think that many people want an i phone but are not willing to switch to at&t to get it. i know only being 13 i want an iphone!!!!!! please bring i phone to tmobile

  • chicago081

    I hope T Mobile won’t get the iphone. T Mobile’s service sucks as it is, don’t need all of those iphone hogs. I can’t even access the internet in Chicago after 8 am. I think I will move to Verizon when my contract is up.

  • Emil Ghoting

    I have a feeling if AT&T has trouble handling iPhone data then T-mobile will be totally overwhelmed. Hopefully I’m wrong

  • Keeman

    I had an iPhone and I loved it. I didn’t have many problems with the device, overall it was a good phone. I no longer have AT&T and have resulted in buying an Android phone on T-Mobile. Overall, I think it is a good device and does many of the same function the iPhone does. The only thing that I would say is the iPhone has an advantage over droid in the application dept. That is really the only thing that I miss about having the iPhone…if droid can get better apps then I would not want to go and get another iPhone, but on the other hand as many droids that have hit the market, I dont see where the technology on the applications improving at all…so when my contract is up I will more than likely going to get an iPhone and if T-Mobile does not have it, I’ll be switching back to AT&T.

  • Why?

    Why is this even a poll? You can already get iphones on Tmobile. Just legally(now) Jailbreak it. Iphone is slower than any android device on T-mobile and hardware also is slower. Just look at the processor. If you are going by emotion and love iphone you can say whatever you want. But the truth is that the hardware is not even close to most of the android devices. On the same network test after test Iphone loses.

  • Why?

    Iphone needs help! I guess this poll is some good news for apple. Apple is not even second in sales! They are losing to blackberry. Here are the numbers use facts people not opinions. Android OS is leading in sales.

    Yesterday, researcher NPD Group said Android phones led the market in the second quarter. According to NPD, 33 percent of all smartphones bought in the
    U.S. were Android phones, followed by Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform at 28 percent and Apple’s iPhone at 22 percent.

  • Michael

    I would like an iphone but will not do AT&T because the coverage is weak in my area; as for T-Mobile, I had them for two years. It was the WORST coverage I have ever had. Having an iphone on T-mobile would be a joke. If they think they are getting coverage complaints with AT&T, that would be nothing compared to what they will get with T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s coverage was so bad, I began to believe the terms “Dropped call” and “Normal coverage” were synonymous

  • Ixmntr

    Wow such distaste for Apple! I currently own an iPhone 3Gs, Blackberry 8900, HTC HD2, and I just purchased a Samsung Vibrant, and I like all of my phones! As far as apps are concerned I do prefer The Android Marketplace there seems to be more variety for me, as opposed to AppWorld, App Store, Win Market. The cons about the iPhone are your forced to live without certain features which should be standard- like Picture zoom, MMS, and multi-tasking and so forth especially if you are an iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3Gs owner even with 4.0 these older models that are about 3-4 yrs old dont have longevity which is a bummer! On my Blackberry which has 5.0 (Shame on you T-MO for no support!)
    I get all the utility features I want but RIM needs to get it together. Most people now want a flashy touch enabled phone, yes I understand Blackberry 6 is out and the Torch seems nice but Who really wants the GM of phones! I mean they all look generally the same and boring! As far as my HD2 it is mostly my mod toy I currently have Android 2.1 running and its fun but not my everyday use phone! Now the Vibrant is pretty cool, I just wished they used some different materials too much plastic and it gets greasy pretty fast, but I love the fact that it can do all of the things my Blackberry can do (unless im a spy and need private msgs) ;p plus it has a nice UI like the iPhone, why not? but overall I treat them like shoes what do I feel like wearing today? But to answer the question Yes! I would buy a T-MO iPhone since it will work with the carrier and I dont like the hassle of Jail breaking and unlocking the damn phone!

  • r

    how can mac be far “superior” to pc when mac IS in fact a personal computer? i’m just saying…it shows how brilliant “mac users” are.

  • Kinngjay

    this phone has a mind of its own. it works when it wants to, it cuts off when evey it wants to i’m done with this phone i like it but done with it.