Samsung Vibrant Live On

Update: For those of you picking up the Vibrant today, we want to see pictures of your new baby, make it a funny shot and perhaps it’ll get posted to the blog!!! Send pictures to
The wait is over! Arguably one of the most powerful and fastest Android handsets to date, the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is now available for sale on Boasting a stunning 4 inch Super AMOLED display powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, the Vibrant comes preloaded with T-Mobile Sims 3 Collector’s Edition from EA, James Cameron’s Avatar, Access to GOGO Inflight & Slacker Radio, and compatibility with Amazon’s Kindle for Android and MobiTV. Just as we anticipated, the Samsung Vibrant will run you $199.99 with a 2-year agreement, and $499.99 sans contract.

For those of you still undecided, be sure to check out our Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review which will hopefully make your decision a bit easier. So how many of you are actually getting one/have already ordered one?Anyone planning on camping outside a T-Mobile store? Let us know in the comments!

T-Mobile – Get yours now, if you want that is!

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  • Tipsofme

    I wish we would just nuc our advertising and pr departments and start over! This is by far one of the companys largest down falls. So lame! Fire these dried up “stars” and get it together!

  • RockTripod

    Spent yesterday playing with my store’s demo, ordered it up today. Can’t wait to get it in hand.

  • XipherZero

    I just got mine, and I just have to say this is an amazing phone!

  • Flgirll_99

    Samsung Vibrant manual…if you are like me, waiting on your phone and can’t wait to see all the features in detail. :-)

  • synapblink

    So who’s upgrading and getting a decent price online? I’m thinking of jumping on Amazon since there’s no MIR to wait.

    • Flgirll_99

      I just ordered mine for $202 total online ($164 + taxes and $18 upgrade fee)

      • synapblink

        I just got mine for $199 exactly on amazon.

  • kg

    There has been no advertisement about this in the papers in SF bay area.
    I would have expected at least a quarter page ad in the local paper.

    • Drivethruboy168

      This launch is a soft launch, the official launch is still the 21st, that’s when you will see commercials and adds in the paper! Samsung for now will be advertising the Samsung Galaxy S I’m there commercials. I’ve had the Vibrant since monday and this phone is awesome!

  • mike

    still not enough to break me of my N1

    • jdog

      Yep this is a phone for people who can’t wait for the next Google superphone aka Project Emerald. Froyo has kept my N1 on top of all Android phone but some people will argue that just because its new that their phone is better, yeah right and iPhone 4 doesn’t lose signal when you touch the left corner LMAO.

  • monkeyboy

    Just came back from my local store. WOW.

    – Lightweight, adding a case will give it some heft which is good
    – Screen – A++
    – TouchWiz 3.0 is nice
    – Menus are fast
    – Video playback amazing
    – Camera is pretty good
    – USB sliding cover

    – Volume rocker, wasn’t very responsive when i pressed up/down
    – Housing is a bit to slick. Case will fix this.
    – 3.5mm jack should be on the bottom, why do companies insist on putting it at the top?
    – Games didnt load up as fast as I thought they would, still fast though for a mobile phone

    • john

      The jack at the top is presumably so it can be placed in the pocket and have earbuds plugged in.

      • FILA

        or you could just turn the phone upside down in your pocket since it makes no difference cuz its all touch screen, thats why i dont use my MT3G as a player. u need physical buttons on some stuff still.

  • JoeH

    Just got mine in store at T-Mobile. Put in on the Extended payment plan. $25/month for 20 months.

    Got a Gelskin case for it. The only kind available now in store, and it is really nice, adds great texture.

    The phone is amazing!

    • StefanB

      So you didn’t had to put a downpayment for it?

      • JoeH

        I did. 1/20th price. $25.00 Basically first month’s installment

    • StefanB

      Oh nice, are you in Even More or Even More Plus? im in a even more pplus and they want me to put a downpayment of 200.17 and 20 payments of 15.75 i think it was.. trying to pay a little bit less than 200 =/

      • asparagus

        It’s based on credit.

  • tm19

    Does anybody know how to work this through the buy-one-get-one offer on the tmo website? If I click through the front page ad and select the Vibrant, and then add a different, lower cost phone, I get no credit for the second phone. I call the customer service rep and she tells me they have to be the same phones. OK, so I go back to the site and select two Vibrants – still no credit on the second phone. What am I doing wrong?

    • Randy

      BOGO is only avilable for Smartphones with req. data feature, Currently the Vibrant can only be the FIRST phone in BOGO offer, so select a Vibrant and myTouch Slide!!

      • tm19

        Thanks. I selected the Vibrant, and then 750/unlimited/unlimited family plan, and then the 3G Slide, but no free Slide. Does there need to be a rebate or something? I’m just missing something here.

  • Darien

    just picked mine up, best phone i have ever used, only complaint was not having a screen protector available other then universal ones which arent big enough…but phone is amazing!!!!

    • swehes

      I had the same problem to. So I left the plastic that the phone came with on my phone. :) Works very nice with it on. :)

  • swehes

    I got it. And it is AWESOME! :) And it has been confirmed that the 3.5mm jack is providing video out. (not by me however)

  • Macknifetx

    Just got mine as well. Thanks to Tmonews, I knew more about the phone then the store reps did. While I was there I actually helped them sell two of them. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work, so have not had a chance to play with it yet. I have it charging right now so this evening I will be able to get it setup and running.

  • Johny

    I kno this is way off topic but on the roadmap that was leaked couple weeks ago there was 3 htc phone vangaurd emerald and shubert vanguard and emerald android phones and shubert windows 7 android spin posted that htc taking out 3 htc phone for tmobile and 1 for AT&T and 2 for Europe they said 6 htc phones by the end of q4 so this kindof get closer to confirmation here take a look and tell me wat ya think? :

    • En2Mente

      I saw that too the vision is going to europe and I guess it safe to say the htc emerald is the famous project emerald. I’m just going to wait for the actual specs on these phones to be released before getting my hopes up.

  • jshin

    so with dnla would I bee able to watch netflix via ps3 on the vibrant oe just be able to acess whats on the ps3s hard drive. On a side note, I called cc and as I just used my upgrade for the hd2 which i love btw but have heard many people complaining about ( probably those less teck savey that cant or wont flash a custom rom) the hd2 freezing and lagging, told the csr that I was unhappy, she hooked it up for 199.00 no mail in rebate or anything woot. Now the decision on which phone to give to the wife, hd2 or vibrant.

  • JV

    I picked up 2 at a local Costco in TX for $150 each w/ $50 rebate each (Upgrade pricing w/ 2 year contract extension). Really liking the phone so far.

    • JV

      To be clear, $100 each after $50 mail in rebate.

      • billywill

        Mine was $100 out the door with an accessory bundle.

  • Yogij31

    got the hd2 at wally world for 48.88 then i decided i didnt like wm 6.5.3 and to my suprise Vibrant for 164.99 (Ihad the G1 first day it came out). i am glad to soon be back on android. and with XDA porting FROYO to the hd2 I will have more than enough phone until november. Tmobile came through opn this Vibrant discount.

  • O

    I got mines this morning. i havent done much work today because of this and im really thinkg of taking off tomorrow just to play some more… this phone is great… Super fast and bright but the drawback as to be expected is the battery life. I have 22% right now and will see how long it lasts. other than that i love this phone…

  • StefanB

    Any one have been successful in getting the phone in less than $200 in the Even More Plus plan? what i mean is that they’re giving me the phone for $200 plus taxes and shipping and 19 payments of $15, that’s cheap but i can’t afford 200 of downpayment right now :( was looking more for $150 and payments of $20 i don’t care.


    • CCC

      Strange mine was 25 down and 25 a month… It might be you don’t have a high enough credit line with them… :-(

      • StefanB

        Really? i want it so bad :( lol oh well… i’ll have to wait a little bit longer i guess, i think my credit line is something about $300, so yeah could because of that, sucks heh but thanks for sharing! :)

  • monkeyboy

    Just ordered my Vibrant from COSTCO for $99. Sweet deal.

    For those who have been with Tmobile for years (ive been with them for 10+) whats the benefit of buying the phone full price when you know you are going to be with Tmobile 2 years from now… at least thats they way I see it.

    • kathrin

      Buying phone full retail price with EM+ plan is cheaper than EM plan with discounted price :)

      For example, Individual 500 Talk/Text/Web is $80 for EM customer, and $60 for EM+ customer.
      Just simple calculation:
      EM plan : 200 + (80 * 24) = $2,120
      EM+ plan : 500 + (60 * 24) = $1,940

      • monkeyboy

        Ah, I see. Well, Im on a 3 line Family Plan, grandfathered 1000min + unlimited txting for $89.99, $25 data on 1 line. Closest plan to that is $89.99 no contract/$99 with. But I have to factor in (3) new phones, so yes, individuals benefit from your way.

      • kathrin

        Yup, if you have good old plan, you should keep it.

        And another benefit of buying phone full retail price is a, you don’t need to add data plan. (buying discounted price with two years contract require to add data plan)

        I am using my Andorid phone without data plan. Well, simply I don’t need because most of the time I have WiFi :)

  • tipsofme

    Im so mad that none of the employee phones shipped today. I thought if we got the order in last night it would go out today. Dang it. Im going to have to sit of my hands for close to a week. :(

  • billywill

    Just picked it up from COSTCO. $99 and a free accessory bundle. Can’t beat that!! Amazing phone!

  • mailman13877

    Just came from a TMO store and i must say this phone is TMOs best phone but it’s not the Best phone out..The dude in the store even said to me on the low that this phone is the overall best if i wanna play games a lot and watch videos all day but he said the Best phone overall for a mix of everything in the market is the Evo. Im not getting this phone cuzz i don’t need no samoled screen.Evoooooo..FTW

    • monkeyboy

      EVERYONE. Dont feed the troll. IGNORE.

    • chris

      And the Evo will look like a midrange in a couple of months,when the HTC Emerald hits the market with A9cortex dual core tegra.

      • mailman13877

        Lol Chris
        keep letting TMO fool you..I promise that Emerald will be better than the Evo until TMO gets their hands on it an take out some most wanted features..Evo is way better than this vibrator..i still can’t believe the TMO dude said it himself to me..if i was a TMO SETTLER i woulda told on him n got him fired but nah

    • asparagus

      Dear mailman,
      Get the Evo already and get off this site…..thanks it’s for fans and you are a liar

  • yes!!!

    i really can’t stress how amazing this phone is, i have played with an incredible and an hd2 but i’ve been stuck with my g1 since launch day and this just feels like the biggest jump ever!
    for those who don’t like the stock camera app check out 360 camera it’s pretty awesome and if you don’t like touchwiz then there’s launcherpro =)

  • monkeyboy

    Can someone please post the PDF rebate form? I haven’t received my phone yet so I cant access the PDF from Tmobiles website. I want to read the TOC of the rebate to see if I can get it on top of the Costco $99 deal.


  • moloch

    I never commented before on this site but feel compelled to do so since there has been a lot of controversy about this phone. I too was skeptical about getting this. However, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase (long live my banged up G1) at a t-mobile store today. I must say that this phone is amazing! I like to think that I am pretty knowledgeable about these kinds of things and this phone exceeded my expectations.

    A few thoughts:
    – Very responsive and fast.
    – TouchWiz is actually pretty cool (did I just say that?)
    – Enterprise features work great
    – Screen is better than the iPhone 4, hands down.
    – I like how the phone is light. I know some people complain about the plastic covering, but if you haven’t held the phone, you should reserve judgement.

    By far, the best phone I’ve seen. My friends have the EVO or the new iPhone, or a Droid, but this is the perfect size and feature set in my opinion. I must admit that I wouldn’t do video calling so the lack of a FFC does not bother me.

    One other thing, everyone in the t-mobile stores down here was buying this phone (i had to go to 3 before finding a stor that had it or wasn’t swamped). The employees were doing a good job up-selling this even though it was not on display at any of the stores (the early launch caused this problem).

    Give it a try, I think you will be surprised.

  • franklin mintah

    I jux picked up ma vibrant and ppl I can’t put it down for a second…this phone is what it is and even more….wow….!

  • mega

    Anyone notice how the volume button on the Vibrant seems kinda loose (cheap)? It makes noise when ever you touch it. Let me know please.

    • mailman13877

      Yup your right Mega..i heard the noise to..The phone is made of cheap plastic thats why

  • mailman13877

    Monkeyboy stop hating cuzz you know the Evo is better than this..Even the TMO dude in the store said it..SMH

    Monkey here’s your cheap a** phone..notice the Droid X isn’s discounted..Costco obviously thinks the Vibrator sux to give it to you for $’s the costco link for you

  • NiiDiddy

    Can anyone play the Avatar on their phone? Mine isn’t playing!

    • mailman13877

      LMFAO you can’t watch your Avatar lame..No way this phone beats the Evo..But you guys paid for the vibrant so i guarantee you wouldn’t admit it

      • JoeH

        My Avatar plays fine. even without my SIM card in. Good luck with all the failures on the Evo and the high Sprint pricings

    • CCC

      Yes mine is playing just fine, in fact I plugged it into the TV and watched for a min on my big screen. You might want to take yours back just in case before they are all gone.

  • bill

    this makes no sense. im up for an upgrade and its giving me $449 for full upgrade price for the vibrant. then i go to my sisters(she has partial upgrade) to see if its higher or the same. hers is $165 with no rebate. i think they really f’ed up the prices.

    • mailman13877

      That’s cuzz TMO is fked up like their phones..Imma get my Evo soon n leave TMO

      • booyaka

        lmfao .. told yall he dont even own an evo . HAHAHAHAHA .

      • Macknifetx

        He can’t even spell EVO, or anything else for that matter.

  • booyaka

    lol @ mailman the postal service worker talking like he knows anything . i doubt he even knows anything close to an evo . duke probably posting from the public library hurrying up before they close the doors at 5pm . take a seat you probably own an old ass motorola boost mobile phone LOL

    • mailman13877

      Yea keep telling yourself that buddy..BTW it’s almost 6pm in NYC so idk what you joking bout with your wrong time..You guys will never admit this phone is inferior to the i said it’s good but not on the Evo an Droid X level..You got people already saying their avatar movie isn’t playing lmfao

      • Bob

        I’ve been with t-mo for 9 years now.
        I think if I had a choice between the evo and the sgs on t-mo, I definitely would be getting the evo.
        But since t-mo gives be the plan I want with the rate I want, it makes sense for me to stick with t-mo. So for now, sgs is the best phone on t-mo.
        I don’t like to looks of the sgs. I love my hd2 right now, but miss the android OS, so most probably I’ll be getting the sgs to replace the HD2. BTW, the flash on HD2 is really good. It takes perfect pictures in pitch black nights when the subject is about 5 feet. Works great for 90% of night time pics. So I’ll be missing the flash.
        I hope they come out with the dual core superphone in Nov so I can upgrade again.

    • monkeyboy

      Ignore the troll, dont feed him or he will keep coming back for more.

  • CCC

    So I got my phone today super thrilled, except I don’t think there is a notification light… I can’t tell when my phone is charged or when I get an email or anything! Anyone know if this can be changed? Or is this a “con” on this amazing phone?

    • monkeyboy

      The lock screen tells you if its charged.

      • CCC

        Yeah, I was hoping for a light… Like on the G1’s etc… oh well! :-/

      • monkeyboy

        Yea, that should have been added. Would be nice if the buttons would light up or blink. Maybe someone will hack it.

  • Deana


    Avatar works for me!

  • mailman13877

    Hahaha i should pay my $50 now an order my Evo now but nah imma stick it out till the 23rd to bash TMO

  • comicaze

    got mine today! this phone is BEAST!

  • Gabe

    Does anyone know if I buy this phone unlocked and keep my current plan, will the $7 web work with this phone? I’ve always just used unlocked gsm phones and have gotten 3G speeds with this internet. i don’t see why it would be any different now :)

    • mailman13877

      No you need a $30 plan for all androids..Think it’s the same for all companies or in that range

  • snoobar

    anyone have opinions on the connectivity and 3G reception/quality? if so, also include your city and quality. I’m curious to see if this new phone has better reception than say the N1 or the like.

  • [rono]

    For those who got their phone, how does it feel in your hand?
    Big, small? Is one-handed operation feasible?
    How fast does it switch to landscape?

    PS: does it have a digital compass?

    • monkeyboy

      It feels great in my hand (i have big hands). 4″ screen is the sweet spot. Anything bigger like the EVO or HD2 just looks/feels bulky.

      Landscape switching is fast. Digital compass is not installed stock, you can get it free from the Android Market.

    • mailman13877

      i held it today and it feels cheap..cause of the shiny cheap plastic you have to clean it often cuzz of sweat on your hands.Also the phone will break for sure if you drop it so don’t get to nervous an sweat it out your hands lol.It does not have portrait mode on the home screen but the root version prob will.The battery does not last as long as you think based on reviews an someones comment on here earlier..Get a better phone or wait for TMO to release a better 1..i can’t wait anymore after almost waiting 10 years lol..Evo is the way man..don’t waste your time listening to these guys if you want more than bright colors,video games and videos..It’s fast but has some lag and the other top phones is just as fast.

    • Macknifetx

      There is a great compass on the market, and even a nautical one if you so wish. Feels great in the hand, and one handed operation is feasible, just depends on the size of your hand. Switching from portrait to landscape and back is amazing. Those impressions are just from when I got the phone. I still need to finish playing with it once I am off work. Watch out Android Marketplace, here I come. LOL

  • ChazLaz

    Just picked mine up today. I am a little disappointed with how much space is actually available out of the 16gb. There is roughly 13gb available but there is already about 12.3gb on it already. I guess I will have to go out and splurge a little on a MicroSD card.

    Is this the same case for everybody else who picked one up?

    • monkeyboy

      Well, a bunch of apps are pre-installed. I imagine the Sims3 takes up a chunk of space. Also, the navigation/GPS app, are maps preinstalled? Connect the phone via USB MSC to your computer and take a look at whats installed.

      • ChazLaz

        Yeah all thats on there. I was just hoping i would be able to use some of the 16gb but oh well what another $50 haha. It is really a nice phone though, very quick and responisive.

    • mailman13877

      lol the 32GB cards from scandisk went on sale know the Evo is better though but it’s don’t have to admit not talking bout the companies or anything else other than the phones itself..admit it

      • ChazLaz

        Evo is cooler no doubt. I just wouldn’t get it only because I have been with T-Mobile for a loooooongg time. And the extra $10 for the 4g is kind of a rip.

      • ChazLaz

        HAHAHA just looked and $200 for a memory card hahaha. NO WAY

      • joshuakprice1

        Of course the evo is cool. But it has already been outdated by the galaxy. Processor is slower, screen isn’t as nice, and its attached to one of the worst services money can buy. Sprint charges ten extra for a speed that nobody gets, and doesn’t match up to what tmo gives you included in regular internet. You’ve been listening to what the sprint reps say, and comparing it to all the nitpicky and innacurate things you can say about tmo. Anyone can complain like you do, it takes a *real* man to admit that he’s wrong, and that the grass isn’t greener over there.

      • mailman13877

        thanks for your honest opinion..wish the rest were like you..Yea i that’s expensive but i guess on EBay the 16GB are like $47 if i remember right..try EBay..goodluck man

      • mailman13877

        I said 4get the company an phone to phone only the Evo is not’s talking overall for everyday use you get more out of the Evo not the vibrant..wanna watch some slingbox(kickstand),wanna listen to FM radio(Evo),want a better UI(Sense),want a bigger screen for movies an games(Evo),want a camera that’s tied for best at worst to the iphone 4(Evo with Dual flash).Those are everyday uses..not bright colors for SIMS an avatar

  • Jon

    Like most here, I’ve been reading the blogs, reviews, articles and waiting to see what android devices are coming up. I had time at lunch to walk over to TMo (NYC), and got to play with the Vibrant. Gorgeous device — screen is amazing, even when I walked over by the window with sunlight streaming in.

    Overall form factor is excellent. From all the comments about it feeling “light”, I expected it to feel flimsy — but I’m thinking that people must have called it light in comparison to the Iphone (which I still find surprisingly heavy). I’m used to a Blackberry 8900, and the Vibrant feels fine to me. Size, weight, thickness, rounded edges, display, etc — all perfect. Doesn’t feel too light or flimsy at all — feels solid and very portable.

    Avatar on this is stunning — youtube videos don’t do it justice – you have to see this in person – gorgeous display.

    The UI is very intuitive — very short learning curve, just from experimenting. The OS and screen are very responsive — everything was pretty much immediate, and combined with the silky smooth transitions the experience is great.

    I also never tried Swype before — but found it worked beautifully on this almost immediately. Really easy in landscape with the larger virtual keyboard. Nice way to get started with Swype.

    16gb internal memory too. I also asked the TMo sales rep about running apps off the memory card directly, and he told me (maybe this is old news) that Froyo is supposed to allow this. That would be huge — you could load a ton of apps on the card and run them directly without having to copy to phone memory.

    I really didn’t expect to walk away thinking too hard about this, but the Vibrant was so nice it just got harder to decide. My dilemma – pick up one of these now, or wait for Emerald in November. The TMo manager told me that at a recent training session, there was brief mention of the dual-core HTC device coming this fall,
    and they actually flashed a picture on screen briefly — and the way he tells it, the speaker laughed, said, “want to see it again?” and put the slide on again for a moment before taking it down.

    Much as I’m taken by the Vibrant, a dual-core HTC superphone (with the potential for a slide-out keyboard) as soon as October or Novemmber is really compelling.

    Either way — I think I’m finally at the point where it makes sense to leave my Blackberry behind and move on to Android. Might be a Vibrant, might be “Emerald” in November. Seems like we’ll have a few good choices to consider.

    What I’d REALLY love would be a dual-core super phone in November, with full HSPA+ and also with UMA and a slide-out keyboard. OMG – that would be the ultimate…

    In the meantime – congrats to you new Vibrant owners — gorgeous, gorgeous device!

    – Jon

  • BSM

    T-Mobile’s website says that I’m elegible for the $164.99 upgrade, so I go down to the T-Mobile store at lunch to check out the phone. I only played with it for a couple of minutes, but I can say that it makes my old G1 and my current MT3G look like toys. I tell the girl, okay let’s pull up my account and see what you can do. I told her what my account said on T-Mobile’s website and she basically told me to go home an order it online. Her machine said that not only was I not elegible for the $199 but she had never heard anything about a $164.99 price. She said the best they could do for me in the store was $289! Needless to say, I thanked her for her time and ordered online like she recommended. So bottom line…don’t necessarily expect to go to a T-Mobile store and get the price you see online. I’m bummed I won’t get the phone until next week, but for a difference of $125 it’s worth the wait.

    • Jon

      I am now out of contract using a Nexus One, and the website tells me I can ge the phone for $449.. $499 with a $50 rebate.. and signing a new 2yr… Something definitely wrong with that…

  • Oman774

    I just picked up one 30 mins ago and I also got a BOGO HTC Mytouch slide for my wife. This phone is awesome and blows away the iPhone. I finally can get rid of my Cliq.

    P.S. Mailman13877 get a life!!!


    Is anybody experiencing the death grip syndrome???

  • Johny

    Helloooooooooooooooooooø did anybody see my post earlier??????????????????????????????????????????

    • Johny

      I meant comment

  • Johny

    I kno this is way off topic but on the roadmap that was leaked couple weeks ago there was 3 htc phone vangaurd emerald and shubert vanguard and emerald android phones and shubert windows 7 android spin posted that htc taking out 3 htc phone for tmobile and 1 for AT&T and 2 for Europe they said 6 htc phones by the end of q4 so this kindof get closer to confirmation here take a look and tell me wat ya think? :
    Check it ou please give me ya thoughts

  • mailman13877

    I can tell you guys from holding that phone today vs the Evo camera that the vibrants cam is not on the level of the iphone cam and the iphone cam is the only phone rivaling the Evo cam..The Evo has the best cam..The Droid X n D2 will rival it to but they aren’t out yet

    • mailman13877

      Of course you guys think its real good cuzz TMO didnt have any good cam phones an most of us are coming from phones like the G1..The Evo i tell you has the best cam hands down.

    • Technogen

      The Galaxy S’ camera works at a much higher ISO than the Evo’s. So the large amount of bias in your viewing is wrong, based on science.

      • mailman13877

        based on actually hold the evo and iphone 4 the evo is #1 for cam an the iphone has by far the best 5MP cam cuzz apple spends a lot of money for the best cam usually..forget the iphone though..evo has a better cam by far

      • Technogen

        Mailman, that’s like saying “This cheese is totally the best one ever because they are a better company.”

        The camera on the Galaxy S shoots at a higher ISO than the iphone4’s and the Evo’s it’s not physically possible for the evo to have a #1 camera. Sorry that’s just the facts, and no amount of you whining about how awesome the evo is is going to change that.

  • Tipsofme

    Smells like fish in here… What is that? Oh never mind, it’s just mailmans bleeding vag again. It’s so cute how hard she tries! Some one give her a sticker

    • mailman13877

      haha tip
      your a real bytch..all i want is people to admit the Evo is better as payback for bashing me for saying TMO failed with the vibrant based on the original 1..i’ll stop after some of you admit the Evo is better lol

      • mailman13877

        oh and to those who said snapdragon is played out as if hummingbroad has been out b4 this vibrant..i guess your super amoled is played out now that we know htc will always have better phones than samsung an they are now going with slcd screens starting with the htc ACE or rumored to start with the HTC ACE..super old amoled’s only fair to say that seeing all everyone wanted b4 the vibrant had a snapdragon processor in it

      • Cassie

        OMG get over it. So done with your comments. David please make a block button….plz….with cherries sprinkles and icing on top =)

        • David

          I’ll get one up at some point?!

  • Tipsofme

    I believe some one a few posts back said what your wanting to hear. Now please return to playing your two incher and repeating “daddy loves me and IM NOT A FAG!”

  • Curt

    To anyone who purchased from Costco:

    Is that the price with full upgrade or new line of service? I can get a partial discount, does anyone know if I can get it for $99? If so I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.