myTouch 3G HD Rendering Appears Again, This Time Shows Off The Back

There were definitely some mixed reactions with the surprise arrival of the first myTouch 3G HD shots. Some loved it, some loathed it and some just thought they were plain out fake. While we can’t say much, we know that both Engadget and AndroidCentral received the image so we’re hoping someone wanted to spread the joy rather than spread falsehoods. That being said, this time we’re back with our own addition to this story with the above image, the backside of the reported myTouch 3G HD.

For your enjoyment we’ve also added in a non-watermarked edition of yesterdays original image so you can all take a closer look. We’ll stay with the idea that the image is indeed real with the myTouch logo again appearing on the backside. Quite a few of you took notice of the myTouch logo placement appearing below the earpiece on the front side of the device, typically where the T-Mobile branding would go. As this appears to just be a rendering, it’s likely that a production run device would swap the logo placement with T-Mobile branding. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough!


  • TMOprophet

    I think this is fake, its pretty tough for a carrier to get a phone close to launch without someone leaking info before hand.

    Bottom line is that we would have heard about a new myTouch a while back.

    I could be wrong..but I dont think this is real.

  • currator

    ohh no the troll is here. the anal bandit lol hahahahahahahahaahhahaha mailman go get a mouth full on some sprint blog. for real or change screen name so we dont know its you!!!!!! go have fun with your evo ohh wait they are still out of stock with no idea when they can get more lol. i guess they quit makeing that old phone lol.

    • TMOprophet

      in regards to your previous post: I think 3.7in is a little small, I know its larger than most out there, but when I played around with an Incredible it felt and seemed very small.

      The Droid X, Evo, And HD2 all seem just perfect to me, they dont seem too big at all once you got one in your hand and mess with it. In fact I think they could probably bump the screen up to 4.5in without making the actual phones any bigger.

      Even my wife, who claimed that the HD2 and Evo were ridiculously too big, changed her mind once she actuall went and held one and tinkered around with it. Now she wants a phone of that size, and she has smaller hands than I.

      By the way, thats not the real mailmain

      • David

        And you aren’t the real TMOprophet…end of story.

      • TMOprophet

        yeah I am, check the email address, besides Why have all my comments been moderated????

      • TMOprophet

        And why arent I the real one, because I went and got a what, you told me awhile back that I could do that to change my icon. Because I had emailed you asking how to do that.

  • Housetek

    there has been a lot of hints and things going abouts for a new Tmobile hspa+ phone. Phones usually leak 2 months ahead of time or so, if this phone is due to launch in September or so, it seems just about right. That and also many people were already distracted with the slide/vibrant releases.

    mytouch hd doesnt seem fake to me, actually makes sense for tmobiles flagship hspa+ phone to be a mytouch.

  • Myg1

    That’s some great news for t mobile more handsets means more choices and cheaper rate plans will make peoples jump to us…proud owner of the vibrant love it

  • bigc17

    I Hope that T-Mobiles hspa+ phone line will all have built in wifi routers(mobile hotspots) at no extra charge.

  • B-Mobile

    OK so i found this spec sheet this morning 4.3 inch super amoled 8mp camera with flash nothing else really but now I’m a lil upset with my vibrant especially the way the GPS has been acting up

    • jose

      that phone would be HUGE if it had a 4.3 in screen. so thats 100% false

    • renzito


      • Andrew

        this phone is coming, don’t doubt it

  • Barry

    I’ll believe it when I see something from T-Mobile because what really makes me skeptical of this is saying it has samoled screen when its been well documented no one has it except Samsung phones and other manufactures probably wont have it until 2012.

  • Zero

    Tmobile is getting a Dell phone pretty soon. If you go to shop for a phone, they have it listed under the manufacturers but no results show up when you click on it

  • chotpy
  • renzito

    How legit is that website ..

    i want it now if it is true!