HTC Vision is Viewed

First off, Happy Fourth of July!  Now, let’s get this started.  Everything after this point should be placed in the RUMOR folder.  You might remember talks of a new HTC Android phone with a full QWERTY keyboard when we were all going crazy over Project Emerald.  We said then that the rumored device was called the HTC Vision.  Back to present day, a picture of the so called HTC Vision has surfaced.  They say that this phone has a 3.7-inch display powered by a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon?) and Android 2.1 with Sense (but that doesn’t look like the current Sense UI).  Now, those don’t match up with the Superphone specs that we heard about in the past.  We will just need to wait and see what HTC brings to good ol’ Magenta in the future.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Barry

    cdhu ^

  • mobiles

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  • Chad

    IF this is real, this is more Nexus Enterprise than Vision. It’s running 2.2 with an HTC background, and because there is no 2.2 landscape home screen yet, the side icons are removed. This is NOT running any type of Sense.

    • El Guapo

      “there is no 2.2 landscape home screen yet”


      • Chad

        There isn’t a QWERTY Android 2.2 phone yet which would need the home screen to flip landscape. The homes screen doesn’t change orientation unless there is a keyboard to slide out, that’s happened since the beginning.

      • Chad

        I can’t spell, oops.

  • mailman13877

    IDC what this phone is it’s ugly and not the hype that TMO has been making for their new and upcoming phones.FAILURE as always.SMFH

    • bo


    • §ü|»è®mªn §wªg

      Fail Troll

  • Big Poppa

    Dont HTC phones made for AT&T have blue on the keyboard???

    • Ace


  • Corey

    O wait there is a knock at my door……o it’s sprint and you bring an evo 4g with other great future phones o please come in!!!!!!!

    • pimpstrong

      HA HA HA

  • TMOprophet

    Why is that somehow pics of a rumored SGS2 can show up online, but no one can seem to get one damn pic of the 4.3in Dual core HTC, what the hell? Someone out there has to have access to this thing, just leak a spy shot or something..come on

  • Tony

    I’m surprised no one has said that this thing looks exactly like an HTC branded version of the MyTouch Slide..I’ll bet this will be AT&T’S version of the MTS with a better processor and stock HTC Sense without T-Mobile’s horrible UI customizations.

    • TMOprophet

      THe Mytouch slide is made by HTC, and no this would more likely rival motorolas droid 2 thats coming soon, and yes hopefully it goes to att cause its kinda lame looking

      • Tony

        Yes, but MyTouch is a T-Mobile trademark. I think this is going to be AT&T’s version of the MyTouch Slide, albeit with HTC branding and somewhat better specs, possibly a Snapdragon. AT&T probably wants an Android QUERTY device for those people that absolutely can’t stand a touchscreen keyboard.

        Think of what HTC Dream was to the G1…and you have your phone. The Blue Buttons are telltale signs of AT&T also.

    • bobby

      this looks nothing like the mytouch slide wtf r u talking about

  • Ansel

    This is clearly not the HTC Vision…I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiots just photoshopped this bih just to get people talking smh…I doubt that HTC would make something so beautiful like the EVO and then turn around to make this garbage…yeah, next story please!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is one of the best threads ever on TMoNews, FOR THE FRIGGIN HUMOR OF IT ALL.

    I can’t believe it. The typical morons badmouthing T-Mobile on a rumored handset where:

    We don’t know the specs.

    We don’t know the form factor/design.

    We don’t know if it is coming to T-Mobile.

    Whatever it is, we don’t know when it will debut.

    We don’t know when it will debut at T-Mobile, if it is in fact coming to T-Mobile.

    We don’t know pricing.

    We can’t even clearly see what it is, meaning they are crappy pics.

    Despite all these unknowns, you have taken an Engadget-revealed set of pics and attributed it to being a new T-Mobile handset and pretty much badmouthed every aspect of it and said T-Mobile sucks, is a crappy company and that it has once again failed.

    Of course when the phone debuts (if it ever does) and it goes to another carrier, you will then praise of all aspects of it and say how crappy T-Mobile is for not getting what you then declare is a hot phone. ;)

    Oh, and you will also threaten to switch to that carrier if T-Mo within your self-imposed time limit does not get a similar phone. :)

    • TMOprophet

      There’s a simple solution to all this. TMO actually getting a phone to directly compete with what Verzion and Sprint are offering their customers. And I do agree with most of your points, but once again there isn’t really any reason that TMO has to be the last carrier to offer up the goods. While there are many that will defend TMO and discredit the customers who are voicing their opinions, all the defending of TMO in the world will not stop TMO from losing customers who want a phone that is similar to the EVO or Droid X. Personally I will wait and see whats coming down the road, but others have a right to switch carriers if they feel that TMO hasn’t been able to keep up with its competitors.

    • TMOprophet

      Also cutting down those customers is wrong, its through those customers that a business such as TMO can become more successful. People should be allowed to voice their opinions and concerns, because frankly it’s the only thing they can do(aside from switch carriers) to communicate with TMO about what they want in product lineup and services. And I know that TMO encourages customers to voice their desires cause in turn it helps TMO create and develop better products and services that can make them as a company succeed.

    • TMOprophet

      So lose the arrogance and the high and mighty “I know more than everyone” attitude.

      • JermaineJacksonhair


        Bottom line, Tmobile is one big fail in the handset dept. They should be happy people are bitchin and complaining and continue to pay them month to month because they’ve done something right but is obviously coming up short.

        Its up to tmo now to make the complainers shut up or lose them.

        Consumers defending these big companies sound dumb.

    • alex32

      good points, but just by the looks of this and that rumored spec..i like this phone. hell ill take it as it is. i wish this can go to tmo soon, this is the kind of phone i need.

  • Brian

    disappointing. i want a dual core phone soon

  • TareX

    This is the Nexus Enterprise, not the HTC Vision. Engadget knows crap.

  • Casper

    Regardless of if this is the vision, project emerald, or has nothing to do with t-mobile, you could have done the guy a solid and edited out the serial number from the lower right of the phone… someone will lose a job over that.

  • aaronkt

    for what its worth GSM arena is calling it “Vision is a Desire twin with a sliding full QWERTY keyboard, ”

    about half way down the page.

  • alex32

    relax everyone, this phone is going to the has already been more or less confirmed. I WISH this phone came to tmo usa, this is the kind of phone i want..hell ill take it as a looks nice to me. it still beats the crap out of every phone on tmobile now

  • Barry

    Yea I read that about the UK thing also. and something about the HTC Ace.

  • allofyou

    Good god u all crack me up. So much complaining about getting a superphone. Manufactuers rarely through so much money into a superphone for a small company. Tmobile has the smallest customer base out of the 4 major players. Manufactuers want gaurantees that their phone will sell enough for them to profit. Yes a lot of people have pda’s with t-mobile, however the larger base is still phone-first devices. A company puts out a major phone for companies like verizon all the time because they know out of the 80 million plus customers they will self enough devices. One major phone isn’t going to make enough customers jump ship unless the company has a large enough fanbase, such as apple.

    • allofyou

      Correction: not all of you, there are some intelligent responses here.

    • TMOprophet

      Then how do you explain Sprint? Cause they were on the verge of going out and then magically got the EVO and turned the whole company around. They were worst off than TMO has ever been. It has nothing to do with customer base, or how little money they say they have….the customer base can explode in one day, look what happened on the EVO’s launch day. TMO simply made a mistake in strategy by not locking in a device early enough to get the jump on the rest. Sprint was not better than Verzion, yet they still got the first major superphone. What it boils down to is what the big shots high in the ranks are deciding to do with the company.

  • da-ku

    well take this with a grain of salt…but my manager was out for a week on a T-mobile meeting in Seattle and he was saying that a G2 was shown and mentioned on one of the meetings and was passed around briefly..he said the phone was thin and light compare to the G1 but not his taste design wise..i told him to go to this website to check the picture of this phone and hes pretty sure this was the phone that was passed around. so who knows this might finally really be the real successor of the g1.

    • TMOprophet

      your right this is the successor to the G1

  • Alex

    This just might be the rumored nexus one with a qwerty.

  • m with a comment

    it looks like a my tiugh slife t-mobile usa