HTC Vision Appears With T-Mobile Branding?

The boys at Engadget have gotten a hold of an alleged spy shot claiming to the T-Mobile HTC Vision, dubbed the “G1 Blaze.” From what we can tell, the G1 Blaze sounds right on the money though we must admit, we’ve also heard it dubbed as the “G2 Blaze.” Either way, it looks like T-Mobile of the USA should be looking at this device coming sometime in September if the previously leaked roadmap comes true. What may be even more interesting and I’m purely speculating here is that there is some belief among our sources that this device may actually be the HSPA+ device that T-Mobile has begun referencing on their twitter account. Looks like the stars are lining up for a very good September indeed for T-Mobile Android fans.


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  • Stephanie

    Ummm I’m hoping by release date they will snazzy up the look of the phone because I think its kind of plain lookin and I’m not really feeling the keyboard. I like the look of the MyTouch Slide. The original G1 didn’t have a flash for the cam and the pic quality was horrible. Lets hope on this one they include a flash and upgrade from 2mp to like 5mp. I have a Moto Cliq which I like very much but hate that it doesn’t have a flash for the camera. It takes great pix as long as you are in decent lighting. Still waiting on that 2.1 update though. What the hold up TMo???

    • Corey

      Well the G1 was basically the prototype to see what they have to fix. But your right, this phone looks plain and boring. Even if it has all the great specs it doesnt look appealing on the out sides

      • Davidohio

        What do you consider appealing?

      • Rectal Bleeding

        Wait….Who cares what it looks like? Are you that hung up on aesthetics? If so, go stand in line for a non working i Phone.

        Damn yuppies.

  • Kirsten

    Finally, a slider with a nice form factor.

  • K Bear

    The more I look at the mystery HSPA+ device, the more I truly think that this is it. I so hope so, this thing is so sweet looking and is going to be a game changer.

  • phonegeek

    just realized this looks almost just like the droid 2 ESPECIALLY the keyboard

  • Barry

    HTC Desire HD and Desire Z spotted at Vodafone Germany

    I’m thinking this is the desire z not for T-Mobile USA

    • chotpy

      probably rebranded

  • Kevin Cornejo

    I have an iphone 4 and it sucked for the longest time because I used to have a jailbroken 3gs, now that the iphone 4 jailbreak is out, it is literally the best thing to touch this earth. By far, nothing is beating it for a while. I’ve had androids before, like the G1 and so forth but nothing compares to this.

  • Exec4Future

    Looks like the slide to me. and we dont even have 3g in our town except for up at the tmobile call center up the road so I am not too worried about getting a hspa+ phone anytime soon. The BlackBerry Torch needs to get on T-Mo and fast.

  • Kevin

    I am very anxious to see this phone. I left my sidekick for a Nokia N900 because I wanted a good slider phone (something T-mobile is lacking) I have been with T-mobile 10 years and a sidekick user for 8 years. This looks like a great phone, I do not see a front facing camera though, seems most new high end phones have this & I am currently using my N900 to skype.

    • MrMeNaCe

      Same here i currently have a n900 which im very happy with besides minor things like horozotal view, but my contract is up come october 3rd so im thinking should i get a G2? or just jump ship entirely. because im spoiled by my n900 and unlimited video chat via skype on 3.5g!

  • Mike

    I will confirm that this is the G2. The final version of it was released about a week ago.