Google Receives Last Batch Of Nexus One Handsets

If you’ve been planning on getting a Google Nexus One, you might want pull the trigger soon. Google today announced that it has received its last shipment of Nexus One handsets and that once it sells through this last shipment, it will close the Nexus One web store. Although it will halt Nexus One sales, Google says that Customer Support will still be available for current Nexus One owners. Just curious, but does anyone even want a Nexus One when we’ve got the Samsung Vibrant?



  • JAKE

    1st and who cares

    • umaluver

      oh the irony

    • bill bixby

      “1st”, really? You sound like a lame ass 16 year old kid. Grow up.

  • El Guapo

    I thought nexus ones would be available at retail stores. Whatever happened to that?

  • Jason Wright

    I just picked up a Nexus One a few days ago knowing about the Vibrant. I am very happy with my purchase. I’m not a fan of Samsung’s custom UI and their is a much stronger development community behind HTC phones.

  • Tony

    The Nexus line could have (and should have) been T-Mobile’s answer to the Droid. Bad marketing killed it….besides it would be due for an update around now…the Nexus would have to raise the bar to compete with all the new phones that have come out this year….it didn’t have to be this way….but at least the Nexus outlived the Kin.

    I also think that they should retire the names “G1” anf Don’t make a G2.

    • Awsnap

      It wasn’t a decision made by tmobile. It is googles phone, googles marketing.

  • The Trendaholic

    Long live the Nexus!

    Sent from my Nexus one

    • Vibrant Guy

      Right now…the Nexus is ok. But the Vibrant has taken the game to another level. The Vibrant is amazing…by the way, I have a Nexus, HD2, and every other phone out there probably…this is by far the best INO. The display beats everything out there. Even that over rated iphone 4. Kills it…heck, the Nexus one kills that phone.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Vibrant Guy… love the name, shows your stripes.

        I only have had the Touch Pro2, HD2 and Slide. But in the 15 minutes I played with the Vibrant and from all I have read (I read the boring stuff, schematics :) ) I suspect you are correct. The Vibrant is an absolutely stunning handset. But I suspect a lost of people don’t know just how killer it is.

        For example, when I am on the boards and mention that it has BlueTooth 3.0 people have asked “Do you mean USB 3.0?” I tell them “no” and then explain why BT 3.0 is so awesome compared to 2.1

        And then there’s the dedicated graphics with the only-on-Samsung SAMOLED display.

        When the Vibrant gets Android 2.2 it will be the hottest handset on the planet, IMHO.

        Of course in Sept., then November T-Mobile will be debuting the then-hottest handsets, its HTC HSPA+ phones. Those will be dual-core (but the Vibrant’s dedicated graphics currently has the same affect as what dual core will do on the HSPA+ phones, dedicated graphics); 1080p HD encoding (recording and playback) and possibly USB 3.0 (which will give transfer rates 10X that of USB 2.0!)

        Any way you slice it, it’s as I said three months ago, 2010 will be a wild ride for the T-Mobile faithful. All the people complaining about T-Mobile’s handsets will have nothing to complain about.

        Of course the usual whiners will be lurking about. Those people want to take down T-Mobile no matter what, whether T-Mobile is doing well or on top.

        Sidenote: My Vibrant will be arriving in the mail tomorrow. Until then I have to spend the next 18 hours being envious because you get to play with your Vibrant. I’ll just concentrate on setting up the Slide to give it to my GF (which was the plan anyway. She has been nagging me “When do I get the Slide?” No rest for the weary.)

      • What?

        I have 2 family accounts one with T mobile and other with AT&T. Currently we have HD2, myTouch Slide and 2 Vibrants. and 2 iPhone 4s on the AT&T. You really are smoking something if you think the vibrant display is better then the iPhone 4’s retina display it maybe half inch smaller but its far better.

  • zmoboss

    come on Tmo … get some REAL marketing spin-gurus … we have got HD2, N1, Vibrant, N900 running on magenta network, but lack of publicity !!!!
    (look at a certain phone company how they manage to sell their not-the-greatest
    phone on a certain not-the-greatest network ;) )


  • Pythagoras






    • Cassie

      Excuse my language but…LMAO WTF???!!! So funny!

  • Reder

    According to the rep I spoke with yesterday, T-mo is rolling out a huge marketing campaign for the Vibrant. Apparently the reason they didn’t hype the phone pre-release had something to do with the exclusivity deal in offering our iteration of the Galaxy S a week before anyone else.

    He said to watch for TV and radio spots as well as billboards/banners.


    • Animate

      I hope this is true.

      • Pablo

        This is true. I was told by a high up that Samsung spent 80 million on advertising for the vibrant alone. we will see A LOT of support and media ads for their flagship device.

      • soapboxmanic

        From my understanding, Samsung’s marketing budget was for their ‘Galaxy S’ line. As in, the Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Epic, and I cannot remember the name of Verizon’s version. Not giving T-Mobile’s Vibrant, if true, a full $80 million.

        What truly would have given the Vibrant some edge is to take advantage of the HSPA+. I’m not sure why they would leave this out at such a crucial time to start proving how well the HSPA+ is performing. Allowing for early adoption in areas without it much more smooth and easy. I can not imagine that the phones rolling out in the future with HSPA+ will have specs that much more advanced than what the Vibrant has now.

      • Vibrant Guy

        The Vibrant does support HSPA+, my phone already picks it up. Check out the stats directly from T-Mobile.

      • soapboxmanic

        I do not see anywhere on the T-Mobile website where it says that the Vibrant uses HSPA+? Samsung website certainly does not say it.

        The only thing that your phone would be picking up is higher speed capabilities on HSPA.

  • Snowblind

    Nexus one support > Vibrant support

    • James

      +1 I have 2.2 FROYO now and I’ll bet I get GINGERBREAD first too…. :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I got GINGERBREAD already. Gingerbread cookies!!! :P

    • Awsnap

      No such thing as nexus one support.

      Try troubleshooting through google.

      • Vert

        Concise and accurate. Google support consists of post it to the forums (usenet groups) and hope someone answers your question.

  • Wilco

    My Vibrant is way-bad in a good way. Unbelievable. I’m amazed at how much better it is than my wife’s 3GS or my friend’s IP4. My G1 served me well, but man I realize at how badly it sucked.

  • YJ

    I love my Nexus. I bought the Vibrant and still can’t decide whether to return it and keep my Nexus or sell the nexus and keep the Vibrant.

    • garet

      Sold my n1 got enough to pay for vibrant and have extra left over

    • Vert

      Keep the vibrant, sell me your Nexus for cheap. ;)

  • YJ

    In a perfect world the Nexus would have the on board storage of the Vibrant and the screen of the Vibrant.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      No… in a perfect world you would be keeping both phones and not have to make a “Sophie’s Choice.”

      In a perfect world you would keep one for the bedroom, the other for the rest of the house. ;)

  • Nokia N900USER

    The nexus One will not come to T-mobile stores. I repeat, the nexus one will not come to T-mobile stores. It will end up in online retailers like Amazon. Dont ask me for a source neither. This is just my analysis. However expect the successor to nexus one (HTC vanguard) to be in stores in about 51 days

    • Davidohio

      You don’t need any source to confirm that the N1 will not be carried in retail stores. I was told a month ago by a store manager that they were not going to carry them because google was ending production. I have also read this on several sites. I thought it was public knowledge.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You are correct David. And seeing how Google has said it’s stopping production, the N1 won’t even be at Amazon.

        And despite Eric Schmidt saying a couple weeks ago that the N1 was a success (insert laughter) I stand by my February prediction that there won’t be a Nexus Two.

        While the N1 in all respects appeared a great handset, Google’s marketing and selling model proved a disaster.

        Google obviously wants out of the handset business.

  • Kyle

    Since I just bought a new phone a few months ago (MyTouch 3G w/ 3.5mm jack, SHOULD HAVE WAITED) my next phone is HOPEFULLY going to be project emerald/ Sidekick twist.

  • Halamadrid

    I have a Nexus One and would not trade it for anything that I’ve seen come out thus far from any carrier. IMO the N1 hits the sweet spot in terms of screen size (I don’t like carrying an iMac in my pocket) and you also have to love getting the OS updates months before anyone else. Froyo is just fantastic and the freedoms that I have with my N1 make me want to hang on to it for as long as possible. It’s also built like a tank (not plasticky like the Vibrant) and I’m not sure how much faster a phone can get (Froyo is fast folks). Storage is also not a big issue now with Froyo since I can move apps to the SD card and save on space. I also know that once everyone is getting around to froyo I’ll be on my way to enjoy gingerbread. I really feel that the N1 is the best phone (for me).

    • Ashish

      vibrant can do it all with 2.1 :-)
      superfast processor better than snapdragon
      onboarde storage memory of 16 gb – vow !!
      16 gb + 32 gb on sd = 48 gb total – no need to have any more memory at all :-)

  • K. Ray

    This confirms N1 will not be sold. I’m holding out for a better phone. I want to use my upgrade on a quality phone or switch. let see if the 51 dys prove to be solid….

  • Hilton

    As long as their’s no flash, froyo or front facing camera, the Nexus is still the best phone available for T-mo

    • 1

      Froyo was already confirmed by Samsung.

      The Samsung Vibrant is also VERY easy (also very difficult to screw up) to root and I’m pretty sure that a rooted version of Android 2.2 (Froyo) will be released not too long from now. It will also probably feature Vanilla Android rather than TouchWiz.

  • Zapote21

    I own both. Nexus One is king

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      EVERYONE who has a Nexus One has said they love it. So I have no doubt the N1 is probably the better phone of the two, especially since it was made by the hottest handset maker on the planet, HTC. Samsung makes great products, but IMHO HTC is the superior manufacturer.

      Moreover, since my Slide is a fantastic phone and I have to think the N1 is even better. (And even though trackpads are replacing trackballs, I still like the trackball better.)

      I would think the N1 will be a great phone even two years from now.

      • Anthony

        I say to all of you the vibrant is an outstanding phone. I own a N1. The N1 is old now in the smart phone world. The vibrant looks and feels great. The Droid x is just too darn big and looks like Frankenstein next to the smooth vibrant. I honestly thought about Craigslisting my N1 yesterday the vibrant had such an effect on me. I woke up this morning and snapped back to reality. I can’t give up my froyo, I get updates first, vanilla android a must, flash 10.1 big deal and still faster than other phones and get this loading flash pages. I read a comment where someone said 2.1 is just as fast as 2.2 son give up the drugs. Vibrant same 1gig processes though refined faster etc more memory no flash no FCC sand isn’t hspda+ THe choice is easy for a person who owns a N1 keep ur N1 until the chip speed doubles and google anoints another long and short N1 still lives on

  • going_home

    I just picked up a Nexus on Craigslist.
    It had an update waiting for 2.2, installed that and Swype.
    Love it. What Vibrant ?
    I dont trust Samsung to update their Android phones so a Samsung phone is not happening.


    • soapboxmanic

      I have heard plenty of word that it was a collective decision on both T-Mobile and Samsung to not continue Android updates for the Behold 2. If you want to spew spit and venom at someone, make sure to cover all parties involved in a collective decision.

      If I was in the places either company were, I certainly would not waste my time with updating a phone that was sub-par at launch. It had potential that was never brought.

      Plus, the argument of them not updated an outdated phone is so irrelevant at this point. I could only guess that it had an effect on less than 2% of all consumers that purchased a Behold 2. I mean people that actually realized that it may be updated to a better version of android than what it did get.

      The Behold 2 was marketed for the non-tech savvy hard core users and the people that just wanted to get their feet wet with a data phone. Companies are always going to want to turn their focus on new products and not look to their old ones not bringing in money.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I might look into getting an N1 as a backup phone. Do you mind telling us what you paid for the N1. And was it in good condition and did it come with the box, etc.?

      • going_home

        Paid $425.00, came with box and all accessories, couple nicks on the edges but the screen and everything else is perfect.
        Then the very next day there was on on Craigslist with a dock and cover and all kinds of extras for $400.00 :( .
        I’m hearing TMO will be selling the N1 soon so dont pay more than 4 for one.
        The white dot showing whether the phones been wet or not is on the battery.
        Battery life is not too great but I bought a car charger and that works for my needs. I do love the wifi hotspot of Android 2.2 though. Its nice to have the latest update already when new phones are coming out with 2.1.
        Once I put Swype on it I forgot all about my G1’s keyboard ;)


  • raymond

    awhile back we had a guy named davidohio who use t o spew rumors from his mouth i once believed him he said we be getting the htc twist before the vibrant -_- of course later we found out he was wrong -_-

  • vinny

    In my opinion the Nexus one is the best Android device made. It has some hardware issues but it can do what others wish they could do. It is powerfull, just the right size, great build and it’s looks are killer. I also ordered the Samsung for my sister but the Nexus will always be the first for upgrades and I could go on and on. My area is just a few days out from HSPA+, my phone is very fast now averaging about 1300 kpbs up and 875 down. When HSPA+ gets flipped on, look out. Real world speed is how fast web pages download, pages with flash. Mine come up instantly. Just can not say enough about the phone and I have had them all. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • vinny

      that is 1300 down and 875 up, sorry people. Just wasn’t paying attention.

      • cliq guy

        dude I get 3651 kbps download and 1951 kbps upload on my cliq nexus 1 haha ur phone may have a faster processor but I have faster internet lmao

    • soapboxmanic

      The Nexus One is not capable of taking advantage of HSPA+. You should not see a change in your up or down speeds at all.

      • soapboxmanic

        I am sorry. Let me elaborate, as well as correct myself, before someone else feels the need to.

        The Nexus one will not be able to use HSPA+ (21 Mbps). It will, however, see an increase in speeds to get closer to the maximum speeds of HSPA (7.2 Mbps).

      • mad dog

        The vibrant can’t use hspa+ either, it’s in the same boat as the n1. For the last time, tmobile doesn’t have a hspa+ capable phone yet. It launches later this year.

      • soapboxmanic

        I was commenting on this remark from vinny:

        “My area is just a few days out from HSPA+, my phone is very fast now averaging about 1300 kpbs up and 875 down. When HSPA+ gets flipped on, look out. Real world speed is how fast web pages download, pages with flash. Mine come up instantly. Just can not say enough about the phone and I have had them all. Thank You T-Mobile.”

        No one in either of our comments does it mention the Vibrant. I do not think either one of us hinted at the Vibrant having HSPA+. In fact I made a comment early about the Vibrant not having HSPA+ capabilities.

        My argument was directed for clarity. Not pro Nexus or pro Vibrant.

        Neither phone can use it. However, the HSPA+ upgrade as a whole will allow any device using HSPA to get truer max speeds from HSPA.

  • Jimmy

    The advantage to the Nexus One is that it gets all the Google updates first since it doesn’t have any custom UI stuff.

    I also like all the support the Nexus One gets from the android developer community.

  • g_willi

    Nexus One is by far the best phone T-Mo has. No contest. I even prefer it over my Google I/O Sprint Evo… which is why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on switching to Sprint. I’m hoping TMoNews is correct about HSPA+ being turned on in Ohio next week.

  • alex32

    it is sad that tmobile was never able to get this phone in stores.
    i would still get this phone instead of the vibrant, i dont like samsungs no matter what. Im still patiently waiting till around september to november for the htc superphones comming to tmobile from htc.

  • Homer

    guy wants to trade me new a nexus one for my vibrant should i do it?


    I sold my N1 on Craigslist monday and bought the vibriant on wednesday. first things first . froyo is not that much faster than 2.1, it felt the same to me, just more polished. i always had to touch the screen more than once sometimes to get things to launch. signal was always jumping around. the vibe is miles ahead of the N1. i can actually use it outside, i don’t have re-touch the screen to launch apps and the signal is usually strong, no jumping to edge and back. the N1 build is better and thats about it. samoled kills any screen out there, even the jesus phone.

  • Tmobile4life

    I love my nexus one. Too bad t-mobile didn’t carry it in stores

    • http://tmonews loveurtongue

      What kind of tricks can you do with that tongue????

      • Cassie


  • raymond

    tmobile slipped on alot of things besides customer service and nice pricing but even that isnt enuff to keep customers

    to be honest customers could careless how u treat them if they have the next best phone n there hands and most people hardly deal with customer service if they dont have to

    • dee


  • mingkee

    Nexus One is my first Android phone as well as my most favorite phone up to now.

  • raymond

    my phone at the moment is the EVOOOOOO ultimatum masterous distarous destoryer of worlds <,.> can we be friends?

  • Davidohio

    I thought this was a post on people who bought the vibrant. A lot of people are posting on how great the n1 is.

    • Bruce Banner

      After reading the title of this post how did you come to the conclusion that this post is about people that bought the vibrant?

  • Quasar

    Does the Vibrant have an official version of Froyo? No but the N1 does, and it can claim first just like it did with Android 2.1 and 2.1update1. Will the Vibrant even get a Gingerbread update? Only a long wait of time will tell. It’s more likely the N1 will get it though. Because Gingerbread is rumored to be a big UI update, it’s very likely that most of the phone manufacturers won’t want to update older phones to it even if they do decide to use it on their future phones. The N1 might not be the best Android phone on the market anymore but none of the other phones can give me such a direct link to Google, which is one of the reasons I got it in the first place.

  • Serotheo

    Vibrant Guy, actually it benefits from HSPA+ but does not utilize it, It will be able to theoretically do 7.2mbps the first HSPA+ device will be the Vanguard and Emerald may be the second.

  • blacksilva

    “does anyone even want a Nexus One when we’ve got the Samsung Vibrant?”

    was that comment needed?

    1. constant updates will always be provided as soon as they come out
    2. no led flash
    3. no led notification
    4. no secondary navigation
    5. touch wiz 3.0

  • blacksilva

    “does anyone even want a Nexus One when we’ve got the Samsung Vibrant?”

    was that comment needed?

    1. constant updates will always be provided as soon as they come out with the nexus one
    2. no led flash
    3. no led notification
    4. no secondary navigation
    5. touch wiz 3.0

  • Ryan

    RIP to the trackball! you were great for what you were but I am glad to see you go. Love the N1 but the trackball was too much of an issue for all phones. This is a move to bigger and better things.

    • Miguel

      Issue? Its great for me on my N1. It glows red when I get gmail and blue when I get a Facebook notification and green for SMS. Pretty usefully to me.

      • annon

        I agree. I don’t use the thing either but I do love the glowing notification.

      • Ryan

        then you didn’t use it for scrolling purposes. i have witnessed the failing trackball when it came to trying to move to the right or down. it still lit up but the primary reason was ruined from dirt and oil

  • annon

    T-Mo emp here and I have the BB9700, the HD2, Mytouch Slide, and the N1. I can honestly say I am very happy I paid $550 (tax was way less than expected and you get free shipping!) for my Nexus one. Every other phone is either with someone else or collecting dust. I’ve played with the Vibrant for weeks and I am not a big fan of touch wiz or HTC sense. I love my Nexus One and would not trade it for any phone out there. I’ve had this phone for almost half a year though. Q4 is the most important part of the year and if the phone that is released at that time is better than my N1 and is released with os 3.0 than I will get it.

  • LaNsLyDe

    touchwiz blows

    other than that the phone has nice specs

    i seen a video and samsungs version of the OS seemed laggy

    N1 til I Die!
    or until that sidekick twist comes out lol

  • just some dude

    It was a great run, I’m glad i picked one up when i did. just as relevant today as the daty i got it. The Nexus One still has alot of life in it.

  • Ed

    People kill me. Then N1 came out seven months ago and people diss on it. The N1 is an amazing phone and still is one of the best out there. HTC did a great job with it and Google has brought the phone a long way. Samsung will screw up support for the galaxy s, just like they have for years with all their other phones. If you want something better than the N1, wait for another HTC phone. It is just so sad this phone never went retail when it had a chance… HTC will continue to sell it, it just won’t come from google.

    The smartphone market is so funny, as they have been out for years with low demand. Now people want the world, and toss everything else out.

  • Hammer

    I love my Nexus One, I wish it had a bit better data connection then it does being as im in a central location for 3G and sometimes in a building it cuts down to edge on me, but I much rather perfer the vanilla Froyo to and custom UI. And with a stock build that works so well by itself why bother with a UI to overlap it. Ill prolly trade in later this yr when the HSPA+ phones start coming out but until then Nexus One is gold, specially since I use it as my GPS with the car dock aaaaallllllllll the time. Gotta love having it being able to play music with pandora and give you directions through the cars system.

  • chris

    It looks like a mid-range phone compared to the Vibrant.Still a nice device though.

  • Joemamma

    I am also coming off a nexus one, altho i did love the phone i am not sad to let it go. i had alot of 3g and data connection problems. i would also get the “no service” “emergency calls only” bs evey now and then. the screen would act up if it wasnt clean enough. aside from that the phone was great,froyo is much faster than eclair. ehn i got the froyo update i saw a significant performance increase.
    oh yeah…the n1 screen is near impossible to see in direct sunlight. the vibrant is just an awsome phone period, but like all devices it is not perfect and i dont expect it to be.

  • raymond

    had the google nexus one came to tmobile stores things wld be different

  • Trill

    I have the Nexus & Vibrant so its all personal preference but the Nexus One purpose was to push phone manufacturers to implement better hardware in mobile phones. The Nexus is the best hands down and the other stuff like front camera and all don’t really matter its just becoming the norm but it’s so limited now and Skype blocked fringe so its almost useless.

    The Vibrant is great but like every phone has its pros and cons which may differ upon the person.

  • En2Mente

    Hopefully htc will provide t-mobile with a phone good enough to replace it in the next few months.

  • dee

    question i’m eligible for an upgrade have not upgraded since the g1(under my mom account) and i tryed to do an upgrade though google to get the nexus1 from them but when i do it it says that i’m not eligible for an upgrade at these time anyone knows why

    • En2Mente

      Did you change your number at any time?

      • dee

        no had the same number since i been with t-mobile

  • Fish

    The vibrant is a nice phone…for now…but samsung has already started getting a bad reputation for android devices.

    htc has a good reputation…the nexus has gotten the updates and will continue to get the updates for a while.

    samsung dropped support for the behold 2…what guarantee do we have they won’t drop the galaxy series? same goes for motorola…

    due to samsung’s and motorola’s business practices i don’t plan on getting a samsung or moto ever again…which is too bad, because the vibrant is a very nice phone and I’d like to have one, but it would have to be free cause i’m not giving any more money to either of those companies

  • sonny1065

    Nexus is way better then the vibrant. Samsung sucks!!!!!

  • Rome

    I got my N1 about a month ago, knowing all about the vibrant. After owning the original behold, and the highlight (feature phones I know…) I stopped supporting samsung mobile. I was about to hop on the behold 2 when it looked like the best phone TMo was going to get, but thankfully I held back. Samsung has destroyed their mobile rep with that phone.

    The N1 is amazing. I wouldn’t trust a “samsung confirmation of updates” if my life depended on it. I’ll take my official OTA 2.2, and gingerbread updates months before every other handset and be completely satisfied with my wonderful phone.

    I’m kind of excited that N1 isn’t going to stores, it makes the phone feel pretty exclusive IMO. No one can argue that the vibrant has an amazing screen and graphics proc. However, I don’t game on my phone… but I do take pictures at night… lawl. 2010… flagship device… no camera flash? That’s really unforgiveable to me. My N1 replaces my need to carry my digital camera around, and the vibrant can’t do that for me.

    If you guys are thinking about a Vibrant, but can’t tear your eyes away from the N1, you won’t be disappointed with the Nexus.

    I love the trackball, I love the pocketable size, I love Android (not Samdroid).