Google Receives Last Batch Of Nexus One Handsets

If you’ve been planning on getting a Google Nexus One, you might want pull the trigger soon. Google today announced that it has received its last shipment of Nexus One handsets and that once it sells through this last shipment, it will close the Nexus One web store. Although it will halt Nexus One sales, Google says that Customer Support will still be available for current Nexus One owners. Just curious, but does anyone even want a Nexus One when we’ve got the Samsung Vibrant?



  • Miguel

    I’ve been carrying the my Nexus One around naked all day (not me.. the phone lol). The unibody design makes it feel so high quality. It just feels so cool to hold. It’s like driving a rigid Mercedes. The body is so silky smooth to the touch, and the color has grown on me. It also has an excellent form factor. And even though its 6 months old. I still had someone ask me if this was the Googlephone and if I Liked it. :) you better get ya nexus while ya can!

    • iFloss™

      Bro you’re inspiring =]

      And I’m purchasing my nexus one this week i’m just trying to get it for the right price =]

  • chris

    I’ve thought this article was about the Nexus 1!!!???Yet all the N1 owners are commenting about the Vibrant.Sour grapes???I’ve thought so.

  • Tarzanman

    The Vibrant isn’t perfect, but it is definitely real competition for the Nexus One. Despite the good reviews, I can’t see myself plunking down $500 for a phone that I haven’t played with first.


    • ricr

      I’ve had a Nexus One for almost one and a half months now. Got it after looking at the specs of the Vibrant. Having played with the Vibrant for half a day now, I’m glad I went with the Nexus One. My girlfriend likes the Vibrant better (but she always like shiny new things :)). I was hesitant to plunk down $500+ dollars for a phone I couldn’t play with first (that’s kinda why I waited so long), but couldn’t resist the savings on the data plan (I got to keep my T-Zones). Vanilla Android is better than the Touch Wiz, and I DO use the flash on the Nexus One a lot (sometimes as a flashlight working around the house). I’m sure she’ll be happy with her Vibrant, although she’s not happy with the data plan cost and 2-year contract again.

    • MikeyLikey

      I went to my local T-Mobile store to check out the Vibrant. The screen is great and the phone is fast but it just felt cheaply made and cheap plastic. I Love my N1

  • remixfa

    ive been fiddling with the vibrant for days now that we have it in the store. I am glad i ordered it. It is a high quality device… flash or no flash. Nexus may be the mercedes, but Vibrant is the Lamborghini. Thin, light, and the fastest thing on the road.

    And to those who dont like touch wiz… The vibrant is extremely easy to root and ROM, boom, no touch wiz. Its the first thing im doing when it gets to my door stop. Besides, Touch Wiz 3.0 is nothing like the 2.0 on the behold 2. Its really just some widgets now.
    Buy it for the hardware specs. You know you are going to root it anyways, so why even worry about touchwiz? LOL

  • just some dude

    touch wiz is slow and bloated it reminds me of windows. Nexus one still beats it.

  • anthony

    Vibrant seems like a very good addition to T-Mobile. I played with it for a while and decided ill keep my N1. The N1 with froyo is still everybody’s daddy its faster and has flash and vanilla nthrope others will surpass the N1 once they get froyo but who knows when and almost forgot my son loves using my 3g to surf on his I touch gotta love it.

  • anthony

    Sorry typo there meant to say when other phones get froyo then and only then will you surpass the N1 and then we will have gingerbread then its a new game again

  • fish

    You can gloat about the hardware all you want but when it doesn’t get the latest update to Android your gloating is near worthless.

    16 GB onboard storage awesome!
    1 GHz processor awesome!
    4 inch screen awesome!

    But when the nexus 1 is updated to Android 3 and you are still using 2.1 (maybe 2.2) tell me then who’s got the better phone?

  • anthony

    @fish lets be fair here the vibrant is more advanced than the N1 heck it should be N1 is six months old. I don’t get the no flash thing oh well.we (N1 users have the good fortune of being the chosen one)The N1 having the latest upgrades makes the N1 over the vibrant a no brainer. The point is thus powerful car and 30 MPH speed limit while the nexus plays on the Autobahn lol

  • Patrick

    Fortunately….the Vibrant has a 1ghz processor and 512mb of memory AND…..XDA has already rooted it. SO….the first thing I’ll do when I receive my device is root that sucka and then it’s update city from there lol

  • 2C

    Coming from a G1, I must say the Nexus One is easily the best phone I’ve ever used. It was like going from a mini van to a sports car. Its funny how people act as if the specs are outdated when most of the new HTC smartphones have similar specs. Very happy with my purchase and will only move on to something else if and only if it has stock vanilla android. Period.

    P.S. Just ordered a 32gb micro SD card so it really will take my phone to the next level. I currently have a 16gb and have yet to fill that.

    • anthony

      @2c I was only stating that since the N1 is six months old the newer phones are more advanced built in memory ram etc. The joke is people don’t realize they all still have 1gig processors some a little quicker than others but my N1 has froyo and all others have promises and wish dates. I say good luck with that. I laugh because the new phones are being shipped with 2.1android which is outdated and people are actually buying into it on a iou type of deal. The N1 can be bought today with froyo installed I see no need for debate

  • chris

    Well,what if the Vibrant gets froyo?I? know ,the N1 gets Gingerbread.But then again,the Samsung phone will get it too!It all comes down to specs,i’am sorry.Who gives a damn that the N1 gets updates 1-2 months earlier???!!!

  • derrickps3

    can’t they just get along???? both phones are nice

  • Fish


    just how far past 2.2 do you think samsung will continue to support it?

    and how far past 2.2 do you think N1 will go?

    which one will out live the other?

    when you go to buy the vibrant remind yourself what happened to the behold 2…and keep your receipt, it’ll remind you of samsung’s empty promises

    • watbetch

      The Vibrant will get updates, Samsung already promised, who cares what they said about the BH2, it wasnt worth updating, They have to update the Vibrant cause they said so, they cant lie and then turn around and just abandon a phone.

      The Vibrant will get Gingerbread and every update to ever come out!

      • munky0208

        That’s exactly what happened to the BH2, you don’t think it will happen to another phone. Give me a break.

      • watbetch

        Its not the same, because the Vibrant is too cool of a phone. samsung is the best ever. I love my vibrant and it loves me. We take long walks together and cuddle on the couch

      • TMOprophet

        OMG, are you for real, you must be joking, the vibrator will get froyo, then end of the line. It will never see gingerbread you moron, and what the hell do you call what they did with the behold 2, they promised updates and lied.
        You sir fail

  • Cybersedan

    Simple fix, I have an N1, vibrant shipped and on the way, was gonna sell nexy, changed my mind, gonna keep both.

    Best of both worlds!

  • Cityboy

    I’ll take my Nexus One over any Sammy any day. Behold I, issues Behold II even more issues so Vibrant will be the same. Touch Wiz 3.0, that’s a laugh. EQ controls for my bumpin sound system on a cell phone, please! 2.1 when I already have 2.2 and Flash. People in the (Biz) know that sammys have weak signal and have reliablity issues like some Moto’s too(Razor).

  • anthony

    Hey folks I’m not a vibrant basher. I think its an outstanding phone and a smart choice. I have a N1 and this thread is about which will you choose. The vibrant was shipped with 2.1 which is miles behind froyo and yes in two months the vibrant will already be replaced so I will stick with the N1 which will always seem new because it sports the latest paint job do you really trust Samsung with their track record perhaps so good luck

  • Jeremy

    I just pulled the trigger on a Nexus one this weekend. I’d have gone with the Vibrant had they included a flash on the camera. Huge deal breaker for me.

  • anthony

    @Jeremy good choice and that’s not a knock on the vibrant my only question is what took ya so long lol. I would gladly purchase a vibrant but the sticking points were froyo and uncertainty of samsungs commitment six months from now

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, my G1 was about dead so it was time. The camera having no flash and the TouchWiz interface broke the deal for me. Call me crazy, but I like the look and feel of the standard Android interface.

      I’m in shock at how much faster my shiny new Nexus is over the G1. It’s a whole different experience.

  • Ronnie

    I agree will all who’ve said this before….how could we possibly fork out $529.99 for a superphone sight unseen and tested in person. Sure it’s got the specs,and we only hear users raves and see tons of video online, but it’s like buying a super luxury/sport car without actually feeling it, driving it, etc… and just going by pictures, and video clips.

    On the other hand, I was able to see, touch and explore the Vibrant so easily at my local Tmo store. Great looking and performing phone….wish I could’ve done the same with the Nexus One. Till this day, I’ve never seen a Nexus One in the flesh. I might be lucky one day and run across someone who has one in their hand!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I think that was said in February forward when we discussed the wisdom of Google’s selling model, that included making the Nexus One available online only.

      Despite what Google recently characterized as a success, IMHO the main reason for the N1’s FAILURE was due to prospective purchasers not being able to physically see and touch the handset.

      I say this because like any expensive product, a smartphone purchasing decision is major and personal.

      It’s a major decision because the total cost of a phone is NOT $185 (the N1’s approximate subsidized selling price), it’s actually around $2200.

      It’s a personal decision because consumers like to “get intimate” with the N1 knowing that he or she will be “married” to the phone for two years. Yes, I say that there’s a lot of pre-marital cell phone intimacy going on in the world, in public no less. ;)

      On pricing, consumers are now realizing it’s not a $200 purchase that’s at issue (the subsidized handset price) it’s at minimum a $2200 commitment. (Arrived at by: $40 talk + $10 fees/taxes + $35 data = $85 mo. x 24 mo. = $2040 + $200 phone = $2200+).

      In this economy people don’t part with $2200+ without first seeing the phone and trying it out, this because $2200 is a lot of money to commit to paying without knowing beforehand how one feels about a handset.

      On the intimate side, before making such major commitments people want to see how the handset looks, how it feels, how it fits wherever the user carries it (purse, shirt pocket, waistband case, pant pocket) and how it feels when making calls, that is, up against the ear (to be sure, some people will reject a phone simply because it feels out of place when hold it against the ear.

      Sidenote: T-Mobile sales reps could tell us how many prospective purchaser holds a phone up to the ear. Seeing how that is the most common way to use a phone a handset might well be rejected if it fails a prospective buyer’s “against the ear test.”

      Prospective purchasers also need to see and touch a phone because we are all different. Few will rely on online reviews or handset tours because the “user experience” is as varied as our fingerprints.

      Sidenote: Divergent feelings about handsets was made patently obvious is evident by the passionate comments about the SGSV (“Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant”) not having a front facing camera or LED flash.

      Add to all this other things that Google did to assure prospective purchasers would pass on buying the N1. For example, the limited T-Mobile plan options available, draconian penalties imposed should one cancel the contract early, and the confusing/funky ordering process.

      It’s a shame really because by every N1 owner’s account, the N1 is the best Android phone on the planet. (Before the debut of the Evo, Droid X, and Samsung Galaxy S I doubt that anyone could argue against such claims by N1 owners.)

      The N1’s prowess is also indicated by checking Craig’s List or eBay.

      The Nexus One continues to demand top dollar, the handset selling for $475-$500. (I even saw a Want To Buy N1 ad the other day, with the buyer willing to pay $475 for a used N1. That’s amazing for a phone that has been out for 7 months. This is a testament to the N1’s quality, with only a small upward bump in price because the N1, it’s been announced, will no longer be produced. Limited supply drives prices upward if the product is desired.)

      • anthony

        Well said isn’t it nice to have great choices either way its a win its just comes down to preference at least we can agree android rules

      • watbetch

        The Vibrant kills all phones. No phone will ever beat it in any regards. Its the most fastest, the most bestest, the mostest coolest phone. It can do everything except pop out wings and fly. The N1 was crap compared to the Vibrant. And who cares about a FFC, I dont, cause who would wanna see this pic all the time anyway.

        Htc is crap, the Vision and Emerald will suck, who cares about dual core processors, the hummingbird will be better forever. Samsung is the best, I love their phones and I love how they feel like a cheap plastic child’s toy.

        And as for updates, the VIbrant will get them all, forever, Samsung promised! and they never break promises!

      • TMOprophet

        Those dual-cores will smoke your lil birdy in that sammy. At least you got the cheap part right. otherwise you are funny

  • anthony

    U sound like someone selling sand in the desert.

  • kendrixedwards_myrealname

    Well being that I have played with both devices I have formulated feelings about both of them. The vibrant looks like the iPhone with a bigger screen and more buttons. The screen is beautiful and the colors pop. The sims also looks like the iPhone version. Very attractive and easily addicting for countless hours of downtime. The only gripe is that it doesn’t have flash. Who cares about a front facing camera. I don’t know anyone with a front facing camera phone. Nor do I soups with that many people. But the nexus is a true winner. I’m not biased towards any phone but I am for android. Different strokes for different folks. I mean the nexus is THE phone to buy if you have the money or an iPhone to trade for it. Just wish it was easier to obtain. Although I wouldn’t mind owning either phone. Glad tmo is adding more serious phones to their lineup. Only if the hd2 had android built in. Oh yea, that’s why you can root it lol

    • anthony

      You hit the nail on the head. Android is the winner here. We finally have phones with balls so to say. The N1 if you don’t mind coughing up the cash or the vibrant which I held and played with I was impressed. I didn’t understand the reports about feeling plasticky and cheap. I think that’s just off base. I would easily buy this phone if I didn’t already own a N1. I would go as far to say if the vibrant came with froyo and vanilla its a no brainer at least for me. The Front facing camera who knows where that’s going. The iPhone should have included a pair of forceps in the box perhaps then people would get a proper signal. The iPhone will forever be for those who don’t know and Android for those freed from the Matrix lol

  • homer

    Ok so I bought the vibrant and played with it a few days. My buddy came over with a nexus one and we ended up trading He liked the screen and I loved how sturdy the nexus felt. Playing with it more this phone is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Its freaking fast with the froyo and I am loving the hotspot my fiancés ipad connected to it and the internet is fast. Flash player rocks especially since you can go into sites and play games. This phone is 100 times better than the vibrant and stock froyo is a million times better than touchwiz. I am not regretting it and its sad that the nexus never made it to the stores!!!!

    • TMOprophet

      Good choice, samsung will always lead to some kind of a headache when it comes to their phones.

  • Big Phil

    Yes people will still want a nexus one samsung vibrant does not have flash or front facing camera. Why belittle the phone when it came with all those features.

  • mario

    I laugh at the people who say the nexus one is old. i have mine rooted running 2.2
    and it smokes the iphone 4 in speed. it is not 6 months old, it was 6 months ahead of its time. the incredible, the vibrant, n so on have the same speed processors. they all took from it. happy to say it the nexus one wont get old unless the iphone 4, the vibrant etc.. do so as well.
    get yours!!!!! best phone i have ever had