12 Days After Launch, How Do You Feel About The Samsung Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant has proven in less than two weeks to be one of the most highly rated and most talked about T-Mobile Android phone to date. With that in mind we’re doing our second poll in less than 72 hours to find out how you feel about the Samsung Vibrant, with almost two weeks of ownership under your belt. Was it love at first sight or did you have to wake up to her a few times before you realized you couldn’t live without her? The phone hasn’t been without issues as a number of users are reporting difficulty with GPS lock on. For the most part however, feedback has been great and the reviews have ranged from very good to really great. Perhaps the lack of flash was holding you back and our Nighttime mode article certainly took a great deal of you by surprise. It didn’t win everyone over and we didn’t suspect it would; and it won’t make up for a complete lack of flash, but you have to admit some of those images are pretty impressive nonetheless.

Take the poll and let us know, is this truly the best Android phone for T-Mobile to date? That is, until the next big thing

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  • Andy

    Other than the signal issues that I and some folks are having I only have one complaint. A front facing cam, why not. Its there, I see it but it does not work. Silly T-mobile … video is for calls now.

    • davidohio

      there is NO front facing camera on the Vibrant. What you see in a sensor for when you hold the phone to your ear to put the screen in sleep mode.

      • Andy

        well thats even worse

      • mdot

        Unless someone can explain why a proximity sensor requires three lenses, it is my opinion that the camera is there.

        There are three lenses in the top left hand corner of the phone. The proximity sensor’s transmitter and receiver, in my opinion, is the rightmost two. Leaving the leftmost lens as the FFC.

        Again, I will state that this is my opinion after looking at the lenses through a jeweler’s loupe.

    • matchesmalone

      GET OVER IT… I am so tired of hearing how it doesn’t have a front facing camera or a flash.. If all people are going to do is complain, then DON’T GET THE PHONE.. wait until one comes out that does

      • Brian

        agreed. im waiting for a dual core phone. i could complain about the vibrant not having a dual core processor, but instead, ill just patiently and quietly wait for tmo to release a phone with those specs

      • j

        Brian Vibrant is a dual core 1GHz hummingbird processor

    • YanivC

      I try so hard to understand it but I cant. Who the heck needed 16GB on board? It just confuses me now. I hook up my phone to PC, suddenly 2 drives appear AND theyre both called SD.
      Would have much rather gotten a flash and front facing camera.
      Other than that though, its the best Android phone Ive had the pleasure of playing with to date. Ive had almost every droid with the exception of the Moment, Behold and EVO and this clearly beats them all.
      Pitted this against my nephews Droid X…. fuggedaboudit. This newer Power VR chip is soooooooooooo awesome.

      • Los22

        One “drive” is the phone.
        The second is the SD card.

        16GB is awesome, are you kidding. TONS of room.
        Start sumping movies onto it for long flights when the movie they play sucks.

    • rob

      The only reason that you want the stupid ffc is because you’ve seen commercials of the iPhone with it and if the iPhone has something then you have to have it. The rest of the world has had the ffc technology for years now and you didn’t want it until now. I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna survive without it. Plus for the video calling to work the other person has to have it too and I’m pretty sure that theres not to many people out there that have a ffc anyhow so even if they had put the ffc in you still wouldn’t be able to use it. Stop crying and move on.

    • Shawn

      Who are you going to have video chats with? I mean really, do you perform video chats everyday or is this just something you would like to in the future.
      I’ve yet to meet 1 evo owner or iphone4 owner who has done a successful video call. Plus 99.9999 percent of phones in the US don’t have a ffc, so you would be having a video chat with someone on a computer.

      I think the lack of flash is more troubling than a ffc.

      • j

        Shawn, the Vibrant has a night mode that may not need a flash. try it before you whine about no flash. flashes for cameras are battery killers. FFC is a useless feature right now as most phones dont support it and T-mobile is waiting for the tech to be solid for the devices before even considering is what I feel. Like they always do so we dont has a bunch a issues

    • j

      Andy, do you really plan to use video conferencing? Also do you know any one else with video conferencing capable devices? If not it is a useless feature to have on a phone.

  • Doc

    I always approach with caution anything I’ve been waiting for. Things never seem as good as you want them to be. I like the phone. I had the GPS bug but it’s better with the fix (30 second lock from in my house). Other than that I only have one complaint. I don’t use a case and the back has a creekiness to it when you handle it. I’m not one of those that equates light weight with cheap. I love the fact that the phone is uber light. But the creeking does make it seem cheap. I’m sure that this will fade as it did with my G1. For a while all I could hear was the creekiness on it, then I guess I got used to it and didn’t notice it.

    I’m not a huge camera user. I rarely do twitter and never facebook. Any issues with those I haven’t noticed. The phone is speedy and I haven’t seen any lag in it. I don’t care that it looks like an iPhone. After all, there’s only so many ways you can make a all touch phone look, so please stop with that crap.

    As a first adopter type you get used to thing not being 100% what you expected but I’d say this is 99%.

    • Johnny

      Check your back cover, even try swapping it with the other one. I’ve had no issues with a creaky back. :)

  • Sasha

    I recently called about this phone and they gave it to me for 199.99 after a 50$ rebate and I only had 11 months on the contract! This phone is AMAZING. I am coming from 3 years of Windows Mobile (Wing and Touch Pro2) and can honestly say that this phone is great! Sure the other Android phones coming are impressive, but this phone is definitely an upgrade well worth it.

  • http://impactwindowworld.com Linda

    Well, I soooo wanted to love this phone, but it has proven to be as inferior as every other android/win mobile phone I have tried over the last three years.

    I sooo want to upgrade from my black berry and enjoy the cool larger screen and apps on the vibrant but…I have essentially three features that is a crucial must on my phone

    This phone doesnt even have the application capable of doing so. Symply you need to upload MANUALLY TO GOOGLE AND TMOBILE FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE

    2. Must have a great speach to text capability if Im going to switch from a querty keyboard. (this app is very acceptable with vibrant)

    3. VERY VERY IMPORTANT. I NEED TO COPY AND PAST TEXT FROM EMAILS TO MESSAGES AND VICE VERSA. This is crucial for a mobile phone and having a business////this phone and any other phone as I understand doesnt have it///except BLACKBERRY

    that means that I have to send this phone back to where it came from ////I absolutely need that business function.

    Another very dangerous attribute this device has. If you accidently erace an email. (which I experienced today) it deleted the message from google///I know there is probably way to ensure that function is disabled////anyway it was a good thing I had a copy on my outlook////

    am I ever going to enjoy this type of phone???? Well when the android market decides to incorporate features that apply to the working world I guess.

    I see that all of these phones are for recreational users only//// a business owner with a playfull side is just not gonna cut it///this phone is all play ///and nothing is for the business side!!

    very very disappointed///AGAIN///

    • fidget


      I’m a business user and very happy with my android phone.

      Real time sync with Outlook should not be an issue. I don’t have vibrant, but a mytouch slide. Just setup your mail account as exchange account and ActiveSync will give you real time sync of mail, calendar, contacts. No correlation to the gmail account you need for Android phone. The google account is synonymous with an itunes account for managing apps/contacts, and Google mail etc. but that account has no bearing on other email accounts you choose to setup. The regular Mail program will let you setup an Exchange acct with ActiveSync. You can even specify max mail size, max attachment size, frequency of sync, etc.

      As for qwerty keyboard, I bought the slide knowing the vibrant was coming because of the hardware keyboard which i thought i needed coming from blackberry. Now I use Swype exclusively and don’t use slide keyboard. Give it a try – another option in addition to speech to text.

      Not missing the blackberry a bit except the $20 month unlimited email option when traveling overseas.

      • analog spirit

        I came from a BlackBerry (8320) too, and I had the same problem with not being able to copy & paste from an e-mail as Linda had (I already knew about the apps for the rest of the stuff she mentioned). Is there an app in the Android Market that would enable that? I looked all over the Android Market, but haven’t found anything so far. I really want to give the Vibrant another chance but cut/copy & paste is poorly implemented on it, and that lack of basic functionality just isn’t going to cut it for me. Thanks in advance…

    • tmoforsho

      There is an app for almost everything u just made a list about. Even deleting email on handheld only. The only disappointing thing Linda is that the time it took you to write that post u could have been downloading the apps u need.. Suckaa

    • Cheato

      Clearly you never even gave it a chance. There are apps to support every one of your complaints. Blackberry is dead…….your loss.

      • analog spirit

        @Cheato: Could you specify which app(s) that are available that would enable universal cut/copy & paste on the Vibrant? ‘Cos that was the biggest issue I had with it. I’ve been told that it’s just a limitation of Android (for now, until later revisions fix it). I searched for a suitable app in the Android Market, but so far have found nothing. I’m new to Android, so if you could point me (and Linda) to an app out there that’ll enable that basic yet crucial functionality on this otherwise outstanding device, I’d greatly appreciate it, and I’d gladly get another Vibrant; all its other issues are minor, and I think I could live with them.
        Thanks in advance…

      • Ray

        double tap the word or hold down the screen where the word is. no app needed.

      • analog spirit

        @Ray: I already tried both those methods, repeatedly; it still didn’t work. That’s why I took it back. I don’t know; maybe it was a defective phone. T-Mobile told me it was an issue with all Android phones, esp. the touchscreen models. I’m still debating as to whether or not I’ll give the Vibrant a 2nd chance. Maybe I’ll just have to wait til 2.2 comes out for Google to fix this issue… Thanks anyway.

    • Jason Bonham

      Can I ask you an honest question, and don’t take this the wrong way. How could you possibly be in any business without the ability to spell properly, to punctuate and capitalize, to use correct grammar, and to make a coherent point? Is this America today?

    • Ray

      Obviously you dont know ANYTHING about phones or take out the time to know anything about them, all of your complaints are trash, you are the reason why real business’ started sending people with complaints to voicemail. This phone DOES do EVERYTHING that you just complained about it not doing. I have this phone and many other android phones and this is by far one of the most complete ones ive seen it absoutely does everything you set your mind to do. you just need to be a little interested in actually doing it. So before you go off ranting about how your phone doesnt do anything you want it to do, do yourself a favor and do a little investigating. Blackberry….. Please.

      • Patrick

        This phone(without an app) WONT copy and paste from e-mail. At least not from the standard e-mail app. There IS exchange integration…and

        Linda…Blackberry’s AND WM phones will copy and paste from e-mail. Android devices will if you download the app to do it. OR….you could download another e-mail app like k9mail(i believe its called) or some other free mail app

      • analog spirit

        @Patrick: Which app do you need to download to do it? Will k9mail work?

    • ScooterG

      Linda…I smile and nod at you…

    • MM

      I use mine for business and haven’t had any issues. You just need the right apps. Use K-9 for your email and CompanionLink for Syncing. It Syncs my office calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar. What other business features are you missing?

    • http://none Swoosh

      1.This phone does sync with Active Sync. As soon as I get an email i get a message on my vibrant (even on edge network).
      2.As for the speach to text it does that as well.. ( i personally love swype better)
      3. Emailing copying and paste is still an issue but it is easy to copy and paste from messages.

      • amy

        I’m trying to setup my work outlook email to my vibrant and need help how to do this?

    • cronin

      You can copy/paste from e-mail….. download Skyfire browser and point it to gmail.com… once you open e-mail, click on drop down box on the right side of Skyfire’s toolbar and option will appear called “Select text”, as soon as you select it… it will be copied to your clipboard.

    • j

      Linda, what android phone syncs to outlook directly, NONE!!! They sync to google, simply get program for outlook to sync gmail and your done, NOT a phone issue, its an ID10T error!!!
      Copy/Paste, can tap and hold? Obviously not!
      yes it does not delee from deleted items unless you tell it to, DUH! goto menu and view labels, goto deleted items or trash and HEY LOOK there it is!

    • atlantian
  • drmosh

    Phone is fantastic besides the GPS which should be fixed hopefully soon.

    • j

      there is NO GPS issue on my phone, did you goto settings and security and location and turn on the wireless network assistance????? mine locks on indoors in 2 seconds flat!

  • jaw2

    Just got my vibrant…. Its gr8!!1. I bought dierectly from t mobile. How and when will t mobile force you to add data plan?…still playing on WiFi

    • Kickstar13

      If you purchased the Vibrant with a contract, T-Mobile will add the data plan automatically the day you bought the phone. The data plan will remain on your account for the life of your contract.

  • jaw2


  • jaw2

    I have it for last couple of hours. Works gr8 on wifi. When open browser, gives msg that data plan not added, choose

  • jaw2

    Yep I bought it with contract. Paid 149$. I thought they will add once I put sim card in new phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/acesauce Acesauce

    Can I trust the extra batterys being sold on ebay? I know i’m going need an extra battery but don’t want anything thats going harm my Vibrant…Is buying the ones on ebay now a wise choice?

  • T

    I love my vibrant, it has an amazing and responsive screen, but all that it needs to be perfect is 2.2 and wifi tethering, and i want it to say H instead of 3G… Listening T-Mobile?

  • JermaineJacksonhair

    I know I’m late BUT, I finally saw the Vibrant in person today and…the screen… WOW

  • RogerC

    This phone has ONE serious flaw. GPS is very broken. Lousy performance. Might be the Broadcom chip, might be firmware, but right now it is useless.
    Do yourselves a favor and test your GPS properly, not just with the TTFF, actually navigate in detail for a while and you’ll see how lousy it is.

    Shame on Samsung, otherwhise a fine phone.

  • http://www.itburnouts.com Phaedrus

    I’ve had my phone about a week, and am loving this device. I ditched my iPhone 3GS for the Vibrant because Android, Samsung, and T-Mobile are offering what Apple NEVER will, which is the freedom to run my device how I choose. I do admit that Apple makes a solid device (4G antennae bungle, withstanding) and the device runs VERY smooth, but… dropped calls, BS apology letters for misreporting signal strength, and their bullying of business partners and mistreatment of customers has pushed me away. “Think different. Just not differently than we tell you to.”

    The Vibrant is brilliant in look and feel. The battery life is better than I expected it to be, given the hummingbird’s raw horsepower and performance. I have had some issues with the GPS connecting as well. Rebooting usually fixes that, but from what I have read, Samsung has acknowledged the problem and is looking for a fix. I’ve also heard there is a viable workaround, but have yet to see it anywhere.

  • Justin

    The GPS is the biggest issue, hopefully Samsung has a fix and will be rolled out with 2.2 sooner then later. I remember when the G1 first came out it took a long time to lock in as well, but you figure in todays market they would iron these things out before release.

  • tmowhat

    I have to say overall, I like my Samsung Vibrant because there more positives than negatives… However, there are 4 things that currently need to be looked into:

    1. Home button and its inconsistency
    2. Battery life needs to be improved and hopefully with Android 2.2 this will be improved…
    3. GPS issue that several individuals have stated…
    4. Intermittent issue, when unlocking the phone, sometimes opens with a black/blank screen…

    Note: I have to say that this phone has great potential and if Samsung and T-Mobile support the device, it should be a phone that I can use for quite sometime…

  • Oman774

    Over the past 8 yrs, I have had Treos, Windows Mobile phones, iPhone 3GS and Motorola Cliq. So far this has been the best phone out of all of them. My Outlook syncs fine and I love the features. I dont care about a FF camera since why would I want to do video conferencing on a phone ( I dont need my employer to know where I am at). I dont even use my laptop’s camera. If you need a video conference camera just point your phone to a mirror and run a video conference software. Overall, I am happy with the phone.

    Does this phone have a remote wipe feature like the Moto Cliq?

  • Danerl

    Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that sometimes there’s some kind of “ripples” running vertically over the screen — just like with old computer monitors and bad frequency so you can see the “ripples”. Anyone noticed that yet? Is that a normal function b/c of the screen or the processor something? I am just about to go to back to the Tmobile store and ask them but maybe I’m overreacting…..? Thanks for feedback!!!

  • Shawn

    My only major complaint with the vibrant is the gps problem, release a firmware update alread!

  • Gil

    Yall idiots. Dont you guys read the gps section where they guide how to fix the gps issue?.. Come on people be smarter.

    Vibrant is the best phone ive ever had. I love my phone.

  • Chris

    I found a GPS fix in one of the Android forums (actually, may have been XDA). It has worked flawlessly since.

    1 – Disable “Use Wireless Networks” – Settings / Location & Security

    2 – Dial *#*#1472365#*#*

    3 – Under “Application settings” Change “Operation Mode” to MS Based

    4 – Under “SUPL/CP Settings” Change the SERVER & PORT to supl.google.com and port 7276 [Do not use www. in front of supl]

    5 – REBOOT

    6 – Turn back on the “User Wireless Networks”

  • GalaxySfan

    At first I did not like the video playback on the SAMOLED screen because of issues with lack of contrast in certain scenes and a veil of light blue-green haze that seem to cloud every video. However I discovered that what caused this problem was not the screen itself but the default movie player. It seem to be doing some kind of video processing that prevents the screen from showing the deep colors that its capable of, especially in well lit indoor scenes and in dark scenes. I downloaded Rock Player out of whim and discovered that it shows much deeper colors without the haze and even dark scenes now look great. However, Rock Player does not seem be able to play any files over 800×480 resolution very well and even lower resolution videos seem to stutter occasionally. But I’ll trade that for better color any day.

    In addition, the Rock Player is able to play certain files that DivX/Xvid vids the default player couldn’t. However the default player seem to be able to handle videos sizes up to 1280×720 very well. Only if it didn’t overprocess the video…

    Oh, and as a phone and a communication device, it’s pretty good. GPS even works well after the xda fix. Still learning Android but it’s really a good device. I do wish the batter would last longer but I’m still conditioning the batteryh so it should get better. I’ll buying a spare battery and charger when it’s available.

  • VibrantFan

    I’ve had my Vibrant for a week now and only have minor GPS issues. I tried the “fix” and pointed it to supl.google.com but that just caused the phone to freeze. I am currently running with the stock configuration and simply removed the http:// from the URL and this has helped it be a touch faster.

    My GPS almost always connects, sometimes it takes 30 seconds or so at the longest. On a rare occasion it will not connect, but a reboot fixes that…and this phone reboots so fast that it is not a huge deal.

    Samsung needs to come out with a fix for this; however, the phone is awesome otherwise.

  • http://twitter.com/thematteo matteo

    i carry 2 phones…one for work and one for person. my work is a BlackBerry 9700 on TMO and my personal is the Galaxy S on TMO. being a huge fan of the iPhone, i was a little cautious since this was my very first Android phone. i’m glad i tried it out, b/c it has completely converted me. now the apps aren’t as strong as the iPhone, but i think with time it’ll get better. my overall experience has been good minus the GPS issue. luckily i get to keep BBM with my work BB and then have this phone for personal. if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet i definitely recommend it…you won’t be sorry.

  • Claude

    My Samsung Vibrant has had lower battery life than I like, occasional white screens, occasional programs crashing, and inconsistent email service with full bars and 3G, but the unforgivable thing that I can not forgive is the constant rebooting which started today during a meeting with my boss. It finally stopped rebooting, but not sure why it started in the first place or if it will happen again. I am thinking about returning since it is within the 14 days (barely) and going back to my old Blackberry until the next phone comes out.

  • Outlander

    Feels cheaper than the HD2, the back with the battery lid seems fragile.
    It hangs on Google even worse than HD2 on Microsoft, with the same tunnel vision for other applications.
    Mechanically the HD2 is a far better built phone.
    Movie not playable after one removal of pathetic memory card.
    Could not link with computer over USB.
    Phone returned.

    • watbetch

      All of that is end-user error like it always has been.

      • http://stoneyent.com stoneyjonez

        Sure as hell sounds like it to me…

  • TooMuchGadgets

    PRO: Beautiful screen, beautiful screen, beautiful screen.

    MEH: Biggish for small hands, camera not great, screen is blue-tinged (white point is off)

    CON: < 1 day battery life, gps slowness and inaccuracy, compass is completely wacked, copy/paste & data detection in email apps are horribly lacking, Google integration must be manually configured, messaging apps dip into the SIM contacts despite settings to only display Google contacts, can't use camera during call (wtf!?), button + gesture to unlock (rather than 2 presses on the button), unlock button directly opposite volume buttons (both get pressed during unlock), lack of accessories at launch, no pointer input (trackball, trackpad, etc.).

    I am considering sending mine back and waiting for the HTC HSPA+ phone.

    Other than that, c'mon CM6 for GS and team XDA!!!

    • watbetch

      Copy/Paste in email has never been something that Android “does”. Apps should be fine, but that is probably dependent on the app. There is a D-Pad in the software keyboard. If you think battery life on the HTC device is going to be any better you’re sadly mistaken. It’ll be worse with a new HSPA+ chipset.

      • analog spirit

        If Android doesn’t do copy/paste in e-mail, and it remains that way for the foreseeable future, then I guess the Android platform isn’t going to work for me, at least not until that gets fixed. Universal cut/copy & paste is absolutely crucial for me, and the way I use my phone (more as an e-mail/browsing device than a phone). Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice thus far. PEACE

  • Zina

    Had issues with Lag at the beggining and I wanted to return the damn phone back. But then I read an article how to fix it and it was all good.
    Other than that, I love it.



    Oh! link that fixed my lag problem http://tinyurl.com/y8oc4nk

  • http://www.ccny.net CompConfig

    I use video chat most days, so do several friends and family members. We do it laptop to laptop, pc to pc but none of us even those who have the FFC ever use it. Do you want to use it when driving? when working? when walking down the street? hell no, we talk cam to cam on the pc with nice big clear 20″ screens and broadband connections. Oh and I do not have to hold the darn camera phone in front of my face while talking. Have any of you that are complaining ever even tried it? Go ahead hold your phone in your hand so that your face will be picked up by your FFC and you will be able to see the pic being sent back to you………. having fun?????

    • hotrodroxie


      hey, i’ve been a BEHOLD user since it came out, and i was very impressed not being a ‘smart phone user’…there are many thing i would change about it, but anyway…

      ….should i goto an IPHONE from here, or a VIBRANT? or maybe wait a lil longer?

      any opinions? i am wanting an honest user comparison.

  • Josue

    How can i get T-Mobile customer service to give me the Samsung Vibrant for less than $200?

    • http://stoneyent.com stoneyjonez

      You can’t. The lowest they will go is full contract discount pricing. Even if you threaten to cancel and get thru to Loyalty, you will not get it for less than $199.

      • Josue

        Hmm makes sence but I’ve read peoples’ comments on this website and some say they have gotten it less, some by saying they were going to switch to iPhone. Does T-Mobile customer service match prices? because at Walmart I found it for 149.

    • Sunit

      I called in the other day to check the dates on my contract (Jan 11)…and the rep was very helpful and offered me the vibrant at $149 with no upgrade fee and to top it she even let me keep my 300 min myfaves plan and $24.99 G1 internet…should be getting my phone in the next few days…thank you magenta !!

      I said contract when the automated system asked me what I wanted to talk about.

      • Josue

        I was thinking of getting it tomorrow but if you were able to get it for 149 then I’ll try too. But I feel that If I say if they can give it to me for 149 and no activation fee they’ll flip out or they’ll tell me they can’t sell it for that amount and will ask for more :(

  • dh

    Absolutely love it. Coming from a G1, my only complaint (probably too strong a word) is the missing LED notification and awkward lock button position. Swype has erased all of my doubts about not having a physical keyboard. Display quality is amazing.

  • cronin

    People… stop complaining about copying in e-mail because this is very doable. You can either go to full desktop gmail site or download Skyfire and point it to gmail.com mobile site, once you are there click on the arrow pointing down on far right of the toolbar, which will bring several options and one of them is SELECT TEXT… once you click that and select your text, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard..

    • analog spirit

      Thanks; I’m aware of that method and have tried it numerous times, and it “kind-of” works… The problem is that it wasn’t highlighting all the text I was trying to select; it was only selecting parts of it, resulting in only bits and pieces of my selected text actually being copied & pasted. Then I figured I’d just adjust the font size and make it bigger, to make it easier to select text (esp. with my big hands), but that didn’t work either because altho the font size was increased, the pink highlighted areas weren’t, so again, only parts of the selected text were actually copied & pasted, which was really aggravating…
      So, it’s doable; but it’s just really tedious and impractical the way it’s been implemented on the Vibrant. I like the iPhone’s and HTC Sense’s “magnifying glass & handles” method a lot better; if there’s an app out there that’ll enable that sort of universal copy & paste on the Vibrant, I’d definitely get it in a heartbeat. PEACE

  • Danerl

    Has anyone noticed “ripples” running vertically across the screen, especially when turning the phone on????

  • http://squarecat.com Scott B

    I’ve had the Vibrant for less than 24 hours and I can’t wait to return it.

    No. 1 reason the Vibrant is irrelevant for me: Signal strength. This weakness alone makes the Vibrant a REALLY expensive toy phone.

    Multitouch is a wonderful thing, but what good is it if the takes forever for the browser or Google Maps to load? So by the time the Vibrant actually gets, say, a map loaded, my lowly CLIQ (with a connection twice as strong) will have already been able to retrieve a destination plus directions.

    This comprises my need to tether, which I do a fair bit of. I tether at my day job. I tether at Barnes and Noble while working on freelance web design projects. In Phoenix, tethering is the fastest, most stable connection away home WiFi.

    A close second non-starter is hardware. Not the stuff on the inside but, rather, the stuff on the outside. The buttons suck. In fact, I’ll extend that: the whole interface is crap. It’s a huge oversight that they wrapped such smoking performance and a beautiful screen in such a horrible user experience. I’m supposed to use that pimple to interact with my phone ALL day? Really, Samsung? God forbid I want to use my phone with only one hand. At night.

    And why do phone makers keep messing with the Android UI SO much? You’re not Apple. Stop being so insecure. Actually, I think that’s the overall feeling I got that undermines the entire potential of the Vibrant: it’s trying too hard to be something it’s not. This explains why Google made a go of their own phone in an attempt to show people what a true Android experience should be.

    Then there’s the little things:
    – So for $500 I can’t get an LED indicator?? It’s like Samsung subconsciously admitting that the reception is bad.
    – You include a whole movie with the phone, yet no means to enjoy it anywhere else? Oh sure, I can (try to) buy a composite cable separately, but then why don’t I just wait until it’s shown on cable…

    On the upside I’m totally sold on Swype. I may actually be ready to graduate from a QWERTY. (If I’m not driven to root, I won’t have to spend much time in Terminal.)

    And for the love of all that is good and techie, I hardly realized what I was missing being stuck at Android 1.5!

    There’s probably a few more things to like about the Vibrant, but what does it matter? I’m eagerly awaiting T-Mobile’s Fall lineup (and probably playing with a myTouch 3G Slide in the meanwhile…)

  • ikeweezy

    Love the phone, minus the fact that I have no LED indicator for missed calls and messages. I didnt realize how much I relied on in with my trusty G1. Miss the ol’gal! Had to download a sms app with pop up feature… :(

  • ikeweezy

    And…TouchWiz gets 3 stars out of 5. I had my G1 running on a rooted ROM with HTC Sense UI. I miss that too! Widgets! Widgets! Widgets!

  • keesha

    Let’s say it came with the LED indicator, flash on the back, ffc, copy/paste all that, u jerks would find something to complain about like “why didn’t tmo make it in pink oh please make it in pink maybe in pink zebra” what a bunch of losers!!!!

  • keesha

    I love T-Mobile but i think they are on a fix budget when making a phone, i never had Verizon but i think money is no issue, Verizon is putting out hits like Droid, Droid incredible and now Droid X, i think all 3 has flash on the back lol…heehee!!!

  • keesha

    Hummingbird vs Snapdragon, the 2 send chills down my spine heehee…

  • Flgirll99

    I still love my phone! I haven’t noticed any issues…and hope I never do. It really is the best phone I’ve had.

  • Josue

    •Breaking News• (Hot Topics)
    Samsung Mobile US just released the first T-Mo Samsung Vibrant commercial (via Twitter/YouTube) witch includes a clip from Avatar!


    P.S. Can anyone help me with my question that I posted up above this forum?

    What do you think of the Commercial? Awesome right!

  • Xfoo

    I’m surprised no one has complained much about the absolutely faulty compass in this phone. Has any one tries to use gmaps street view in compass mode or sky map? XY axes are slow as molasses!

    The GPS “fix” from XDA is not a fix at all. It’s a tweak. All it does is enable network assisted GPS (AGPS). It still doesn’t allow the receiver to lock on more than one or two satellites. That won’t achieve consistent accuracy. Those of you who think this hack actually fixes the underlying problem with the GPS don’t know how GPS works. Period.

    The phone is rather nice aside from these two very serious issues. There are plenty of small annoyances which can be ironed out but what we have now is an expensive smartphone totally useless as a navigation device. Shame on Samsung and T-Mobile for letting a broken GPS and compass into final.

  • shepdog

    Hey, i’m looking to update my phone, with something newer, my 2 year contract isn’t up yet but i can get some at a discounted price. I’m looking into getting the vibrant, my touch slide, or htc hd2. I currently have a g1, but it’s starting to have so many issues that i’m just tired of putting up with it. Any helpful info would be helpful. I like the g1’s qwerty slide out keyboard, thats why i was considering the my touch slide, but like the new features of the vibrant, I once had a t-mobile wing but that was a few years ago and would like to try a newer windows mobile fun

    • @dhsteeler

      Hey sheepdog, I was in the EXACT same position. Worried about leaving G1’s physical keyboard for better specs (Vibrant). I went with the Vibrant and I STRONGLY recommend you do the same. MT3G slide is nice enough, but the Vibrant will still be a heavyweight for months to come with it’s onboard memory, fast processor and ridiculous display. Swype keyboard is awesome, you will forget all about the physical keyboard. “Do it. Do it NOW.”

      • atlantian

        swipe is amazing i got the vibrant for my sister on my account and it is awesome fast i love swipe tried to find the apk for my sisters cliq I’m using along with my nokia n900

  • Aluvsvibrant

    Hey, I just wanted to state that I love the, Vibrant. My only question is how do you use the video chat, and which appilcation is it you have to download?

  • remixfa

    shepdog. If you want a great phone, get the vibrant. The HD2 is junk. The mytouch slide is good. It is a “mid range” phone though so its not as capable though normal usage u will never know the difference. If you want high end with a keyboard, wait another month or so and the Blaze will be out… which is basically N1 hardware with a keyboard and HSPA+ speeds.

  • Jonathan

    Samsung just posted an Hdmi cable for the samsung vibrant for $50.00, its just keeps getting better.

  • oneday…soon

    Check this out Galaxy S running a froyo 2.2 rom, it’s a work in progress but it’s lookin good so far!!! http://www.androidcentral.com/galaxy-s-froyo-alive-kicking-and-handled

  • Johnny Depth

    Tmo just gave the the vibrant for $49!!!!
    I have been with them for 10 long yrs and I threaten the cancel my 3 lines. The rep offered me the phone for $149 with $100 instant off with free shipping!! WHAT A DEAL!! I LOVE YOU TMO!!!

  • David Haddon

    Anybody else having email trouble with the Vibrant? I have had it for 13 days now and have been having trouble with getting emails from day one. Tmobile directed me to delete my email account and re-install it. I followed their instruction but the same thing occured…no emails! I contacted again today and the rep said they are having some trouble and looking for the tech service reps to supply sample cases to thier department for study. He claims that a software fix would be forthcoming but couldn’t guaranty when. I told him that I may have to send the phone back if I couldn’t get email.

    Anybody have the same issues I am experiencing? Other than this issue, I love the handset. Anybody have any ideas? I have the phone set up to check for emails every 5 minutes. most of the time I don’t receive the emails at all and sometimes I get 5 or 10 at one time….just doesn’t make sense.

  • TooMuchGadgets

    Alas, the Super AMOLED screen and proc speed were were not enough to outweigh the significant software & hardware issues I have encountered over the last few days with my Vibrant.

    The latest issue (and last straw) is the dialer app crashing and dropping calls (8 so far in a week). I had higher hopes for Samsung, but I am swapping out for a Slide.

    Bye bye beautiful screen…