12 Days After Launch, How Do You Feel About The Samsung Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant has proven in less than two weeks to be one of the most highly rated and most talked about T-Mobile Android phone to date. With that in mind we’re doing our second poll in less than 72 hours to find out how you feel about the Samsung Vibrant, with almost two weeks of ownership under your belt. Was it love at first sight or did you have to wake up to her a few times before you realized you couldn’t live without her? The phone hasn’t been without issues as a number of users are reporting difficulty with GPS lock on. For the most part however, feedback has been great and the reviews have ranged from very good to really great. Perhaps the lack of flash was holding you back and our Nighttime mode article certainly took a great deal of you by surprise. It didn’t win everyone over and we didn’t suspect it would; and it won’t make up for a complete lack of flash, but you have to admit some of those images are pretty impressive nonetheless.

Take the poll and let us know, is this truly the best Android phone for T-Mobile to date? That is, until the next big thing

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  • pantlesspenguin

    Chiming in w/ a “love it” vote. I do have the GPS issue, though, & that sucks for now. I’ve contemplated exchanging it, but I think I’ll just wait for the update. I can still use directions on google maps, so that’ll do for now. But, for the most part this is truly my dream phone!

    • Hecg55

      I have the gps issue but if you click it two or three times you should connect. I love the phone can’t put it down

    • Dan

      Try clicking both “GPS” and “Use wireless networks” This fixes the GPS signal issue

    • Eli T

      Its interesting how this only affects some handsets, mine locked right on to my location and had me right where I was. I am sorry to hear that you are having this trouble, I hope they get it fixed because you are correct, the phone is great!

  • Marcuspeaks

    I know plenty of people are still having trouble with the facebook/twitter sync on their phones, as am I, and I was just wondering if anyone has found a solution?? I’ve done the process of removing samsung mobile and then adding it again, but still no success. When I remove samsung mobile, I also remove my accounts on the phone that it syncs with. But, just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I’ve called into tmobile and they said there is a team of engineers working on a solution, but they didn’t give an estimated time that it would take to complete this. Other than that, I love this phone. Battery life is an issue I have because I’m coming from the Blackberry 9700, so I guess I can’t expect for it to be just as good. This will be my first “work day” that I use the phone, so let’s see how it goes.

    • dluna01

      I had the same issue, and the morning before I returned it, I had my old sim card swapped for the one that came with the device and it fixed the problem. keeping in mind that when in a weak edge area, you still get error but if your in a 3g or wifi no problem. Hope this helps.

  • kk

    I know how to set individual ringtones but is there any way to customize alert notification sounds like for when you get a text message and stuff. I don’t like the ones the phone comes with?

    Also anyone else having problems with bad battery life? I have display settings turned down, etc but still doesn’t last more than a day, sometimes not even a whole day.

    • Justin

      Use ringdroid. You can create tones for anything

  • KazO

    I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but I’m liking it so far.
    GPS/compass work fine once it’s locked. Screen is great, even outside, especially when its set to auto brightness. I’ve had to bounce it twice because it stopped connecting to SSL over any app, and the lack of a trackball/etc. makes editing text a pain. The crapware kinda sucks but it’s better than a Captivate where sideload is killed. WiFi is a battery killer so I leave it off most of the time. My other issues are more Android issues than ones with the device itself.

  • kk

    ALSO…The volume key on the left side of the phone is somehow controlling media volume, not call ringer volume, any idea how to change it?

    • wcdude18

      The volume rocker changes the ringer/media volume depending on what you’re currently doing in the phone. So, if you’re just at your home screen with no other apps running, it will control the Ringer volume. But, if you are in an app with sound (video/music player, games, etc), the rocker then controls the Media volume instead. You’ll need to kill any running app to get it to change the ringer volume.

    • swehes

      It depends on what is going on at the time. If you have a media player up at the time it will change Media Volume. If you nothing is up and you are at the main screen, it will change the Ringer volume.

  • los

    I received the phone on Monday. It is my first android phone and I must say I am extremely pleased with it. Only issue I have is that I wish music volume was louder. But for $99 At Costco wireless when it first came out, I feel like I won big here.

  • Paul

    If a text comes in while I am on the phone, I can hear them but they cant hear me. I have to hang up and call back. Battery life is not making it through the work day. i am having trouble getting it to sinc with my laptop. I’m new to Android so they may be part of the learning curve. Overall I am pleased.

    • Presto117

      My phone has had pretty good battery life. I tested it when I went to comic-con over the weekend, and my phone was on at 5:45 in the morning and throughout the day I had auto-brightness on, livewallpapers, occasional web browsing, some e-mail checking, and extremely heavy camera and video recorder use and by the end of the night (2 am) I still had a good 15%-30% left battery wise. There might be something wrong with your battery.

  • bumrocky

    Love the phone, but it has a couple of quirks:

    1) Unable to change notifications on your Calendar (TMO says this is a known issue, but don’t know if that means there’s a fix)

    2) Unable to mute using the headset…have to unlock the phone while on a call and hit mute/unmute. Using the button either puts the call on hold (long press) or disconnects (short press)

    3) Battery life. Trying to cut down, using task managers, etc. Fender would run about 2 days. This one I’ve yet to go a full day without dying, but I was using it pretty heavy, trying to get to know it.

    BUT! Pros:

    1) FAST! Upgraded from Fender MT3G. Screen lag/delay is significantly better

    2) The display is bright, crisp, and clear!

    3) Faster Data. I don’t know why, but my Fender was only pulling 1Mbps speeds on data, but this one’s doing 3 Mbps. We don’t have HSPA+ yet, but have been on 7.2 for a while. Maybe I had a bad phone and didn’t know?

    It’s a great phone, and I’m overall pleased.

    • Davidohio

      1ghz processor maybe

  • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com David

    I love it. But, it has a few bugs. It sort of is a little laggy. Like it freezes up every so often. I fixed the GPS with the little hack, so it’s not really a issue anymore. Batterylife is a hit & miss. 1st day I got 15 hours of battery life with my 1st full charge. next day it was about 8-9. 1 day I got a day & 3 hours of batterylife with about 30% or more battery left. It’s pretty good thou. Speeds improved from my Cliq I had in April/May. Speeds went from about 650k to 1.8 Mbps download, to 180 upload to 650k upload. So, it’s a big difference. & the camera is close to amazing, as well as the video recorder.

  • pimpstrong

    I absolutely love the phone and I’m 100% glad I bouht it. There are a few flaws but there are waaaay more good things about this phone. I recommend it to anyone. Even keyboard fanatics such as myself. I just slightly miss my TP2 keyboard.

  • Rob

    well i was loving my vibrant my girlfriend got it for me a few days after launch as a early birthday present for me but last nite (my birthday) we went to dinner and on the way home driving we seen some guy roll his van off the side of the road no one else was around we pulled over and i had my phone on my lap and jumped outta the car to help the guy climb out of it after that we called the police for him cause he didnt have a phone then my g/f noticed my phone was laying face down on the road :0 i didnt really worry cause i had the 18$ rubber case from tmobile on it so i figured it would be fine……….. def not the whole front its cracked from top to bottom fml i was so looking foward to geting home and trying out the new ps1 emulator psx4droid on her :(

    • swehes

      They add a $6 insurance plan to your purchasing the phone. Check and make sure. And if that is the case you just take it in and have it replaced. :)

      • analog spirit

        This is true; having that insurance for you phone is worth every penny.

      • analog spirit

        *your phone

    • Patrick

      if you’re within your first 14 days (which seeing as how the phone just came out like 12 days ago and you got it a few days AFTER launch you are) you can still call CS and have insurance added. it’d be 125 to replace it…but it’s MUCH better than paying 450 for a new phone….

  • Ztretch

    Pros: screen quality is insane, processor is fast, TouchWiz is cool
    Cons: GPS issue, phone is worthless to use while connected to charger (lags like crazy), no notification LED
    Most annoying thing: NO NOTIFICATION LED!!!

  • Ztretch

    Pros: screen quality is insane (blows away the Droid X side by side), processor is fast, TouchWiz is cool
    Cons: GPS issue, phone is worthless to use while connected to charger (lags like crazy), no notification LED
    Most annoying thing: NO NOTIFICATION LED!!!

    • ctk

      coming from an iphone, not having a notification signal (other than audible/vibration} is no big deal.

    • dee-xt

      i have no problem with lag! at all… do u have advanced task killer??.. n there is an a fix for the led notification, i saw it on a tmobile forum and i beleive someone mentioned it on this site. i havent done it yet but will be downloading it.

  • Peter

    The Vibrant would have been my all time fav; the lack of LED flash for the camera killed it. Nexus 1 #1, Vibrant is #2.

  • artiepants

    dang, sounds like this is still pretty junky compared to the other marquee Android devices ~ i mean, lag is seriously still an issue on a phone with a 1 ghz processor?

    • swehes

      It is because of the way TouchWiz is programmed. Get a new launcher. However I haven’t really noticed any lag on my Vibrant. And when 2.2 comes out that should all be a memory gone.

    • pimpstrong

      No lag at all on my vibrant

    • Patrick

      I think people confuse “lag” with the amount of time it takes an application to load. Applications take time to load on a phone just like they do on a computer. If it takes a few seconds for an app to lead up it’s because it has to process information to load the app. I don’t have any lag with my phone at all. I haven’t even had a lock up yet(which i had FREQUENTLY on my g1 lol)

  • Rpinazo

    I absolutely love the Vibrant. The only complaint i have is the signal bars dropping any time i hold it but it has no effect on data or calls. GPS is fine and the screen and camera is great. No flash isnt big deal with night mode. Better than Nexus imo. Waiting for update to fix signal bars. Oh and i forgot, best touchwiz software.

  • wpmullen

    Loving the phone… no issues yet, my GPS worked the one time I used it. My battery life is comparable to my other smartphones, > a day most times, depending on use.

    I found a great app (in beta) that helps with the no LED notification at XDA.
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=730692 it takes a pixel of the screen, turns it red when you have an email, text, or miss a call. It is still in Beta, but definitely has potential… You have to register to download, but if you miss the LED, this is a welcome app.

  • Julian

    I love this thing! I do, as well, have the GPS problem and boy did it bug the crap out of me until I realized that everyone else was having that problem. I look forward to getting that updated.
    Right now I am listening to the Slacker Radio via my wireless bluetooth headphones and it couldn’t be any better. The best part is that all the functions on the headphones work (i.e. pause/play, next, previous) The only functions that work on my iPod Touch is the pause/play, unless I plug in the adapter which is a pain in the ass.
    My battery lasts a long time. It usually has able 40-50% battery life at the end of the day, so no complaints here. (Mind you I don’t talk on the phone a lot, just text and use bluetooth)

  • wpmullen

    p.s. The main drawback is finding accessories for this phone. I can’t find a decent case, dock, shell, etc. that are in stock. Anybody have any luck?

  • ExJxS

    Loving the phone. Can think of one improvement and one thing I hope is fixed with an update (outside of the GPS issue which I may have, but haven’t encountered yet).
    Improvement: Would have liked some kind of LED indicator on the front to let you know when something has happened. I really liked how the G1 had LEDs in the speaker port. With the right app you could assign colors to indicate if an email had arrived or a text message or a missed call. The Vibrant has nothing so It doesn’t even indicate charge status.
    I hope this gets fixed: I love the music player on this. I was using Rock On with the Cliq and was pretty happy with that but this is by far the best player I’ve ever seen on an Android device. My problem is that it is terrible with album art. Less than half display. It makes the cover-flow practically useless.
    I was also going to complain that it doesn’t have a decent calendar widget (I hate that weather clock and don’t care for the Daily Briefing) but then I discovered you can edit the two inside dock shortcuts and I changed one to Calendar. I never enter text messaging from an icon anyway.

  • MxPxFan

    I was having a little buyer remorse last week, i was having the GPS issue and my menu button had to be touched several times before it registered. However over the weekend, i did a factory reset, redid the GPS fix, and rooted.

    Now i love this phone. My GPS is working, i just tested it during lunch and the little arrow was about 10 feet behind me while i drove. But my g1 did the same thing, so its normal to me. My menu button registers every time i touch it now. I use ADW launcher cause touchwiz was crap. Got rid of a bunch of bloatware, added autorun killer and adfree, made a couple other tweaks and this phone fly’s now.

    Its so awesome, i can’t wait for a 2.2 custom rom now.

    I still have some disappointments though. I hate not having a scrollball, it sucks. I was trying to open a cached version of a website the other day using google and when i pulled up the drop down menu to click the cached version. It kept registering it as clicking the website under it. Thats highly annoying. Plus not having a LED notification sucks too. I know theres that NoLED app, but still not having a notification LED is retarded.

  • catsigh

    Very nice indeed. I find the battery life is better than my G1 and I like a lot of the features although I still am trying to get at home with the phone. Sometimes it’s a little too helpful.

    I have had intermittant GPS issues and yes I did the fix provided here, but it doesn’t always pick up on the GPS signal even outside during the day. I don’t like some of the bloatware. I won’t be paying for Mobitv or some of the other built ins. I’d like to delete them but the phone doesn’t offer that unless I root it and I’m a bit of a coward right now to try.

  • watbetch

    A lot of these complaints about lag/crashing are EASILY fixed with a full factory reset that only needs to be done once.

    I love my Vibrant. The GPS takes a while to get a lock but I do get one with 10 Meter accuracy when moving in a car.

    I rooted my Vibrant and installed SetCPU and it’s all different kinds of snappy.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Vibrant owners take note of Watbetch’s comment. This says it all in making your Vibrant top notch.

  • Charles Xavier

    Wow, they did a great job at copying the iphone!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Pardon while I take exception to yet another “copied the iPhone” post, this time the Vibrant.

      Apple did NOT have dibs on the all black front, touchscreen only phone. As I have said on legal sites discussing all the lawsuits between carriers, Apple is the one who copied others. One example, this pic I made, showing the phone on the far left parts of which Apple copied the concepts (touchscreen interface and menus, smartphone functions).


      The iPhone brought back the black face, full front touchscreen display interface and for handsets it became popular, AGAIN, but no one is copying the iPhone since Apple is the one guilty of copying others.

      And it’s ironic in another sense that you mention Samsung copying Apple. In fact, in 2003 Samsung came out with a touchscreen only smartphone called, of all things, the i330! Fast forward four years and Apple comes out with a phone with the letter “i” in it. LOL… Considering that the iPhone was in development over at least a couple of years, that means they chose the “i” in the phone’s name very close to when the i330 was on the market.

      Even the name “iPhone” came with controversy. Apple knew full well that the iPhone name was owned by Cisco and Apple did its research and knew that it could legally “steal” the iPhone name from Cisco. So Apple arrogantly refused to negotiate a resolution for use of the name, figuring it was in the right on using it. (The legal aspects of the Cisco v. Apple are not important, what is noteworthy is that Apple did not even come up with the name “iPhone,” it COPIED the name from Cisco.)



      Who is copying who when Apple even copies phone names from others.

      Yes, the Vibrant looks like an iPhone, but really who cares anyway. It’s what people want, the dark front, all glass, touchscreen interface.

      What should manufacturers do, never give the people what they want?

      When kitchen colors shift from one popular look to the other should competitor manufacturers not copy the first company to make a look popular.

      What about cars with the rounded corners, the “jellybean” look, instead of sharp edges? And speaking about cars, give Honda a call for coming out with a hybrid Prius clone.

      And consider the clothes on your back. Should you be restricted to buying from only one garment manufacturer because it came out with the look you like. Or would you prefer competition and perhaps the same look for less money?

      • analog spirit

        Wait a second; if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Samsung make the screens for the iPhones, and several other components for it as well?

      • TMOprophet

        i agree with everything but dont you dare talk about Honda like that.
        HONDA insight was the first hybrid in usa. Pruis came after.Do a little research. it even had more mpg than prius at the time. Honda and wp7 for the win.

  • CC

    Still debating on returning the phone. I like it a lot more than my G1, but for what I expected, these issues should have been worked out before they released it. I’m hoping they push out some fixes very soon.

    • Nice sleak design
    • Fast (for the most part)
    • Great display resolution
    • New Android 2.1 version blows away my old G1
    • Speaker sounds great

    • GPS lock-on issue
    • No LED status lights (although if you hold your phone in direct sunlight you can see what looks like 3 LED lights to the left of the receiver-speaker). Not sure what these are for?? Does anyone know?
    • Locks up
    • Signal strength fluctuations (loses all bars when holding bottom of phone)
    • Lack of accessories
    • System Volume constantly changes after turning down

    • Carl

      Well Said.

    • analog spirit

      ^+1! One thing I really like about the Vibrant’s design is that the battery cover totally encapsulates the back of the phone, so that it doesn’t even look like it has a removable battery, yet it does (take that, iPhone!). But they really should’ve put the power button on top rather than on the right side. It just felt weird being there (and was too easy to press accidentally). And I agree; there should’ve been at least one LED notification/status light that you could always switch off if you don’t need it. As for those 2 or 3 LED-looking things on the upper left corner of the screen, I have no idea what those are for. Maybe (hopefully) they’re LED lights that’ll become enabled once 2.2 Froyo comes out.

  • Carl

    I like it but not a 100% if I’ll keep it yet. There are a few root settings that I really miss from my G1. And the lack of LEDs on the front and for the camera really sucks. Other than that, there is obviously a HUGE speed step up from my G1.

  • thc

    I have had the Vibrant for about a week now and I do love it. I have an N1 and the Vibrant does not take a back seat to the N1 in anyway except for froyo on the N1. When this device gets 2.2 it will be fantastic. Each day I like the phone more and more. I had intended to use this phone to learn the ropes of rooting with but now I am going to wait and just read up on what it entails. Dont want to mess a great phone up. I did the fix for the GPS and now the GPS is adequate. Anyone found a really good screen protector? I bought a case from Tmobile and they sold me the screen protectors and I am not happy with them as they make the screen look grainy. The silicon case seems to be quite good though.

  • Chris H.

    Very, very happy with this phone. I was apprehensive about giving up the physical keyboard on my G1, but I don’t miss it now.

    I applied the GPS fix and that’s worked OK (I’m not a huge GPS user). Speed has been fine, so I haven’t bothered to replace TouchWiz yet. Screen is gorgeous. No FCs or crashes so far. Battery life, so far, seems better than my G1 running CM5 or CM6, but it may just be that I had more crap running on the G1. All I ask of the battery is to get me through the day; I charge it while I sleep.

    Only issues:

    * No LED. Haven’t bothered with the NoLED app yet, as I’m not sure it works with everything (Chomp?), but I really do miss the LED.
    * Placement of the power/wakeup button. I don’t like this at all. It’s awkward to push (I’m right-handed) and I often end up bumping the volume rocker at the same time.
    * Real minor but irritating: when the phone is done charging, it pops up a notification telling you that charging is complete and you should unplug the charger, and you have to tap OK to make it go away. Well…I use a Digital Clock app w/alarm to turn my phone into a nightstand alarm clock. I don’t want/need this stupid notification popping up obscuring my clock. Grr.

    Other than that…I don’t miss my G1 AT ALL.

  • fujitsujeff

    Since i got the Vibrant fr $150 including taxes from Costco, along with a car charger, the phone started out on the right foot. I upgraded from my G1 of two years. So far:

    Screen is amazing !!! Watching avatar, recording videos, taking pictures is simply amazing

    Phone is SUPER FAST … I can install/uninstall applications in a flash, upload videos to youtube and Picasa in a snap

    Camera and video quality on the phone is great. Pictures stand out and images are really “vibrant:

    SWYPE !!! … i thought i always needed a physical keyboard, but after two weeks with SWYPE, I type faster than i did with a real keyboard.

    Allshare works with my PS3 … easy navigation of images, music, and photos, without dealing with wires.

    HOWEVER, it has not been all good … I voted I love this phone, but their are headaches …

    1) GPS. I just traveled to San Francisco and Big Sur, CA. This phone is horrible in navigation, and using the GPS for applications such as Maps, and Yelp. I was standing outside on a bright sunny day in San Fracisco, and it couldn’t locate a GPS signal for almost 20 Minutes! I have tried the fix, which helps a little bit, but still waiting on Samsung Fix

    2) Phone lags and freezes (at times) … sometimes the phone lags and get stucks during tasks. Me personally, I was expecting a phone with a processor of this quality not to stick, if it continues, it may be a deal breaker as this is the main reason i upgraded from my g1 in the first place

    3) WTF happenned to the Android Calendar Wideget Samsung! Daily Briefing does not replace this feature. My annoyance with daily briefing is the weather does not update to location, but rather you have to enter a city (easily fixed by downloading a reater weather app from android market) and i fixed the calendar debacle with AndroidWidget Calendar.

    4) Still cannot get facebook and twitter to sync on the phone. What’s the point in having the feature if it does not work? Has anyone figured out how to get the sync to work?

    • TheAnalyst

      This may be a dumb questions, but did you add your accounts under “accounts & sync?”

      • fujitsujeff

        yes, i also tried the other fix where you choose the get friends options. The twitter official app syncs contacts, but samsung twitter and facebbok application do not work. I called T-mobile, and they state it is a known issue …

  • Miss1

    I love the phone, but if I can figure out how to get the music player to stop skipping and hiccuping, during playback, I will be 100% satisfied. I took my 1st phone back because of it, got a new one reset it, and this one is doing it too.

  • analog spirit

    I had my Vibrant for about 5 days before finally deciding to take it back, which was not easy for me to do, as I really liked most things about the phone, but Google and/or Samsung really need to work on a few things that significantly affect its usability and practicality (for me) as a daily-driver, “get things done” device:


    1. Magnificent Super-AMOLED screen. Avatar looked stunning on it. Everyone I showed it to, including iPhone users, were blown away at the resolution and detail the screen was capable of showing. Not bad for a 4-inch screen.

    2. Overall, a very user-friendly user interface, with only one major exception (see Cons).

    3. Very lightweight; comfortable to hold for prolonged periods, especially when making a long phone call.

    4. Generally, pretty fast and smooth with its 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU, without any significant lag in *most* apps (but see Cons).

    5. Sound quality while making a phone call was excellent; I could hear the other person (and they could hear me) fine, even outside in the wind. Maybe it has noise cancelation like the Nexus 1; I don’t know. All I know it that it was great as a phone.

    6. Texting was nice; I liked the threaded format you can follow and see how the conversation has progressed.

    7. Reception was great; I never once lost a signal, ever. Even when it kept handing off back and forth between 3G and Edge (when I had 3G on), it never failed or dropped a call. Like I said, it was great as a phone. I guess I’m just blessed with great coverage in my area.

    8. The Swype keyboard is the best touchscreen keyboard I’ve ever used; it was a lot easier to master than I thought it would be.


    1. Since I tend to use my phone more for e-mailing and web browsing than making phone calls, the single biggest con (for me; it may not be as big an issue for you, and that’s fine) was the very poorly implemented cut, copy, & paste on this phone. I found, to my shock and disbelief, that I could not copy & paste a link from an e-mail that someone had sent me (within the Email or Gmail app); something that had been effortless on my antiquated BB 8320 wasn’t even possible on Samsung’s top-of-the-line Android phone! And I know, you can still cut & paste from the browser, but even that was very cumbersome and poorly implemented. I could not select text with any precision or reliability; it would almost invariably cut off the first letter or two. This is where some sort of secondary input, such as an optical trackpad (like on the Droid Incredible and BB 9700) would’ve helped, or the little magnifying glass like on the iPhone and the HTC EVO. And when I re-sized the text (making it bigger so, in theory, it’d be easier to select text), it didn’t adjust the size of the pink highlighted areas accordingly. The text got larger, but the pink highlighted areas didn’t, resulting in only bits and pieces of the selected text actually being copied and pasted, which was infuriating. It was so poorly implemented, that I just couldn’t live with it as a “daily driver” device, which is really unfortunate, as I really liked the device and could’ve lived with its other issues (see below) had copy & paste been more user-friendly…

    2. Very short battery life (tho not as short as the HD2’s); even with 3G and WiFi switched off, the screen brightness turned all the way down, and an Advanced Task Manager, the battery barely lasted thru my day. It’s the price we pay for such big, beautiful screens on our phones nowadays; the screen sucks up a lot of power.

    3. You Tube seemed just about useless on this thing; it almost invariably caused my Vibrant to seize up and be unresponsive for several minutes. It didn’t matter whether I tried to play videos in high or normal quality; it still froze up the phone after only a few seconds of playback. Normal quality You Tube videos looked horrible on this thing; way too blurry and pixelated. Unfortunately, normal quality is on by default (and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change that), which means that if you want to see it in high quality, you have to go into the menu and press “Watch in High Quality” every time, unless there’s some way around that; I never found any. But for those few seconds that it did play in high quality before freezing up, it looked about as good as Avatar, depending on the video. Maybe it’s the YouTube app, and not the phone’s fault.

    4. No camera flash. I know, it’s not THAT big a deal, but it would’ve been nice to at least have it there in case you need it. There were times when I did need to use my flash on my old BB 8320, so it’s not a totally superfluous feature.

    There were also a few “meh” things, like the camera (which took pretty decent pics and videos for a phone), the music player and its sound quality; it generally sounded good (and it helps to use some better headphones than the stock ones), and various other apps, but I found nothing that really “wowed” me there. I can’t comment on the GPS ‘cos I never needed to use it.
    And that’s just about it; there may be some more things I may have forgotten about, but those are all the main ones. I know, this is just my little list based on my humble opinion and personal experiences with the phone, so take it with a big boulder of salt if you’d like. Overall, I think it’s awesome as a fun multimedia and social networking (e.g. Facebook) device, but it’s not quite where it needs to be as a work-friendly productivity device (tho admittedly, I never got around to using Word, Docs, or Exchange on it, so I can’t comment on that). If you have plenty of opportunities to charge your phone during your day, and don’t do a lot of typing or use cut/copy & paste that much, then I would highly recommend this phone.
    Sorry for the “small book” I’ve written here; I just want to help someone make an informed buying decision on the Vibrant, and hopefully save them some time and trouble in making that decision.

  • rob

    Yed i have insurance but the deductible is 120! Ouch its not like they just give you a new phone for nothing whoever said that above me

    • analog spirit

      True, but it’s still better than paying full price again for another phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have the Asurion Premium Handset Protection on my Vibrant. (That plan is BOTH the insurance and extended warranty).

      The insurance covers casualties, the warranty any defects, wear and tear failures, etc.

      IMHO the insurance is worth the price because for $120 you get a new phone where to replace it will cost me $500.

      I have sold many of my old phones on eBay to people who did NOT have insurance or where the warranty ran out (after a year). Some have told me what happened (On one of my old G1 phones the guy said he forgot his G1 in a hotel room; on a Pearl she left it out by the pool in the rain; on the Touch Pro2 his old one fell off his belt and 50 feet down a football stadium wall.)

      So a $200 (deductible, plus premiums paid) seems OK instead of paying $500 for a new handset.

      • analog spirit


  • Slayre502

    I am in the “I love this phone” group but…, For me the things I found I didn’t care for were:
    1. I can’t put a playlist on the Home screen? My GF’s MyTouch slide can do this. And I can’t do it on my Vibrant? Maybe I’ve missed something but, I don’t think so. There is no stock Widget either. I know I can go get a Market Widget. This just seems wrong though. Music, such a easy standard thing….
    2. When I open the music player it opens to all songs list. I’d rather it opened to Artists or even Albums. Not all songs. I know it’s a couple of clicks away but, it’s a annoyance. Minor, I know.
    3. Yes, the GPS sucks. I run with my phone and listen to music and would like to track my run on the GPS using My Tracks.

    I hope (though doubt) that someone from Samsung is reading and taking note of forums such as this one. I had a iPhone for quite a while and when I first saw this phone I knew that if it were done right (listen to the people!) it would (or could) take a significant market share.

    I’ll be looking forward to my Vibrant OTA patches.

    Take care all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The Vibrant is the best T-Mobile phone I have had to date. It is slim, light, and responsive. It’s SAMOLED display is superb, and it’s impressed EVERYONE who has seen it (the only measure of a phone’s true worth). (And that’s comparing to my other phones I current have: Slide, HD2, G1, and have had, BlackBerry 9700, Touch Pro2, Curve, Pearl.)

    Because there’s way too many personal factors/preferences that go into my determining which phones I like, that is, better than other handsets I have owned, the bottom line indicator for myself is the price paid and answering a question: “For me, is it worth the price paid?” Being on EM+ I paid $500 for the Vibrant and the Vibrant is totally worth the price I paid.

    As to what others think (the “is it cool” factor): Saturday evening was at an iMax 12:00 am showing of Inception. (Good movie, but you have to see it in iMAX and see it two times to catch everything). While waiting in line EVERYONE was using phones. Four to five people behind me asked about my Vibrant as it was playing movies, when they saw the white lighted keys at bottom, etc. When they saw the bright screen.

    That says a lot, when others can’t take it any longer and ask “What phone it that?” Note: I suspect some inquiries were motivated when seeing the “T-Mobile” at the top of the Vibrant. Mostly geeks were in line watching Inception and I suspect they know which phones T-Mobile has, so this was surprising to them. Also, it’s easy to forget this, but if you step back and look at the Vibrant while it’s running something with full brightness, it’s a very striking phone.

    Typical growing pains of first adopters: I can’t think of a single phone that has not had issues once getting into millions of user hands (and people using the Vibrant, for example, under thousands of different scenarios). So no big deal. Like others I performed the GPS fix and other available tweaks to date. I am not too concerned since I am waiting for Android 2.2 Froyo:


    Sidenote: I really like my HD2 and WinMo, but the Vibrant makes my HD2 physically feel like hammered dog sheet. Sigh… But before you brand me as the love em and leave em person I am, I did say back in March when I got my HD2 that I would be keeping it for about four months. :)

    Bonus Sidenote: How does the Vibrant compare to other Android phones I have?


    The G1 that I took back from my GF last night (and gave her the Slide) well, the G1 felt like the 2008 phone it is. And the G1’s physical trackball? OMFG that reminds me of those 1920s movies with the crank in the front you turn to start the engine. Sorry Nexus One owner’s, a trackball is so 1980s. (That’s in tech years.)

    Also the G1 was Bassett Hound slow. (Granted, my GF really messed up the phone. I am sure with a hard reset it will run better.)

    In addition to the G1’s now-crappy trackball, the screen was not as responsive as the Vibrant. The G1 was obviously slower, being 2008 technology.

    And of course the graphics can’t compare.

    So yeah, the G1 performed against the Vibrant as one would expect a 2008 phone would against a mid 2010 phone.

    UPDATE: I don’t see the G1 on T-Mobile’s Site. Did T-Mobile News mention the date when it was retired from T-Mobile’s offerings?

    Bonus Tip: In Market I downloaded T-Mobile’s backup service app on to the G1 and synced EVERYTHING on her phone (apps and OS excluded of course). I then installed the T-Mobile Backup on to her Slide. Said to Sync and it downloaded all her stuff on to the Slide.

    Since the Slide and the Vibrant are running 2.1, I suspect that T-Mobile Backup will also work with the G1 and the Vibrant. So give it a try. (When it asked I selected the “One time” use rather than constant online monitoring.)

    The myTouch Slide:

    The Slide is a very nice phone, best Android-based keyboard phone I have seen, including comparing it to the Droid. Performance feels the same as the Vibrant, but graphics on the Vibrant can’t be beat by any phone on the planet, IMHO. (Albeit I have not seen an iPhone 4. But Apple’s products don’t exist in my world, so it’s a non-issue that I have not held the 4.)

    The Slide makes me want to mosey on over to a Sprint store to see the Epic, the Samsung Galaxy S with a physical keyboard, just to see if it’s as nice as the Vibrant.

    Note: For me Swype has become a preference over a physical keyboard. I like typing with Swype more than a physical keyboard. Once you learn how to correctly use Swype I suspect you will feel the same.

    Bonus Prediction: Under some circumstances a physical keyboard is probably needed, such as when typing an e-mail while in a helicopter flying over hostile territory in Afghanistan or on a Disneyland thrill ride, so there will always be a need for hardware keyboards. But for the rest of us I see some day Swype will be THE only way to type.


    While not an Android phone, the day is just around the corner when I will be able to dual-boot the phone, with a choice between Android or WinMo.

    While some hate anything WinMo, I like it for it’s support community and humongous fan base. WinMo is not going away. And the fact is, the HD2 running Android would make it an impressive Android handset (close to the Evo in specs and performance).

    And compared to the Vibrant the HD2 can stand tall. The HD2 display looks great (when on full brightness) and it has solid, quality construction.

    Bottom line on the Vibrant vs. the Slide or HD2, they are all great phones. As I said before, each has aspects people love and others that users hate. But the reality is that ALL these phones are fantastic and a user will enjoy whatever T-Mobile handset he or she chooses to buy.

    E.g., my GF could be classed as the typical handset user. When I gave her the Slide she loved it to replace her G1, but she was not really that impressed with the Vibrant touchscreen only keyboard as indicated when I tried to demo Swype on her Slide she asked “can’t I use the keyboard to type that?” That was the end of my Swype demo. To heck with her and her lack of vision.

    • analog spirit

      Do you know if that cut/copy/paste problem (as I described in my long post above) is endemic to all Android devices, or is it just the Vibrant that has that issue? ‘Cos I really liked the Vibrant, but that was just too big a usability issue for me to live with, esp. since my old BB 8320 could do it with no problems. Unfortunately I can’t even go back to the old BB, since it finally “gave up the ghost” last week (its radio stopped working entirely). So right now I have no phone, except for my cheap little Nokia that I’m using as a back-up for the time being til I can get a proper phone (pathetic, I know! LOL).
      Thanks in advance…

      • http://magicbluesmoke.org Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

        I was pretty flabbergasted as you were when I sent myself a URL in an IMAP email, and when I opened it, the link wasn’t highlighted for me to tap on. So then I figured I could select/copy it. No, I can’t. And then there’s the issue of no threaded exchange/imap emails, the fact that exchange/imap and gmail use two separate apps so there is no truly unified inbox, the fact that Yahoo! mail is push notification based, and is not integrated with the rest of the phone, and is limited to only one simultaneous account were all usability regressions I experienced using android.

      • analog spirit

        My question was actually directed toward Michael, but that’s OK; I appreciate all advice & input (positive input, that is)…
        “Usability regressions;” that’s an excellent way of describing it… Yeah, I went thru a very similar thing with my Vibrant; my friend had e-mailed me a link from Craig’s List about a car (as I’m “in the market,” as it were), and it somehow split the URL into 2 parts; the 1st part comprised of letters, and the 2nd of numbers. It did this with all the URLs from Craig’s List. I wish I could put up a screen shot to show you what I mean…
        Anyhow, when I’d click on the 1st part, it just went to Craig’s List in general, nowhere near where the link was supposed to lead to, and when I’d click on the 2nd part, the phone assumed it was a phone number and prompted me to ask if I wanted to dial that number. So I just exited out of there and said, “No worries, I’ll just copy & paste it into Google (as I had done for years on my old BB 8320), and take it from there.” Nope; it didn’t work. And not only did it not work, there was simply nothing there for me to click on that would’ve allowed such basic functionality. So I was forced to access my e-mail and Gmail thru the web browser and then try to copy & paste it in there. And even then, it “kind-of” worked, but as I described in more detail above, the cut/copy & paste or this thing is cumbersome and very poorly implemented. And that’s a very serious “usability regression” if you ask me, so I reluctantly returned it, which sucks because the Vibrant was otherwise excellent; arguably the strongest offering T-Mobile has right now. But I need a phone that does what I need it to do, when I need it to do it…

      • analog spirit

        ^ typo correction: *on this thing

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Pardon all the typos in my last post. It was so dang long I was not going to proof it. Laziness rules on the Net.

  • bbqribs

    there are definitely bugs but if samsung release fixes as soon as possible then this phone will be perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ON SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • 138

    Is anyone else having problem with multiple google calendar syncs? I can pick up multiple gmail and contacts but not calendar?

  • derrickps3

    man i wish samsung would have did a hourly giveaway like they did the behold 2.

  • Chad

    AWESOME phone. Everything is perfect accept the battery life isnt to great :/ A lot better than the HD2 but not the best. Also it NEEDS 2.2!!!!!! Otherwise im going to get the next new phone that comes out with T-Mobile that has it.

  • Flashfox

    Unfair options.

    I like my Vibrant but I am disappointed at the problems I am having with GPS and the compass. You should have offered another option: Love the phone but concerned about a few shortcomings” (or something similar)

  • Flashfox

    To tghose who asked –> LED-looking items on the top-left side of the screen are the proximity sensors. They detect the presence of your face and turn off the display when you are talking on the phone. Sorry… no LEDs (apart fro AMOLED ;-)

  • Flashfox

    Let’s try this again –> To those who asked, those LED-looking items on the top-left side of the screen are the proximity sensors. They detect the presence of your face and turn off the display when you are talking on the phone. Sorry… no LEDs (apart from AMOLED ;-)

    • analog spirit

      Well, that sucks (that they’re not LEDs). But cool, thanks for pointing that out. /props to you/ :)

  • http://charlieboy808.com CharlieBoy808

    Ok let me say this… I’m in love with this phone and like any great relationships this bitch does come with a few flaws. However, I can live with it because she’s hotter than all the other devices out there. :-P

    The flaws I don’t like is just the times it get a little glitchy, but that’s Android at times and the other background services. Another flaw, if it is a flaw or not thinking about it on Samsungs part, is that it does not have a shutter button. I figured that one out yesterday while trying to take some self portraits of me and my girlfriend biking. I found turning the phone around trying to take a picture and hoping that I’m pushing the on screen shutter button pretty difficult. Mean while, she just pushes the shutter button on the side of her MyTouch 3G Slide. LoL.

    Oh yeah and well the battery drain is a killer. I find my self whipping out my external hard drive’s USB cord at work to charge my phone in times of need. Good thing I work in front of a computer.

    • http://charlieboy808.com CharlieBoy808

      oh yeah and here are some shots i’ve taken if you don’t believe that the camera is awesome :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Charlie… those shots are indeed awewsome, shows the Vibrant’s ability to take invisible pics. Maybe the CIA may be interested in this aspect of the Vibrant.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike


      • 2FR35H

        I am assuming the link to the camera shots were removed lmao

  • Thomas

    No LED, no flash??? who cares, people are pretty lame if that is the only complaint they can muster up. This phone flat out rocks! Go back to you G1 ones…..

  • Sunny

    Nah not worth it. I am going to wait for HTC.

  • going_home

    Loving an inanimate object (read phone)will get you a free room on the 5th floor at Belleview and a pan full of needles to calm your nerves.
    But I do really like my Nexus One and Android 2.2 :D

    Too bad 2.2 is probably the only update the Vibrant will see.


  • rasmoid

    I can not get enough of this phone. I am also a G1 upgrader and I think the wait was worth it for another android powered superphone. the G1 truly changed the smartphone game and the Samsung S serious is on the mission to do the same. I will not say too much but i agreed with almost everything everyone is saying. I will say this for everything you don’t like their are at least 1 things that you do like. I can not even complain about the 2.1/2.2 upgrade and even with the pending Gingerbread approaching I am satisfied with my Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile. iPhone and Vibrant must have a baby in order for me to upgrade to something different!!!!


    • rasmoid

      Excuse the typos…I did not proofread…we are all human and everyone makes mistakes!

  • TC

    I already returned it and went back to the nexus.

  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    I’m having issues beyond the GPS and compass, so I’m exchanging. But I just learned that T-Mo isn’t exchanging for GPS and/or compass problems… But they aren’t extending ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ period. IHMO, the should stop the clock on the return period until the phone is FIXED. Frankly, their reluctance gives me pause. The 14 day return clock starts anew for me when my second Vibrant comes in.

    BTW, I played with an iPhone 4 for a little today. I don’t like the “hand feel” as much as the Vibrant. I don’t think it’s display it nice, but I like the Sammy better. But I have to say I like the back cover of the AT&T Captivate a little better than the Vibrant.

    Like I’ve said elsewhere, I want to love my phone, but these glitches make it a little hard.

    • analog spirit

      I finally got to see the iPhone 4 “in person” and played around with it for a while too, and I agree about the “hand feel;” I didn’t mind the weight (it’s heavier than one might expect), but I didn’t find it to be as pleasant to the touch as the Vibrant. But a case can easily solve that… I like the iPhone 4’s display, but it just felt too small and cramped for me to type on. Apple should seriously think about increasing their screen size to 4 inches on their next iPhone, like the Vibrant. It would make it a lot better and easier on the fingers, but then I suppose battery life would take an even bigger hit than it already has.