12 Days After Launch, How Do You Feel About The Samsung Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant has proven in less than two weeks to be one of the most highly rated and most talked about T-Mobile Android phone to date. With that in mind we’re doing our second poll in less than 72 hours to find out how you feel about the Samsung Vibrant, with almost two weeks of ownership under your belt. Was it love at first sight or did you have to wake up to her a few times before you realized you couldn’t live without her? The phone hasn’t been without issues as a number of users are reporting difficulty with GPS lock on. For the most part however, feedback has been great and the reviews have ranged from very good to really great. Perhaps the lack of flash was holding you back and our Nighttime mode article certainly took a great deal of you by surprise. It didn’t win everyone over and we didn’t suspect it would; and it won’t make up for a complete lack of flash, but you have to admit some of those images are pretty impressive nonetheless.

Take the poll and let us know, is this truly the best Android phone for T-Mobile to date? That is, until the next big thing

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  • Kirsten

    *sigh* I really liked it…. like A LOT… except that the battery life was soooo awful that I decided to take it back. this is also the problem I’ve had with most android phones I’ve tried… My blackberry gets 3 days worth of use before charging… I havent come across an android phone that could get even a day’s worth of charge, even with all the settings adjusted and taskiller type apps.

    • taaars

      I found that the vibrant does get better battery life than most other android phones out there, but you are right, no were near as good as the Blackberry. This is because the Blackberry isn’t tasked with as many processes as the android.

    • Matador

      Well, if your coming straight from a blackberry, yes, you will notice a HUGE difference in battery performance (I know this, wife and I both came from blackberry over a year ago) But this is because android has a full touchscreen + runs a ton more processes than blackberry. That being said the battery on the vibrant has been excellent for a android phone, much better than almost any other android I have used, Froyo will also help further, so will be nice.

  • Charles

    WARNING! I use Outlook 2007 with USB connection and per a Samsun Tech support the Kies is for the UK only and not the US. I’m not spreading my contacts and calendar on the internet for this to work!

    • JROMEY

      I called Samsung techie for some help and they didnt know anything about the phone. They were reading from the manual and never heard of Kies. Tmobile Techs were friendly but told me they would take the phone back if I couldnt get outlook to sync with the phone. They didnt have a clue. After burning a work day trying to figure something out and trying to get several android apps and the junky google sync (which I cant get off my computer), I downloaded Kies after reading a post and downloaded all my contacts straight to my phone and it worked great. The phone is great compared to all other Tmobile android phones.

      • Jerry

        Where did you find the kies software? I’ve looked everywhere and no luck? Thanks, Jerry

  • dialonne

    Cheap Plastic Garbage. Returned.

    • Dash

      What makes you think that? Because it doesn’t weigh as much as a brick? It’s actually quite durable from what I can tell. I think some people are mistaking the awesomeness of the super amoled for cheapness in quality. Quite the contrary actually.

  • http://galleryboardshop.com jayare

    best phone i have had in a long time i thought i was a key board guy but not anymore this coming from a guy that came form sidekick 1, sidekick 2, sidekick 3, then the G1 all good phones but nothing like the vibrant

  • SureArrow

    Battery life is bad, but the phone needs that power to shine. I’ve had mine for 4 days now and I left my G1 for it. I do miss the keyboard and the utility of the G1 vs. the light weight and style based aspect of the Vibrant. The G1 felt like a man’s phone on an Indy Jones’ adventure, were the Vibrant feels like a man (or lady’s) phone at a fancy, undercover spy mission with James Bond.

    My biggest beef is with the 4 non-button switches under the screen. These are the most used components of this type of phone and them being non-tactile really sucks. I can’t see them in the dark either and this is a headache at times. What’s worse is they sometimes require two hard presses to function (when you can find them). Their lights turn of in only seconds and I think having real buttons there would improve the phone greatly! Even though I still like the ruggedness of the G1, I give this Vibrant high 007 marks!

  • http://out ov1

    I’m so glad I know what phone I’m getting if this Nov line up doesn’t impress me. Currertly using the grandfather one so I can’t wait to see what’s next from Tmo. Prior to vibriant I knew I was leaving in October for sprint but they have renewed my faith.

  • http://www.vaughnsphotoart.com Vert

    What’s with the poll choices? 4 versions of “I don’t like it”, one “I don’t have it”, one “I love it OMGBBQ”, and no “It’s great BUT…”, which is what 90% of the comments seem to be.

  • remixfa

    for those that have bad battery life.

    1) dont use autobrightness, just turn it down to a level u can deal with (its easy, its a pretty screen..lol)
    2) dont use samsung widgets. Nice ideas, but battery hogs. Just use the regular facebook apps and stuff from the market.
    3) turn off live wallpapers if u use them
    4) is ur gps/wifi on for no reason?
    5) use a task killer to keep the amount of background running apps to a minimum.

    This phone actually gets great battery life for being such a high end phone. For anyone that thinks its crappy, go find another huge touch screen phone running a 1ghz processor and tell me how it goes.. LOL. The galaxyS has double or more battery life than an HD2/Evo/iphone4 or anything comperable.
    If your comming from a blackberry, its night and day. The blackberry doesnt have a huge touch screen, multitask the same, or run with 1/4th as much horsepower. Its like going from an accord to a ferrari and bitching about the gas mileage.


    with all that said, ive gone from getting 3/4ths a day battery life (which is good for the amount i use it) to having 2/3rds of a battery left over at the end of yesterday. Its all in how you use it.

    This phone is awesome.. hands down :)

  • http://micbeast.com/Live MicBeast

    I’ve had this phone for one week.
    1200 texts, 250 phone calls,35 hours of internet use or Market Browsing,
    50 app downloads, and 3 battery pulls later. I will say! Man!
    What else can I throw at this phone!

    My hone is as solid as the first day I got it,
    with the exception of the volume rocker
    which “broke in” a little. I keep it in a gomobile sleeve
    so that tends to brush against the volume rocker, thus “breaking it in”
    I found out the hard way that some apps will make your phone freeze,
    so I had to do a couple battery pulls, at first it was tedious and frustrating;
    but it got easier each time. My phone still feels solid regardless.
    With some phones maybe 1 or 2 battery pulls will lossen up the cover, and make it wobbly, Not so with this phone!

    In 1 week I have downloaded every single app I will ever need with this phone
    The screen blows my mind! The speed is great. I have had a little lag;
    But that happens when you put a ton of stuff on the screens.

    After editing my screens to maximize performance,
    My phone is it’s regular old self. Almost completely Lag Free!

    I can’t say enough about it! I have at least 40 apps
    in 4 folders on my home screen on top of having two other
    widgets in there, WeatherBug Elite,
    and a Beautfiful Battery notification!
    I have the other 5 set up with some great widgets themselves!

    This phone is the best phone out now, anywhere!
    I love this phone!

    You will never pry this phone out of my hands.
    Cheap feel my ass, this phone is amazingly solid,
    and does everything you need it to do
    Anything more would make it Vibrantor,
    and girls everywhere would be too excited to sit down


  • http://micbeast.com/Live MicBeast

    I mean breaking in as far as the volume rocker in a good way.
    It loosens up just a tiny bit over time, no biggie
    thats what they do.

  • http://micbeast.com/Live MicBeast

    BlackBerry phones made me hate smartphones, The updates they send brick most BlackBerries… Then Android came out, so I waited for the hardware to catch up before buying one. The battery life on this phone is beautiful for what it does, and what I do with it.

    It just seems that there are too many ungrateful people. I use (3) Samsung Widgets
    “Buddies Now” what I like to call “Daily Briefing Lite”, and “Feeds, and Updates”
    Get “WeatherBug Elite”, and pair it with the “Digital Clock App”
    Much nicer than the AccuWeather clock, and uses a lot less battery!
    And you can still use Live Wallpaper!

    If you worry about wobble then don’t use the volume rocker! Use the Touchscreen!
    I found it to be tightly integrated, almost like it was nailed on. That made for a very solid feel; But a little risky to use all the time

  • Mark

    I am so sick of morons talking about battery life! This is a computer! When was the last time you carried a laptop around all day and didn’t need to charge it! If you want longer life, get a second battery like I did! This is not a blackberry, this is a smartphone, a very powerful computer that runs programs!

  • Mark

    Great phone – a huge step up from my crackberry. As a business user I never thought I’d see value in a non keyboard phone, but I do. The display on the BB’s just keeps getting smaller and my eyes keep getting older – not a good combo. The Vibrant’s display is easy to read, and emails are once again practical – not to mention links and attachments work much better.

    My one complaint has more to do with T-mobile than the phone. Sitting in my home, upstairs in San Jose, CA, my phone spends 51% of the time searching for the network – which kills the battery. Either T-mobile needs more cell towers or my particular phone has a reception problem.

  • Digital Gurl

    I love my Samsung Vibrant… I fell in love with the Android OS when I bought my G1 and then out of curiosity/need for something new, I dumped the G1 for an iPhone 3G. Needless to say my experiences with that particular handset made me miss Android with a passion. I held out on purchasing another handset until I found one in particular that fit my needs. The Samsung Vibrant does just that. Although I wish it had FFC, the Beautiful Super Amoled Screen, Android Os operating with its 1 GHZ processor and battery life made it easier to love. It does what I need it do and the live wallpaper makes me giggle. (what can I say? I’m easily amused…) I’ve never been drawn to a Blackberry while I’ve had several opportunities to experiment with it. Obviously the battery life of the BB in comparison to a multitasking smartphone would seem better… but the BB is fairly simple and doesn’t DO enough to draw off the battery life. But whatever works for you.

  • Bobby

    No LED Flash… Epic Fail!!! Does it have Root????

    Keeping my N1 till something better comes along…

    • Spac3Invad3r

      “No LED Flash… Epic Fail!!!” LMFAO!!! are you seriously basing your whole judgment on a phone because it doesn’t have a flash? Please do your research, the night mode on this phone is amazing, the pictures look great, pictures with flash look horrible. I’m glad they didn’t include a flash.

      As far as specs, this phone is a step up from the N1, just the screen alone is reason enough to upgrade.

      Yes, it has been rooted, and it’s reversible too. You should hang out at XDA more often before you EPIC FAIL something.

    • Shawn

      I traded my N1 for this Samsung Vibrant, and honestly, this phone in night mode takes WAY better pictures in the dark than my N1 did with flash.

  • Relikk2

    Just found this video of the Captivate, this shows the graphic power of the galaxys phone vs the rest of the new ones. Absolutly destroys the EVO, but droid X does better then I expected (still not as good). Can’t wait for 2.2!!!

  • Thanh

    I for one am returning the Vibrant. I’ve since used it for about 10 days since Tmobile sent it to me from launch day. Its a great phone but seriously lacks in some areas that force me to go back to my G1.

    1st gripe: editing texts or messages. Not having a trackball or trackpad makes it incredibly difficult to edit messages from any area not at the end where the cursor usually lies. A trackpad probably would have been the end all fix for this.

    2nd gripe: GPS and 3G signals. I dont know if its the antenna or programing but my Vibrant is always on edge where as my G1 never had problems picking up 3G here in my home. It could just be my immediate area but I for one have noticed I’m finding it difficult to get signal strength in many areas. My wife’s Mytouch still has no issues. Again this doesn’t affect my calling or web surfing much but knowing my $499 phone doesn’t pick up 3g as well as my G1 is quite a bummer.

    3rd gripe: The occasional lag/freeze. I get an occasional screen freeze that seems to be sporadic. Various apps that I used on my G1 now have issues on the Vibrant. When I switch my sim back I am unable to replicate but I to be perfectly fair I was unable to replicate on my Vibrant as well, it just happened every now and then.

    4th gripe: Preloaded SIMS game force closes quite a bit as well as other apps. I’ve found the SIMS game would force close on me every time I would complete a certain action on the SIMS. Now if you don’t play the game this wouldn’t apply to you but one would think a preloaded app would work flawlessly. Other apps such as Facebook or google maps would freeze up and sometimes force close on me.

    5th gripe: the 4 touch sensitive buttons light turn off on me way too often and take 2-3 tries to successfully complete action.

    6th gripe: It takes too long to take pictures and switch back to camera to take another picture. Having to push back button to go back to camera is tedious, counter productive and annoying.

    7th gripe: the widgets aren’t cracked up as I thought they’d be. What was a highlight of the phone really is never turned on and I’ve found out I’m not in the same boat. Many ppl dont use the widgets because they drain the battery too much or have issues.

    8th gripe: EMAILS…. I set it to receive emails every half hour but I’ve noticed sometimes it doesn’t notify me of new emails for the entire day. I use Gmail and I’m specifically looking for it to update me on the main menu top bar that I have a new email.

    9th gripe: text messages…. my wife has been complaining about sending me text messages and me not returning her messages. I’m not sure if this is human error, her phone, or my phone but seems to be have only been an issue for her. I have noticed however that when my phone runs out of batteries and I get a bunch of text messages while my phone is off, i will not get the messages when my phone comes back on a few hours later. When I had my G1 I came back from Cancun to about 30 text messages, the Vibrant seems to not acknowledge messages sent while in off position.

    That being said…. I love the UI actually, even if it is strangely similar to Apple’s which is a good thing. And swype is rediculously awesome and fun to use. The screen is what everyone toots about, the blackest blacks and impresses everybody. This phone is so close to being amazing but its just not for me unfortunately, guess its back to my hunch back G1.

  • Thanh

    I also forgot to add that when on the phone I sometimes push end call by accident with my cheeks. Its only happened twice but still annoying since I now am very careful not to hold it too close. I’ve resulted to use speaker phone which is not loud enough for me when I’m in busy areas.

    oh and lastly my most annoyed thing about the phone that I was just reminded of when i picked up the phone, waking up the phone!!!! it is so annoying to have to push the little button on the upper right side of hte phone to prompt the screen to wake. You then swype the screen to turn it on. My issue is that the small physical button on the side of the phone is along the curvy part of the phone where if you hold it with your right hand and try to turn on the phone with 1 hand (I use my thumb) the phone often slips out of my hand. I almost ALWAYS have to hold the phone with one hand and use my other hand to push the button because i’m so afraid of dropping the phone. This is by far the most annoying thing on the phone, I could change the way i hold the phone by holding it on my left and using my pointer finger to turn it on but it changes the way I do everything, annoying is an understatement.

    • synapblink

      Why would you have your entire oily cheek on the screen? When I make phone calls, I don’t have my entire cheek on the screen. It’ll just leave lots of imprint on the pretty screen. If you have the ear piece on your ear, that’s all you need and you wont ever have to accidentally press the “end” button. And you’ve only done it twice so this shouldn’t be a problem.

      You’re just not holding the phone right if you’re bitchin’ about the power button. You’re suppose to hold the phone with your left hand, and use your right index finger to touch the screen. Problem solved.

    • Swyper Always Swyping

      Then I’m glad you returned the vibrant. Someone else will have a great experience with it and you can return back to your brick. Enjoy!

  • Mark


    You don’t deserve to have a great smartphone if you are going back to the G1. Each phone is different and takes getting used to. Only a moron would choose a G1 over the Vibrant. You must be a moron or an Apple fanboy trashing another Android device.

  • Thanh

    Why is it that I’m a moron for not being satisfied with my $499 phone and opting to return it to go back to my G1 that I already own? No where did I say the G1 was a superior phone nor did I say the Vibrant lacked smarts compared to the G1. I’m choosing to go back to the G1 because I don’t value the Vibrant as a $499 phone so I will hold onto my G1 a little longer until something better suits me comes along.

    And sir, how is it that an original pre-order G1 owner is an Apple fanboy? I’ve been on androidforums submitting my own design for the new android logo before this whole Android craze ever began.

    The phones a remarkable device but not for me. Lets not all kid ourselves here…. it is anything but flawless and if these flaws are something you could live with then this phone is for you. For me? not so much. I dont think I need to point out all the positives about this phone, its been well documented before. So there you go, those are my gripes…. I dont think I was overly harsh so sue me that someone actually returned a Galaxy S phone.

  • Thanh

    PS. I bought the phone for retail no contract so excuse me for being critical with how I spend my money.

  • Cracker

    Where’s the option for “Can’t touch my current phone… an N900”?

  • Synapblink

    Wow. There are so many people bitching about over little things about this phone and it’s not just things that are exclusively to this phone, it’s about things that are on many other devices. But anywho, I am going to mention the positive things about this phone instead of whining about it.

    Camera: The camera is awesome on this phone! Coming from a Blackberry Curve user, the camera on this phone is a huge upgrade. I’ve taken all kinds of shots with it; macro, text, landscape, etc and they all turn out very nice. I love being able to touch the screen and select the specific area that I want the camera to focus on. As for not having a flash, the camera works fine without it because there is the night mode option which comes in handy. So who ever complain about not having a flash, FIY, it’s not that important. Why the hell would you take a picture in the middle of the darkness anyway? Yes, it’s nice to have it as a flashlight, well there’s a tiny flash light you can buy from the 99 cent store that is brighter than any LED flash on a phone.

    Screen & Size: I love the screen! I am really spoiled with the 4 inch size screen that anything smaller than that is too small for my viewing. Besides that, the phone is so light that I don’t feel the weight when I put it in my pocket. It’s also not too big where I can’t put the phone in my jean pocket and mind you, I am a petite girl who wears size 1 jeans. Compare to the Evo and the Droid X, those two phones are way too beastly to fit in my pocket. And for the folks who complain how it doesn’t have an LED status light. It really isn’t necessary because one way or another, you’ll turn your phone on to check whether you have a message or you just want to use your phone regardless if it has an LED light or not.

    Android OS System: I’m never going back to my old Blackberry 4.5 OS or any Blackberry OS ever again. It’s awesome being able to download so many useful and free apps. So far, I’ve downloaded quite a few. I’ve experienced a few lags on the phone, but nothing major compare to my Blackberry where I had to do a battery pull or wait for a minute. I hope Froyo will be out next month as promised on the Vibrant.

    GPS: I’m lucky with the GPS part so I didn’t experience any problems unlike some of you guys did. I haven’t tested this function much besides using it once and it worked just fine.

    Battery: I think the Vibrant so far has the best battery life compare to other Android phones. My friend has a G1 and her battery was crap. We would hang out starting the morning and by sunset, she has to charge her phone. She doesn’t use her phone that much besides texting a few messages. My other friend has the Eris and hers last for 4 hours, but that’s because that girl is always on her phone constantly. When I am out for the whole day spending time with my friends from morning til the time I get home, the phone is on it’s last bar when I get home. And when I’m out, I use my phone for everything; gaming, text, twitter, fb, video, etc. I haven’t experienced any, “NOOO my phone is shutting down because of of my battery” dramatic moments like some others on here. Besides, if you’re going to use the phone a lot, then expect the battery life to go down like crazy. If you know your phone only last half of the day, get an extra battery or conserve. That’s like a no brainer there.

    Virtual keyboard: Ok, people who complain so much about this part, why the hell do you even bother getting the phone if your thumbs depended on actual buttons? I on the other hand appreciate the virtual keyboard a lot. My BB Curve was notorious for making clickity clackity noise whenever I was texting. It’s annoying when you’re trying to be sneaky and text in quiet places like the classroom, library, movie theaters, etc. Also, I like how there is the SwiftKey keyboard app that makes typing even easier and faster. Swype is cool, but I find myself a little slow on it. I’ll give it a few more practices and see how it goes, but Swiftkey is awesome since it predicts the words that I use so I don’t have to type in the entire word. Therefore, less typing errors for me.

    Overall, the phone is rockin! There really isn’t anything about it that I am dissatisfied with. The only thing that I hope to see some improvements would be the Calendar. I like to be able to set certain events on a bi-weekly bases, yet it doesn’t have that option. But I’m sure there is an app somewhere, just have to figure out which app does. I’ll go take a look after I post this.

    Every phone has its learning curve. If you complain about the learning curve part, you might as well not own the phone. But if you can deal with it and master it, then it’s going to be a very handy device. I don’t see any major issues with this phone in terms of hardware or software. The screen doesn’t have yellow blotches, signal doesn’t drop if you hold it a certain way like the iphone, and the Android OS isn’t stuck in dinosaur ages, but is always making improvements. So quit your whining and bitching.

    • hatesstupidpeople

      Very well said. I came from sprint and htc hero phone was terrid service ok. I love how ppl are complaining about the led flash. Omg get a digital camera if its so important. This phone is sick. And the 3g is really quick and impressive

  • Synapblink

    Huh, weird. My post was duplicated. Hope a mod comes by and delete it. Anyway, found a solution to the bi-weekly issue for the calendar. Just have to go to your gmail account and add whatever you want on your calendar, then sync it to the phone. Problem solved.

  • raddestnerd

    Got mine yesterday at Tmo. Love it. It’s the Android I’ve been waiting for! Make sure you ask for the “Android Apps” brochure. Has QR codes to some essential apps like Advanced Task Killer and fun ones like FXcamera.

  • obvious

    This phone will kill the battery, I received email extremely late, and typing is a pain. Great for watching youtube, I quickly returned the phone. Note on charging, I took it off the charge for 2 mins the power was at 95% (no I didn’t download apps). Battery dies quickly. Return the phone if you can!

  • spleeve

    Overall love it. 2 weeks in and ccame from unlocked iPhone 3g and previously Blackberry Curve.
    A few gripes:
    On/off/wake button a little small and fiddly. Virtual keyboard not as friendly as iPhone. Not so keen on the virtual keys–a hard key for the back function would be nice and they sometimes take a couple of hits to work. Moving around and selecting text is a pain–am I missing something? I miss the ease of synching and back up with iTunes though I hear this will be addressed too with Froyo. Facebook app isn’t the greatest though I’m sure that will change soon.

    Otherwise some highlights:
    Look and feel are great. While it is made of plastic it has a high quality feel and is light and slim compared to everything else.
    Screen: Awesome. No arguing w/ size and resolution and clarity.
    Speed: Virtually no lag most of the time. Very occasional hang up. Sure this will be fixed w/ Froyo.
    Android vs. iOS: There’s been a learning curve for me but I appreciate the additional functionality of Android over the simplicity of iOS in so many areas. Also the Google integration and seamless sharing functions are brilliant.
    UI: Pleasantly familiar coming from iOS and much less fiddly than what I’ve seen on Droid and EVO. Love the fact I can have one touch calling and messaging as a shortcut on my home screen.
    Swype: Just amazing as I’m getting the hang of it and once I got the settings to my liking.
    Battery life: At first seemed a problem but once I figured out how to turn some background apps off and left the GPS off except when using it has been no problem. I spent a day hammering it on the phone, texting, taking videos and pics and uploading to Twitter and FB for some up to the minute reporting from X Games from 7am to 8pm and still had 20% charge at the end of the day.
    Camera: everything and more than I need in a phone. Love the panorama mode.

    I’ve been recommending this phone to everyone I see. Frustrated iPhone 4 friends are getting schooled and converted. I still feel like I have yet to scratch the surface of its functionality. Overall super impressed and seriously doubt there will be a phone I feel the need to upgrade to in a long while.

  • Golfjam

    Battery life was awful but it got a lot better after I drained and fully charged from scratch. Also, disabling sign in on Google Talk helped. Now I got similar or not better battery life than my previous modded (undervolted) Nexus One.

  • http://www.thevirtualthrone.blogspot.com bbot

    I love this phone! Coming from a G1 I thought I’d miss the keyboard, but the speed of the processor lets my betterkeyboard fly with multi-touch enabled. I don’t miss the physical keys at all. At first I was a little weirded out by having to tap the screen to edit text (no trackball/tracpad) but again, the screen is large and responsive and doesn’t cause me too much hassles when cutting and pasting this way. One this that is lacking is a magnifier bubble to see what your finger is doing – The droid X and the my-touch slide have a magnified bubble that pops up just over the finger-pressed area so you can clearly see what you are doing/selecting. The BIG positives of this phone include amazing large and bright SUPERAMOLED screen, the HD video capture, night mode for photos, the ability to RCA video-out with a simple cable (just got it and works like a charm), and the sheer speed when running 3d games and applications. I am a little irritated with the GPS inconstancy, but hope to see a fix soon. As long as Samsung delivers on the GPS fix this will clearly be the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  • M_Az

    This phone is seriously awesome, I am a t-mobile employee and it is the first phone i’ve owned since the slide that really feels incredible, the screen is ridiculously awesome, it makes web browsing a pleasure, I love the battery life I rarely have to worry about it dying on me, and all the apps look great on the phone, this is the first phone i’ve ever owned where I am like impressed by it.

    there is some gripes sure, but what doesn’t have some issues?

    for me, the screen alone is worth the price of admission, the fact it works well and fits perfectly in the hand and the weight of it, it’s just priceless.

    best phone on t-mobile, hands down

    Nexus one is definitely nice to though.

  • catsigh

    Still love it. I’m getting excellent battery life compared to my G1. I’ll be EVEN happier with the GPS issue being ironed out a little more and Froyo. I am having to shut the phone down and reboot to download apps if it’s been on a while. No biggie once I figured it out.

  • M_Az

    Yeah basically it’s not a perfect phone but there is no perfect phone didn’t nexus one have reception issues with 3g? so there is some flaws but they all have fixes even it’s just patience and understanding, I still cannot get over how excellent the display looks.
    Browsing on the phone is flawless, the apps look great, the gps works okay(hopefully will be fixed.) and sometimes reception issues, but this is the first phone I have ever owned that I have been impressed with highly, it almost makes me not want an iphone 4, but of course i’d gladly use one, dunno if the display is as nice though. either way, this is a win for samsung.

  • J

    So far still no gps issues. No death grip issues At first battery life was horrible but with a few tweaks to the display settings and it gets me through the day. This being the first on screen keyboard I’ve ever owned, I thought that it’d take a while to get used to but swype is incredible. After a few hours I’m faster on swype than I was on a physical qwerty keyboard. As for not having a track pad, the options for the cursor built into the keyboard work just fine.

  • Cupcake

    Got mine on Aug 4 and returned it Aug 7!! Sweet phone but some features that I thought were standard on my Mytough 3G were not on the Vibrant. Must be a Samsung/HTC thing. I assumed that if it was android, all features were standard but now realize that is carrier specific (duh..I know!) But I use those features and did not want to waste my upgrade not being totally happy. Also did not know that it did not have a status light! Real important to me..sometimes I cannot always wake up my phone to see if I have msgs/voicemails…etc. So I need to see that light. Will wait now for the next HTC phone to come out. Other than that..nice phone…large screen…nice weight. Great but just not for me…hate that too!!

  • fs

    I love my Vibrant. Battery life is better than the G1. Turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use. Also try Power Manager from the Market. Makes a huge difference. I charge very night but I can get 2 days on a charge and I am a heavy user.

  • MAS

    I’ve enver had a smart phone before. Bought the vibrant for my 22 year old son who was “awestruck” when he saw it (I was too). I couldn’t stop thinking about that phone after getting one for him but was kind of scared to get such a high tech phone for myself. Long story short… I couldn’t stand it and got myself a Vibrant and IT IS A TOTALLY AWESOME PHONE!

    Anyone who would return this phone is just someone who is never happy with anything.

    I love my Vibrant…sure it has quirks…but all phones do and every day I learn something new that it does. It’s just FUN!

  • F4our Bars

    the screen is too small…… just kidding. I got the phone two weeks ago and came from blackberry. I love the phone but its really the access to the market place apps and big screen that I really like. I use voice like crazy and even then I like this phone better than blackberry. sure it takes some time- learning curve to be able to really manipulate deftly but it will be worth it. I need to learn better “battery management” because it lasts less than I was used to with blackberry. A lot less actually but then again I have everything running all the time GPS,Wifi,full bright etc- I will tweak and Im sure it will improve. What does get annoying is how quickly it goes into sleep/lock mode and you have to “unlock”. Here again, I’m sure there is an adjustment that can be made. Thats the learning curve because the quick guide manual that came with the phone is “minimalist” to say the least. Sites like this are a big help getting info and quickening the learning curve. It may not be for everyone, but those that returned the phone in the first hours of use may have been a bit hasty.

  • NrseNikki

    Rcvd this as a birthday gift from my fiance, upgrade from crackberry, Im not a techie but I am loving my new phone.

  • ryan

    sold mt hd2 for it and i LOVE it! best phone i have ever had.

  • Gustavzz

    very clear screen. the battery life of the phone is horrible. and i hardly use any of the apps. and i’m not a talker either. doesn’t seem to last half a day and the store replaced the battery.

  • Gustavzz

    very clear screen. the battery life of the phone is horrible. and i hardly use any of the apps. and i’m not a talker either. doesn’t seem to last half a day and the store replaced the battery.