Unlocked BlackBerry Storm Owners Experiencing Data Issues?

According to the folks over at CrackBerry, a good number of T-Mobile subscribers with an unlocked BlackBerry Storm seem to be having problems using their devices. Storm owners are reporting that they are experiencing issues with data service and claim that calling Customer Care doesn’t help much. We’re looking into this and we’re sure there is an explanation to all of this, but in the meantime, are you having troubles with data service on your unlocked BlackBerry Storm? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Mohammad

    I don’t own a blackberry.

    • Johnny

      Why the hell post are you posting this??

      • TheDude

        It’s another way of saying “First!” without appearing douchey at first glance.

  • http://wtfentertainment.com tmowhatnow

    There was a recent update to the BIS server that caused all non-tmo blackberry’s to get the boot. it’s not just storms.

  • phoneking13

    I have an unlocked Storm 2 that I used on T-Mobile. I tried to see if I had that issue coming from Crackberry.com, but mine stay EDGE all the time.

    • KevinG

      How do you get urs to stay on edge all the time? Mine goes out from time to and sometimes for a whole day? Let me know what can do to prevent this?

      Please and Thanks

  • phonegeek

    might be a 1st gen issue with data like since its 1st gen anything the phone cant stay unlocked i heard somethin similar with updates from iphones booting out the unlocked feature because of new firmware… lol im just saying correct me if i sound like a total tard

  • john

    This is totally FALSE!! Non-T-mobile Blackberry devices are working just fine if the people running them know what they are doing

    • Danny

      Not exactly true.

      People ARE having issues. I am a BES administrator and I’m having this problem too.

      I have an unlocked BlackBerry Storm 2 (from Verizon) and Tour 9630 also from Verizon.

      Everytime I go to a any site where data services are required the upper case EDGE turns to lower case.

      Something happened and nobody is sure what? Some blame RiM, some blame T-Mobile and others are even claiming that Verizon sabatoged the settings by asking RIM to do this on purpose.

      Just because yours works doesn’t mean you need to pretend that everyone else’s works too.

      • john

        Just taking a shot, call care, say blackberry to the prompt, be on a different phone, ask the tech rep to cancel your phones location, powercycle, then check your apn settings…best of luck and sorry for the run on sentence if there are any grammar nazis reading.

      • john

        I can guarantee you that it is something that clear up, T-Mobile is probably already on it. There is no way they just turn off devices. Service books for non carrier devices are what is usual cause. carrier cannot ever guarantee non carrier devices will work

  • Concreteuser

    Mine is an unlocked storm that I used on TMO for almost a year without any issues. For the past week, experiencing the data issue and cannot get to EDGE. Nothing works with data on my storm. When is TMobile correcting this?

    • d4nt3

      How is this T-Mobile’s issue to correct? Not their branded device not really their problem.

  • JN

    “This is totally FALSE!!” How intelligent do you sound rite about now? So all of these unlocked BlackBerry users are just making this up? Come on. This issue is real.

    • john

      Read it all JN. also when did any carrier guarantee that non carrier devices would work 100%?? answer is NEVER!!

  • T

    Their seems to be an issue with the Storm. Have heard of quite a few issues and cant seem to find a cause. Started occuring late last week and is ongoing. Phone seems to appear to have a hard time receiving service books on a BIS

  • Aarica

    my blackberry storm, 1st generation stopped working early thursday morning. the browser icon and host routing table disappeared. also the pic messaging is gone. i called t-mobile they said there is an outage with unsupported t-mobile phones that are unlocked but they dont know when it will resolved. i heard a rumor verizon blocked them, but i dont know if its true. t-mobile said they have heard nothing about that.

  • Mr. T

    Defnite answer: T-Mobile has stopped supporting Blackberry Storm phones for data services.[/end of definite final answer] [/end of being a dick]

    • john

      Mr. T, quit guessing, t-mobile does what they can for non carrier devices and are never 100% guaranteed to work

      • Mr. T

        Okay, but that’s the actual answer…

    • john

      No actually it isn’t, the actual answer is they do what they can for the non carrier device and never 100% guarantee it successfully works. Spoke to TS fro t-mobile and they are looking into it. So that blows your theory out of the water,thanks for playing I can guess too

  • Aarica

    but if they stopped it for good, why would they still continue to charge me for my data plan? that is a little…messed up dont you think?

    • TonyJohns

      You are using a non-supported device. You took the risk.

      • d4nt3

        And feel free to drop the data plan.

  • joel

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Verizon got RIM to block them from T-Mobile’s network. They did it with the Tour and got away with it.

  • ColoradoGray

    It is a know issue with non t-mobile blackberry phones. All of them. RIM, for their part, doesn’t think the Storm devices would ever work on T-Mobile no matter what is done. Ever. This might take time to fix.

  • shawn

    tmo has never fully supported non tmo bb’s. They don’t always work, along with any other non tmobile phone is never guarntee’d to work. Its your problem if you decide to buy an unlocked storm if it doesn’t work

    • TonyJohns

      Exactly. I don’t see why they are complaining. They choose to try and use a non-supported device on T-Mobile’s network. It’s not 100% guaranteed to always work. It’s the risk you take when you use a non-supported device.

  • Cleo

    Yes it is real I’m a storm 2 user (unlocked on t-mobile) and my data service hasn’t worked since June 2nd also my web icon and MMS features have disappeared. Location: Chicago, Illinois

  • Brandon

    T-Mobile can not gaurentee functionality on non T-Mobile devices… Here’s an idea… Get a 9700

    • john

      EXACTLY Brandon!!

  • rell

    See I was telling David this last week but rumor has it we will get the storm 3 or some type pf variant.

  • Adrian

    Yeah. My Blackberry Storm 2 lost data about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was just my phone so I got tired of trying too many factory resets that I went and bought a MT3GS.

    • john

      How was the transition to android so far? Congrats as well.

    • thoughtSausage

      smart move.

  • alex32

    this has nothing to do with this post..but i have a curve 8900..and it has been switching from edge to gprs a lot lately when it never has. does anyone know why this is happening?

  • JN

    A lot of resolutions of individuals in here are “get a t-mobile blackberry”. Hmm, i guess this is mostly a sales rep forum huh? Nothing reallly helpful in here. This is a GSM carrier. The major part of someone choosing a GSM carrier is to have more freedom in which device they choose to use. I’m pretty sure most of T-mobile customers have “Unsupported” devices.

    • Drew

      Amen! I think most of the people that are saying they are having issues are just hoping someone has a resolution.

      These customers are more than likely fully aware that their devices aren’t “supported” and are just looking for some help.

    • NotTrue

      GSM is voice technology, it’s not data there sir. So, T-Mobile reserves the right to block any device that is not made for T-Mobile. Why would they want to bog down their network for individuals w/ the iPhone and etc., because they don’t like ATT but they want the same service.

      It’s just like a guy who asks … why his mms isn’t working. I explain he doesn’t have internet on his phone (which was an iPhone)… said the same story plenty of times over. Finally, I had to get elementary with this man. It’s not our phone, we didn’t ask for it to be made, it doesn’t work on our network without internet, you can’t get a picture without internet .. you can’t get on facebook without internet. It’s like the dawn before internet… you watched TV.. go watch some more.

      • JN

        Terrible smh. I hope you don’t actually work for T-Mobile. You need some more training of you do. Carriers (GSM) don’t care which phone you use. As long as you subscribe to their service. Why do you think they even give customers unlocking codes? As far as your “GSM is voice technology/no data”, what are you talking about? If a certain device has internet capabilities then it can connect to the internet. Regardless if its GSM or CDMA technology.

      • bear

        I pay for the service not the phone. Show me where it says in the TOS that I have to use the carriers phone.

    • john

      No what they are saying you are too dense to get, non carrier devices are NEVER fully guaranteed to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • covert

      Most? You really don’t have a clue do you? Now, as for T-Mobile being a GSM carrier, yes they are. They are providing you GSM service. BIS service books are provided by RIM. Be happy T-Mobile is having their engineering department look into this issue at all.

      Does your similar card work in a T-Mobile Blackberry? If so, T-Mobile is providing you the service advertised.

      I do think T-Mobile is to blame in one way though; coddling and holding unsupported device users hands through set up. If they had just said, “Sorry, we do not support that phone.” from the beginning maybe you would have more realistic expectations for T-Mobile fixing a Verizon phone.

  • Eric


    “im pretty sure most of t-mobile customers have ‘unsupported’ devices’

    thats mind blowing….go ask 100 tmobile subscribers, 3 of them might have an unlocked device.

  • Iceryder

    Agreed, why in the world would people complain that there non-tmobile device and get mad when it doesnt work. Thats not their responsibility at all we cant fix ours that hasnt be program for tmobile. Thats like taking your BMW to a Chevy dealer and want them to fix it

  • Stan

    Welp i have a storm 9530 and havent had any probs with my data service. Someone above posted it worked in one area then worked in another. Only thing i can tell you my about information is that on my tmobile account when i check my bill online my phone selected is a blackberry bold 9700 which i did own with them. I have no probs as of now though.

  • JN

    Wow smh. This forum is… Not that great. Most of you guys must have just upgraded from Sidekicks or something. Increase your knowledge of technology before you comment please. Of course you cant expect a carrier to replace a phone they don’t have. We’re talking about service though. 3 out of 100?? You can’t be serious, man. That’s that dumbest ratio I’ve heard in a minute lol.

    • thoughtSausage

      it sure isnt ‘most’ of them. talk about ‘dumb’…

      • B

        Or talk about ‘sarcasm’

  • jacque

    if you still have the host routing table, look into the t-moble usa that your currently registered on right now, ive seen more than a few that have a verizon apn, the service books seem to have been updated by rim and i supposing that they were sent to all storm users regardless of carrier. bam! we got verizoned’

  • Danny

    This is a public forum. It’s sad that it has become infiltrated with employees playing the holier than thou card.

    The BlackBerry Storm and Tour even though sold here in the States by Verizon was designed to work globally on other GSM/HSPA networks. Heck even T-Mobile UK sells this device.

    The fact of the matter is that someone did something….. doesn’t necessarily mean it was done out of malice but something still was done that has killed the data functionality of these global capable GSM/HSPA devices.

    Hopefully someone will figure it out. In the meantime you arrogant salesreps need to go sell some myTouch Slides to those who care about your opinions and try to actually win some subscribers this quarter instead of lose them.

    • http://wtfentertainment.com tmowhatnow

      like i said.. update to the bis/bes structure caused this — non t-mo phones arent receiving any service books now. dont know who made the decision or why or if itsjust a glitch but thats exactly whats going on.

      -a non-holier than though employee.

    • john

      and what proof do you offer?? The real fact is that NO non carrier device is EVER 100% guaranteed to work, anyone saying it is is A COMPLETE IDIOT

  • dre

    Well said Danny

  • NotTrue

    The reason why the phones are not working is cause T-Mobile doesn’t have all the service books for those phones. The update to the BES/BIS services went through and the RIM provisioning tool doesn’t allow non-tmobile phones to have data any longer.

    Get a blackberry that works on T-Mobile’s network and you wouldn’t have this issue. It’s just like the iPhone and it’s 3G … it doesn’t work on T-MO but yet people are gullible enough to spend more money on it for it to not work as fast as it would on ATT.

  • yuppers

    If it was caused by the BES/BIS update then why hasn’t this happened before with other BIS updates in the past?

  • JM

    Are all non-T-Mobile Blackberries experiencing this? Or, is it just unlocked Verizon phones?

    • BB User

      I use AT&T Blackberry Bold without any problems.

  • IMT

    Its all non-Tmo blackberry phone. Tmo and RIM are working on it, tho there is no guarantee they will work. CDMA world phone blackberry phones are notorious for issues like this. I have been working on them for years.

  • john

    I’m not sales, not am I holier than thou, I find this eminently crappy. Best od luck with it, and I’d no fix is available, good news its that the bold only runs $100

  • mmaxxsooner

    Wow this supports my dumping of blackberry to android. This is a gAme of gotcha that rim needs to fix. I just got tired of my whole life moving through rim. And so should you. Ever since rim went to Asia last year I feel they could care less for the north American market. DUMP THEM LET THEM FEEL THE PAIN

  • B

    I couldn’t imagine having such a beautiful device running on EDGE

  • G-Unit

    I am amazed at some of the comments here. T-Mobile would not kill any device on their network. Actually, T-Mobile has a special app that auto configures most non carrier branded phones to the correct internet and MMS settings based off of your IMEI. T-Mobile LOVES it when you bring your own phone to them. They do not need to subsidize your phone over 24 months, hence EVEN MORE PLUS. This is an issue with RIM and RIM alone. T-Mobile is working with RIM to correct the problem ASAP.

  • Bryan T

    This IS an issue! I have an unlocked storm 2 and last week when i went to update Crunch SMS, i had to reboot. when i rebooted all data was lost. went to lower case edge and my browser icon disappeared. Then something crazy happened… I was in a spot where I was roaming on AT&T, and i got about 40 emails at once. my data was back! It stayed that way untill i downloaded a new app in appworld, then it was gone. I hope they get this resolved.

  • ed

    my unlocked iphone has had the same issue since last thursday. is there any fix to this?

  • Heather

    There has always been issues with VZW Blackberries. The Storm/Storm2/Tour all have this issue since day one. It’s the radio firmware on the device and the service books.

    All I can say is that sometimes, going into your online mytmo account and making sure it says you have a TMo Blackberry Bold helps. IPhone users, make sure it says you have an HD2.

  • XenomanX

    Okay, starting off I’m a T-Mobile employee, just to go ahead and be up front here. Now, there has not been any info passed down stating that non-supported Blackberries are getting the boot, and it’s not impacting all of them for some reason. I’m personally using a Blackberry Bold 9000 (the first one) from at&t unlocked and am not having any problems. It could potentially have something to do with the fact that the Storm 9330 (being a GSM/CDMA phone) isn’t operating correctly. The service books that T-Mobile sends to the Storm to make is work are the service books for the Blackberry 8800, so it could easily be an SB conflict with BIS making the conflict. Not really sure what’s going on until an official statement is released or the issue is resolved and everyone’s data comes back online. The fix that’s implemented may mean that all non-T-Mobile blackberries will have to change their settings to connect. Who knows, but we’ll find out.

  • targa9932001

    There’s an open ticket on RIM’s end… the issue is NOT T-Mobile’s provisioning but actually a RIM issue. When you use an unlocked device you do run the risk of it not being fully functional on the network since it wasn’t specifically built for it.

    • JN

      Where did you receive this info from?

  • Delaine

    Mine was doing this for a few days but its all ok now

  • Geohno

    So should we stick around or what? How long should it take if they are actually “fixing” the problem.?
    How would we know if it’s fixed. I’m getting quite tired of keeping my hopes up after pulling the battery out for the 20th time in hopes that it’s gonna work this time around. Lol.
    I just for a bb tour 9630 and it worked for a day. Then never again. That was 5 days ago. Should I just cancel my plan and on to the next one?

  • JM

    I doubt that anyone in Customer Care will know what us going in until a solution is available.

    The question I had before still stands: Are people with Vodafone and other unlocked BlackBerry phones experiencing this or is it just Verizon unlocked BlackBerry phones?

  • http://n/a informer1

    This is actually an ongoing issue that technical support is working on. All unsupported Blackberry devices are currently having issues with data, PIN messaging, browsing and registering service books. There was no estimated ETA when I last checked the system, however i’m sure the issue will be resolved soon. There is nothing further tech support can do at this time. Keep checking on it though and the rep should be able to tell if the issue has been resolved or not.

  • Tmobilesux

    ETA my ass. I was one of the original reporters to this problem when it happened way back Thursday June 3rd. They don’t have an ETA for the fix as I’ve called back EVERY SINGLE DAY on the issue:

    For those of you effected, ticket number: 1285719 and 1809388

    I have a unlocked Verizon 9530 BB and it was working fine on Tmobile’s network until the 3rd. It’s now been 12 days…and I don’t even want to hear…check back for an ETA on the issue. I have been calling EVERY SINGLE day referencing these ticket numbers and they still have no resolution at TMOBILE or even an ETA or even a statement on the issue. All the support techs do is tell you to check back which I have done and offer a $20 credit. I care less about the service being out as I care more about the STATEMENT from the company. Tmobile leaves it’s users out in the dark all the time. How many more times do I have to hear “the engineers are working on the issue” — That’s just crap.

    Please post links to other users reporting outages. We’re not trying to bicker, but solve the issue.

    • covert

      ” “the engineers are working on the issue” — That’s just crap”

      Might be “crap”, in your words, but that’s your answer. Calling back “EVERY SINGLE day”? Wow… too cool. Just curious… if “Tmobilesux” (cute name btw, very original) why not take the 9530 back to good ol’ VZW?

    • LuvMyTmo

      If Tmobile truely sucks for you, then there are other providers you can go with. Make this your last issue and go to Verizon already, otherwise growup and check back for an ETA on the issue.

  • 9350Storm

    I have a 9350 Blackberry Storm and it is not connecting to the Blackberry email but internet works. Nothing else really works- not BBery Pin, Pandora, Facebook, Aim apps.. all the cool thing you can do. All I can do is go on the web… which i rather go on using my computer. It’s stuck on the lower “edge” so this is probably the issue. If I do a battery pull with the phone on, it will restart with capital “EDGE” for like 2 minutes then back to normal.

    I just got the phone about 1 month ago– everything was working beautifully until around Jun 8th…i remember the exact moment it stopped working too. I even went out a town and it worked again…then when I got back it stopped. Called them about every other day.. 8 times now, about 1 hour on phone with each, doing standard battery pull, this and that, talked to RIM… Final conclusion from reps, it’s a known issue and engineers are working on it… unknown when it will be resolved.

    This is SOOOO annoying. I’m looking to buy a used tmobile phone then canceling my service when my contract expires in a few months. This is so LAME tmobile. Definitely will ask for reimbursement.

    • 9350Storm

      UPDATE: I’ve noticed that when I go out of town (away from Los Angeles) my Storm email works again. So this weekend when I was in Anaheim & Long Beach, I did a battery pull and the standard Send Hosting Routing registering and then making sure my Blackberry email settings was registered on the phone AND on tmobile.com. And it worked!! It’s been working all weekend and it’s still working now that I’m back in Los Angeles. I’m afraid to turn off my phone in fear that it would lose my internet and EDGE…but seems to be great so far.

      Hope that helps– i guess my advice is when you’re in a different city try the above mentioned!! Good luck!



  • Melo

    I have a BlackBerry Storm 2 Unlocked (9550) Lowercase edge ,Browser missing ,MMS not working when is RIM and T-Mobile going to find a solution please help internet is a must have for me….

  • Shark_Tank

    I have been with tmobile since 2004. They have until the weekend to fix the problem, or I will be going to AT&T….an American Company. I’m going to dump that “Family Plan” for the “Divorce Plan” with tmobile.

    This is irresponsible. Tmobile knew this would happen. I don’t believe for one second tmobile did not know this would happen.

    Bye Bye…..Duetsch Telecom = Tmobile.

  • http://None Missing EDGE