Unlocked BlackBerry Storm Owners Experiencing Data Issues?

According to the folks over at CrackBerry, a good number of T-Mobile subscribers with an unlocked BlackBerry Storm seem to be having problems using their devices. Storm owners are reporting that they are experiencing issues with data service and claim that calling Customer Care doesn’t help much. We’re looking into this and we’re sure there is an explanation to all of this, but in the meantime, are you having troubles with data service on your unlocked BlackBerry Storm? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Britttany

    I cant do picture messaging!! i wont let me. and i have it on my plan and everything

  • Alexis

    I have this problem with my Blackberry Storm2. I have the whole plan even including visual voicemail. What’s the point in having a blackberry with no INTERNET SERVICE?! So if it’s not fixed soon, I’m either going to have to ditch the phone or Tmobile and I’m not getting rid of a brand new phone.

    • Ren


      • Jamie

        Nonsense. This isn’t a hacked phone she’s talking about; she’s bought a SIM card for 3G service from T-Mobile and is using her unlocked Storm on their GSM network. It’s perfectly legitimate to expect that the carrier will provide the service advertised, and the Storm itself includes all of the hardware and software needed to make it work.

        FYI, the Storm works fine when it roams on T-Mobile’s carrier network in Europe…

      • Alysia

        When using a unlocked phone on a different carriers network, she is bound to have problem, simply because each network is setup a different way and each phone on each network is specifically setup for that carrier. In most cases you will have problems with data or even phone calls because the phone you are using is not designed for the network it is on.

      • Michael

        @Jamie: dude, you’re a bit out of your league, tech-wise. The Blackberry Storm is not compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G Network (it can only use EDGE, since Verizon had RIM limit the Storm’s 3G capabilities to the frequencies used by overseas 3G networks…and that’s why it works fine when roaming on T-mobile in Europe but not in the U.S.).

  • cd

    Been having this problem for 9 days. If it is not back up by noon tomorrow, Going to Verizon.

  • ch

    2 weeks now…..no email or internet on my storm and absolutely no answers from t-mobile support.

  • Pri

    I have been having the same issue for a week now. I cant use my BB messenger or any of the other BB applications on my Storm 2. I hope they resolve these issues soon.

  • Steve

    Yes. Since 5-28-10 there waqs an update by the makers of Storm and now the T-Mobile towers will not read it properly to support internet or email. You would think T_Mobile would send out a mass eamil…not just keep eveyone guessing.

  • Joe

    If they cant fix the problem, I will just take my unlocked storm 2 to At&t, my friends is working fine, so I know mine will work there too.

  • drew420

    I have the same problem no data no internet and gprs is all lower case. My storm 2 was working fine until last night around midnight hopefully t mobile or rim resolve this issue soon.

  • Mina

    Same problem here. For two days now. Tmobile says to wait 24-48 hours and that there should be a “fix” I’m hoping so. I miss all my apps!!!

  • memphis1224

    I just got my BB Storm 2 on the Friday, June 4, 2010. For about a week, I loved the phone. Now, I’m so pissed! As of June 12, 2010 my phone can’t do anything. I can only send sms text and call on my device. I spoke with a T-Mbile Rep today. She informed me that this problem may not get fixed. I have had six phone in six months. I finally found a phone that I like. Now, this happens. I wish someone can tell us when this issue with get resloved.

  • melg8612

    I have the same problem with my Tour 9630, the Internet Service stop working since 06/18/10, I call several times to Tmobile and after wasting more than 2 hours in basic troubleshooting and after transfer me to Blackberry support, T mobile told me they are having issues with unsupported phone like mine, they don’t have a specific time frame when they will fix the problem but they are working on it

  • CB

    Same issue (9550 on t-mo)….. Talked to T-mobile who said issue was resolved. But im still having the problem 24 hours later. reloaded the os, exchanged sim cards, have done atleast 50 battery pulls. Nothing!!!!! Called T-mobile back and they say they are working on it… WHAT?!!?!?! the last rep said the problem was fixed!!! BS I say!!! WHo knows if/ when itll get fixed!!

  • drew420

    I have all functions back as of just a few hours ago on my storm 2 looks like they fixed the data problem. All the host routing tables are back.I’m happy again. all apps working just fine.

  • Jones0591

    Just got off the phone with tmobile and they’re saying that they wont be able to support the phones anymore thanks to verizon. The tech read me an email that was sent from verizon saying that the reason its not working anymore is because they took away their service books. They are no longer offering them to tmobile and anybody who had a working non tmobile blackberry they suspended their service books. The tech said the only way is if we hack the service books and install them our selves. He also stated that Verizon is basically mad because their losing alot of customers to tmobile. THIS S.H.I.T SUCKS

  • Memphis1224

    “My device is back up and running” After almost 20 day, the problem is now fixed! Please call T-Mobile Customer Service and get your phone back up and running. I am so HAPPY! I didn’t realize how much of a slave I am to my BB device. I know that the problem took longer than expected. However, I love T-Mobile’s service!!!!!

  • kevin

    Hello I bought 2 unlocked Storms. My wifes worked right after instolling the sim card and 1 quick phone call!(She has cinci bell). Mine as of yesterday still hasn’t worked. I feel bad for all those who have been using their BB’s fine just to be cut off. Its funny how some t-mobile reps have know idea this is goin on. Some say it will be fixed. Some say well its a unsupported phone so it prob won’t work. Well people have been using the network fine up untill a couple weeks ago. I wish t-mo would give the customers more info. Some on crackberry say their phones started working today. I’m gonna try again when I get home from work. I’ve prob spent 3-4 hrs on the phone in the last week trying to find any answers. Yesterday I used twitter to ask t mobile about an ETA on the fix
    I said how frutrated unlocked BB users are and they said”We agree and we are really trying to find out what needs to be done to get this resolved. We appreciate your patience. Thanks JR”
    So we shal see. I will try tonight.

  • Tdaddy

    I was having an issue with my unlocked storm and spoke with support. Did a few simple t-shooting steps and I was up and running. You got to give it to Tmo tshoot phones that they don’t support is the reason why I won’t switch to another company. You really can’t complain when an unsupported phone doesn’t work….

    • Jamie

      Of course you can. When they sell you a SIM card without a phone, they’re selling you access to their network with a compatible GSM device. The Storm has all of the hardware and software that it needs to connect to a GSM network and once unlocked, it has full access to do so. That’s the whole point.

      Americans have got to get over this sense that networks are doing them a favor by allowing devices to have access. It’s the users who are the customers. The network is a service and it’s built based on standards; period.

  • kevin

    Yours works now? I have heard some have started working. What did the rep do to resolve this. I agree about unlocked phones but if people have been using their unlocked phones on tmo for a long time with no issues they should get some kind of answers when it just stops. its prob in the best interest of tmo to support unlocked phones as well.


  • juanita

    I have a blackberry samsung and it wont let me send any txt messegeing

  • notla

    I recently bought an unlocked storm. It worked fine for a few weeks. Same story and many of the other post. At first they told me that it was due to a tower outage. Which I later found out was not the case. I’ve read that some others have started workkng properly. However mine has not. So is it true has TMobile

  • notla

    I recently bought an unlocked storm. It worked fine for a few weeks. Same story and many of the other post. At first they told me that it was due to a tower outage. Which I later found out was not the case. I’ve read that some others have started workkng properly. However mine has not. So is it true has TMobile fixed the problem or gas RIM fixed the problem?

  • C

    The problem is/was the service books have expired and the previous carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc) had not released the new service books in order for T-Mobile to send them out. Depending on the phone it may not be working still. But that is a risk you run by using a non-T-Mobile phone on their network. They cannot guarantee that all, if any, services will work with an unsupported phone. If you don’t want to pay out the rear end for data services with another carrier, I highly recommend getting a T-Mobile phone that was MADE for T-Mobile’s network and house T-Mobile’s service books.

    • Jamie

      That’s just pathetic. It’s like saying, “Buy a PC that was built with Windows 7 compatibility in mind and stop trying to load an OS on a PC built with all of the right hardware.”

      Americans delude themselves into thinking they lead the world in telecommunications but our mobile networks are laughable and this is just one more example of the lunacy.

  • Nuggy

    My internet just stopped working yesterday. I can email, BBM, and everything else but I can’t use the internet is the only problem.

  • Nuggy

    It also says that I’m not in a supported area to use the internet. But the same place I am now is where it usually worked fine.

  • greg

    Unlocked a BB in the uk from o2 to vodafone unable to make phone calls or send texts at first then i could for abit now i cant again says service unavailable even though i have signal? Any clues?

  • Lobogan

    I own a blackberry storm 2 and we unlocked to use our t mobile service. When i try and connect it says: Verify your network connections and try again. I cant receive emails or get on the internet. We called t mobile and said all i had to do was upgrade internt and it should work this has been over an hour more like a day and its not working. Help if you can.

  • Eferch24

    Is there a way i can get picture messaging on my blackberry storm 2…because i have a friend who had this phone and told me i couldn’t? help if you can please.

  • Jae

    i unlocked a blackberry storm to use with a T-mobile carrier & i have had problems with picture mail and the internet? uh

  • Lance

    People need to quit getting upset about this. Yes, the US is behind with mobile technology, that’s a fact. Still, these unlocked phones will sometimes work for EDGE and regular GSM bands, but Tmo uses a different 3G than others, like say AT&T. Carriers use what they want, and they have the right to use whatever technology they want. It’s not necessarily that one is superior, it’s just a different flavor. And companies in Europe do the same thing. Now, because of that, certain things will work on other carriers, but other things won’t. It’s not that it’s bugged, it’s because the phone doesn’t have the required hardware on it. If you want a phone for Tmo that they don’t carry, you need to just get one unlocked from a company like CinBell or Wind for it to work completely, because they DO have the right hardware.

  • http://twitter.com/gregcurts Gregory Curtis

    CALL TMOBILE and they will hook it up, I just bought a Storm and called Tmobile they did everything for me, everything works…………on EDGE.

  • Sori13

    What do you mean by “on EDGE”? I understand GSM but not that. I was thinking of getting the Storm 2.

    • Thadon822

      Its kinda retarded but is u have “EGDE” instead of lower case “edge” it will work perfectly, im getting the GSM message now, it comes on n off with edge and its very irritating.. I need help

  • Annacolella1123

    I have a BB 9530 unlocked,It was working and now it’s not!Not really sure what to do now.

  • twistedpup

    Yes, my blackbery storm was working great then all of the sudden non of the internet is working and the only that works is weatherbug but once it loads the EDGE goes to edge and it stops sending internet. I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything. tmo customer care is completely no help. Please help!!!

  • Fishface

    I have a Verizon Storm 9530 Unlocked and Flashed to Metro PCS. I sometimes lose data when I try to use google maps, Poynt, etc. Turning it on and off fixes it rarely. Most of the time I have to do a battery pull to fix it.

  • Bleibowitz07

    I have a blackberry bold 9650 which I unlocked and use with t-mobile and the internet browser doesn’t work and niether does the app world. But bbm and emails do work. What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

  • Bleibowitz07

    I have a blackberry bold 9650 which I unlocked and use with t-mobile and the internet browser doesn’t work and niether does the app world. But bbm and emails do work. What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

  • Wadd3ll21

    i have a blackberry storm 2 9550 which i unlocked and is currently using tmobile. everything works fine even the browser but i cant receive or send picture messages. Im currently living a far distance from my son and wish to receive pictures of him. can someone help me out with this issue.

  • Bulip

    i have unlocked blackberry storm from verison and i use tmobile and i can’t use the internet?!

  • FTW-T-MobilePwn

    Once again as stated before this is a service book issue along with RIM. I’m experiencing the same problems even up till today.

    Some tips that work are:

    Re-registering to the network by going to Advanced Options>Host Routing Table. Then scroll down to where it has T-Mobile 310-260 and press the Menu key and click Register Now.

    Other options is a regular standard battery pull for about 30 seconds and then put the battery back in.

    These have worked for some people but it’s not a permanent fix. I am not a T-Mobile rep either. Please keep y’all retard comments to yourselves or atleast from me. Thanks

    • Victor0541

      Hey, just curious, you might or might not know, in the Host Routing Table I only have a bunch of GPRS (310) [########) Numbers and one Wi-Fi [60] but no T-Mobile. Any advice?

  • tony

    i just bought an unlocked blackberry storm and i have a sims card from t mobile and i called the customer care three times, two times theyve hung up on me and the last time they pretty much tell me to send my phone back. i dont wanna send it back i really like the phone ive tried looking for things i can do to get it to work and nothing is helping i cant evenget the web option on my phone, whatttt dooo i doooooo?