T-Mobileclue.com Officially Revealed

Look, at this point if you didn’t believe that the Samsung Vibrant was indeed the device behind the T-Mobileclue.com mystery, we can’t do much to help that. Or maybe we can? T-Mobile has revealed, likely ahead of schedule the entire puzzle to reveal, surprise surprise, the Samsung Vibrant! Well maybe not the actual unveiling of the device, but the name itself that we know correlates to the Samsung Galaxy S. Mystery officially solved, any questions?

P.S. Some of you have written in regarding a possible rumor floating around on the subject of a June 28th release date. We believe the countdown merely ends the day before the Samsung Press Conference unveiling on the 29th. Simple, we still expect a release July 21st.

P.P.S. Some of you have caught that a link on this site that leads you to a likely holding place for an upcoming Galaxy S/Vibrant T-Mobile page. You can check out the holding page here.

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  • czaplin

    I upgraded to MTS. It’s a warm-up before SG arrival next month. Hopefully Bing cashback 35% still will be working. Btw. people sell iphone4 for $1000+++ on craigslist :O

    • TheAnalyst

      June is the last month for Bing cashback. They are no longer offering it starting in July.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m in a dilemma, I want to get rid of my HD2 but don’t fully want the galaxy s. I’m deciding between the Galaxy s and the streak but I’m also considering getting the galaxy s until the tmobile streak comes out. What would you considef the best choice of action?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wilma, I have followed your posts. I too have the HD2 and want the SGS.

      I am selling my HD2 (or might keep it as a spare phone because I love WinMo 6.5’s versatility and that tethering is easy).

      I will then get the SGS. If it is not all I expect it to be, I will sell it in Oct-Nov and get one of he phones I have been talking about for two months:

      1.5 GHz dual core, “dedicated” graphics, 1080p HD recording, 1GB RAM, HDMI port, AMOLED, 4.3″ display, USB 3.0, BT 3.0, etc.

      • HEMI 922

        @ItsMichaelNotMike, I am wondering if I can keep my data & switch from HD2 to SAMDROID?

  • soon2TMO

    and is there really a “sidekick twist” by the way??

    come to think of it, i dont think there really is one, coz the rumored spec boasted that it will use SAMOLED display , but samoled will be exclusive to samsung phones for a while, for at least 6 to 8 months plus there is already shortages of supply for this tech..

    i dont want to ruin it for those who are wanting the sidekick twist to be real.. im just taking a wild guess here and who knows , maybe there really is one and will be available this fall or something..

    • soon2TMO

      shortages of supply for amoled, oh wait does it have to do with super amoled display?

      or perhaps super amoled is a different product wherein there is no supply shortages, if so, then sidekick twist may actually use it but not till early next year??

      • TMOprophet

        There actually isnt a huge difference between the 2 displays, they are both AMOLED screens, the term super is just thrown in there by samsung, just to tell you the color saturation and brightness are slightly better. The HTC sidekick could definately come with a super amoled display and heres why…HTC already has a amoled screen in the N1, and guess who made that amoled screen…sammy..I believe..And before anyone gets all mad, sammy makes many products, amoleds are just one of many things they manufacture, they arent always exclusive to only samsung branded products, sammy will sell their products to who ever is willing to pay for them, so HTC could buy their product to use in their own devices. Now I am not 100 percent sure on this, but pretty sure….If I’m wrong someone correct me.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Super AMOLED displays are expensive to manufacture (there’s a high fail rate on the final product so they get tossed off the assembly line).

        Samsung barely has enough Super AMOLED displays for its own devices.

        So although Samsung does in fact sell AMOLED displays to other manufacturers, it announced that it will NOT sell Super AMOLED displays for 18 months (announced two months ago.)

      • soonTMO

        thanks for clarifying.. i guess HTC vision will use a different type of display instead..

  • Jay

    Its official, no front facing camera.

    “Will there be a front facing camera?”
    “No but The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!”


    • Stillwaiting

      Seems true, what’s sad is that they dont’ seem to get why it might be important


      Personally, I’m okay with having a phone that doesn’t offer this feature, but a camera flash is more of a big issue. I tried taking a picture in the complete dark last night with my MTS (which has a flash) and what do you know…the picture was great. I’d be really surprised if the SGS could do the same without a flash.

      • Jack_Handy

        The Vibrant does have a front facing camera, it is on the left side rather than the right in the leaked pictures. In addition, T-Mobile has told me that the Vibrant will have the same specs as the European Galaxy S; which would include the front facing camera.
        As for the HTC Sidekick, I have been told by someone that I trust at T-Mobile that the person was getting training on a phone from HTC and the discussion in the class turned to the Sidekick (it is not the phone that they were training on.) The rep stated that the Sidekick (didn’t mention the word “Twist”) would be released in Q4 and the specs were the same as the Evo 4G plus a physical qwerty.
        Between the two, I would take the Vibrant given the faster graphics processor and that I had an HD2 for a while and I think that the extra .3″ of screen made it a bit unwieldy, even in my fairly large hands, and fact that the physical keyboard is just not necessary at that size. I would recommend that any considering waiting for the Sidekick to go to a store and handle the HD2 and then decide if a keyboard would be an asset or not.

  • sikkboy

    I still think it’s an iPhone…. ;-)

  • Dashdroid

    . . .and its also a universal remote control. (thats what it says on the website)
    If this had a front facing camera and camera flash, I’d be a little more excited. (waits for the T-Mobile Dell Streak)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      me too on both parts. Has there been any official release dates on the Tmobile version of the Streak? I know the Streak is already out unlocked but what about the Tmobile Version?

  • MM

    Just read this on the Tmo twitter site. No front facing camera…

  • kebanyo

    DISAPPOINTING!!! I deal with my hd2 and wait it out til t-mo releases something worth while…..

  • mega

    Maybe we will get this version of the Galaxy S with LED flash and a FFC

  • photoguy225

    why is there no front facing cam or flash on the 5mp camera major downgrades in my opinion :(

  • flaroadie
  • RICO

    Sucks, they’re leaving out the front facing cam it isn’t going to be an HSPA+ device and no camera flash.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am imposing a new standard for my phones. Super AMOLED. I am dog tired of being outside on bright days (whether in the car or on the street) and I can’t see sheet on my HD2 screen. It’s a real hassle for me.

    Just today I was trying to call someone and was looking at the call history to call them back. Couldn’t see the screen at all.

    I have seen the SGS tested in sunlight and one can actually make a phone call or check e-mails.

    So being able to see the display is a HUGE feature in my book. I could care less about a FFC or LED camera flash.

    I’m too ugly to be making video calls and in my lifetime no woman has ever let me take flash pictures while she’s riding the baloney pony.

    So the T-Mobile’s Vibrator will be great for me.

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