Samsung Gravity T and Smile Make Their On Camera Debut

So while the worlds attention may be focused on the next generation iPhone launching tomorrow, we present shots of the Samsung Gravity T and Samsung Smile in the wild. There isn’t much to see with these shots, but pre-release pictures are just plain fun. Just a friendly reminder here that the Gravity T comes sporting a 2.0 megapixel camera, is 3G friendly and has a full qwerty keyboard! The Samsung Smile and I really mean all kidding aside here, is just a ridiculous name. However, its also 3G friendly with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a Qwerty keyboard. The good news is that these phones make phone calls, receive messages and that’s something the current generation iPhone can’t say it does, at least well. So take that iPhone!

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  • raymond

    solidsu433 can at&t say it sales more then tmobile YES!!!
    can sprint say it sales more then tmobile YEs!!!!!
    can verizon say it sales more then tmobile YES!!!

    im not asking for the baddest thing around im asking for a smart phone so i dont have to change contracts -_-

    just because i want to upgrade doesnt mean i want the baddest thing around it means im tired of having the same phone for 5 years :|

  • thainese

    more lame phones n’ MORE LAME PHONES FROM T-HOMO!!….nuff said

  • PatrickJ

    Screen size?

  • Ejay

    T mobile has something incommon with bad phone selection! BAD PHONE NAMES!!!

  • Jordan

    I wonder if we’ll be able to install 3rd party apps on these guys. If we can at least do Opera Mini and Google Maps, I’ll be happy and might actually pick up a T.

  • chrisrj28

    You know the interesting thing is that I read a lot of the comments about phone releases here and one comment that I found to be fairly true and I agree with is the one about the fact that Tmo’s low end phones are better overall in appearance and functionality than other carriers. A lot of people on this site get upset b/c T-Mo hasn’t released a superphone like other carriers (although I think the HD2 qualifies as such, nix to the WinMo haters) but us power users make up a very small percentage of Tmo customers. Tmo markets to mid-range, famil types and their offerings fit that target perfectly.

    I am looking to get the Gravity T for my son as he has the Gravity 2 currently, I am excited about this phone and about the MTS, it may not be a snapdragon competitor for Incredible or EVO but it’s still a great phone that will not only appeal to mid range families that want a nice device with a keyboard, but it will bring in new users to Android who may one day trade up to a power device. But it will increase Android market share that much more. Tmo is on the right track and those that complain about the lack of a Powerhouse Android device, consider how many people will actually buy one versus how many people will look at mid range for their families.

    • steven

      I would give the Gravity T a little time to ripen before buying. the Gravity 2 seems to be a good phone, but Samsung really stumbled with the Behold and the original Gravity. They dont have a good track record with their first gen handsets. And while the name is the same, the Gravity T is a first gen.

      • SoFla

        What was wrong with original Gravity?

  • mary

    i have had bad luck with sprint and verizon in the past, and ive been with tmobile for 8yrs and have had really good luck with them. give tmo a break and stop cutting them down. im looking forward to the new samsung phones coming out.

  • Laura

    when will this phone be released to stores?

    • elijah

      i was talking to a guy from t-mobile and he thinks it comes out aroung the 24th

      • Sara

        Actually they are released tomorrow

  • Julio

    T-mobile 5 new phones will be available on June 23/2010 also check the new samsumg galaxy S for t-mobile check you tube (Samsung Galaxy S – Official Demo) is better tan the Evo from Sprint, and tomorrow 06/18/2010 all T-Mobile phones are free for new clients and adding a new line to your existing plan. New things are cooming soon for T-mobile you’ll se.

  • Mike

    Tired of all you tmobile haters…I have NEVER met anyone who has been happy with Sprint’s SUPPOSED coverage–Boston area here—I have been a Tmo customer since it was voicestream and couldnt be happier all around–my Bold 9700 is fantastic–never had a billing issue, customer service kicks BUTT—picking up the Gravity T for both of my kids as I had a chance to try it in the store–have lots of friends with Verizon–their coverage isnt any better than mine either, plus they all complain about the horrible customer service they get when they have a problem….TMO all the way baby!!

  • brandi

    for those looking for the smartphones, have you checked out the new my touch slide or the hd-2??? they don’t get any smarter than that….and puuullllease tell me which company has better customer service than t-mobile. they bend over backwards to make sure their customers are well taken care. what’s funny….t-mobile has never claimed to be the best cellular company out there, but that is their goal.

  • Danny

    The ‘samsung gravity t’ is amazing but i can’t find any covers or screen protectors…

    • JRando

      they have a bunch on

  • http://tmobile lilly

    i love my new phone it rocks

  • http://tmobile lilly

    i crazy about it i LOVE it yay

  • Miranda

    The Smile SUCKS Big time I was a customer with T mobile for 4 years went in for the Smile… In 5 days I returned the phone 3 times because the phone dropped calls, not only did it drop calls but the phone would make loud screeching sounds and cut off the only way to get it to stop making the loud screeching and or static noise would to be to take out the battery and reboot the entire phone. I bough this to the attention of T mobile. And all they wanted to do was replace the phone with the same phone HELLO I HAVE ALREADY HAD 3 FLIPPIN PHONES THE SAME PHONE I DONT WANT ANOTHER PIECE OF CRAP. So I wanted to get a different phone offered to pay only the difference in price NOPE they wouldn’t do it. In fact they wanted me to pay a restocking fee for the smile and pay for the other “new” phone that I was looking at. So here it is the break down… I paid for the phone (The Smile) was supposed to get a rebate (Guess what? 2 Months later I am still waiting for it) Asked T Mobile they claim they know nothing about it. So not I have 139 vested into the phone. Want to get a new phone all together STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE REBATE… 139 for the CRAP SMILE…. But the New phone is going to Cost me another 149 OH WAIT MIRANDA BUT YOU GET A 100 DOLLAR REBATE HELLO I DIDNT GET MY FIRST ONE BACK AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO PAY ANOTHER 149 I DONT THINK SO THE FREAKIN PHONE IS CRAP JUST REPLACE IT FOR EQUAL VALUE!!! Guess what?? 4 years a customer never a problem never a late bill nothing.. Needless to say THANK YOU JUAN AT VERIZON FOR SETTING ME UP WITH MY BLACKBERRY CURVE I LOVE IT BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! AND THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING AND HELPING ME AND GETTING ME ALL THE NECESSARY DISCOUNTS AND WHATEVER I NEEDED TO BECOME A NEW LOYAL CUSTOMER TO VERIZON!!!

    • Codyfarnum

      Miranda I have a smiley and there is nothing wrong with and I droped three times. So if you hate that’s fine but I love mine