Motorola Charm on its Way?

Maybe you aren’t digging the MyTouch Slide or the Samsung Vibrant.  Well, it looks as though Motorola will be giving T-Mobile customer’s another Android pick, and it might be charming.  Dubbed the Motorola Charm, which we think might be the Motorola Basil from a while back, this portrait qwerty, candybar Android phone will surely make some people happy.  This is reportedly running the new and improved Motoblur, with scalable widgets and enhanced Facebook and Twitter integration, all powered by Android 2.1.  This new Motoblur should hit the Cliq and Cliq XT as well, so look for that in the future.  Aside from that, not much is know about this phone.  Stay tuned for more information and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • DREW

    Well Debra, wake up and smell the coffee. I am a phone whore and I need a beast of a phone, or I might think about switching companies after 6 years…

    • edward

      I wish everyone who made this comment WOULD switch companies, their very annoying and they seem to forget that we don’t really care.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        LOL… So true. It’s no longer amusing when people say they are thinking of switching, are going to switch, gonna wait a few more months and then think about switching, and on and on and on.

        But the most humorous ones are people who say they switched then come back here to post comments that they did and to say how happy they are. What is going through someone’s mind that they come back here to say they left T-Mobile.

        Well I have to go now. Tomorrow I am switching to Geico and leaving Nationwide. I need to find out if there’s a Nationwide insurance fan or news site so I can post the news that I am switching auto insurance companies.

        If there isn’t such a site I’ll make a YouTube video announcing my move to Geico. I am sure it will get lots of views.

      • eYe

        I bet T-mobile doesn’t wish so.

      • SwizzleStix

        @ eYe:

        Ok, so what does that have to do with douche bag comments on a non-Tmobile site? GO COMPLAIN TO TMOBILE, NOT A FREAKING TMOBILE RUMOR/NEWS BLOGSITE.

        So, when Taco Bell screws up your order, you just stand outside on the street corner at the nearest bus stop and bitch to people, or you go back into the Taco Bell and ask for the manager?

        People are weak and pussies and they come here because they are too limp wristed to take care of business. No one cares about you ‘switchers’. Go switch and STFU; actions speak louder than typed words anyway…

  • KenLo

    This is awesome. I would like to buy into the iPhone and Android hype but hate touchscreen. This is perfect cause i want the features like apps and functionality without giving into a touchscreen phone! I hope the screen is more than a traditional 2.5 inch.

    • B.

      Hey man, thins thing does have a touch screen as well, screen shots slearly say “pinch to zoom capability for web browsing” dead touch screen giveaway. still a pretty cool phone for the people (current blackberry users) its targeted at

  • Jsteuer

    Decent phone for a specific audience. Just because every phone isnt pushing the cell phone limits doesnt mean its horrible.

    Like Ive said before…I have my G1…and I still wouldnt upgrade to half these phones on ANY network.

    • MobileTruth

      Totally agree with you bro

    • Rick

      just got my g1 on 2.1 and it’s awesome! no bugs…runs smooth… and wow: pinch and zoom on a g1! :)

  • mailman13877

    Another Failure..What is TMO thinking?Their Android phones are on the level of the Android phones Boost Mobile has and is bringing out.jeez they’re lame..smfh

    • blablabla

      another failure? just because it’s not the phone that YOU personally want doesn’t make it a failure. Not everybody wants some high end 1 ghz giant ass screen phone.

      • Kyle

        But there is definitely a sizeable market for high end phones, and T-Mobile fails to deliver. I won’t switch to Windows Mobile for the one high end phone they have. Those of us waiting for a Nexus One caliber device available through T-Mobile grow weary of seeing mid range phone after mid range phone hit T-Mobile with nothing that we want.

      • eYe

        This is a failure because not because it is not a high end phone but because this phone has no target audience. BB users will not switch for this POS, tweens would much rather have MT3G Slide or Cliq or something like that. Not to mention the other dozen of mid-range Android phones that T-mobile already has.

  • raymond

    you tmobile fans are die hard the phone sucks point blank period they have tons of phones just like this one -_- people keep saying oooohhh but the poor people need phones to. . . the poor people are getting evos and iphones

  • adam

    ppl switch to samsung vibrent it has 1ghz processor hummingbird

  • Cameron

    for once i’ll be a woman of few words. UGLY

  • mailman13877

    You know what i don’t understand about you TMO lovers..With the other companies you no when a BIG launch is happening cuzz their phone holds up to the hype and with regular smartphones like that slide up Samsung Sprint has was barely advertised cuzz it wasn’t a top phone but the only company of the 4 that makes a big deal bout every smartphone like its gonna be a bgi hit and always fails is TMO.This wack phone woulda been a regular phone on the the other 3 and so would the Vibrant cuzz as you can see the others are getting their versions to but you font see em doing countdowns and clues like its the next best thing cause they already have a top phone.Every phone TMO release has to be a hype and it’s sad to see so many SETTLERS falling for their BS thinking phones like this Charm will take TMO to the next level.

    • edward

      Did anybody hype this? Did anyone say this was going to bring us to the next level? What are you reading when you make comments like this and what message are you expecting to convey when you post something similar to this on every blog post? Take YOUR BS else where since you obviously hate TMO so much that you need to follow their unofficial blog and bag on everything, it’s both annoying and sad really.

    • SwizzleStix

      Hype? Where? No one hyped this… this is a Tmo news/rumor site, they report ANY new phone that comes out, whether low, mid or high end. What I don’t understand is how some of you are so retarded.

  • Wunako

    I was hoping for a different phone… I rly like motorola running android but didnt like cliq or this one still waiting on motorai?

  • Tony

    If that thing requires costs more than $100 AND requires a $30 data plan, it will be yet another major failure for big magenta. How much “web” could that thing use really, assuming no tethering? If it can officially work with $10 Web2Go, it might be a hit.

    • Bigs12

      If you know your company then you would know that ANDROID phones REQ $30 web take it or leave it, one less dumb ass customer to worry about if you leave…. Now I hope they allow a cheaper plan for this phone… I think att did a good thing for the slow DATA users we should do that $5 non smartphone $15 Smartphone limited and $30 unlim data that would be good in my opinion…

  • Tony

    If that thing costs more than $100 AND requires a $30 data plan, it will be yet another major failure for big magenta. How much “web” could that thing use really, assuming no tethering? If it can officially work with $10 Web2Go, it might be a hit. A lot of people would buy a phone like this for their “tweens” but don’t want to shell out $30/month for data.

  • Hank

    If T-Mobile (and Google/Motorola) are saavy enough to market this correctly, it could be very successful as the first Android feature phone. I forsee Android filtering down to feature phones iin the next year or so…this could be the start of a trend. Imagine a RAZR like device running Android…it would sell. However, Android feature phones won’t take off if carriers won’t relent on those overpriced required data plans.

  • alank009

    Its funny the photo is still showing this phone running 1.5 OS. Look at the time 2.1 OS has a larger AM/PM after the time and 2.2 has smaller am/pm. 1.5 does not have any am/pm after the time.

  • shawn1224

    Too lazy to read thru this thread. What are the specs on this bad boy? It looks similar to the HTC Dash dimension-wise

  • Rilesman

    This could be a win. For all the haters, not every phone needs to be a beast and there are multiple form factors, features (or lack), and target audiences. This however, needs to be a lower cost phone I think.

    Too bad it has motoblur…I think a “business orientated” version would help draw away some BB users.

    I truly see the MT3G and the slide being the middle market in the next year….probably minimal hardware upgrades. Then T-Mobile would need a lower Android phone with a minimalist approach. Finally, need some BEASTLY phones to make me happy.

  • Robert Aitchison

    Not my thing but some people will definitely like it.

    In truth I’d love to see an Android flip phone because it would be perfect for my wife, but alas flip phones seem to be all but extinct.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    I like candybars. Hershey’s, Snickers, all of em. Oh, and my old Moto Q (VZW) and current Dash3G (TMo). Haven’t seriously thought of Androids because no candybars as of yet. If the procewsor isn’t too slow, this should be pretty nice with Droid 2.2 on it. Will be watching this one closely.

  • MulderFox

    Don’t give a crap about this phone but I do want the 2.1 upgrade for my Cliq XT. YESTERDAY!

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  • Cassie

    I had a Motorola Cliq, and because of the lack of good reception in my new home I switched the the BB 8520, but I must say….THIS PHONE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE TO ME. Now I’m mad, I want wifi calling on Android phones =( Only bad thing I can say is, I hope this phone isn’t as slow at processing as the Cliq is. I mean, I love my Cliq, but the lag almost kills me sometimes. Not that it matters *long drawn out sigh*…because there is no point in me getting the phone anyway without the wifi calling. -tisk tisk-

    • kathrin

      I guess this one is a FLIPOUT variant, which has a TI OMAP3 processor. (Coretex A8 architecture)

      It should be fast enough. TI OMAP3 600 MHz is almost equivalent to MSM7627 1GHz+ which is used for MT3G slide.

      However, I don’t think this comes with UMA.

      • Cassie

        No of course it won’t. Sucks for me, but you give and take right?

  • phonegeek

    i think ill get the cliq and root it to 2.1 until something better comes out

    • Cassie

      Why root it when it’s set to get the 2.1 update in the next few weeks? No sense there.

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  • sunbab25

    It has a cool touch pad from the back of the device so you can hold the phone with one hand while one finger maneuvers through the screen. Super cool, light-weight, and comfortably small to fit easily in your pocket. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it yet. You’d be surprised….

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  • jimmy

    i wouldnt take one if they gave it to me free, motorola is giving android and t-mobile both a bad name. after the way motorola has treated owners of the other moto-blur phones i cant believe tmobile is going to carry yet another crappy moto-turd phone