Dual Core Processor HTC Vision Hitting T-Mobile This Holiday?

Lets just throw this out there right away and say while its highly possible, we’re going to stick this rumor firmly in the rumor category. Last night, during the Androidguys Podcast, Scotty Brown, an Androidguys writer discussed a conversation he had with an HTC rep at an event. Apparently, this HTC rep confessed to a super device coming to T-Mobile later this year. With a 4.3 inch screen, 800mhz dual core processor, Android3 (Gingerbread) and perhaps an 8 megapixel camera this device certainly can get some hopes up. With that said, Androidguys (or at least Ray from Androidguys) went so far as to personally guarantee his belief that this phone is the fabled Project Emerald device. Ray believes this device will be the HTC Vision. Information regarding the HTC vision that leaked in May definitely hinted toward a T-Mobile launch. With the belief that Project Emerald was an HTC device with a Qwerty keyboard, something the Vision is alleged to have so it’s definitely well within possibility. However, at this point its easy to point fingers at any HTC phone heading T-Mobile’s way and call it Project Emerald so won’t go as far as he was, but we’re not saying its wrong either.

That being said, it’s been weeks since we last heard anything about Project Emerald on our side and to that end, we’re not saying what it could be or couldn’t be until we get something more concrete. Predicting a super phone by the end of the year is highly logical, as we know phone manufacturers have stated their wish to place dual core processors inside cell phones by years end. Therefore, its quite likely we might see this device or something like it as HTC sounds like a logical manufacturer considering they seem to be far and away leading the Android device development front.

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  • Barry

    I must admit the sgs pro would’ve been a perfect upgrade for g1 users I had a g1 then the mytouch (still rocking it) but I used to have a keyboard preference doesn’t bother me anymore but like I said before nowhere have I read that the pro is exclusive to sprint

  • http://www.absolutefiction.com [rono]

    Nice prospect.
    What kind of battery life should we expect from those devices?
    A superfast phone would be great, but if you have to reload every few hours… :-)

    • TMOprophet

      Most likely a normal 1500, and I hope they can make this phone really thin,,, SOmething like the evo, I know its unlikely to make a keyboard fit into a super slim phone, but I dont want to try jamming a package of pop tarts down my pocket when Im done using my phone…keyboards are cool and all, but do you really need them when you got a 4.3in screen, Its harder to mess up typing on the bigger screen cause the buttons are bigger. TIme will tell..but Im still going to plan on getting this phone..

  • Smith

    T-Mobile… If you are reading this, PLEASE release a SUPERPHONE in time for XMAS.

    Dual Cores, slider QWERTY, and dual camera is a MUST! Also, running the LATEST android (Gingerbread) and you’ve got a winner on your hands!

    • julio

      this phone is the game changer …. its funny how tech keeps moving faster and faster and faster ….. the iphone then android then super phone 600MHz then 1GHz and now duel core 1.6GHz what next

  • http://www.AndroidGuys.com Scotty Brown

    Wow, good discussion going on over here!

  • AgDon

    That’s right we need it out for Black Friday sales. Hopefully it will have the same type of looks as the HTC Desire or HD2 and accessories to match.

  • TMOprophet

    Now we gotta pay for it up front yo, at least I think

  • stressed

    This phone is no game changer, its another tmobile fail. They need to put this hardware into the vibrant, add flash ffc, and ship it with gingerbread 3.0. That’s a game changer.

  • Barry

    a phone everyone has is not a game changer neither is a ffc which only sprint’s version has. never had a flash on my phone but from what I hear it’s not that great. But only exclusive phones are game changers imo and I hope this phone becomes a reality and like someone said with perfect timing.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just In: Don’t want the SGS? Love the iPhone?

    Said on the news that Verizon will be getting the iPhone in January 2011, ending AT&T’s exclusive. Verizon estimated that it will sell 3 million iPhones in the first quarter.

    So those of you wanting the iPhone at T-Mobile may want to wait since I suspect T-Mobile too will be getting the iPhone.

    It’s a POS compared to other phones, but if that’s what you like, go for it. (And now you have the option of switching to Verizon.)

    • http://www.AndroidGuys.com Scotty Brown

      Care to source exactly where you read that Verizon made an official statement regarding selling ANY set numbers of iPhones?

      Because we all heard this rumor last year too.

  • Jay

    Lol, watch by the time this comes out the other companies are going to have something better up their sleeves and all of you are going to complain again. I for one will buy the Vibrant unsubsidized (as I always do), and if those phone is worth it, I will sell the Vibrant to buy this. :)

  • Butzacooky

    Lol this will be great. I bet the 800mhz processor is going to be upgraded to something better, but time will tell.

    Also, look at the diamond 2 and touch pro 2. They both followed phones that had no keyboard before; in this case, it’ll be like the hd2 pro :) maybe even called that!

    Google hd2 pro and you’ll get what I mean.

  • En2Mente

    New rumors about Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)surface.


    Making this rumor more believable

    • TMOprophet

      with one exception and that was that gingerbread requires a 1Ghz processor at least, now this thing is said to have 800Mhz dual core, So I dunno if it will qualify, they might have to bump this thing up to a 1.2Ghz dual core..which is what it should be packing anyway according to quallcoms main web site. The only dual cores being made and shipped are 1.2 and 1.5Ghz ones, so where the hell are they getting 800Mhz from????????????

  • newjaruz

    I hope this is true my girl will be stoked


  • kast107

    Dual core for T-mo? Really? What will everyone else get? Quad cores?

    • En2Mente

      Newest rumor that sprint is getting a 2ghz gingerbread phone around the same time.
      Maybe this phone will get one too. I’ll be happy with a phone that can compete with the other major phones.all the other major carriers will haver to offer.

      • TMOprophet

        The HTC “Sabor” sounds like a Super EVO from its descrition. I hate to say it but I think Sprint turned its whole game around by landing the EVO and now that they can roam of Verizion’s towers. TMO has its work cut out for them. And once At&T lose the IPhone they will bite the dust, SO tmo has some work to do to secure its place as a major carrier. Now this stuff with Dual core phones will help, all they need is to build up their 3G and HSPA network coverage, But I know one thing for sure and that is AT&T is going to 4th place soon. I hate Sprint but if their going to always be dealing TMO a one up around every corner, then Sprint will be looking better and better. I really hope TMO can find a way to get in front of them.

  • Barry
  • FrightenlyInteresting

    I talked to an HTC rep the other week and he talked about a super phone with dual core processor as well, something with android 2.5 8mp camera etc. So I would say this is more than just a rumor.

  • dman0629

    I just dont understand t-mobile with all of these phones comin out seems like we are way behind the race im just so dissapointed and i just cant wait any longer for that phone that will crush all of them or at least playing at the same level, several times im tempted to ditch tmobile and move on to these phone company that actually focusing on the quality of their phones….

  • dman0629

    and also tmobile was the very first one that came out with an android device and they completely went out of focus, they should be the one leading the way on these android phones…

  • dman0629

    that is why HTC stocks are in the rise because other phone companies are willing to fork out all of the money to be the best and and it works because people like to buy the best phone out there seems like tmobile cant play on that same level, if you want to be the best you have to give all you got and get what is the best out there…

  • moboking

    HTC Vision.. errrrr…. NO. another tactic to eat up my money and you get to extend another 2 year contract… errrrrrrrrrr thanks, but no thanks.