• dvd03

    samsung galaxy confrimed tonight via district confrence call, training next week, july 6 release

    • dvd03

      lol jk, but it is the galaxy i wish it was july 6 release

      • Stillwaiting

        Well my heart stopped, restarting now.

      • YourDaddy

        I hate you dvd03.
        Just cruel. =)

  • mikey_

    any word on release date?

  • Stillwaiting

    Anyone else notice that the Samsung Galaxy site is now a blank page, or is it just me?


    • soon2TMO

      yaa it’s just you!.. LOL

      the site is fine..

  • mahogany1

    are you sure its not the iphone? there is some date associated with it that coincides sort of

  • king_pepsi

    man..just returned my EVO.. back onto the mt3g 1st gen.. all for the galaxy s.. sigh

  • al3x

    I think it could be the Iphone or samsung galaxy s because they both have a virtual book store

  • soon2TMO

    i just read from some poster at another blog that tmobile didn’t have the cash to carry the iphone.. so it’s going to verizon.. ughh but what do we know, it was just some blogger .. LOL

    • watbetch

      That piece of trash was BEYOND garbage… it was a tar ball that’s floated all over the internet and landed on that craptastic ass website.

      Yeah, T-Mobile doesn’t have the “Money” for an iPhone. Do you know how much money it’s made AT&T? T-Mobile would be FOOOOLISH to pass it up. They could easily raise the money for an iPhone – IF it we’re true. The iPhone coming to T-Mobile would mean nothing but dollar signs for everyone involved.

  • DEE-XT

    can some one tell me from what we know of the SGS, will it be better then the nexus one? n any nexus one owners, how much do you love it? thnx

  • Perry

    What’s with this stupid game of clues? What are we 16yrs old? I don’t see the other “major” carriers playing this game. Come on Tmo, not all your customers are 16yr old girls who live on twitter and facebook.

    It’s already been leaked that this “big” surprise is the Samsung Galaxy S which tmo will call the samsung Vibrant. The model # is SGH-T959 This phone is slated to be available on July 21st.

    The Vibrant has been confirmed to ship with the following pre-installed: The Sims, Avatar the movie,Amazon Kindle and GoGo in flight internet support. all the stupid clues from the even more stupid game Tmo is playing with us.

    • MnDave


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  • z

    better than nothin but i ll just wait for the vision