Samsung Galaxy S Confirmed For T-Mobile?

Well, what do we have here? Howard Chui of fame was lucky enough to get his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S and out of his video, rumors are flying that it’s a T-Mobile variant. The most obvious cause for rumor is the “Media Server Name” with the designation T-959. Phones produced by Samsung for T-Mobile are always designated T-XX9. The last digit is usually a pretty clear indicator that the device is heading the magenta way. Now of course, the “viewers” of this video who we shall lovingly call the T-Mobile “CSI” team have found what they believe is other evidence of this device running T-Mobile software. We’ve included some of the images below that has given at least a few readers consideration that this device may very well be a T-Mobile based device, minus of course the actual phone branding. It’s entirely possible the phone is running a pre-release software version headed for T-Mobile and not including the branding could have been done for obvious reasons. Perhaps Samsung isn’t ready to announce the phone, or deals with all the carriers haven’t been solidified and they don’t want one backing out because another has already come on board. It could be something and it could be nothing, perhaps we are all just being duped, mis-lead or our eyes are playing tricks on us. The flipside is we’ve known T-Mobile, among the other carriers have been rumored to carry this device almost from the get go and its announcement at CTIA. One thing is for sure, we’ll be finding out soon enough!

Thanks to Michael with the screen shots and everyone else who sent this in!

See the original video on YouTube here!

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  • ObsceneJesster

    Mercelo, just because you read on that they swapped out the Hummingbird chip for the Snapdragon chip doesnt mean it’s true. Why would Samsung swap out a chip that they manufacture (the ARM Cortex A8) for a processor they DON’t manufacture (Snapdragon). Think about it.

  • Dave O

    it’s going to be hummingbird for sure~!!!! i just have a little hunch… but this phone is going to be great!!!! the best android for ever!!! cliq, and mytouch sucks mytouch slide is too slow 600mhz?? come on~~~ behold 2 is pretty good as long as you root it and flash it with different rom!! i really wanted to see the video but it’s removed

  • Ich

    Me – i will wait on android 2.2
    Than – it’s great
    bevore it sucks.

  • Sami

    As of right now, i’m waiting on the MyTouch 3G Slide to come out. If this phone has a confirmed release date, and a confirmation on whether it will have a camera flash or not by the time that the MyTouch Slide comes out, then i’ll get the SGS. However, i am a person with no patience, and i have been using a crappy t-mobile flip phone just waiting for the mytouch slide to come out.It’s good that i heard about this phone before the slide came out though so now i can actually decide. Bottom line: if this phone is getting an LED flash for the camera, and the price doesn’t exceed $200 with 2 year contract, then i’m sold.

  • Gilbert Galvan

    If the phone does have LED flash then I will buy it.

  • teesquared

    T-Mobile can steal some of Sprint’s EVO thunder with the right marketing. I’m out of contract right now but when/if this phone is released I’ll be signing a new contract!!

  • mike

    i work at tmobile and i have samsung update meeting next week. maybe some light will be shed on this device, if so ill update you all

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Uber cool of you. Make sure you do or you will be banned to the end of the internet. ;)

    • Alex

      I sincerely hope your not lying. While you at it. let those Tmo executives k ow how much a sizable contingent is willing to leave if they do not release this soon. Me personally, I won’t, but many are…..

      • Mr. T

        Nothing is revealed to T-Mobile employees before regular folks on the internet…

        This is how something works…
        1. Robert Dotson and board knows something.
        2. They tell major national T-Mobile executives this thing.
        3. These major executives hold meetings for the regions, but don’t tell any regional managers anything…unless one of these regional managers are really good friends with the major account executive.
        4. If one of these regional guys gets wind of what something is, they will leak it on the internet to feel powerful.
        5. All employees below regional managers (i.e everyone) find out about this new thing on the internet.
        6. 5 days later after everyone in the world now already knows out about it, the regional managers begin to hold meetings for territory and district managers, who then hold meetings for field executive managers and who then hold meetings for retail store managers, who then hold meetings for their part time minions in the retail outlets.
        7. T-Mobile officially announces either day before the meetings, same day, or day after.

        I mean I understand why T-Mobile just doesn’t want to go around telling everyone secret cool news, the more you tell the more chance you have of it leaking…but they really don’t care who you are. You can work at the company for over 5 years, be in a VERY high managerial position which is over a few states even and still left in the dark on most crap except the REAL name of a project…

      • tmo-emp

        i am a tmo employee and although the time frame can sometimes be looser/tighter, mr t speaks the truth.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am curious about something. Is a camera flash so important to some people in here that you would actually not buy a phone because it is perfect in all ways except it does not have a flash?

    Personally I have never liked cell phone flashes. They don’t illuminate all that much, except if in total darkness, which is never for me. In low light situations my HD2 (that has a double LED flash) does not work all that well.

    Maybe I don’t get it. I was wrong on the HTC Touch Pro2 that came without a 3.5mm audio port. I rallied in support of HTC’s USB all-in-one port that included audio.

    I dissed all those who complained about the lack of a 3.5mm audio port.

    But a few months into using my Touch Pro2 I totally hated not having a 3.5 port, albeit the rest of the phone was fantastic (best phone I ever had, up to that point). To do over again I would not have bought the Touch Pro2 because of the missing 3.5 port.

    A camera flash, however, I don’t miss that at all and on my HD2 I turn it off at all times. So I just can’t see missing out on the SGS because of it having no flash.

    Just wondering.

  • soon2TMO

    … i think a t-mobile version of galaxy S will have LED flash.

    i think so.


  • shawn1224

    So is there any truth to the Galaxy S being downgraded to a qualcomm chip? While making the device more affordable, this could have serious implications on device sales. At least for me it would be a major selling point to have a hummingbird chip.

    • ObsceneJesster

      @Shawn1224….I only heard this one place ( I don’t believe it one bit. Why would Samsung remove a chip they manufacture (ARM Cortex A8 w/ Hummingbird Chipset) for a chip they don’t (Snapdragon). The device will be cheaper if they use there own CPU’s. Right?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted that missing Galaxy S video that had indicators it was T-Mobile’s version.

  • Isaac

    This phone looks awesome, I would love to get more of the specs.
    In reply to ObsceneJesster: the rumors may or may not be true but your reasoning for proving that its false is incorrect. Its a fact that leasing technology from other manufacturers is cheaper because you save on the cost of research and development.

  • paul s.

    And just what is T-Mobile thinking by removing the front camera???
    THAT’S a deal-breaker for me.
    I’ll hold on to my Nexus One, thank-you.