Official HTC HD2 Update Coming May 18th

This past week we managed to get our hands on an internal link for a forthcoming HTC HD2 software update. Judging by the response to this update, which was a flurry of HD2 users wanting to get their hands on something that might resolve some of their freezing issues for the most part, it did just that. However, after almost 40 hours of uptime, T-Mobile and/or HTC took the link down. Well good news for those of you were unable to grab the link in time, the official download hits May 18th and this time, it’ll be yours for the taking.

One of our sources just sent in this snipped just sent down through the ranks:

HTC HD2 Software Update On May 18, T-Mobile will provide a software upgrade for HTC HD2 customers to download at All customers with an HD2 are encouraged to install this upgrade as it improves device stability and performance.

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  • Mr. MultiMedia

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  • Kaitlyn Rogers

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  • HTC Hax’d ME

    Well, I’ve had this update, and I’ve been playing with it. Have to tell you that I’m not impressed at all. Ironically enough Tmobile sent a text message to tell me about the update. 2 days ago, pffft. I still get the slow/freezing issues acquainted with the phone.

    I hope this thing upgrades to WinMo 7 which is supposed to be a lot more stable. For now I’m going to look into flashing the ROM with Adroid.

  • Megan Ally

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