MyTouch 3G Slide Coming June 2nd

Mark your calendars, because June 2nd is the day.  The latest Android phone on T-mobile’s network is launching on June 2nd in T-Mobile stores with complete availability on June 16th.  The MyTouch 3G Slide will be available in black, white or red (not new) and will set you back $179.99 after $50.00 mail-in rebate with a two year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan (SHOCKER!).  That isn’t what we heard it would be, and to be honest, we aren’t happy (Hint: you shouldn’t be either).  Are you getting this device on June 2nd?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • soon2TMO

    i think tmobile is focusing on their prepaid plans and want to expand it, promote it.
    hell, overpricing their devices may be their subtle way to lure the customers to sing-up for even more plans, tmobile would prefer that better as it is more beneficial for them.. so they want the customers to pay for the phone full price which is a win situation for them, and of course the customers will have no choice but to use that unsubsidized phone on their network,EM+, as their plan is cheaper compared to what atnt offers.. they want you to pay the phone in full otherwise , be on their expensive contract and pay the high subsidized price of phone..

    just my 2 cents..

    i’ll still be on t-mobile when the samsung gs comes out anyway.. hhhhahahah

  • soon2TMO

    oh does atnt have a plan similar to tmo’s EM+??

    • andrew

      are u talking about att. and hell no att or atnt does no have em+ its att ok

  • soon2TMO

    why do i have a feeling that the samsung galaxy S will be retailed for 299.99 on contract?

    hopefully it wont be 600 bucks for full price on the EM+…. errrrr!

    • andrew

      why bring up the samsung galxy s for we are talking about the mytouch slide

  • Joe

    What it seems like people don’t realize is these phones actually cost $360-$720 more than the retail price depending on how long you keep them due to the data plan. That’s the majority of the cost of a smartphone, so the $30 price difference between smartphones makes very little difference when you take that into account.
    That being said, if i know I’m going to be paying that much over two years, why would i settle for a phone with subpar specs unless they at least make an attempt to give me a price break upfront? Given what else is available at this price range, the fact that new phones are coming out all the time, including the new iphone which is coming out with specs that are better than all current Android phones, this is not a very compelling phone, even with all its new “features”(can you call it a feature if it’s just software enabled and anyone can get it by hacking their phone?)

    • DannOfThurs


    • flfny

      “cost $360-$720 more than the retail price”

      I hear people say that. I would like to see actual proof. If that was the case, why would an HTC Desire sell for $599 on newegg unlock as an import(or pick any number of smartphones sold retail)? Are you saying that newegg is selling a $1200 device at a 100% loss?

      People and the cell companies like to inflate prices of these phones because let’s face it it’s in their best interest to lock you into a contract guaranteeing a source of revenue for 2+ years.

      Yes these devices cost a lot of money. If a phone is sold at MSRP then the seller is making a profit on the unit. That’s what an MSRP is for. Its what the manufacturer believes its device is worth on the market and gives retailers leeway to discount the product.

      I’m not denying these phones aren’t expensive. I just think too many people take things for face value. If offering these subsidies on the devices was bad business trust me they wouldn’t do it. They’d change the model. Don’t feel bad for them.

      I’ll end by saying the job of consumers is to bring prices down by 1)demanding lower prices 2)by forcing competition by shopping around. The job of businesses is to find ways of making money off the sheep that are consumers. This usually ends up creating a nice little equilibrium.

  • jabombardier

    I am still getting it. The preocessor is still fast enough to do what it it needs to do visually, which is what I learned recently compelling me at this point to not care for a snapdragon processor. $179 was the price of a G1 when it came out and this seems worth it. I will make a purchase on june 2nd. G1 is out.

  • fujitsujeff

    i look at it from this perspective. Google is testing their OS and all their applications on a Nexus 1 which runs a 1 ghz snapdragon processor, better internal memory, high resolution screen, and high mega pixel camera. The nexus 1 will continue being the “developer phone” for Android OS and applications until they release a new 1.

    Why choose a phone which has less specs than the phone they are developing on? To me, it only seems, as the OS expands, apps become larger (Google Maps went from 4 MB when G1 first came out to almost an 8 MB app), your phone will need the specs to handle it. Purchasing this phone, specs wise, already puts you behind. It may be moving snappy now brand new, but 6-12 months later with more downloaded apps, and updated OS’s, that processor isn’t going to cut it. My thoughts at least …

    • Cory C

      You are dead wrong. Google doesn’t just test the OS on their phones; they test them on all of the android phones or at least one’s with similar specs to another. Why do you think they know that the G1 won’t be able to handle the new updates? Google would be an idiotic for only testing the new OS on the N1 because less than 10% of their customers that have android have a N1. That would mean that the Droid, Hero, Mytouch 3g,Pulse, Samsung Galaxy, Tattoo, Moto Cliq, Samsung Moment, Behold and more that I am missing that don’t have a 1GHz processor won’t be able to get proper updates. That would force customers to switch to new phones like the IPhone because their phone has become too slow or won’t receive updates. Of course they release the update for their phone first and that’s because they are in the business of making money. How do you sell your android over the other androids? Easily make sure you get the updates months before the other phones. Verizon and the Droid did it with 2.0. By the time any phone not named the N1 gets 2.2 the G1 (up to date with other phones not named N1) will have been around for almost 21-24months. Interestingly enough no IPhone or any other phone gets updates that long after they have been released. That means the Mytouch slide has at least a year of updates just based upon it having a better processor than over half the phones I labeled above still getting updates.

  • SEFan

    I think previous comments sum up the situation nicely. Nice phone, better than the previous Adroid offerings on T-Mobile. I hope it does well. But not a flagship phone, not the equal of Android offerings for other carriers. Not for me. Still waiting for that killer Android phone. Imagine an HD2 running Android. That’s the phone, more or less. So what’s up, T-Mo? Any chance at all?

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I have been playing the waiting game for a killer Android phone… like the HD2 running Android, I have made up my mind and figured the MyTouch Slide is PERFECT for me. It seems snappy… it has a good camera with a flash (nice to have an 8mp… but really I am not going to be making posters)it has a standard headphone jack (which does come in handy if you use a FM turner in the car and stream your music to your radio) and of course…. it has a keyboard! While Swype is Awesome… Its not for me and writing emails or long messages (like this.. LOL) It has everything I could want without having to go through the pains and risks of rooting… and the fact that it will get Android 2.2 makes me REALLY happy since I will finally be able to run apps from my microsd card. Even with a 600mhz processor… it has enough ram to do what I need it to do. I just started getting into Facebook and I know this phone will be the ultimate communicating device. I think this phone will satisfy my needs (atleast for the next few years) While I do like my G1… it was just limited as far as ram and I think thats what held me back from keeping it. Plus I always had a thing for the screen… it always seemed like it was going to break off. (sqeeked and made noises) While the Slide moves as well… I know its more like my MDA as far as the sliding screen goes and I never had issues with that phone. I don’t think the 2nd will come fast enough. So… whos getting it and what color?

    • Janet

      White, it looks nice and sleek!

  • darkwingduck20

    any idea how much it will be without contract?

  • gadgetguru

    For $179.99 with subpar specs, it is expensive. If it comes on at $149.00 may be tempted too buy. But if it comes at holiday special for $99.00 or BOGO (must have family plan to take advantage- data plan pricing will hurt on each phone) then this will easily sell like hot cakes. The phone design is okay nothing to rave about.

    I just don’t understand why they charge $30.00 for data plan. That is still 100% profit. It would be nice have family data plan or $20.00 for unlimited data/text. If someone is subscribing data plan the text with mms should be free. Now that will drive TMO business and put competition to shame. So how about reducing data rates and include txt TMO?

    This year’s wish list I have Apple 4G for TMO? Can TMO CEO make that happen?

  • es88

    Doesn’t the Slide come pre-installed with a 8gb memory card? T-mobile sells it for $50 so if it’s like buying the phone for $130 and buying the memory card along with that. Sure the Evo has much higher specs but only internal memory (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong)So the actual price when thinking about it comes out to $130, I personally think this phone is cool, and I understand people want their superphones, but this is a great replacement for my bogged down g1.

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  • Abuh_giggles4

    I have gone threw two mytouch slides and they were both defective and when I just got my third one it doesn’t have its own memory I need to buy a memory card ? Its suppose to come with some memory on its own and I didn’t get any with a brand new phone ..