T-Mobile HD2 Software Update Temporarily Removed

A few days ago T-Mobile officially released a software update for the HTC HD2 and shortly after the download link had been posted, we received quite a few complaints that the update caused additonal issues for HD2 owners. As it turns out, Magenta has acknowledged the issues and has temporarily removed the update from their website. T-Mobile assures us that their support teams are working to resolve the issues and will re-post the software update on www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade. In the meantime, customers that have already downloaded the update should continue to use their devices normally. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more!

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    Update, when typing in a name it doesn’t take 10 seconds like I stated before it takes about 2 to 3 seconds just seems like 10 (boy we sure have gotten inpatient with new technology) and it only happens with names that I haven’t used in a while, people that I’ve already texted pop up immediately, still no freezing!!2 months and 1 day and still counting! Did I mention that SYWPE is awesome I didn’t text very much before this phone, but SYWPE is converting me. I still haven’t heard the status of the update is it still down? I not worried ‘cuz my phone is working just fine right now!

  • BigPappa

    Hi its seeems like the link still working cause i downloaded this morning than why tmobile still have the link working.

    • Riopato

      Tmobile claims the the link removal was due to too many customers downloading at the same time. They said that the servers have been ugraded/fixed so it’s available again. There is nothing new to the update.

  • http://tmonews BenNYC

    I have to agree my phone is working just fine and I’m so happy I didn’t down load from that link. I’m not sure what’s going on with other people‘s HTC but mine is working just fine. There is no need for a down load for me.

  • Technology1

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  • thomas

    the tmobile wsebsite has the update back up!!….Anybody try this one yet??

    • SprintGuyOnAnotherNetwork

      Yes and I have to pull the battery 10 to 15 times a day to get the phone to work right again. I will be in the middle of a call and the phone will reboot and then several times after words. Lag time ontext and or email, and the phone just locks up and I have to run through reboot he(( to finally (15) trys later just to make a phone call. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • http://www.tmonews.com Rukuss

    I’m a little concerned if I should install this update since ppl here have been confirming new issues with their phones after the installation. The link is back up on the T-mobile website, but before I install, I would like to hear *new* feedback on the new link. For some reason or another, I don’t think this update is the same as the old update.

    Any lab rats out there???

  • Jordan

    Just installed the update that was put back up last night. It’s the exact same update that was up before. The My Account app still messes up the speaker. Easy fix just don’t dial 611. The T-Mobile forums cites the reason for pulling the update as “Now that we have solved our server issues, we are happy to announce that the software update for the HTC HD2 is now available on the T-Mobile Web site for customers to download and install on their HTC HD2 smartphone.If you have already downloaded and installed the software update to their HTC HD2, please continue to use your device as normal. You do not need to reinstall the software.” In other words it’s the same update. I’ve noticed no improvments over the last update. Come on t-mobile. Fix the update then put it back out. WTF. Besides for the whole 611 My account app thing I like this update. No more lag and screen sensitivity is good. I can just lightly brush my finger across the screen. I don’t know. Everyone has a different story.

    • Riopato

      Doesn’t the update include a my account app that gives you direct access to customer service?

      • Jordan

        yeah, it’s included in the update but it’s messed up. If you dial 611 because say you wanna talk to them, it instead goes straight to the my account app and it tells you to “look at the screen if you can because many issues can now be dealt with right on your device” Only then does it give you the option to continue calling 611. But after this all your speakerphone no longer works and you have to do a soft reset to get any sound out of the speaker.

  • http://www.htc-pure.com htc pure

    i’ve had my pure for per week now and that i nonetheless dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to whatever i need it not just the basic ones on the phone… all the pieces about this telephone is complicating.. i also needed to alter to that android software program as a result of windows is too sluggish and somebody please assist me how to do that