The Magenta Mothership Confirms HD2 Launch Date


Finally, after months of speculation and rumors, rumors and more rumors, the Magenta mothership herself has confirmed the date of launch.  It’s March 24th.  So get your piggy banks cracked open or beg and plead for money from your Mom but come one week from this very Wednesday, this baby is all yours.  If the price is right.

It’s been a nice run of HTC HD2 posts though up till now, right?

Sound off below!

Thanks Jack!


  • Srinivas

    no news from the invite only press event?
    I am a business customer, will not able to pick one at the local store. Hopefully they will let us order one early and ship it for 24th

    • DM

      Event is scheduled for tonight, so well probably hear something shortly after…

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Isn’t the press event tonight?

    • Bannie

      Purely FYI,
      I am also a business customer and was told I HAVE to call the number go through them, but once I spoke wth the Tmo store they assured me (by looking up the business) that they could take care of it in-store. So off I go on Wed for the phone. Call your local store and find out if they can sort it out for you. The bus. number c.s. also said “we don’t always have the same release date as the stores.”

      Good luck.

  • Tyrone

    Multasking i not needed when you have a 1ghz processor in the unit. All apps open up in miliseconds.

  • zavtrak

    Right now I have T-Mobile Web (GPRS/EDGE) for $5.99 (kind of old TZones). Will this count as data req for upgrade ? I know it is not 3G, but it is OK.

    • TmoNinja

      For a full discount upgrade, no.

  • Big C

    HD2 with Sense UI ROCKS!! I am SO glad WP7S is not going to be on my HD2!!! That’s the best thing about the HD2. I will wait until next year when all the bugs are fixed with WP7S to see if I want to jump on it. All these people complaining about WP7 and they haven’t even used it yet. It cracks me up. Microsoft doesn’t even know how good it’s going to be yet. It is a work in progress. Jeeeze! Anyways, the more people that pass on the HD2 the better for me. That way I know for sure I will be getting one on the 24th.

    • Mike

      That’s what I’m saying! People don’t even know how Win 7 mobile is going to turn out. By the looks of it. It looks horrible. Colored block square? I hope that’s not the final version.

    • HerbieDerb

      Agreed. Im more excited for Android to be XDAed to HD2 than to have WP7S. Hopefully it will be dual booted. BTW.. the 1st version of a new OS will have to be debugged by its users.

    • C Dot E

      Couldn’t have said it better!

  • zavtrak

    Another question … will I be able to buy it at $450 with 35% T-Mobile Bing Cashback ? :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great. Now I’m still hoping for an early release for out-of-contract Tmo customers at least.

    • Joe Pa

      Same here

  • Tyrone

    Any questions on hd2 let me know. When i use it again ill post a video from the store with pics on youtube.

    • Joe Pa

      Can the HTC HD2 solve world hunger?

      • tato22

        smart ass

      • HtotheDtothe2

        actually yes. HTC donates 30% of its proceeds from mobile sales to Feed the children and to also donates to

  • birohazard

    Hey maybe if I wait a bit I can install Android on this!

  • Ktwist

    Wow, been playing with this phone for a full day now. Let me tell you it’s nothing but spectacular! I opened up multiple window, like all of them and no lag:)

    This baby can tether and be used as a wireless router too from what I gather in the manual. Haven’t tried it yet but this phone will kill you with its good looks and fast processor. Personally, W7 is too far away for me to pass on this beast and I will wait for a W7 HD3 or something lol. It’s one of those phones you pull out and a crowd gathers around, no joke. I’m an Android user but this phone does everything I need it to and more. I do recommend getting the screen protector called invisibleShield, its made to protect helicopter blades. Other than that, it comes with a nice black silicone case that does the job.

    • iPwnNubs4Fun

      I love your post, but it is called ‘InvisiShield’…not Invisible Shield. Just in case someone wants to purchase it, he is correct though about it’s durability. I won’t use a phone without InvisiShield installed on it. It has saved me $100’s of dollars already with phones i’ve dropped in the past.

  • Bigg

    Ok so does any one know if we can still do a 1 year upgrade? Pls let me know, because I just saw some leak pricing for the cliq xt at tmotoday and on the flyer it showed a one year pricing for that phone. I would think they have a 1 year pricing for this one also?

  • Bannie


    I feel like a new mom to be setting up a nursery and waiting for the delivery…LOL.
    I too have been waiting since last Oct. and am leaving Sprint after 8yrs. They asked me today “why are you leaving?” I replied, “the best phone wins in today’s market and Tmo has the best phone. Not to mention the lackluster customer service.”

    I have had confirmation concerning price (199), date (3/24), BOGO with hd2, this is at a Northshore MA store.

    I am so excited to get this phone it’s ridiculous. Also, I have heard, based on reviews, the ‘Bodyguardz’ invisible cover is much better than Invisishield, just fyi that’s all. I am too looking to order the ‘Bodyguardz’ for the hd2 so I have it ready for the ‘arrival’ LOL!! I hope you all enjoy your new phone.

  • MLB1906

    I just had this phone in my hands from T mobile and let me tell you this is a beast!!!!! I think I am going to have to break down and pick this bad boy up!!!!!!!

  • manushka

    I thought there was a leather case that came with it?

  • RCornelous

    I have had the pleasure of having this beast of a phone in my hands on my lunch break today. I must say it hurt me to have to give it back to the T-Mobile rep here in Raleigh, NC. I thought I was going to pick the phone up on my lunch break next week, but it’s looking like I will have to plan to get it first thing in the morning! Oh my…Wednesday can’t get here soon enough!!

  • Kenny

    Just got mine and slapped an xoskin on it. This phone is freakin sweet!