T-Mobile Outage In The Southeast?


Word coming through Twitter, Emails, T-Mobile’s own forums as well as Engadget report that service in the Southeast has been disrupted throughout the morning. According to the official T-mobile forums, the areas of Atlanta, Carolina, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida are affected. As of this writing T-Mobile has not yet updated to say service is restored so let us know if you having trouble in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in via Twitter and email!

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  • sam

    I have a t-mobile prepaid phone, for the last several days, the service was not available for some time almost every day. It was really annoying. I am in Baltimore, MD 21205. There is still problem this morning 3/30/2010.

    • tmobile user

      Dallas TX as well

  • alura

    I’m in bayonne nj, right next to manhattan. I have a prepaid tmobile sidekick lx and my texting service hasn’t been working for the past 4 hours now. I guess the ‘southeast’ problem is unfortunately making its way up the coast.

  • Joel

    I’m in upstate ny and my service has been out for about 2 hours now.

  • pat

    i’m in texas and there’s no service on my phone either. no internet, no text, no phone. nothing

  • kamryn

    its been off and on in north alabama too, no data on tp2 and aometimes no service but my other line without data is fine

  • James Homer

    These people are so clueless, as is HTC. I spent the entire morning on the phone with these losers, (TMobile), and they kept saying there was nothing wrong. It even got to the point where HTC gave me an order number to get a replacement phone, since we had a three-way conversation with one of the TMobile Airheads, and she convinced HTC that there was no issues with TMobile’s service.

  • phonegeek

    looks like it may have went down again in atl guys im not sure if its just me tho

  • Cupcake

    Is T-Mobile giving us folks affected by the outage any type of credit? This is happening to regular!!!


      Cupcake call customer care a.s.a.p . they will give you a credit if you raise a stink about it!

  • Alex

    Absolutely no service whatsoever at the Air Force Academy. It went down on wednesday night and hasn’t come back since

  • cottonwood

    Mine just went out, northest. Pittsburgh

  • beebeejean

    Mine is out as well. Dallas, TX

  • Jenn

    My text is down everything else works. Redmond OR

  • rolltide4ever

    Yeah my voice went out. data good. Tulsa, Ok.

  • Leslie

    I’ve been out of service in Monroe, Wi for a few days now. I know it’s Monroe and not just my phone because I recently traveled to Chicago and it was good there.

  • Jill R

    My SideKick has been out since late last night. I’m getting so tired of this!!

  • AngryNessa

    Omg I’m n NC and I just spent the morning with happy Mary the jolly representative only for her to tell me to keep trying at my google account and she doesn’t know when the outage will be over but we surely have 1 My whole frexin phone runs on google! They should cut the bills in half 4 this.

  • http://Tmo Michelle

    I’m in So.California and my family and I haven’t had service in hours. Can’t even call a land line.

  • John

    Orlando is very spotty. Seems like multiple towers are down.

  • VG

    MY HTC HD2 isnt receiving emails, no internet since yesterday afternoon. I am in Denver. I called Tmobile and they confirmed that they were having alot of problems and some sort of credit will be given to me.

  • sharon

    I have not had any network for my tmobile phones for a day and a half now. I am in Ut. Any one else lose there service in Ut.

  • dafidi

    no text in maryland so far.

  • Hydro

    My sidekick’s been out since last midnight, it’s been almost 24 hours and still no text,calls or anything.

  • http://www.alcatel.com Ron Harris

    it seem the company who provide the services and equipments to T-Mobile are French and haveing bad service to distroy the company.

  • http://www.alcatel.com Ron Harris

    T-Mobile Germany is selling T-Mobile usa they can’t make money

  • Sirrom0206

    Outage in San Antonio on 14 Aug. Down for 4 hours.

  • Tommy

    Tmobile texting service out in Atlanta



  • Vmarmour

    my service has been out since 330 central time. seven and a half hours later and after three calls, all they will tell me is they can’t help the system is overloaded and there is nothing they can do. my bill is current yet i have no service and they refuse to credit my account for the inconvenience. i am told to keep checking every hour and if at 330 tomorrow my phone is still off than perhaps they will consider crediting my account a couple dollars. well tmobile dont do me any favors, just do what i would expect as a cell phone service provider, allow me to make calls. needless to say after seven maybe eight years, im over tmobile and their service. the audacity of the operator and the supervisor is too over the top for me. CHICAGO NOVEMBER 27 2010 worst experience ever

  • jean

    Yes till now I Keep losing data randomly and at the most inconvenient times, as of right now I have no data yet again

  • Paul

    Service is out in San Antonio, TX as of 10a.m. Feb. 10th. Might have been out since before that but did not try to make any calls before that. I did use it late the night before. This is really distressing.