T-Mobile HD2 Walks The Red Carpet


With a little more than two weeks remaining until the highly anticipated HD2 hits T-Mobile, we’ve got some additional exclusive T-Mobile HTC HD2 pics for our readers to drool over.  There is really not much to say here other than wow! Without further ado, I shall leave you to foam drool uncontrollably.  Hit the jump for some more HD quality snapshots of the HD2!

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  • vic

    @TiCo481 are you in Atlanta. I saw that you said the you were at atlantic station. That’s cool as I live in austell and like three blocks from the tmo on E/W connector and will be there at 4:45 on the 24. My wife will think I am on my way to work, which gives me hopefully a head start on anyone else that may want this device and try and be there early.

    • Your Wife

      This is your wife and I don’t appreciate this one bit. Thanks for the headsup :)


    This phone is a beast! I was in a t mobile store yesterday and while everyone was foaming over my Anna I asked about this phone and one of the reps said they pushed the date up to the 17th???????

    • Joe Pa

      The 17th would be even better…I hope that is true.


    This phone is a beast. Yesterday I went to a t mobile store and while everyone was foaming over my n1 I asked about this phone and one of the reps said they pushed the date to the 17th???????

  • R0cK

    This phone will be coming out with an absolute OS. No WinMO 7 for this one.

  • Doug

    do you mean obsolete? if so, thanks for the update.

    • just some d?de

      Why would anyone buy a phone that has an outdated OS on it, and they know theres no chance of upgrading. That is just dumb.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Simply because it’s not an outdatated OS. WinMo 6.5 is being rebranded as WM Starter and 6.5.3 has barely been out less than a year.

        As for no chance of upgrading, obviously you have no idea what us devs at XDA can do with a bit of source code from MSFT. Give it 1~3 months after WM7 hits and there will be a custom ROM of it. I am willing to bet money on this.

      • chris




      • just some d?de

        funny i never came across you on XDA, what name do you go by?

      • just some d?de

        chris win xp came out 2001 vista came out 2007, your talking about a 5 year difference. you waited because you had no choice, unlike WM where it is getting a new build number not a version upgrade. going from 6.5 to 6.5.3 is not and upgrade it is considered an ad-don to a build. Hence the same old out dated OS. Don’t let MS pull the wool over your eyes. And WM7 will not be a major upgrade or from the ground up build, all it is is a build update. It is exactly the same like win 7, it is not actually version 7 of the OS look it up. It is marketing and you are falling for it. So go ahead and buy the phone with the outdated OS.

      • just some d?de

        @DotNetCoderAZ James god save the queen. cheers mate.

      • MoJo..HD@

        OMFG…people are going to buy this phone because they like it…you do know that some people do buy phones because of the hardware and as long as a phone has cool hardware and does everything I need it to do..im going to buy it.. WM7 might be cool when it comes out, but if it is not on another 4.0 or 4.3 inch screen im not buying it…if it does come on a phone similar to the HD2..I’ll sell my HD2 and buy the new version…but for now im not skipping out on this phone for something that is not even out yet.. (u ppl talk like you have exprienced using WM7 already and it’s crushing the 6.5 version….JJJJJJJEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! stfu.

      • Davidohio

        Oh my god, you are all so freaking ignorant! The OS IS NOT OUTDATED! Where do you get your misinformation??? I am Android all the way but I have to comment on these ignorant comments. Windows 6.5 is not outdated. It will do everything you need it to do and then some. Just because Win7 is coming out tenatively in 9 months from now does not make 6.5 outdated at all. Geez! When Win7 finally does come out, it will take several months to work out all the bugs and defects (as it always does with any new OS, especially windows) so you will be better off with 6.5 for quite some time. Please do your research BEFORE saying stupid shit. Windows 6.5 is the current standard and will be for some time and it is not outdated anymore than the current Android 2.x OS. If that was the case you might as well call Android 2.x outdated since another “upgrade” is right around the corner. If you don’t want the HD2 then don’t get it, wait until a device with Win7 comes out at the end of the year, then you can complain about all the glitches it has. There will always be something to complain about in this industry lol.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        “funny i never came across you on XDA, what name do you go by?”

        Same name… I don’t post often, but I’ve been doing custom kitchens and Android roms for about a year now.

        “@DotNetCoderAZ James god save the queen. cheers mate.”
        LOL… cheers :)

      • ColoradoGray

        If this phone was running vanilla windows mobile, I wouldn’t be giving it a second though. It’s the Sense UI that is the appeal here. The same UI that would go away if the phone was upgraded to WinPho7

      • http://tmonews Christian

        Chris I really, really like that. I agree with you. People are just plain stupid!!! This is a BEAST!!!! I am getting one for my wife and one for me!!
        So everybody else who think this phone is obsolete….. kiss my …!!!

      • jon

        That’s funny, I’ve never seen douche spelled d u d e before.

  • DavidB

    All this talk about the HD2 = dead in the water because of no WM7. VERY few customers ever care a whit about OS upgrades on phones – they don’t keep them long enough to bother. And those that DO care can get a WM7 ROM from someplace like XDA. By putting in sufficient ROM and RAM, T-Mo, HTC and MS have pretty much all bases covered.

    Does anyone think that the everyday MT3G buyer cares one whit about which Android is on their phone? All they care is that it works.

    • just some d?de

      Nice cop out, i dont think you use windows 95 at home do you? I mean it works right. Your just saying all this because you cant upgrade to a new OS. Its the same story like when vista came out and MS said yeah dont worrie your new machines can handle it, then they screwed everybody by telling them they need to upgrade, then the OS flopped. Like this WM7 will. lol.

      • Newcleus

        Hey “dude” you don’t have to concern yourself with what people want or spend their money on. Guess what, you have freedom of choice to and don’t have to purchase this phone.

        Go on about your way and let us make our own choice.

      • MoJo..HD@

        Newcleus…will put…(Just some dude)do not write on this board if you dont like this phone…why come on here and b**ch…to people that want this phone…(do you work for another os developer or something?..and what kind of phone do you have?…your probably not even a windows fan..)….I can’t stand ppl like u…if you hate this phone so much…just move on and let us chat about our awesome HD2..

        OUTDATE OS MY A**…

      • just some d?de

        “Your probably not even a windows fan” LOL OMG, brilliant deduction my friend. And yes i think the android OS will tale over all mobile OS’s very soon. As for my job yeah you would think I work for Google or something the way I go on. All I know is my Nexus One rules and soon android will rule all.

      • MoJo..HD@

        “yes i think the android OS will tale over all mobile OS’s very soon”…”All I know is my Nexus One rules and soon android will rule all.”
        OMG…DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOME KIND OF SCI-FI MOVIE OR SOMETHING?…this is not TERMINATOR…the machines aren’t taking over, my friend..(these are just cell phones not my life support…)…so who gives a flying monkeys A** what OS is on it..take that android talk to the NEXUS ONE broad…

  • http://wowmobile-phone.com WOW MOBILE

    [quote]Does anyone think that the everyday MT3G buyer cares one whit about which Android is on their phone? All they care is that it works.[/quote]

    they care about the os when they download an app and it does not work on their current os because it is out of date

    • chris

      hahaha, DEVS FREAKING PUT IT ON THEIR LITTLE INFO ON THE APP “2.0 or HIGHER”… CAN’T PEOPLE FREAKING READ? I should prolly make a android app that takes all the info on your phone and you guys prolly wouldn’t notice it… learn how to read… It says online that the MT3G comes with 1.6… IF THE APP says 2.0 or HIGHER… WHY WOULD YOU GUYS DOWNLOAD IT TO BEGIN WITH?

      I’m a BIG ANDROID FAN. BUT Bashing another cool OS namely windows mobile that has pretty much all the things you can do with android, get a modded OS, dl the SDK for it as long as you have VS2005 (I still don’t know why it doesn’t work with VS2008) But my point is, IT’S almost the same! Does multitask… Heck windows mobile does very well with exchange… so please… instead of bashing an OS… get the owners a BIG note that says READ

      • just some d?de

        Cool OS, LOL thats funny. And WM7 does not will not do multitasking, it will not support flash, the UI is modeled after ZUNE, we all know how that worked out, also it will not allow for addon GUI’s like Sence or what not. And much more. This sounds like a step back in development.

      • Nick

        @ just some d?de

        Go back to your hole troll.

      • MJayR

        I have a G1 with 1.6, and i make sure i read all the info on the app, and if it is 2.0 or higher i know its not meant for my phone. However come 3-24-10 im saying good bye to my G1 and hello to the HD2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • edwin

    just went to t-mobile yday and im eligible for the full discount on my three lines. SWEET!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have some thoughts about what’s going on here and why it appears T-Mo does not care all that much about the HD2.

    — These “leaked pics” by a T-Mo customer who visited a local store indicates the HD2 is debuting in a couple weeks. Yet T-Mo is not promoting or advertising the HD2.

    — T-Mo is debuting the HD2 in the off-season, at a time when people are NOT buying phones, at least not the masses (the holiday season is for that).

    — The HD2 to news people is technically a six month old device. That means it is not really news. This is indicated by the fact that when T-Mo announced the HD2 no news organization mentioned it.

    — T-Mo is pricing the HD2 at prices indicating the phone is not a flagship device. (And maybe partially in response to the HD2/WP7 upgrade brouhaha.)

    — As a WinMo 6.5 device, the HD2 is technically “outdated” as far as consumers perceive a device and even all geeks have expressed so to.

    — T-Mo did not advertise the Touch Pro2 either. It just showed up, a few of us following it snapped it up, but there were no lines, no fanfare, nothing. At the time T-Mo was busy promoting the myTouch.

    — I suspect that the parent corporation has reduced T-Mo US advertising budget, so TMoUS has to place its dollars wisely. Putting a lot of money advertising a phone that’s been on the market for five months is not a wise decision.

    I suspect all this indicates that T-Mo does not consider the HD2 a big deal and instead the Company is concentrating on the 2010 holiday season and Windows Phones Series 7 launch.

    Go out in public the fact is no one knows about this phone. (Another way of saying no one cares.) So there won’t be any lines folks. Don’t worry, you will get yours.

    I suspect all of the above explains why we have not seen T-Mobile promoting the HD2.

    I remember when I ordered my Touch Pro2. There was no wait, no delays. So relax, I am sure everyone who wants an HD2 will get one.

    • David, Managing Editor

      It’s really to bad there isn’t a Facebook “like” button here because I would “like” this comment.

    • chris

      haha, isn’t that good? I want my HD2.. lol
      But i’m sure when IT is out.. ADS about it will come on TV. IF they did get a budget cut on Advertising by parent company… I think that T-mo is planning on just doing ‘Get it today ad’ rather than ‘coming soon’ ad. lol either way, I’m in line for this baby. outdated or not?? winphone7series or not. I’m in line… know why? coz microsoft won’t suddenly stop developing win 6.5… I still have my xp and vista… and haven’t jumped to win7.. maybe in 2 years i willl.

      • deeone

        i feel u big time, some people are just hating, who gives a fuck about what is outdated and what is not, this phone can handle most things anyone wants in a phone, talk, web, text, gps, games, search tools like yellowbook, for gods sake 4.3 inches of mad capacitive screen wtf do people want??? a fucking ipaaaad!!!

    • GregP

      As a touchscreen Windows device (running Winmo Professional), it will be mostly geared toward business clients. This is also the case because of the software license for Winmo Office Mobile. Android is the main focus of advertising dollars for T-Mobile since it is less expensive from a licensing standpoint and because it is more widely accepted due to its “app-centric” design (which is most popular right now).

      The HD2 is being hyped up to company employees since ultimately, every sale will have to be done through them. While the lines may not be out the door for this phone due to pre-launch marketing, there will be quite some persuasion from sales reps to go with this powerhouse device.

      Keep in mind, the Blackberry 8900 didn’t have that much hype ahead of time, and T-Mobile stores were selling out in less than an hour on launch day.

    • Davidohio

      Haha you are awsome! Your posts are always so insightful, overanalyzed, short novels! I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, I actually enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up! God speed! LOL

    • just some d?de

      All well and good, but if we recall when the G! came out there was no advertising, it was brand new hardware form factor, new and untested OS, and all this from an Internet search company. And we all know the rate of success Android is enjoying now.
      I’m wondering with the experience of MS how well this phone will do, and if it flops I would love to hear why.

      • Manny

        If by G! you mean G1, I do recall there was advertising, heavy advertising. Remember those commercials about the shark and hot dogs? I saw one everyday when it was out.

      • just some d?de

        that was after the fact, it sold very well then the ads started to appear.

    • Shayne Carlos

      this is great! i dont like having a phone that everyone && they mama have..for the info WM 6.5 is not outdated at all..my touch pro2 can do everything android, iphone, webos, && blackberry…for me its not about the OS its about the hardware..thats my dream device..me && my friend both cant wait to pick this up on release date && sport it..but anyways wm has so much power && flexibility..shit i can even boot into android with my “outdated” phone..what other OS on the market has the ability to do that? correct me if im wrong..

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just by way of update, I was in Radio Shack buying a TracFone for my mom (she asked about “that Jitterbug” because that’s what her sister has, so that answers why I was looking at a TracFone.)

    As you know, Radio Shack has seen as its salvation selling cell phones. You walk in a store nowadays and the entire front of the store looks like a carrier store, except they carry every carrier’s phones now.

    Anyway, I asked the CSR “Have you heard about the HD2?” He said “Oh yes, but that will have Windows Mobile on it.” He said it in a negative way.

    Maybe he indicates the pulse of the community, the HD2 is DOA because of WinMo.

    Oh well.

    IMHO WinMo 6.5 with HTC Sense is fantastic. That’s what I was using on my Touch Pro2. Guess it will be one of the best kept secrets.

  • Newcleus

    To those who have had this device either as a rep of T-Mo or just got to spend some time with it, do you know if it has Swype?

    • Alex

      Yes the T-Mobile HTC HD2 will come preloaded with Swype
      Refer to this article for more info: http://www.tmonews.com/2010/02/t-mobile-announces-partnership-with-swype/

      To see a demo of an unofficial version of Swype on the HTC HD2 refer to this article:

      • Newcleus

        Thanks for the info Alex. I had read that it was supposed to have it just didn’t hear from the leaks whether or not it did. I imagine they were just too enamored with everything else on the device to mention Swype.

        I have the beta on my G1 and I like it. But I will be replacing my G1 with the HD2 on release day.

  • omega

    man i had like 6 of these a week ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha sold each for a easy grand

    • You lie!

      Yeah I had 10 of the Ipads and sold for an easy 2 grand each. Post something with some truth next time. Don’t bother replying back because I am not interested.

  • Ace

    As an employee I would like to set the record straight on a few items that are floating around here:
    As far as having to sign an agreement on a demo phone,HTC and T-Mo have done this on all early release phones that reps or RSM are given are at training sessions. I have signed them for the original Shadow.Dash, G1.MT3G, Cliq and now the HD2. The forms ask for the IMEI number of the device. They do this to try and stop employess from selling these devices on E-Bay and such. There was even a memo last year about how they were going to track employee purchase phones being sold for profit also. Can they do it? It would be difficult but I personally know of several employees being let go because of this practice.
    The photos are from someone who works at a store.I am sure that an occasional “ninja” sneaks a few pics but c’mon,there are photos leaked from our internal web site on her and elsewhere.
    As far as T-Mo “planting” these……they are not that smart,nor do they care. The company line for years has been promote the plans, not the phones. That is why the only phone that got any play was the MT3G and the LE. Frustrating for sure but that is how they choose to spend ad money. People do not give a rats ass about the plan if you have the phone they want,(see AT&T).
    As far as 4th quarter number go, we love to see the increase but I truly think that they are counting migrations to EM+.
    Lastly,to ItsMichaelNotMike…..get a life my friend.

    • Mockerfab4

      Makes sense to market the plans since the phone offering over the years haven’t been competitive, while there plans are by far the most affordable and they win hands down on price! :)

      Makes sense now the need for the disclosure. Thanks for that clarification. That is completely understandable on Tmo’s part to protect themselves from employees selling these phone for profit before releasing it to the general public. That is certainly a punishable offense.

    • just some d?de

      Well said dude.

    • http://www.twitter.com/goldeneraHB hasH

      ace… at the hd2 event does every employee in attendance get the device? or do they only give away a limited number of handsets? reason i’m asking is because they’re in houston tuesday and i’m invited to the event. trying to see if its a definite thing–getting the handset.


    • Joe Pa

      That’s rich, you post a “book” of a post and tell someone else to get a life. Oh the irony…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Before criticizing someone you should brush up on your grammar so that you don’t come across as a hillbilly moron. Too bad for T-Mo that it has employees like you, writing like a dumb ass and admitting you work for the Company, very slick.

      What an embarrassment you are. If I was your boss I’d fire you for making T-Mo look bad (and for saying we are not that smart).

      And as far as my “getting a life” I sleep four hours a day. How I choose to spend the other 20 is my business. In retort, permit me to modify and echo your statement… get an education.

      And I’m not your friend dumb ass. I can’t stand mental slobs so you could never be my friend. Now if you want to shine my shoes and wash my car, I’m OK with that relationship.

  • http://www.devtechnics.com Justin

    Does anyone have an idea if this will be available in stores on the 24th? Or does TMO generally only make them available online on the launch day (with brick-n-mortar stores getting them later?)


    • waiting4hd2

      i just visited my nearby store and the rep told me that it will be available on 24th march in the store. I have given my details and they have told that they would give me a call as soon as they receive the handsets. Also he told that by next week existing customers will get an option to order for an upgrade. When enquired about the demo phone, he told me that they would get it in the store a week before it is launched….so just waiting for the 24th to get the device and a week before to play with it in the store…

      • Joe Pa

        Interesting. That sure sounds like a preorder to me.

      • DavidB

        I heard basically the same thing at my local store (been buying phones from there since ’04). Their demo/display/samples will be in store at least a week before release date/launch. This happens with ALL new phones so the employees can get the needed hands-on time to show off the features smoothly.

  • sortamad

    just waiting…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Does anybody know what plans will be offered for the HD2 or if you will even have to purchase a specific plan to get the Subsidized price? I want unlimited Talk, Text and Web but the cheapest price Tmo has is $99 for it. Is there any better unlimited everything plans?

    Also, I talked to a rep over the phone and they said the EM+ unlimited everything was $79. Is there any way that an existing customer can get the prices of EM+ plans without switching to EM+?

    I would just switch to EM+ but if I do that, then every phone I buy from now on would have to be purchased unlocked and I don’t have money like that yet. Also, they said they could break the unlocked price into 20 payments but then, the plan would be around $100 a month again so is there a better way for existing customers to get unlimited everything for a cheaper price than $99?

  • chris

    “just some d?de says:
    March 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Cool OS, LOL thats funny. And WM7 does not will not do multitasking, it will not support flash, the UI is modeled after ZUNE, we all know how that worked out, also it will not allow for addon GUI’s like Sence or what not. And much more. This sounds like a step back in development.”

    you my friend are reading between the lines. I never mentioned WP7S back in the post where you did this reply. I was mentioning WM6.5.3 with sense (implicitly, of course). WM7 or WP7S was never mentioned.

    AND yes, I do believe Windows Mobile is a cool OS. and that’s just my perspective.

    And on the other post that for some reason i can’t post a reply.
    “just some d?de says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    chris win xp came out 2001 vista came out 2007, your talking about a 5 year difference. you waited because you had no choice, unlike WM where it is getting a new build number not a version upgrade. going from 6.5 to 6.5.3 is not and upgrade it is considered an ad-don to a build. Hence the same old out dated OS. Don’t let MS pull the wool over your eyes. And WM7 will not be a major upgrade or from the ground up build, all it is is a build update. It is exactly the same like win 7, it is not actually version 7 of the OS look it up. It is marketing and you are falling for it. So go ahead and buy the phone with the outdated OS.”

    I know when xp and vista came out. And no, MS is not wooling over my eyes. my point on that post you just replied to is that PEOPLE BUY Phones because they like it. your point that is HD2 will come with an “OUTDATED OS.” WHERE THE HECK IS WINDOWS PHONE 7 SERIES? NOWHERE to be found. because IT was just ANNOUNCED… get it? announced. Stop trolling your “outdated OS” scheme, because you are getting blinded by most TECH bloggers saying that HD2 will ship with an outdated OS because it doesn’t have any upgrade path.

    HD2 will come with the LATEST OS, hence the reason it is NOT OUTDATED…

    here are some googled definition of outdated, before you use it.
    Definitions of outdated on the Web:

    * old; no longer valid or fashionable; “obsolete words”; “an obsolete locomotive”; “outdated equipment”; “superannuated laws”; “out-of-date ideas”
    ====> really? HD2 has an old, no longer valid OS? It the recent most released OS of WM? how can that be outdated?

    * Out of date, old-fashioned, antiquated
    ====> read my question above?

  • Lebron1189

    Totally agree with You Chris!

  • Skyline_GTR

    I strongly feel this will be the first phone that Tmobile brings in full light that fulfills expectations of one good smart-phone. Don’t get me wrong, Windows Mobile has had some rough ride (and still does) but that is no reason to over-glorify iPhone, Google series of Android devices from HTC – those phones ARE NOT PERFECT EITHER! As much as Android is great, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile is becoming simply up to speed and still different.

    I am a PC, and do not mind restart here and there… because you know why? Every computer needs a reboot, every phone needs a reboot, every phone needs educated user and WM does it still just fine to have the piece of market cake…

  • papito007



    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wow… that looks just like the phone that Graz said is an illegal leak by the T-Mo store. The plot thickens.

      I hope I don’t get in trouble for pressing that link you provided, especially since those pages say a lot more than what these pics reveal.

      Graz contact HTC and tell them that T-Mo is violating HTC’s NDA.

  • Graz

    Listen boy Mike… Michael… what ever it is, it’s not t-mo that made the NDA it was HTC themselves. Clearly it states not even customers are allowed to see it. It’s a violation of trust is what is important. It’s like your boss or your friend trust you with something so you can learn it or play with it ( Basically they are TRUSTING YOU keyword here ). Then you go and stab them in the back. If you can’t honor your word then your worthless.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well that all sounds nice, but you are flat out wrong. And unless you have some proof to support what you say (that there’s an HTC NDA imposed on the store personnel) the fact remains none of what you say is accurate. Do you have the “it” you are referring to, where you say “Clearly IT states not even customers are allowed to see it.” No, I did not think so.

      Nice try though, using all those nice buzz words as if you are talking to a jury.

      I suppose T-Mo is a bunch of lawless people because even in August before the Touch Pro2 debuted they let me see it. And back then someone went into a store, took pics and posted them on the Net.

      Maybe you should call HTC and tell them what you know. I am sure they will jump right on it. Oh wait, according to you they police these boards and will find out who the culprits are.

      Gee someone must be asleep at the switch because these “leaks” keep happening all over the Net, back since the days of the BlackBerry 7100t as far as I can remember.


    I can’t wait for the HD2, but I heard a horrible rumor that people in California may have to wait an additional 30 days past the 24th date, does anybody know? I’ve been to 2 T-Mobile stores and got blank looks when I asked about the HD2. I love T-mobile but some of the people that work there should be a little more aware of upcoming items. One of the persons I tried to enlighten was a mamager who was very adamant that there will be no such phone (maybe it’s an act so they don’t get in trouble give me a break the phone already exists in Europe!). Again does anybody know about a delayed California Date? If so I’m driving to Nevada!

  • vicz33


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  • DK Brothers

    “The HD2 to news people is technically a six month old device. That means it is not really news. This is indicated by the fact that when T-Mo announced the HD2 no news organization mentioned it.”

    You kidding, right? I’ve seen the HD2 on at least 3 different news shows. On air. Not to mention the numerous times it’s mentioned on the net.

    I really don’t get the big deal about WM7. No one has seen it. From the early releases, it seems to be a step in the wrong direction – read: iPhone type interface. If I wanted an iPhone, I’d kill myself. I want my WM device to be a WM device. Not an iCrap clone. Or an Android clone. From what I’ve read, I wouldn’t want WM7 anyway. But different stokes for different folks.

  • Kstar

    Ok I am confused. I’m just trying to look for a cool phone that works and I’m confused about this phone. So this is not a android phone? It runs on a Windows platform? And does that mean it won’t be compatible with anything Mac? What is the diffeence between this phone and an android phone?

  • abel

    Android is google’s new open source phone OS based on LINUX. It is pretty much only getting mainstream acceptance in high end phones over the past year or so. It has the support of google and a lot of handset makers as their “high end” smart phone OS. It is competing with iPhone, blackberry, high end nokia symbian/maemo phones, and high end windows mobile smartphones.

    Windows mobile 6.5.x is the newest in a long line of microsoft based smartphone and PDA operating systems going back since like 2001-2002 or so. Really it is nothing to get excited about. Yes, it works, and it offers the developers a lot of flexibility in certain ways, but in other ways the whole platform has been crippled by fragmentation of too many different handsets with too little in common in terms of capabilities / design / performance to have high end applications be easily portable among different devices and different WM OS versions. Even Microsoft has failed miserably at not porting their own Silverlight to the platform for the past couple of years, yet they’re trying to pose silverlight as their alternative to Flash and other Adobe RIA technologies. Microsoft’s pocket internet explorer has always been such a bad joke that it is not even as good as the browser running on a lot of non-smartphone featurephones. It is like unusably bad in most versions of Windows Mobile. Windows mobile typically needs a lot of add on utilities and applications installed from paid 3rd parties just to remove some of the annoyances/limitations of the phone, even things you’d expect to be able to do with the built in utilities and applications. You’d think Microsoft Office integration / mobile MS Office applications would have been a strong point of WM based smartphones, but, honestly, before a couple of years ago MS Office Mobile really sucked, and it is only now getting a bit better. No built in / decent PDF reader. Never going to have good support for FLASH playing on the web, that’s official recent news from Adobe — they’re not even going to try until Windows Mobile 7. You sync the device with your PC using either something called ActiveSync (more like activeSTINK) in versions older than a year or two ago for XP and Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows 7 / Vista PCs, and basically you’re sort of screwed if your PC is a Mac / Linux in that you don’t even get a very well supported sync experience. No good microsoft based media player on the phone OS. Basically WM has a lot of deficiencies. It is good if you are in a MS software based company that uses Outlook/Exchange heavily, and if you have a very new version of WM OS like 6.5.x then maybe Microsoft Office Mobile 2007/2010/online won’t suck TOO badly. Other than that, there’s little reason to get excited about Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, and NO reason to want to run 6.1 or older for most people. MS’s own ZUNE / XNA / Silverlight / Xbox gaming and music/media apps and content don’t even run on their own WM OS as of today. Only with Windows Mobile 7 which won’t even be out until the end of 2010 will you get Flash, Silverlight, MAYBE a better browser, better Mobile Office 2010 applications, and so on — and WM7 will be ALMOST TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE with WM 6.5 and older apps.

    So, yeah, android iphone or a high end symbian/maemo is the best bet for a casual user TODAY who doesn’t have specific need to run WM 6.5 based apps and Outlook/Exchange/Office 2010.

    Now just to be clear I OWN a WM based PDA, and I like the HD2, and as a developer I think WM 6.5 has some OK features for my business / technical uses, but for someone asking “why get WM vs android vs iphone” with no other attachments to the windows exchange/outlook/office platform, I think they’d be happier with a device that costs less than the HD2 MSRP and runs a more user friendly and forward compatible OS like android.

  • MoJo..HD@

    in simple terms…if you dont like getting confused while using your phone and have never used Windows Mobile..your might not like the WM 6.5…Me I love windows…and I like my OS to have some technical difficulties…It makes me enjoy messing with my phone more….android is to simple for me…plus I use Office and outlook alot..so it nice for me to have a small Windows PC in my hand..so I can type my documents on the go…without bringing my laptop along.

  • Bill Berry

    What makes the HTC HD2 better than the HTC Touch Pro 2? I don’t mean the nitty gritty specs; I mean in regards to real world use. I don’t doubt everything is faster, but how much faster and will that difference translate to eye popping and jaw dropping performance and I turn around and sell my Touch Pro 2? Right now I have NRGZ28’s latest ROM dated March 5. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn good. There are many “chefs” working on ROMs for the Touch Pro 2 and have been working for several months on HD2 ROMs. The device is new to the USA and it has been modified with a couple of hardware upgrades; mainly onboard ROM and RAM. It is not new to the rest of the world or those who paid for their unlocked/unbranded devices courtesy of HTC. There are quite a few HTC devices that are to be released in the near future; particularly the HTC Bravo aka Desire which is the HD2’s Android counterpart. As to it being the flagship device; no. For the moment HTC Magic or MyTouch 3G remains T-Mobile’s flagship device. If anybody walks into a T-Mobile Kiosk you’d know that. I don’t care if Windows Phone 7 is a bust on the HD2; officially. I also own a Dell Axim x51v and over and over I was told it could not be upgraded to Windows 6.0, 6.1 and later 6.5. I am well aware there are many who modify their devices with the latest cutting edge OS upgrades thanks to websites like XDA and others and those who do not dare to delve into the OS settings. In the here and now T-Mobile is branding the HD2 as an entertainment device which is probably code for the end of the Sidekick devices particularly with the release of the recent upgrades to the MyTouch3G line of devices. I should further add considerable work has been done to port Android to the TouchPro2 and while not complete a team over at XDA recently got Wi-Fi up and running and another dual-boot which allows a user to choose on boot up between Windows Mobile and Android. I have no doubt there will come a day when the HD2 will do just that. Personally, if I had known the HD2 was soon to be released I would have waited and not bought the Touch Pro 2; that said, I want to know if the HD2 without a hardware physical keyboard and its faster processor is worth upgrading to. For Christ’s sake I don’t need a “gaming” smartphone.

  • exclen

    I spoke with a T-Mobile rep in person today who confirmed that the HD2 will be launching with Windows Mobile 7 according to HTC reps.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I hope you mean updating to Win7 rather than releasing with because considering the phone is releasing in under 3 weeks and that OS won’t be out till the holidays it pretty much a foregone conclusion whoever told you that was greatly mistaken.

      • Deaconclgi

        Unless that HD2 had a WinMo 6.5.3+Sense UI skin over WinMo 7, (we all know that’s not the case) then WinMo7 is not going to happen at launch……

  • Queen

    Ooooh…phone is sooo sexy…husband is getting it…right now i’m a Cliq carrier but the phone had a full keyboard i would’ve been all over it…

  • waiting2hd2

    Did anyone noticed that the call and end/power button is colored in US version when compared to the EURO model which is all white.

    I see subtle changes between the euro and US models in terms of the packaging contents and exterior design (not eh dimenstions).

  • waiting2hd2

    Did anyone noticed that the call and end/power button is colored in US version when compared to the EURO model which is all white.

    I see subtle changes between the euro and US models in terms of the packaging contents and exterior design (not eh dimensions).

  • abel

    I think that the things that may make HD2 better than TP2 for day to day use are mainly:
    A: Obviously better hardware specifications may help smooth out rough areas where you are already frequently constrained by resource limits (heavy browsing / multiple tabs?).
    B: The POTENTIAL for more future updates for HD2 than TP2; obviously not at all a sure thing, in fact it looks pretty unlikely, but if you look at it from a normal user’s perspective, Nokia/Android are both way ahead with free navigation applications, especially the standalone OVI maps which doesn’t need a cellular data connection. They have better media players. Better browsers. Better utilities and applications in a lot of areas. And also, key, android owners can TYPICALLY look forward to at least 2-3 significant OS/program updates over the life of their handsets. Windows Mobile handsets and their users loyalties/experiences have basically often been considered disposable goods — typically Microsoft would NEVER directly issue OS or application updates to Windows Mobile 2003/5/6/6.5, and very often most carriers and handset makers also would not even make available most of the available OS/program updates that Microsoft made available to them to give out as updates. As time goes on and handsets got more powerful with more RAM, ROM, and so on, that has started to change and the newest WM 6.5.x handsets can look forward to a much better experience being able to get updated software or OS patches at least a couple of significant times. Also the newer more capable handsets are more able to run a lot of 3rd party software like Opera or nagivation apps or whatever even if they weren’t included. So to the extent that the newness of the HD2 makes it more likely to be updated by HD2/the carrier, and easier for you to cram in more 3rd party applications / ROM goodies, so much the better for you.

    At the end of the day, though, I think the major “upgrade” for most people will be WM7, some hypothetical free nagivation application that doesn’t need internet (though maybe they’ll just stick with Bing maps and assume everyone has internet wherever they go), Silverlight support, XNA support for games/apps, and Zune/Xbox like support for media playing, games, and media content, as well as much better support for Flash, eBooks, etc.

    Basically I wouldn’t personally invest in HD2 as an update to an existing TP2 owner unless you knew the H/W features alone made it a lot better for you and you simply must have the latest model handset. Otherwise I’d wait a few months until it is certain you can hopefully get an official WM7 update along with some better software like Office Mobile 2010, some better offline nagivation app, a better browser, better ebook/audio/video/media support, Flash, Silverlight, etc. Some significant part of that may never be supported on WM 6.5.x, so the key may be not so much what the hardware of the HD2 can do for you, but what the better SUPPORT of the newer device may or may not do for you.

  • WXman

    F*** Sprint.

  • Blacksheep427

    great pics. all the more reason I am getting this. doesn’t have win mo/phone 7………..so what.
    it’s mine!:)

  • tchez27

    Check this out HD2oids! Incase you’re like me and just can’t get enough of this beast of a phone. The HTC website has a 7, thats right 7 minute video about the features of and using the HTC HD2. I’ve personally watched it three times. Have fun! Here’s the link http://www.htc.com/www/product/hd2/overview.html. Click on the green take a closer look button.

  • tchez27

    ps. might be one of those hidden innuendos, or just wishful thinking, but did anyone else notice they put up “7” HTC HD2s at the end of the video. Maybe its a sign of a nice surprise or an OS to come, hmmm. Maybe, just maybe!

  • ryan

    lol tche you are FUNNY! just thought i would add that. this phone better come out on the 24th! i already took work off for it and i sold my samsung behold 2 today! so im stuck with a moto rokr for 2 weeks!!! ps. this site talked me into selling my NEW behold that i had for just 2 weeks so this phone better be better :)