T-Mobile And Nokia USA Announce The Nuron

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T-Mobile and Nokia have gone and gotten all official for the Nokia Nuron which, at this point, wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret.  While I believe this phone is worth a look if only for its odd name, T-Mobile and Nokia want you to know a few things:

“Nokia and T-Mobile USA today announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia 5230 Nuron, a smartphone solution for the masses packed with applications, maps with turn-by-turn directions, and more. Operating on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast 3G network, the Nokia Nuron offers dynamic Web browsing and rich experiences on a 3.2” touch screen. The device is also the first pre-loaded with Ovi Maps, a free turn-by-turn navigation solution from Nokia, and the first to have the Ovi Store pre-loaded, giving consumers access to thousands of compelling applications and games. The Nokia Nuron is expected to be available in the coming weeks exclusively from T-Mobile.”

With an obvious focus on affordability, it was only yesterday we learned that the Nuron would be dropping in at just $69.99 after rebate and $179.99 sans contract.  Considering the assortment of features one gets with this phone, the price looks good for a touchscreen-based device.  Pre-loaded with OVI maps, the Nuron is the first US carrier-based Nokia smartphone to offer free turn-by-turn directions and navigation.  “Ovi Maps makes it easy to discover great places to eat, concerts, movies and more with Lonely Planet guides. Other features include the ability to check the weather forecast and even share one’s current location on Facebook. With pedestrian navigation, Ovi Maps delivers the best routes through pedestrian zones and shortcuts as well as pathways through parks and buildings. Exploring the world or rediscovering your own city has never been easier or more fun with Ovi Maps.”

Dropping March 17th, the Nuron is worth looking at for those of you not quite needing the full-fledged smartphone experience but still interested in a capable device. At such a cheap price point, it’s hard to not give a second look to this phone.

Full press release after the break!

Nokia 5230 Nuron Delivers Apps, Maps and Free Navigation to T-Mobile USA Customers

Affordable 3G Touch-Screen Smartphone Offers Rich Mobile Experiences, Ovi Maps and Ovi Store

White Plains, NY and Bellevue, WA — March 3, 2010 – Nokia and T-Mobile USA today announced the upcoming availablility of the Nokia 5230 Nuron, a smartphone solution for the masses packed with applications, maps with turn-by-turn directions, and more. Operating on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast 3G network, the Nokia Nuron offers dynamic Web browsing and rich experiences on a 3.2” touch screen. The device is also the first pre-loaded with Ovi Maps, a free turn-by-turn navigation solution from Nokia, and the first to have the Ovi Store pre-loaded, giving consumers access to thousands of compelling applications and games. The Nokia Nuron is expected to be available in the coming weeks exclusively from T-Mobile.

“The Nokia 5230 Nuron is a great product of our collaboration with T-Mobile USA and provides consumers with more compelling mobile experiences as they navigate, watch video, play games and social network,” said Mark Slater, Vice President, Sales, Nokia. “The Nokia Nuron offers U.S. consumers a unique and compelling mobile experience that caters to their everyday needs and enables them to connect to their passions with an affordable 3G touch smartphone.”

The Nokia Nuron is a mobile solution that allows consumers to easily make their way around town, download content and applications to keep them entertained, or help to manage their busy lives. Consumers can keep up with friends and family via IM, text, personal or work e-mail, and offers the ability to easily surf the Web with a full HTML browser.

“Many of our customers are looking for smartphones that deliver a great mobile Web experience with access to games and applications, all at an affordable price,” said Travis Warren, director, product marketing, T-Mobile USA. “We are excited to partner with Nokia to offer our customers the Nokia 5230 Nuron, a 3G smartphone for the masses that delivers features like a full touch screen, free turn-by-turn navigation and a premium storefront for applications.”

The Nokia Nuron is the first U.S. carrier -supported Nokia smartphone to pre-load Ovi Maps, a solution from Nokia that offers consumers free turn-by-turn directions and navigation. Additionally, Ovi Maps makes it easy to discover great places to eat, concerts, movies and more with Lonely Planet guides. Other features include the ability to check the weather forecast and even share one’s current location on Facebook. With pedestrian navigation, Ovi Maps delivers the best routes through pedestrian zones and shortcuts as well as pathways through parks and buildings. Exploring the world or rediscovering your own city has never been easier or more fun with Ovi Maps.  Nokia Nuron also comes preloaded with maps for the USA, Canada and Mexico – with the ability to access to over 180 country maps at http://www.nokiausa.com/maps.

The Nokia Nuron will be the first device from a national U.S. carrier to come pre-loaded with Ovi Store by Nokia – giving consumers access to thousands of applications and other exciting content.

T-Mobile also plans to simplify the purchase experience for its customers and expects to enable them to pay for this great content by having it billed to their monthly bill or via a credit card.

To learn more about Ovi by Nokia, or for more information on how to develop for Ovi Store, please visit http://www.ovi.com and http://publish.ovi.com, respectively.


The Nokia 5230 Nuron is expected to be available on in the coming weeks in select T-Mobile retail stores and online at http://www.t-mobile.com. For more information, please visit http://www.nokiausa.com/NokiaNuron or http://www.t-mobile.com.

Use of some features or services may incur separate, additional charges and/or require a qualifying data plan. 3G coverage is available in locations nationwide, but may not be available everywhere. For more details on where T-Mobile network coverage is available, please visit www.t-mobile.com/coverage.

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  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

    I might get one. I’m deciding between this, the HTC HD2, & a upcoming great Android phone (hopefully the Motoroi). I don’t need much from a phone, but i’m def between mid-range devices & smartphones. But, not too much, because I end up just texting, social networking (Every so often), talking, & using a few apps. I’m not that much of a power user. But, I def use more than the basic user, but not more than a Supernerd.

    • Grey Ocelot

      you would be happier with the hd2 or an android device i curently use a symbian device and as much as i love it, it kinda sucks at the same time its kinda finicky and a pain sometimes. but if you really need something on the cheap id say go ahead and get e nuron

      • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

        Hmm. I’ll think about it. I have an Android right now & it’s great. But, it’s like I don’t use it to it’s full potential, because I have no need to. So, it’s like those are great phones, but why get those & spend more money on them, when i’m not even gonna use most of what it has to offer.

  • watbetch

    This should be better than the Tap, but.. it is Nokia.

    • http://www.abstractwankery.com Nick

      So it might actually be built with some quality, then?

  • Deaconclgi

    The release of this phone really goes to show the ignorance of Tmobile AND the american consumer concerning smartphones. This IS a smartphone! I wish that people would know what they were talking about before they spew uninformed information. The person who claims to use symbian, Symbian, what version are you using and on what phone? The person who said It is a Nokia with a negative connotation, your negativity is unjustified as not only is Nokia the number one phone manufacturer but they also make the best hardware components. take your phone and record a video in an lound environment and tell me what the video and audio playback sounds like when people start cheering.

    And TMONews, I am a regular here and the way the Nuron posts have been going shows that the editor doesnt have any experience with Nokia smartphones, hardware or software, just as Tmobile USA doesnt have any experience. this phone does not have a GPU (your phone probably doesnt either and if it does it is probably under utilized) BUT it has the most capable and unrestricted marphone OSes availabe. America has confused UI with OS.

    I recommend that everyone educate themselves on what this phone is instead of making assumptions based on Nokias previous Free carrier phones. There is another side of Nokia that the masses in the US haven’t seen. Feature for feature and price for price, the Nuron and almost every other Nokia smartphone can out do and out perform what is available from American carriers.

    Tmobile is ignorant for labeling this phone as a phone first device yet Nokia is smart for doing so because this will enable Nokia to gain entry into the US market with its services and smartphone devices. oh and the browser is flash enabled and it has worldwide voice guided turn by turn nav for free. America has not had a Nokia device like this for this cheap and unless you have been buying expensive unlocked Nokia smart phones, you have no experience with the latter and therefor research should be done before posting negative comments without merit.

    • God

      I agree.

      A LOT of these specs match or are better than my G1:
      30fps 640×480 video recording.
      FM Radio
      3.5mm headset
      Ovi Maps
      3.2″ 640×360 screen
      Proximity sensor.

      The only real issue I see here is that it’s running S60’s 5th edition while a better touch-friendly Symbian OS is forthcoming.

      Like the HD2, TMO will be rolling out an otherwise great phone on software everyone knows will be outdated soon.

      • Marc

        Lack of wi-fi is a big issue too. Overall though, as someone who does not want to spend more than 250 bucks on a phone. I may have found my next phone for the next 2-4 years.

    • Chuong

      However it’s good that T-Mobile US does not specify it as a smartphone so we can use it with the cheaper $10 web2go data plan.

    • 30014

      Nothing u said changes the fact that America doesn’t give a damn about nokia. We never have and probably never will.

      • God


    • Zyzzyx

      The last 3 Nokias I owned all had problems out of the box. After finally getting working ones, they all stopped working within a few months, just out of warranty.

      These were different models over several years. It has been my personal experience that Nokias suck.

      Being the biggest doesn’t automatically mean you’re the best.

    • http://www.bupahs.com Bupahs

      I have to disagree.. I have never, ever owned or seen a Nokia that was worth anything more then a paperweight. As far as the Nuron.. its an S60 dumbphone with barely capable ‘smartphone’ features, come on, a smartphone without wifi?! I dont think so. If this is the best Nokia USA has to offer they need to go back to the drawing board. I mean seriously, for a company that pretty much developed the first commercially usable cell phone they really have no clue what a real device should do in todays market.

  • oldguybob

    Let the Nokia bashing begin. If you have never used a Nokia s60 based device please do not be so quick to criticize it. Sure it has its quirks like any OS, but it also is the most stable and most open OS on the market. I am currently using the 5800 (which the nuron is based off of) and it really is a great smartphone, that handles absolutely anything I throw at it. If you want a truly solid smartphone at a very low price the nuron might just be a good fit. Try it first before you start slamming it.

    • artiepants

      how’s the camera on that phone?

      • oldguybob

        Outdoors it’s fantastic, but in low light its only passable. Definitely not good enough as a primary camera but pretty good for a phone.

    • http://www.bupahs.com Bupahs

      Its a Nokia, no need to try it out. LOL its a dumbphone, one half step up from a Moto Razr, they tossed a touch screen on an s60 and called it a ‘smartphone’ now thats how you fool the American buying public lmao

  • SnapDragin

    Talked with a Nokia rep at the beginning of the week and she let me play with the Nuron, its 10x better than its competitor the Tap which I find hilarious. Touch responsive even for women with nails they will have no issues. This phone in my opinion will be taking over as the Behold 1. I found the phone to be smooth and functional, overall its great for your mom who really wants a touchscreen device.

  • steve

    what data plan is required,web to go i hope.

    • TmoNinja

      We were told web2go in our training.

      • angelo

        is the data plan necessary? Im on even more plus and if i buy the phone full price am i required to get a data plan

      • Deaconclgi

        The data plan is not necessary to operate the phone or use the GPS navigation.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’d love to get one for my wife, but I think she would want a keyboard because she texts so much.

  • http://TMONEWS.COM Uchenna

    The price is what is gravitating to me, nokia always make quality phones but they are highly underappreciated in the United States, i will most likely get one!!

  • Mog

    A phone like this for $179 unlocked is a steal. (That’s the price of the Tap!) And yes, it’s a smartphone. (And if it uses web2go, even better!)

    I just don’t get the Symbian hate. Yes, it’s dated in ways, but acting like it’s somehow not a smartphone operating system (which the American blogosphere seems to love to do) or acting like it’s dying (it’s still growing!) just makes no sense to me. Kudos to Nokia for taking a smartphone OS to the masses.

    • http://www.bupahs.com Bupahs

      Then you obviously do not understand what a smartphone is. Symbian is great, Nokias constant ‘dumbing down’ of it makes it useless on their devices. Of course its dying, why do you think Nokia is pushing it so hard into the mainstream dumbphone market? It wont matter in a year or two.. the s60 will go the way of the dodo

  • Brad

    I heard from somewhere this was going to be under the featurephone set? even if you have to pay for data, if you buy it on the even more plus plan for full price.. they don’t make you pay for data :D

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

    So, is it confirmed this phone is $179.99 retail price (w/o contract)? Because on Tmonew’s previous post they said $299.99. Because if so, i’m getting ready to sell my Cliq. I love Nokia!

    • Mog

      On Tmonews’ previous post, they said *Best Buy* was selling it for $299. Best Buy always inflates their phone prices, always.

      • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com Dave

        Oh ok. Thanks. I forget how Best Buy & places that aren’t the actual carrier are with their pricing. Everything seems to check out great with this phone except it’s camera. That’s a clinch with me. I love the camera on my phone. Like they say, “the best camera, is the one that’s with you.” & my cell phone is always with me. & Even though I do have an excellent Digital camera, if my phone does have a camera on it, I want it to at least take decent pictures.

    • artiepants

      What’s the issue with the camera here Dave? and what phone do you use? my wife really needs a phone with a decent camera ~ the only T-mo phone we’ve found so far that’s pretty good is the Memoir, but it’s ridiculously expensive for the phone…

  • brad

    of course this is a smartphone,what are you thinking editor?

    And at $179 unlocked, a very good deal too.

    • Jame

      I believe that it will be $179 without contract but it will still be locked to T-Mo. You would probably have to call into T-mo and get the unlock code from them.

  • nexus1user

    Why do they keep coming out with these whote phones, I don’t get it, it makes these phones look girly. People if u want a great device just coff up the 529.00 and het a nexus one, its the best thing out right now, trust me its well worth it, how ever I wasent excited about droppin that kinda of cash on a phone but, like they say u only live once. I am a proud owner of a nexus one and as I said before I didn’t like dropping that kinda cash but it was well worth it. The nexus is the phone to get people.

    • john


    • Mog

      The Nexus One is three times the price and requires a pricier data plan. Apples to oranges.

    • God

      Jesus Christ, do you know what “market segments” means?

      Not everyone wants a NexusOne, or needs one. I’m interested in a Nexus One. My girlfriend, otoh, might just love this Nuron. It’s cheap, pretty, still lets her check her emails, listen to music, etc.., but gives her 3g that her iPhone won’t. She’s up for contract renewal, and I think this is a fantastic backup phone.

  • Poochilau

    This is awesome news! I’m finally glad there will be a solid nokia 3g tmobile phone around. Let’s hope this budding partnership continues to blossom.

  • androidz

    I’m sorry but I’ve used Nokia phones before, OS is cool and build quality great, but as far as looks and usability, android wins 10 times over, and the people who buy these phones the most are indian, I know because my manager is indian and he says they would buy a nokia phone over anything. Please don’t call this a smartphone is just a juiced up feature phone with a samsung behold looking ui lol. Total garbage. Doesn’t even have a capacitive screen, comon nokia we’re in 2010 lol. This phone is a joke just like company dieing behind it.

    • God

      Have you ever been to reality, or do you mostly stick around fantasy corporate-talking-points land?

  • Electro.Pop

    I’ve been a Sidekick user since the Sidekick 2 and I’m really wanting to change up.
    Im so used to using a physical keyboard im scared to get a touchscreen phone haha.
    Sounds stupid right?
    im really liking the Nokia Nuron, though I’ve never used a Nokia phone.
    I don’t whether to get this, the HD2, or wait for the MyTouch Slide or some other phone.
    The thing with Android is that I never uses its power to the fullest potential.
    All I do is text, text,text, Myspace, Facebook, text, text, text, get cool wallpapers, internet.
    I don’t know what to do, but I really like the Nuron.

  • Chuong

    At $180 MSRP, I will pick this up and save my upgrade for a high end phone. I already has a N900 but I want something lighter/thinner for the weekend.

    • angelo

      how is the n900

      • sorandkairi

        Its great!

      • Deaconclgi

        It is the best mobile computer you can buy. I took a vacation and didnt need my laptop for the first time. I get a feeling of confidence knowing that I have the real web with me at all times. I had 3.5G in Orlando with speedtest ratings of over 2 MBPS. Using the real internet, I have taught curriculum in my class via tv out and a projector. I also play Quake 3 over lan against my N82 and computers with my daughters.

  • sd

    From my perspective, it’s a smartphone with a non-smartphone purchase price or data package. I don’t need to carry my desktop around on my phone, and there’s only so many “apps” a person can use. The more I hear about the Nuron (lousy name, BTW), the more I like it.

  • joel

    Just went through some quick training for this the other day, and I gotta say I am shocked that T-Mobile’s actually labeling it a phone first device. It looks incredible, better than any touchscreen feature phone we’ve got right now(although, with the lineup of Samsung crap and the Tap, that’s not hard to do)! In fact, I was a little irked that some of the features beat out my trusty G1 … better screen resolution, better video recording, etc. All these cool features plus a robust app market and free navigation, and it’s actually a very reasonable price. PLUS because T-Mo says it’s a phone first device(BS, it’s a smartphone) so the data is only 10 bucks a month?? These are the types of deals that could really make the haters give T-Mo a second chance. Now let’s just hope the build quality is better than some of Nokia’s previous offerings in the US …

  • pcjnyc

    If Opera Mini can be installed with the $4.99 t-zones plan on this phone, I definitely will be getting one.

    • bing bang

      Exactly what I want to know!

      • Deaconclgi

        Opera Mini, Skyfire and ANY other browsers developed for S60 5th or Java can be installed. This IS a smartphone with an OS that is not locked down. It is like a computer, if software is made for this OS, you can install it. The built in Nokia browser is fast like Opera and has flash support so unless you only want speed, there isn’t a reason to sacrifice browser features when you can still have a speedy browser. The Symbian OS is not helped or hindered by a dataplan, just as your computer still functions with or without an internet connection.

  • bing bang

    Hmm, was considering getting a mytouch but now I’m not so sure. I still haven’t canceled my $5.99 t-zones web service. Will it work with the Nuron?

    • Deaconclgi

      Do NOT cancel your grandfathered web service. It is the ONLY web service that TMO has that will work on ANY phone. Since it is grandfathered, it is exempt from the web splash pages that force you to upgrade to a higher priced plan. If you switch to the $9.99 plan and move to a device that requires a smartphone plan, your phone will be identified and you will get the splash page. Keep what you have and no matter the smartphone, you will have unlimited internet. I have had this for years and have it on 4 lines that consist of an E63, N82, N900 and some samsung touchscreen for my daughter.

      It WILL work with the Nuron….unless TMO has a plan to get rid of us that use the grandfathered plan….

      • bing bang

        Wait, what? I didn’t know this. So will it even work with android phones? Or will I be forced to get an android web plan.

      • Deaconclgi

        It worked foe my daughter for about 3 hours before it stopped. Android has its own custom dataplan that overrides all other plans. So it will not work. The grandfathered plan overrides the web2go and “smartphone” dataplans.

  • Betito

    I’m wondering if I am able to download 3rd party apps on this phone like Gmail and Opera? This is not a bad phone for the price.

    • Deaconclgi

      All Symbian OSes are Open to User Installation of any file type that is associated with the OS. By having the Ovi Store (not Tmo owned or operated) goes to show that you can install anything at your will. It has ALWAYS been like that with Nokia smartphones that run Symbian. Basically, Nokia builds it and you make it YOURS.

  • abel

    Does it tether successfully over USB?
    Does it tether successfully over Bluetooth DUN?
    Does it tether successfully over Bluetooth PAN? Does it even HAVE PAN?
    What speeds up/down does it actually get tethering on 3G TM with good signal and service availability?

    Is the user able to totally control installing and granting any desired security permissions to and running arbitrary JAVA or other programs, including ones that aren’t specifically digitally signed / certified by the likes of Nokia / Tmobile or other certification authority? e.g. unsigned user installed applications can be granted full access to things like multimedia playback, internet access, GPS location, etc.?

    Can you successfully upload and download to and from your PC over bluetooth
    and USB arbitrary content like pictures / videos from the phone, new walpapers, new ring tones, software programs, etc.?

    Will it run a user installed Opera browser of whatever new version the user may want to download?

    Will it run any symbian compatible versions of Google Maps the user may want to download / run?

    Will it run any symbian compatible versions of other apps like Google Latitude, GMAIL, Google Voice, etc.?

    If I have the phone unlocked so it can use any other GSM provider’s SIM when I travel out of the country, can I even control the internet / GPRS / proxy settings, MMS gateway / proxy settings, IM application networking settings, etc. so I can actually use internet, MMS, IM, and such other applications with a different service provider? Or are the configuration menus for such things disabled / locked so in effect most of the phone’s features remain locked to Tmobile even with a SIM voice unlocked phone?

    There is no point in calling it a “smart phone” or some nice feature phone with all sorts of good application capabilities if you can’t actually USE the capabilities because they’re locked / disabled / crippled by Tmobile. If these kinds of things are not restricted so that the user can actually make use of the potential of the handset then it seems like a nice enough choice.
    I’d like to know which it is.
    Other nokias Tmobile has had in the recent past like the 6133, for instance, were crippled / restricted / locked and unusable in essentially all of the above ways.

  • abel

    This is a promising and enticing concept, but the possible problem you don’t explicitly consider may be that the OVI store ITSELF may be a restricted and controlled venue for software applications, only offering ones that are in some sense approved by Nokia/Ovi for inclusion there. Typically any application you buy from any place like iTunes, OVI store, whatever will be professionally developed, and digitally signed / approved by some 3rd party (a costly process). That may grant the application “permission” to be installed and run on the phones due to the digital signing and acceptance process.
    What I am curious about is if I can run OPEN SOURCE, or FREE, or NOT commercially sold / supported software of my choosing. Some of the best such software like OPERA, Firefox, GMAIL, Google Maps, or more obscure free software has not always been digitally signed by a 3rd party approval process or approved for inclusion in stores like OVI store, but is just free to download from the author’s site. If that sort of stuff can’t install or be given full permissions to run (including networking, multimedia use access, GPS / SMS capabilities, etc.) then you lose out on a very useful set of free or independently developed software that you can’t get from such official distribution channels like OVI store or whatever. This choice should be up to the user as to where to get software and whether to trust it or give it access to run or not, otherwise the phone is not really owned by the user.

    Similarly it mustn’t be restricted to do things like tethering or accessing settings to unlock / reconfigure any of the SMS / MMS / Internet settings to values other than the carrier’s defaults if the handset is unlocked in voice capability so also it should be in all other ways.

    “All Symbian OSes are Open to User Installation of any file type that is associated with the OS. By having the Ovi Store (not Tmo owned or operated) goes to show that you can install anything at your will. It has ALWAYS been like that with Nokia smartphones that run Symbian. Basically, Nokia builds it and you make it YOURS.”

  • racster

    does anyone have any nokia discount coupons?

  • racster

    its available for pre-order at nokia usa

  • Kayla

    So the nuron will require not a recommend a data plan? And how much will it be?

    • Kayla

      correction: will require a data plan? How much will it be? (b4 it sounded a bit weird)

  • abel

    Everything I’ve heard including the comment from the tmobile employee above indicates that it will not require any “special” data plan, but of course you need SOME basic data plan if you want to use internet through the cellular connection. So the $10.00/month basic web for phones feature or whatever it is called exactly should work fine. Or the $2/hour or whatever pay-per-use data option. Or any better more comprehensive data plan if you should have one.
    Or any older grandfathered data plan like $5.99/mo tzones or $19 total internet or whatever should also work. The cheapest full month one they offer now for new subscription in addition to your voice plan is the $10/mo one as far as I know. Of course “pay as you go” prepaid users are still left out in the cold with NO data options on phones like this.

    ” Kayla says:
    March 3, 2010 at 8:25 pm
    correction: will require a data plan? How much will it be? (b4 it sounded a bit weird)”

    • Kayla

      But you cannot get it without a data plan? Like getting an unlimited messaging plan instead?

  • abel

    Oh I don’t recall anyone stating as a fact that you cannot get it without a data plan. My take on what people have said is that it is considered a “basic phone first” handset so you can get it subsidized on contract without a data plan at all, or you can get it subsidized and have the choice of even the most basic data or messaging features without a requirement/contract to indicate you need to have any particular version of data/messaging other than whatever one you pick. If you get it unsubsidized without a contract (e.g. Even More Plus, Prepaid, or just buy it retail without a plan) then there is also no requirement for a text/data plan. So basically it should be totally your choice, voice contract, no voice contract, basic data, no basic data, basic messaging, no basic messaging, whatever. I assume the only text/data plans it would not work with would be ones special for sidekick, blackberry, etc.
    Personally I’d just pay full price for the handset with no voice contract commitment and use it on the cheapest data plan if and when I choose.

    Some people were worried it would require a data plan contract as well if purchased subsidized on a 2 year voice contract because they do that with some of the higher end smart phones like the TP2, G1, MyTouch, etc. They are NOT doing that with this model as far as I know.

  • misfitpierce

    I got mytouch1.2 at moment but this looks cool but I think I saw it had a resistive touch screen which I dont like much having owned a Samsung highlight which was resistive and after using capacative, resistive is just blah. Phone looks nice though.

  • moose

    @Dave I have a symbian phone (N97) and I love it. Sure android and iphone have more apps but do you really want all of those apps… I love my N97 and I say it is one of the best phones out right now.