HTC HD2: Ugly Edition


So, you have seen some amazing videos, fantastic pictures, and even the price for the HTC HD2, and it couldn’t get any better, right?  Well, you are right, because this will hit you like a ton of bricks or feathers (depending on how comfortable you want to be when that ton hits you).  It has been confirmed that the HTC HD2 will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.  I’ll repeat, it WILL NOT be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.  I know it was touch and go there for a while, but Joe Belfiore has brought down his hammer.  Maybe you can live with a skin or just stick with that glorious Sense UI (which I still like more than WP7 anyways).  So, does this change your opinion on buying the HTC HD2 or are you holding off until WP7 arrives?  Let us know in the comments!


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  • i am not in a rush to get it anymore

  • Blacksheep427

    I am still buying the HD2. I saw a demo unit at the store the other day. Looks Great. Didn’t get to try much because battery was very low. Still AWESOME!:)

  • BenNYC

    I’m still all in on buying this beast on March 24th

  • sajujb

    Let us wait

  • Bill Berry

    I’ll say it a million times, the HTC HD2 “unofficially” will have Windows Phone 7 if XDA and websites like it have anything to say about it. Right now I’m on the fence buying the HD2 since I have the Touch Pro 2 and I put it head to head with our town’s Kiosk and my Touch Pro 2 beat the pants off of it…that said that’s NRGZ28s EnergyROm up against T-Mobile’s bloat firmware.

  • Bill Berry

    What I’d give to have a Touch Pro 2 style device with that 1 GHz Snapdragon; then I’d proudly sleep in my wife’s doghouse!

  • Patrick

    2 things….1 – It’ll have WP7S thanks to XDA like everyone else is saying. And 2 – WP7S doesn’t come out until the END of 2010…..after buying this phone March 24th…I’ll be up for another upgrade March 24th 2011, so I’d be what…..4 months behind…but I doubt the phone WP7S will be 100% perfect. Android is JUST NOW getting to where it should have been when it was released, so I figure if I wait a good 4-6 months, it’ll have most of the major kinks worked out anyway. Plus…..1ghz processor? 1ghz ROM, AND 512 RAM….i can’t WAIT to put Android on that beast LOLOL!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      The general consumer does not care about hacking and XDA. So no, it will NOT have WP7… YOU will have WP7 on YOUR HD2 after installing the hacked ROM.

      Every single time someone talks about hacking the phone, all you’ve done is tell everyone how worthless the handset is out of the box.

      By the way, you can get a Ford F150 that gets 50 miles to the gallon. Sure, just go buy any Ford F150. Then you have to remove the V8 and replace it with a hybrid engine. Voila, a truck that gets 50 miles per gallon. So don’t hesistate to buy that Ford F150. You can get 50 miles to the gallon with it.

      I will get an HD2 if they’ll break up the unsubsidized price into payments.

      • Davidson

        In my opinion screw the people who can’t figure out how to install an OS on their phone. It’s especially easy for WinMo. The difference between swapping the OS on a phone and swapping an engine in a car is the OS is free and 10 times easier.
        Patrick up here will probably still not put WP7 on his phone anyway for the same reason anyone else who has actually seen WP7 in action won’t: it looks like crap. Honestly 6.5 + sense is beautiful and will last a year on this phone. After that year it’s all going to be Android.

    • Nathan

      A qualifying T-Mobile upgrade (on a 2-yar contract) is only every 22 months on a single line. You’d be due for another upgrade in December of 2011.

      I’m waiting for WP7S.

  • Steve

    I’ll be there day 1…..played with this phone last week and fell in love. Not worried about wp7, it won’t be holding me back.

  • Dan

    I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Tomorrow, someone else will say the same thing and it’ll be posted again.

  • Sean

    At 1st no WPS7 on the HD2 was a deal-breaker for me. Then I was sure the XDA folks would port it with some crazy ROM skills. The more I see of this device, the less & less concerned I am with WPS7 on it.

    At $449, I’ll buy this & wait for the 2nd Gen WPS7 phones next summer, with HSPA+ and all sorts of other fun bells & whistles. And in the meantime, I’ll have one bad-ass phone with tons of apps available and already ready to go out of the box.

    Sounds like a winning combo for me.

    • addicus

      Agreed. My 8525 is dying fast and I always wanted the HD2. Not getting WPS7 was a slight bummer until the no side installation, no sd card and no copy and paste announcements. My only true issue is buying a near $500 phone with an operating system that most likely will no longer be developed for and supported. If I felt WM 6.5 was going to have a shelf life I’d feel much better about my decision.

  • Flgirll

    This is old news and I’m buying this phone.

  • Steve

    Whats the big rush for WPS7, it looks like its going to be a MS Zune with phone capabilities. Every day more and more details keep coming out on what WPS7 CANT DO( no multitasking, mo mico sd cards, ..etc) rather what it can do. And when it comes out it will be just like a iphone OS and Android in which you will be waiting a while for apps and the full capability of the OS.

    • Oce

      Add “no copy & paste” to the list as well.

  • Tim

    All this means is it won’t get WP7 -officially-. I’ll be very surprised if the phone hacker community doesn’t make an unofficial release. ;)

  • adam

    Your wrong android has multitasking the next update it will have apps4sd card so no window mobile is just not in same league as android anymore.

    • thefrag

      um dude wm has had those features forever. if anything android is still playing catch up to wm. just go over to and see how many more wm apps are developed daily then android.

  • Francisco C.

    I’m still going to purchase this phone. I was able to play around with the actual handset last week at a T-Mobile kiosk in Austin, TX. I used the phone for a good ten minutes and it was running super fast and smooth. Definitely a must buy for me, even if it won’t be upgradeable to WP7. If anything I can just get the ROM from XDAdevelopers if I really want that WP7 experience.

  • Johnny

    i just read an article saying that WP7s will not support true multitasking of 3rd party apps and it will stay away from MicroSD cards…

    so im definately not in any hurry to get WP7s without that… thats one of the main reasons why i gave up my iPhone…

    cant wait for the HD2 with the BEAUTIFUL Sense UI =]

    heres the full article about WP7s,2817,2361377,00.asp

  • Oce

    “Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste” ->

    Wow! WP7 is really shaping up to be one awesome OS!……NOT!!!! The more a more I see and hear about WP7, the more I dislike it.

  • Kuttyjoe

    The beauty of the HD2 for me was the form factor of the phone, and also the Sense UI. When i started hearing about Windows Phone 7 Series, I of course thought that it could be like getting a new phone a few months so that was a plus. So I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be any Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade, but I want the HD2 more than Windows Phone 7 OS. And I don’t really like the look of it. I think HTC is impressing me more than Microsoft.

  • enveed05

    From the reports I’ve been hearing on WP7S, and the significant restrictions that Microsoft is placing on it, combined with missing features… I’m beginning to think the HD2 may be better off without it. I’m getting 2 next Wednesday, downloading the Cookie Home Screen Mod from XDA, and happily using my phone for at least a year. XDA will probably have some iteration of WP7S or possibly even Android for me to play with in my spare time while I’m not actually using my phone, lol.

    The HD2 looks to an amazing phone that stands in it’s own right.

  • abe

    if sence ui can be upgradeable then im all for it… snapdragon rocks!
    this is totally way off topic. its just no one ever helped me on this before

    @ Vince who said “March 15, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    You can get skype on literally every java-enabled phone, its just not very publicized. Android even has a skype light application to download.”

    thanks man i will try this out on the next good phone for tmobile

    • Nathan

      ** Sense UI

  • waugh

    a quick question, help out folks –

    is there copy-n-paste function in this 6.5 version of HD2 ? Has HTC done something about it ?

  • pedro

    Two words.. NO ANDROID.

  • Janusz

    So what? It doesn’t have moled screen either. So what? I ordered HD2 from Tmobile anyway.

  • Janusz

    BTW, I have using G1 with Android for 2 years. Now I am going back to WIN Mobile and HD2. Yes, Android is good OS with plenty of free applications but telling you truth, after time I didn’t care for them anymore. What I will miss is Google Nav. Everything else doesn’t matter. HD2 rocks.

  • Tarmonster

    Got HD2 last week, a very stellar phone even if it does not get WM7. At this point i don’t care. this phone rocks!!!!

  • d

    if the htc HD2 was an android phone i think it would be the greatest phone ever!!!!

  • Lyle Isenbarger

    My lovely new LG Cookie no longer seems as appealing since somebody appears to were in a position to hack into my telephone and access the web whilst I’m asleep. I bought it through the O2 shop and have an O2 sim card. O2 are not at all useful but around £42 worth of credit have been sucked out of my pre-paid account. Any tips about wherever I can find out ways to solve this dilemma?

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    WP7 is really shaping up to be one awesome OS!