HD2 Gets Unboxed (Again), TmoNews Style With Extras (Updated)


Update:  A bunch of pics showing the multimedia functions of the HD2 have been added. The only missing piece here is the e-reader which our source said is just asking to be updated.

Update 2:  Thanks to Marc over at Laptop Mag, we are closer to confirming the March 24th launch date and the $199.99 price point.  It’s obviously what we’ve been expecting this whole time.  Of course, they also note that the HD2 will NOT be Windows Phone 7 compatible which clears up some of the confusion that surrounded that possibility.

As the launch of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 nears, we’ve got a few more exclusive images of the HD2 in actionfor you, our readers.  Just to recap, we’re still running with the March 24th release date, the same $199.99 2 year contract pricing, and a $449.99 retail price tag.  Hit the jump for an overload of HTC HD2 goodness!

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  • John

    Can both Transformers movies be deleted of the micro sd card if indeed that is where they are stored? I’m sure that will free up alot more room on the phone/sdcard. Also no one has mentioned this, when a app is downloaded, will that go to the sd card or the phone itself? Anyone know????

    • Kevin

      John, from the information that I currently have available to me, I can say that they are protected as to not be moved (for legal purposes of course). That being said, I have not had the opportunity, nor have tried to actually delete them. If you would like to delete them, you can of course do a reformat using your computer, but the preloaded apps do come on the sd card an will not work if deleted. In a couple weeks we will know if the apps can be moved from the card to the phone or just simply copied to your computer so that they can be moved back after the format.

      In terms of apps from the market, you have the option of installing to your phone storage or storage card as you would on any current windows mobile phone.

  • jtc24

    with the movie and some other apps on the phone, you will have between 10-12 gb of storage on the memory card. you can delete the movies and im almost certain apps will be stored on the memory card.


    Hey guys, I emailed Media Relations at TMobile. They said, “Confirmation of the HD2 retail launch date will be avaialable early next week.” I know its not ground breaking but it gives us something to look forward to. No more rumors or hearsay about when the HD2 will be released.

  • Bill Berry

    The answer is yes and then reformat the card. It’s no different than the storage cards that were on the MyTouch3Gs.

  • Awatt

    You can format the card, but you’ll loose some applications too. It’s approx 12 Gig left on the card when you get the device.

  • Carlos

    So I did a comparison with the homescreen of the HD2 and the demo’s for Wp7s. The hd2 sense makes the current wp7s screen look outdated to me. The homescreen of the HD2 is beautiful while the wp7s looks boring with all the smurf colored tiles. I am getting the HD2 first day it comes out. I will be outside waiting for the doors to open like the old Mervyns commercials….OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!! (remember those)? Anyways, I can wait for a new hot phone with WPS7 if I end up liking it. I can wait for them to work out all the bugs first until I stop using my HD2. I am so in love with this phone. I got to play with it at my local Tmo store and didn’t want to give it back. This is by far the best phone T-Mobile has and has ever had!! That’s my opinion so those of you who disagree, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t kill me verbally for throwing my opinion in here. I have had the G1 since it first came out and I loved it. Very good and dependable but the HD2 I think I will LOVE more!

  • myg1

    you can actually delete the 2 transformers..originally thought it was drm protected but u can move to ur computer and save it..and since its a windows mobile phone all apps are saved on memory card instead..this phone is reallie nice and battery life lasts a long long time

  • http://yahoo.com KeVo12

    my question is y is dis phone cheaper than the touch pro 2. dont make since