Motorola Cliq Update Details Leak


It’s not really much of a secret anymore that Motorola is coming out with a maintenance update for the Cliq this week. Those of you really clamoring for details kinda sorta get some answers with the above image rather than just the usual broad “fixes.” We’ve already been told to look for improved battery life, touchscreen improvements, improved GPS tracking and other various fixes, including those stated below:

  • Improved battery life
  • New Manage SIM card application
  • Support of .WMA and .WAV media files
  • Removal of the imeem mobile application
  • Improved software performance and stability
    • Improved widget response
    • Decreased ‘force close’ error messages
    • Other various fixes

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  • Rex

    First! Sorry… will the key board lighting issues be fixed?

  • sabercrombiedude

    Zo000mFGGGGGGGG.! 2nd.!?!??!?! ahhhh.1`


    Anyways, Good To See An Update Coming. Isn’t It Supposed To Get 2.1, Too.?

  • watbetch

    Since I’m new to Android and all, this update wouldn’t remove root access would it?

    • john

      erm, well root excludes you from it, not so much the other way around.

      • watbetch

        That blows

  • Ben Franklin

    This would be great news, but my Cliq’s keyboard totally crapped out on me today (besides the lighting issues which I’ve had for months). When I push a letter, it randomly does about 15 others behind it. It’s unusable! I’m a TMO rep and won the phone for free in a sales contest so I don’t have a warranty.
    It’s a shame too, it’s a great phone. The best in TMO’s lineup. The same phone, but with a larger screen, faster processor, and and OS upgrade would be the perfect phone. Oh, and one that’s not broken! :(

    • watbetch

      What? You don’t have a warranty because you won it?! Weird. Either way I think the keyboard lighting issues have to do with the fancy dual lighting for the alternate keyboard. Also.. I would be surprised if your replacement from T-Mobile didn’t develop the same problem.

    • torsh

      Yea my keyboard messed up on me a few weeks ago, I finally had time to call them. They said there wasn’t a known issue with thee keyboard, but they may be wrong.

    • john

      If you had php on there it would be covered though.

  • manus

    why are they removing imeem

    • Mike

      Because Myspace bought Imeem and shut it down. No need for the service anymore.

    • Rex

      Myspace bought it in December, and now only they have the rights to it… or something lol

    • timmyjoe42

      Myspace bought it and it no longer exists.

  • timmyjoe42

    18th. Woo Hoo! That’s tomorrow. w00t!

  • Rick

    They should let us remove other apps that we don’t use.

    • watbetch

      Like MyFaves and Mobile Backup..

  • Rick

    I have a question. If we have the 1st update that was leaked (1.3.8) or whatever that was, do we still get this update that’s coming out??? Does anyone know…..

  • Rex

    I’m sure, the leaked was still a bit incomplete.

  • mike

    come on release it already its the 18th

    • timmyjoe42


  • David

    Yeah the keyboard issue sucks but it seems typical of motorola products. I have had motorola phones over the years and had problems with every single one. 6 motorola phones over 8 years and issues from keys sticking/not working, to screens going white or black, phone freezing, phone powering off, screen getting “lines” all over it, getting “unable to charge” or “invalid battery” chen attempting to chrge…the list goes on and on and I finally gave up on motorola products and went to nokia and problems with any of them.

    • watbetch

      My Nokia Xpress music slider phone had developed a white screen. Samsung, I never really had any issues with.. but please, The Behold II sounds like a hot mess right now.

      • khaltz

        My girl got a behold II and it is cool. She loves it better than he SK08 Gecko. Its has so pros and cons much like all phones. I personally like it more than my cliq. Touch screen is better, but a little slow does crash nor shut down randomly like mine does. Next phone for me back to iphone hopefully with a tmo full support. I can dream can’t i? I’m not feelin android lately don’t updateas much and my cliq feels like a cheap slut.

  • adorable

    How do you know your phone got the 2.1? What does it do? Need a restart? LOL What?

    • timmyjoe42

      It’s not getting 2.1. Just a minor update.
      You should get a notification that an update is ready for your download. It will then prompt you for a do it now or later option. It recommends you have a 3G or wifi connection and a full battery charge or have it plugged in.

  • Rex

    Still nothing! Lol

  • Justin

    Has Any One Recieved it Yet?

  • InfidelCastro

    If it’s like the G1 a little message will appear on the screen asking you if you want to install the update. If you press no you can always change your mind later and go to menu / settings / about phoe / system updates. I’m surprised no 1.6 update with voice integration isn’t in this build, or is it?

    • timmyjoe42

      Not likely. I’m sure Moto isn’t wasting time going to 1.6 before 2.0, so they are just focusing on going straight to 2.1.

  • psn_fan

    yeah but 1.6 would be awesome right about now, 1.5 is garbage many i hate going to the market now because it looks freakn dull and im a little slow when it comes to directions i grew pretty fond of the navigation feature. I wish i never broke my G1 and i am regreting buying this phone. and to be honest 2.1 for moto is going to be an updated 1.6 its not going to have some of the cool features as the N1 as we seen whats going to happen with the droid. and on a little side note i dont expect to see the 2.1 update for the cliq until the new Cliq XT comes out, we have to suffer because of that piece of crap, the touch screen on this phone is crap i feel sorry for the people that get the XT because that sucker is touch only.

  • carlb

    I still haven’t gotten the update yet what is going on

  • Richard

    Anyone get the update yet?

  • khaltz

    Anyone got the update. Was is comming out today?

  • Heber


    NO just/kidding still waiting :(

  • Richard

    It maybe a time zone thing?

  • Richard

    Anybody want to start taking bets?

  • Richard

    I say 3:00 Central (US&Canada)

  • jwgizmo

    Where is the effin update?????

    • David

      It says on the 18th they will BEGIN to send the OTA, that doesn’t mean everyone will get it on the 18th!

      • Antonio

        Well when you put it that way..I’m kind of upset because I actually got excited about it….hm well there’s my piece of happy for the day..:/
        its fine though

  • timmyjoe42

    I think I got the last update around 3 or 4 EST. I would suspect it is coming from Motorola which has offices in the San Jose area not the Chicago office. The screen shot says PST.

  • heber

    NEW MEXICO here nothign yet

  • Richard

    IF not everybody will get it on the 18th. Have anyone seen it start yet?

  • Richard

    Or has anyone from Texas got the update?

  • bay

    Naw nothin yet n dallas

  • Corey

    Nada here in Colorado.

  • jkspike3

    ugh the anticipation is killing me!

  • Doctorpooper

    I got this update during the 15 min pre release…battery time is amazing but the other features u can hardly tell

  • menchi

    I still haven’t gotten the update and I live in dallas tx.

  • Jordan (cincinnati)

    No update here in cincy

  • mike

    *jeopardy theme music*

  • jake the snake

    nada in connecticut

  • timmyjoe42

    Someone on is claiming to have gotten it.

    • Scott B

      Don’t mean SQUAT unless you gots that screenSHOT!

  • Antonio

    My guess is that it’ll probably be distributed to everyone by Saturday…I wouldn’t expect it today though

  • Gil

    I got it!omgoodness!,, I just removed that imeem app.
    What is going on? Still not gettin the update…

  • Scott B

    The only thing I care about in this update is the touchscreen bug:

  • Michaelk803

    This sucks waiting. I am in California and I have been trying since midnight and still nothing. Maybe we all got fooled!

  • jorge

    Let’s all call motorola at 1-800-734-5870

  • jake the snake

    I just called they said they attempted to release it around 3 pm est and everyone should receive it by 9 pm est

  • jwalton


  • KG

    Nearly 8:30 on the east coast and still nothing…

  • matb321

    Nothing in dayton,Ohio yet..

  • watbetch

    Unrooted and no update either

  • psn_fan

    Nothin here in Chicago

  • mike

    its a scam and 2.1 will also lol

  • microhaxo