Palm Bringing webOS Goodness To T-Mobile?


Any die hard Palm fans here? It looks like Palm might be giving some webOS love to T-Mobile subscribers. According to one of BGR’s “solid Palm connects”, T-Mobile is in the “final stages” of planning out their webOS device launch with Palm. BGR’s tipster also claims that Magenta’s first webOS handset will be similar to the Palm Pixi. Its about time Palm! Until we have further confirmation, we’re going to place this one under the rumors column. But seriously, after playing around with the Palm Pre, webOS is pretty slick and I’m definitely diggin’ the card system.

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  • Palm is a dying brand I wouldn’t take it for anything. Android is the future!!!

    • techgurl

      palm pre is the shit android is so lame. i love my palm and the card system and multitasking is really grat i have one my self….

    • SiliconAddict

      Whatever. Google threw Android out there and left it with massive gaping holes in terms of capabilities and said here’s the foundation you do the rest. Handset manufacturers have started to fill in those holes however its all over the damn board. Palm at least makes the entire package and it shows if you have ever touched a Pre. I have a G1 right now and frankly I’m looking at dropping T Mobile and Android because of the lack of advanced hardware and keyboard based devices. The Pre at least goes as far as having a coprocessor for video which upon the next release should give the Pre a real kick in the pants in terms of performance. That and compared to the Pre android’s GUI is bordering on ancient. It was great a year and a half ago. Now? No. Just no.
      Palm has created a GUI that feels lightyears ahead of Androids and while that can subjective I know of very few people who aren’t impressed by it after playing with it a while…I know I was.

  • JMTS80

    Decisions decisions… I finally had it narrowed down to either HD2 or Nexus 1 and now i have to add this potential device aaagghhh I’m gonna go broke!

    • Johnny

      C’mon seriously? Whatever Palm may be able to produce isn’t even in the same league as the HD2 or Nexus…

      • sorandkairi

        Agreed, but still diversity breeds profits think about it NOKIA, ANDROID, BLACKBERRY, WINDOWS, and PALM handsets…. how could they not win! Dont forget Apple if that happens!

      • JMTS80

        I guess i would consider the Palm just because it has a physical keyboard. Yeah the HD2 is a best but im still iffy about Winmo and the Nexus One has had a bunch of issues so I haven’t taken the plunge.

      • xImtc

        You’re right. Android blows and WebOS is awesome. Seriously. Once you Pre you can’t go back.

    • I’m in the same boat. Although I’d prefer the pre.

  • watbetch

    T-Mobile’s smartphone line up certainly is getting crowded. When are they at least going to drop the G1 and older blackberries?

    • Johnny

      Whenever stock is depleted.

    • SiliconAddict

      Yah crowded…with phones that don’t have a keyboard.

  • erin

    I was such a Palm fan, from their m500 then m505, then several Tungstens, a Zire, Treo 600/650…looking forward to their T-Mo line-up! I still use my Treo 650 now and then!

  • Count me in! I love the Pre’s gorgeous screen and hope we’d get a better, beefier version of the Pixi if it’s true.

    • SteveG1

      Me too. If they upgrade the specs on the Pixi, I might give it a try. It’s nice to hear these phone are potentially coming to T-Mobile. Hopefully this is NOT a rumor.

  • SoTacMatt

    I had Palm OS. Palm should have released more devices before Android came out. It might have given them more momentum.

    I love my G1 and plan to stick with Android for a long time.

    • sorandkairi

      I agree with that statement on both accounts but again that web os isnt somthing to be taken lately. Its actually very good!

    • Dominick

      I love my G1 too. With all the different ROM’s I can pick from and with development of the android OS still taking off I am good where I am at least until someone unlocks the X10 going to AT&T :(

  • meh, Palm schmalm… Android is where its at!

    • john

      i’d give it a once over, but with the current anticipated line-up, can’t see it being mine unless it’s a flat out monster…however would help get more brand based fanboy’s to magenta. @watbetch, who would have ever thought that would be something you could say even 10 months ago huh? lol

  • eli_the_great89

    That sounds great. T-Mobile, for some odd reason, has never had Palm handsets on its lineup.
    And now with the new OS as oppsed to Windows Mobile. Palm is even more attractive.

    With a bigger form factor on the Pixy and a more sleek design…id defenately think twice about upgrading to Palm.

  • bing bang

    I wouldn’t mind trying a webos phone. I’m due for an upgrade and I’m considering getting the new mytouch 3g NOW. I don’t want to wait any longer as the phone right now sucks! It’s not even 3g capable so I can’t even use my $5.99 t-zones. It’s that slow.

  • Carl

    Well T-Mobile did carry the Palm Treo(forgot specific version), but it kept going into airplane mode. After that, T-Mobile didn’t carry Palm handsets

  • *black*silva*

    I like webOS but android is king. palm pixi or nexus? come on really guys?

    google and apple are in a war right? in 4 years apple has not had a war with anyone, want to know why that is? no one could compete with them. now someone can and they know it. that means google is going to come out with some pretty kick butt stuff that apple nor any other company can compete with.

    • sorandkairi

      Agreed! But can they in enough time is the ?. I’m all for android because well… I like it. The platform(os) is relatively easy once u master it as is the iphone! But their downfall or rather pitfall as it is now is that they do not have the many many devs. that it takes to take apps to the next level. Look they have good applications but where is my Wachovia app. and my PizzaHut app.? These are 2 things that i personally use everyday…sorta…dont really eat that much pizza! But u get the point.

      Another thing is that the have too many different phones all running different stocks of their os(Android)! Now with MotoBlur and Sense…. I understand that but for the G1, Mytouch (all 3 editions), Droid, etc… come on! Another thing is apps to sd…. that would help.

  • Madprofessor

    Hooray for a mid-tier line-up! I’ll except nothing less than a pre plus.

  • JR

    I know I’m gonna get comments back from my statement, but Palms WebOS is superior to Android and WinMo. The problem is that Palm will not license it to anyone, which is a huge mistake especially since they are almost Chapter 11. It think that their arrogance believed that they could make it all on their own. Hmmm they should take note of Android and how well that is working out.

    Yeah for Palm OS, but I would LOVE to see in on an HTC phone like the Desire/N1 etc.

    • Kickstar13

      I agree with you 100%. It’s the hardware that sucks IMO.

      • JR

        Agreed and I’m a G1 owner. I would move to WebOS in a heartbeat and never look back if it wasn’t for the hardware and the lack of Apps which really isn’t as much of a concern for me. Imagine the next iteration of WebOS on a Desire or N1? All I have to say is WOW! I can dream.

  • Sanjay

    I think this is good news. After so much time of having us complain about a lack of good smartphones, T-mobile is really gearing up. Good for Maggie. More competition is good for consumers because it gives us more choices. We don’t want HTC to have it all and dictate choice. I like my WM phones but might consider Palm OS if it is a smooth transition (i.e. I can move all my info over without losing anything).

  • I like some parts of WebOS I think that if you combined aspects of web into Android it could possibly be an unstoppable beast even more so than it already is.Here’s my moto to live by Live It,Love It, Droidlife!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Pixi is LAME, why not pre or something better?

  • There”s a theme for that :)

  • Galen20K

    I love Android very much but I really do think that WebOS is a SLICK Piece of software OS! I tried it out briefly last week and couldn’t believe how intuitive it is and if the hardware were compelling enough, I really think people would love it.

  • Bigg

    Palm= Ugly crap design, now if someone else let say HTC or someone build the hardware and Palm grant them the WebOs license, now we’re talking, otherwise, palm sucks at building phones.

  • BronxBebe

    Tmobile UK just dropped the new BB 9520 Touchscreen Storm 2 possible of being on Tmobile USA soon? Shall wait and see..

  • Cybersedan

    I’ve played with the Pre a little, the hardware isn’t impressive but hey, to each his own, I have no issues with T-Mo showing Palm fans some love.

  • Chris Southern

    Palm is going to do nothing but help out tmobile big time.

  • Rob

    I’ll take one if I can get a 3.7″+ AMOLED screen

  • just some d?de

    The only thing this will do is get T-mobile even more press time, which is nice. Other than that a year down the line everyone will forget about Web OS


  • josh

    Ii love my nexus one but ive owned only palm products in the past and they make some real nice phones. would love to see what they have in mind.

  • methodz

    palm OS seems cool, but Palm industrial designers should be shot to death!!!

  • Ricky Olivares

    I hope this is true! I love Android, but was so tired of all the phones being so ugly. The Palm Pixi is so hot, and you can sync the calendar, contacts, and email to Google so it’s perfect. It has the form factor of a Blackberry (i own the 9700) and a cool OS. Can’t wait for more details! :)

  • Scott

    I’ve personally used both the Pixi and the Pre on Sprint (hated Sprint Customer Disservice!), and the Pre Plus on Verizon ($79.99/month for 450 minutes, Pleazzzz!). I’ve had Treo phones, Windows phones, Blackberries, and Android phones. I’ve returned them all! I need a decent keyboard and finally thought I found my phone with the G1 but after going thru 3 of them in 12 days where the screen would not respond to my touch (or to the rep’s at the store) I gave it up before my 14 day return period ended. Right now I’m back to my Sidekick because you can’t beat the keyboard! But the SK OS is dated. Too bad the originator of the smartphone didn’t keep up with the times.

    But thru trying all these phones and OSs over the years, I have to say that the WebOS is the best. E-mail is rendered perfectly (just like on your desktop) including all attachments and imbedded html. I live for e-mail on my phone and no OS does it better. Android is close, but still has some shortcomings. The other thing that makes WebOS superior over Android is that there is ONE version out there and when it’s updated you simply download the new version. Yesterday Verizon came out with a new android phone (the Devour) running OS 1.6. Come on! You must be kidding, why launch a phone with an old OS? And finally the card system in WebOS is so easy! You can have quite a few apps running and just flick thru them!

    The one drawback is palm’s hardware. The keyboards are a bit small. The Pre is difficult to open and close single handed and the pixi camera sucks. I actually prefer the pixi keyboard as it is more tactile, even if slightly smaller. Neither one seems particularly durable. But I do love the touchstone charging system. All phones should have that! No more fumbling with power cords and plugs!

    Bottom line to a long post: I will be one of the first in line to get a palm phone and retire my SK. I don’t expect a brand new design, but I’m hoping for a Pixi with more than the current 8Gs of memory! Good move T-Mobile!

  • Parker

    I’ll buy a webOS device as soon as I can, I’d like a little variation from android

  • Agolfinjoe

    I have the Pre on AT&T. As a former T-mo customer, I would gladly return if they offer Pal devices with Webos!!

  • Agolfinjoe

    I have the Pre on AT&T. As a former T-mo customer, I would gladly return if they offer Pal devices with Webos!!