T-Mobile Officially Announces Exclusivity For The HTC HD2

HD2 is comin

All the way back in October we were the first to show you a leaked document clearly showing the HTC HD2 was coming to T-Mobile in the US. Now we’ve finally got word from T-Mobile themselves. T-Mobile has officially announced that it will be the exclusive carrier for the HTC HD2 in the United States. Ha we told ya so! T-Mobile states that the HTC HD2 will be launching in Spring of 2010. Seriously, could this get any better? First the HTC Nexus One, now the HTC HD2! Keep em’ coming Magenta! This is a great start to the new year! Full Press release after the jump! Sound off in the comments!

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Arriving in the U.S. this spring, the HTC HD2 features a big, brilliant screen, blazing fast processor, and the celebrated HTC Sense™ experience

LAS VEGAS – January 6, 2010 –T-Mobile USA, Inc. and HTC today announced the HTC HD2 is expected to be available for the first time in the US exclusively from T-Mobile USA this spring. With its industry leading, high-resolution, 4.3-inch capacitive touch display and high-powered features, the ultra-thin HTC HD2 phone delivers content in a sharper, brighter and richer way.

The HTC HD2 comes equipped with the 1 GHz Snapdragon™ by Qualcomm mobile processor and utilizes T-Mobile’s high speed 3G network for a fast mobile data experience.

“T-Mobile and HTC have a long history of partnering to deliver innovative, cutting-edge products to T-Mobile customers,” said George Harrison, vice president, marketing product innovation, T-Mobile USA. “The HTC HD2 delivers a thin, sophisticated design and powerful features that we are excited to add to our dynamic smartphone line-up this spring.”

The HTC HD2 is the first Windows® phone with HTC Sense, a software experience focused on putting people at the center by making their phones work in a more simple, natural and personal way. With the HTC Sense experience, the HTC HD2 includes a variety of enhancements that expand and improve the overall phone experience. For example, the HTC HD2 includes a proximity sensor that is used to prevent false screen touches when the phone is picked up to answer or make a call, and a light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.

“Combining the intuitive user interface based on HTC Sense with an outstanding set of specifications and the powerful T-Mobile network, the HTC HD2 adds up to be not only an amazing device, but an amazing experience as well,” said Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC America. “The HTC HD2 is a Windows phone that has already been enthusiastically received in Europe and Asia and we are excited to bring this highlyanticipated device to the US, exclusively through T-Mobile USA.”

The HTC HD2 uses the first capacitive touch display on a Windows phone for the smoothest possible performance and to make viewing, zooming and resizing websites, Microsoft® Office files, PDF documents and pictures easier with just a simple pinching motion. The large capacitive display makes it easy to read and reply to Outlook® e-mails, edit a Word document or modify an Excel® spreadsheet right from the HTC HD2. Additionally, the HTC HD2 delivers advanced phone features including: GPS functionality, a Web browser, and an advanced 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with dual LED flash for capturing images, even in dim conditions.

Press Release

The HTC HD2 is expected to be available in the U.S. exclusively to T-Mobile customers this spring. More details will be available at http://www.sticktogether.com/htchd2.

3G coverage is not available everywhere. For information where T?Mobile 3G service is available or to see T?Mobile’s Personal Coverage Check tool, please visit http://www.TMobile.com/Coverage.


  • edfungus

    you guys were rocking the house!
    keep it up!!

    • just some dude

      I cant help but think once this drops around spring its going to feel real old real fast, plus the whole running win mobile.

      • Peter

        You just need to STFU, Tool!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You truely are just some dude. To say that this device, with the specs it has (4.3″, Snapdragon) will be an old device at its debut?

        Sheesh… how many Snapdragon devices are YOU are of that are out there. LOL.

      • 9ooyan

        to be fair to just some dude, all devices, when they come out, are outdated….like they aren’t cooking some sweetness in a lab somewhere right now? c’mon, get your heads out of your arses. this phone was designs and built almost a year ago so it could be made available to you just around the corner…is the whole world taking crazy pills?

      • just some dude

        the nexus one is snapdragon, and the hardware is fine its the OS the will feel old

      • Scritz McGritz

        Agree with Just some dude. This device is gimmicky once you get passed the 4.3″ screen and the Htc sense it will begin to feel old. I don’t think the 1ghz snapdragon is going to make win mobile any better. I really wish the nexus one was a regular android phone. Why fuck with a good thing google. No one cares about you guys having complete control of the android os, we just want a android phone. Anyway yeah, peter stop being gay, Michaelnotmike “snapdragon” will become the standard very soon. You guys are all geeks, so why can’t you all get along.


        Well everything may be a year old when it comes out…. BUT if somethings in the works right now it will be 1-2 years before it comes out. Which means everything and old and nothing is new…. 9ooyan just responding to you. I think that this is new since its coming out now in the US which means its NEW to the US. If a device is in the works or not released then its not out, it can’t be new till its out.

      • deeone

        who gives a shit, that thing will be around fro some time, windows 6.5 with snap dragon processors can not be that bad. for those of us who hate at&t with passion, this is great news even if it’s coming in summer. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

      • 9ooyan

        @phone freak…yeah, you make 100% sense…i was just commenting on people always hyping phones into the best phone ever when technology already exists that outclasses that hardware. but yea, in terms of the market, options are definitely limited by what they sell us (and what we buy, i guess)

    • beenthere

      I already bought this phone via Clove (UK) and I’m using it on T-mobile USA now. While I don’t have 3G I find that I haven’t missed it yet. I can say without a doubt that you have to work to find any trace of windows mobile they’ve basically hidden it under a boulder and to find certain settings that I like to “tweek” I normally have to turn off sense UI to find the correct page/setting . The only time I do see windows mobile is when I’m reading an email and even then it’s 6.5 which looks better than classic 6.1. The 4.3 inch screen doesn’t get old and the combo of snapdragon and the wifi on this thing pull up web pages stink’n fast. The only thing that may make this handset old is Windows Mobile 7. The way they have integrated Facebook, twitter and YouTube on this thing makes checking updates a breeze, all I do is open my contacts and presto. Without a doubt this is the best handset I have ever owned or played with.

  • Deaconclgi

    This may be the phone that I extend my contract for. I am getting the N900 in 2 and a half weeks, I already have a N82 for my primary phone with a Wing riding shotgun runing Winmo 6.5.5 Tribu2U. This will be great! The N900 can push aside the N82 while the HD2 will retire the Wing. I am going to need another dual holster!

    • pdxduckfan

      Dual Holsters are GAY!

    • Cruisin4ABruisin

      Now there’s a user who understand why the N1 is $530. We need more consumers like you.

  • Dalton

    This year is going to be big for T-Mobile :)
    About time!

  • mike

    this will def beef up tmobile handset lineup

  • 18.4009

    I would love this phone but going from Android to Winmo…. yuck!

    • Scritz McGritz

      All I have to say is WORD!

  • texan

    not android not worth it.

  • tmogeek

    Wow! Am I lucky or what? I couldn’t get Google/TMO to process an upgrade for the N1. No big deal now. I can walk into a TMO store and avoid all that hassle. #WIN for T-Mobile. Goodbye android hello Sense UI.

    • 18.4009

      That is one thing I will agree with. Been on the G1 since release and I cant use any upgrade to get the Nexus….then this phone comes out and I can. Again a huge fail for Google/Tmobile.

      • z

        i’ll third that on the google/nexus FAIL.

      • Scritz McGritz

        Fourth it!

      • Dennis P

        5th it. Id rather have a nexus but Google screwed me

    • Oce

      +1more. Grandfathered family plan. “No you may not have a Nexus 1!”

      • Cruisin4ABruisin

        *Unless you buy a Nexus One unlocked for $530

        I’d make my font smaller as to not mess with your rant if I could.

  • J-Hop2o6

    damnn.. tmousa is really stepping it up for 2010.. i wonder how long the exclusivity will last tho.

  • js-1

    google got it wrong this is a super phone. i knew this 1 was coming but looking at the specs it was a tooo much of a phone. htc senses + windows kills the N1 and iphone UI.

    …im just sayin.

    • just some dude

      I was surprised to hear they are still making windows mobile phones. What about the Zune is that still around. LOL

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well then you should not be posting comments with opinions about what phones are “old” before they even debut or the worthiness of WinMo 6.5 or whatever.

        You need to be up to speed on the technology and actually have used products and software before posting opinions.

        If you had actually used WinMo and HTC hardware you would know that the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 debuted in August 2009 and before that the TP2 was being used in Europe since June 2009.

        I base my comments on being a TP2 user since August 2009. And my TP2 has 6.5.1 and the HTC Sense user interface that will be on the HD2 when it comes to the U.S.

        You also would be aware that in the January 2010 Consumer Reports the magazine rated the TP2 number 1 on smartphone user satisfaction ratings.

        Do some research and actually use the products and quit with the echoing of what you read on the net.

    • deeone

      nexus one is done. atleast i can keep my old plan and still get this bad boy unlike the nexus, fuck google, fuck apple.

  • Sean

    WIN for TMo…IF they don’t have this puppy at $300+ subsidized…like the TouchPro2 at $349 (yes, I know you can get it cheaper elsewhere on upgrade, etc.

    I really was hoping to try out the Nexus One, but am not going to be forced to lose my unlimited loyalty plan (or shell out $530).

    Let’s go SUB-$250 price on this subsidized…then it’s MINE :) Happy Birthday to me!

    • Cruisin4ABruisin

      OMG OMG OMG… Sean… please, can I thank you? Please? Thank you. Thank you for being practically the first person I have read in the comments to say, “or shell out $530”. Everyone else keeps actin like they can’t get a N1 with their current plan. You can if you pay $530.

  • nutzareus

    If you hate Windows Mobile, quit bitching and get your Nexus One. Move on.

  • Cybersedan

    This is really interesting, with a phone like this available in T-Mobile stores, with multiple plans, it will be interesting to see if this doesn’t force more flexibility with N1 in terms of plans.

    This is a formidable competitor for the N1.

    • Cruisin4ABruisin

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!! COMPETITOR… as in, The N1 is NOT a T-mo phone and every phone T-mo sells themselves is a competitor to the N1. Another thank you. OMG, the smart peoples comment during the day apparently. Thanks.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Awesome!!! I still want the X10 more but this device is definitely number three on my list:

    Motorola’s new concept device

    Blah, The Nexus One is not even worth considering anymore. They just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole with that thing. Nexus One = Uber Fail.

  • Anthony

    This is A great phone.the specs makes me drool but its not android if it was n1 would have been in trouble but windows can’t compare sorry but its true.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Only way I’d get this phone is if some way, I could get Android 2.1 on it. Great device but my next phone will be an android one. And now hearing that Rogers will be the exclusive seller of the X10 (man that sucks), The only thing I’m looking forward to now is that Motorola Concept phone.

    • umaluver

      since its an HTC, am i wrong in assuming that they will be able to slap some android 2.1 on there?

      • 9ooyan

        i’m 100% sure an android ROM will be cooked up on xda.developers in no time. this phone would be sweet with android 2.1. winmo 6.5….not so much (running a ROM of that on my HTC hermes right now and it’s meh at best.) although i did hear they are planning on upgrading this phone to Winmo 7 when it’s available in 2049.

  • JimBob

    This phone looks a lot more attractive after the Nexus One subsidy debockle. I wouldn’t mind a 4.3′ screen…

    • rossi

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you see another $350 HTC win mo device like the TP2. I wouldn’t complain if I was wrong though!

  • FILA

    ehhh, its still a WM no matter how you look at it, very nice, very not Android

  • Peter

    And look at all these Android fanboys, commenting hopeless, trashing Windows Mobile, and talking with a little knowledge!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s right. They don’t know what they are talking about. One of the HUGE benefits and fun things about Windows Mobile is that you can customize all aspects of the phone.

      On my T-Mobile Touch Pro2 I have been running cooked ROMs (custom operating systems) since September 1. The most recent has the HTC Sense user interface which is a hoot.

      WinMo on this phone? That’s going to be the hottest phone on the market. If people are saying that’s BS, it’s because they have not used a WinMo device running version 6.5.1 or better. And I hear WinMo 7 is even better.

      My TP2 is the best kept secret, on how great a device it is. Oh, and not that this is the best review, but Consumer Reports rated the Touch Pro2 the top smartphone on the market!

      And I say this coming from running a G1 with the Hero build. I like Android but it can’t compare with the level of customization of WinMo.

      • 9ooyan

        uhhh, what? how does rooting your phone and installing custom ROM’s = customizable OS? you can do the exact same thing on android handsets too, so what is the allure of winmo? i’m asking because i’ve been using 6.5 on my Hermes for quite some time now and although it can do everything a modern mobile OS needs to do (without looking too fancy doing it, i might add), it’s not very finger-friendly or customizable. the thing that gets me, though, is Microsoft’s snail-pace on updating their OS…i’m sure WinMo7 will be a huge leap forward, but will it really make that big of a splash when they release it? This particular market is shifting rapidly and it’s a damn shame MS didn’t keep up because they have made very important contributions to shaping the modern mobile platform imo.

  • http://Tmonews Wojax2

    ( I preface this with an apology for the abusive language that might offend some )…I hope the nexus one crash and burns with google at the wheel. The whole subsidy debacle is absolutely f*cked up. ( just my opinion). Google rolled shotgun with t- mobile in the beginning with the g1. Now that android has taken off , google seems to flip the bird at – t- mobile and it’s loyal G1 costumers. Die google, you and apple hand in hand . My htc hd2 will videotape the funeral. Don’t feel bad t- mobile costumers. The REAL “SUPERPHONE ” will arrive this spring. And google…f*ck you one more time.

    • just some dude

      Windows mobile can videotape, wow thats cool. where do you plug in the 8-track tape. By the way you ever get that job you applied for in Michigan?

      • http://Tmonews Wojax2

        just some dude says:
        January 6, 2010 at 11:41 pm
        Windows mobile can videotape, wow thats cool. where do you plug in the 8-track tape. By the way you ever get that job you applied for in Michigan? Wojax2 says: That’s just wrong ….lol. Oh and by the way I did get that job, thank god. Otherwise I might have had to become a man- whore( I don’t think my wife would’ve liked that much) . Thanx for askin .

      • just some dude

        Im truly glad you you did Happy New Year dude.

      • just some dude

        Im truly glad you got that job Happy New Year dude.

    • kershon

      Agreed. Google acts like an Apple wannabe. This device can be had on payment plan and that will greatly help sales imo. I have em+ family plan with 4 lines. My main line is BB 9700 which I bought the day it was released, but I have another line just for me that I use an old phone on when I am out in the boondocks rattin around. I can see me getting this HD2 and put on my second line or after I get a hands-on and play around with it, I might just put my BB on ebay if this device is all it’s cracked up to be. My first smartphone was win-mo and I liked it so I don’t see any problems going back. Just get me a release date and a price cause I’m drooling bucketsfull over this phone.

  • john

    I think is a great thing that the HTC HD2 is coming to t-mo for t-mo and for the phone industry. Maybe this makes Google wake up and see how screwed Android still is(despite it being the best Platform…etc), and how their not-so-nice-try of coming into the smartphone industry is faring.

    • david

      Never had a problem with android. Now windows mobile…that’s a whole nother story. Had nothing BUT problems with winmo. I will stick with android.

  • randy

    lol, just imagine all those business guys dumping their iphones and switching to t-mo to get this phone!! Win Win Win!!

  • niididy

    This is VERY GOOD!!! Now I don’t have to have the Nexus One…

  • Dease Knuttz

    Great news, been waiting on this for a minute now, google can stuff that N1 up thier ass… hey google suck Dease Knuttz. Kudos to T-mob and Tmonews.

  • cj2185

    Oh man…I just got the Nexus One. The Nexus One would probably still be better because it’s android.

    • Peter

      I am sorry but Nexus One will not be better. There is nothing special about Android and in many areas its far behind Windows Mobile.

    • kershon

      Just keep tellin yourself that after the HD2 comes out. lol

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Having used a rooted G1 with the Hero build installed and now the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 with a custom 6.5.1 ROM and the HTC Sense user interface (shell) I can tell you that for the past three months (since I installed the custom ROM) I do NOT miss Android.

      What I like about Android was the ability to download lots of free apps, instantly, and for free. And there were lots of fun and cool apps too. But that aside, I find I am enjoying and having more fun with the OS and shell I have on my TP2.

      It’s a matter of choice and opinion, for sure. I am just telling you my experience.

      For example, with the custom ROM I have on my TP2 I am running an application called “Manila TV.” That has allowed me to play FREE broadcast TV on my TP2. While I am still learning to set up the channels, I have been watching MSNBC (and it’s the same programming and broadcast that is running on my cable set, as I compared and confirmed. So it’s real TV).

      Can I do that on the G1? I don’t know about now, but back when I was using the G1 I was not able to get live TV.

      I also like the HTC Sense user interface, especially the animated weather on my home or today screen.

      The HTC Sense UI also converts the TP2 (and WinMo6.5) into a touch screen device instead of an OS that requires a stylus (this will be evident with the HD2 since it will not be coming with a stylus like my TP2 did).

      I think the problem is that many people who have not used the “new” WinMo 6.5 (and upcoming 7) and the HTC Sense UI, they are basing their criticisms on the old and outdated WinMo variations or just echoing what others do, which is to criticize WinMo just because that is the cool thing to do.

      Let’s face it, it’s easy to criticize and deride. But notice something, all those people do the same thing. They don’t cite specifics, they just echo insults and ridicule. They can’t be specific because they are not a WinMo 6.5+ and HTC Sense user. Their last experience with WinMo was probably back in the Win CE days, if that. LOL.

  • t-beat

    maybe we will get it with win mo 7?

    • just some dude

      maybe they will copy Androids OS for window mobile 7, Microsoft likes copying better OS’s

  • Bigg

    Alright somebody throw out some rumor price with a 2 year contract and show me where to sign.

  • B

    LMAO Now all the Windows cheerleaders are back in effect, and everything Google is a fail. Tech blogs are the shiz

  • teesquared

    OMG!!! I’m gonna get both the N1 and the HD2!!!

    • 9ooyan

      why? don’t you need one of your hands free to jerk-off?

    • Jose

      me too!! good idea…..

  • mrbill

    Sounds like a winner of a phone. I’m guessing T-MO will offer it to new subscribers for $99. If you are a current subscriber that is out of contract and upgrading from only a voice plan – $499, out of contract and you have a voice plan and a data plan – $649, in contract – $1299, on a “loyalty” plan – $1599, on a family plan – $2499 and you have to put your kids in foster care and divorce your wife and name T-Mobile as the beneficiary of your life insurance and your estate when you die.

  • David

    Unless T-Mobile and GOOGLE pull their heads out of their poop shoots, I will be saying SO LONG to Google and Android for this phone. The HD2 is incredible. Who cares if it’s WM 6.5. I don’t need the apps from Google and Android. I just want a top notch phone, sleek, sexy, super fast. BRING ON THE HD2.

    • just some dude

      What will you do when HTC stops making windows mobile phones like they said, because you know it sucks and all. thats sure gonna suck for you.

  • edgarock1

    that’s all i wanted to hear htc hd2 coming to t-mobile US what a great news!!!!!!!

  • Fujitsujeff

    X10 … that’s the next phone to get

  • Galen20K

    MAGENTA!!!! WAY to FUcking BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!! 2010 IS the Year of T-Mobile Folks if you didn’t know that already there you go!

    I’m soooo Proud of the Strides you’ve taken lately and to tell you the truth you’ve really impressed me, I had no idea you’d get so much done in such a little time setting out to do it.

    Bravo!!! I’m proud to be an Unlimited Loyalty Member!

    I am LOVING my Nexus One that come this morning and since I bought that full price that means I have my DISCOUnt to use on my brand new HD2!!! You really just solved my problem of which phone to get, BOTH of them.

    Have one now, eagerly awaing the next one! – D Great Exclusive to have btw.

    • Bart

      I wish there were more people like you here.

  • dsim91

    Now this is the day I have been waiting on winmo I’m on my way back

    • kershon

      Yup. Me too I think. Sense ui, capacitive touchscreen, pinch to zoom, 4.3 screen, camera with dual flash. What more could I ask for. Date and price plz.

      • Crager

        Same here. This is what I’ve been waiting for since TmoNews broke it in October. I will be ready with full discount ready and pen to sign for two more years in hand.

  • kershon

    I kinda sorta saw the Nexus One cluster deal coming and I couldn’t get all that hyped up. BUT the hd2 is a different story. With this phone we don’t have to worry about anybody outside T-Mo dictating terms to us. And I am super excited about this phone. And it is definitely exclusive to our Magenta! Way to go T-Mo!! This is definitely going to be the year T-Mo is getting the recognition and respect it has and is earning and deserves.

  • playthecharade

    Im not gonna lie, ive been waiting patiently for the “next big thing” with Android, and now that the Nexus One is out im rather impressed. BUT, its not accessible to me in its current offering so im skipping it. the HTC HD2 looks really tempting now, and the whole WinMo thing isnt too big a deal to me, so way to go Magenta, job well done!

  • andrew

    the i well cost $300 or $350

  • isthatajoke

    this phone is gonna be the best on the market rumored to ship with windows mobile 7 or soon after the release in a update me personally i think microsoft is making sure windows 7 is superior in everyway with flash player and most likely there own app store..google can go kick rocks. i like competition it makes tech better……i don’t trust google they are getting 2 powerful and 2 much credit if you ask me HD 2 OWNS 4.3 SCREEN LOVE IT

  • http://twitter.com/koolkidjeff USMCJeff

    Wow some of guys needs some help asap. Most of you yall said the shyt when the iphone 2g came out..f apple no one will buy it, they will fail. if you can’t get the phone now just fcking wait till it goes down, like the iphone did!!!

    Android all the way baby!!!!
    And if you not down with that I got 2 words for you “suck it”

  • efjay

    WM haters, Hello! Burns doesnt it? Going to hurt even more when this super phone gets WM7 and gets even more awesome! Enjoy!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com kevo97

    i have a feeling that win dis fone comes out, it’ll b just like the behold2, high priced…

  • Jose

    HURRY with date and price!!!!

  • vikingfan45

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK THE NEXUS(not to knock the android lovers) but i can’t wait to get my hands on this……… i was just bout to order the EURO one too LOL

  • http://hiphopthugz.com nkog

    what with the if it ran android crap. android is boring and cant touch windows mobile. some of yall need to actually look at windows mobile and stop saying if it ran android it would be better. Windows dominates the android they dont need an app store when the apps already out for years. stick with android if you want your same ole black menus. cant install apps on your sd card. cant change the look of your phone line a windows mobile phone.

  • Dennis P

    Windows Mobile sucks donkey nutz. Id get this and put android on it.

    • nutzareus

      Hey dick nutz, buy your Nexus One and STFU.

      • Cruisin4ABruisin

        yeah right, because all these jerks sit there and rag on WinMo then turn around bitch about having to spend $530 on the N1. Screw all these idiots.

        Lets face it: The people bitching the most are the ones who want shit for free. They know they can’t get a N1 because they don’t wanna spend $530 and now are upset that the kick ass phone they could get a discount on is a WinMo phone. Those people make me wanna be a Republican.

  • DK Brothers

    This will be my next device. Using a TP2 now. Had the G1 and I know I won’t be going back to Android until It allows you to save apps to the SD card out the box. Android is a cool OS but it remains me too much of the iPhone OS. Too… “toy” like. Seems like you’re just following the herd. Like you’re one of the sheeple.

  • DK Brothers

    Some you people are real phucking idiots. If you don’t like WM, please just STFU! I realize you like the pretty colors and the groovy shapes and can’t contemplate puzzles with more than 2 pieces – hence the reason you think Android is the best thing since the wheel. Yeah Android is cool and will be even better in the future but I can do things on my Touch Pro 2 that Android and yet to dream about yet.

    • just some dude

      LOL name one thing that i cant do on my android that you can do with your crap phone.

      • Just some dude’s dad

        Tomtom or Garmin on the Android? I bet you can’t do it. Go about 40 miles away from the city and see if your Google map guide you to the direction. What about live TV and there is lot of other. Android is for Dumb suckers like just some dumb dude.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Way to make it official T Mo. Spring can’t get here fast enough.

  • Izzo

    Looks like Tmo is bring in the new year in style. Can’t wait to have my N1 and HD2 come summertime.

  • SteveGowski

    Looking forward to this phone to the point where I am holding off on the N1. Have had the G1 since it released and still love it, except for its thickness of course, that part of it sucks. I really like the android platform but for me it is getting boring and the HD2 will be a nice change.

    If I am going to switch to a touchscreen keyboard it will have to be on a larger screen like this HD2. I think Google kinda shot themselves in the foot with the N1 having a small 3.7″ screen, especially since the android keyboard is still terrible. N1 users will need “Better keyboard” app for sure which isnt the end of the world but a hassle nontheless.