MyTouch Slide Images Leak


The MyTouch3G “Slide” aka HTC Espresso has gotten its fair share of blog love lately and this time, we’re getting some damn good pictures. Mr. Blurrycam, wherever you are, this is how it’s done. Pictured here is the MyTouch Slide phone albeit a definite prototype sent over by my boys at Droiddeveloper who apparently have a super ninja on the payroll. Let me first say, I’m a bit unimpressed, when I conjured up the idea of a MyTouch Slide, originally discussed as a Sidekick replacement, I had the impression/hope of a phone that didn’t look like every other sliding QWERTY phone. That being said, the keyboard looks like quite spacious and noticeably drops the trackball for a Blackberry-like trackpad that doubles as a push button. Got some word on specs as well:

1300mAHr Battery    * MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.    * Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.    * Camera with LED flash.    * 3.5 mm Headset Jack    * Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard    * 320x48o screen resolution.    * ARM11 processor

One more shot after the jump! Look for this to drop Mid-May, the 17th to be a little more exact, in Black, Red and White. Thoughts?!



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  • ov1

    If u place this phone its suppose to be, replacing the sdk with this phone is a great move. This looks more professional than that head to head football looking phone sdk . No offence

  • jtc24

    Not a bad looking phone. Looks way better than the sidekick and the keyboard looks great. could have a little better processor though.

  • jtc24

    and why cant i see the other 77 comments?


    Is this for real? What a Gawd’awful looking phone. What’d we expect, it’s T-Mobile we’re talking about here.

  • archboy

    I just have one word…it looks like its cousin just walked through the ugly forest and hit every tree on the way out. LOL

  • sabercrombiedude

    Tell Me This Is Fake.
    So Ugly I Think I’m Gonna CRY.

  • arizdegenerate

    that is a whole lot of ugly

  • bing bang

    It’s not that bad. I want a google/android phone. I want to try it out since I already use a few google apps online. Having them in my pocket would be nice. Any suggestions? I don’t think I’m a very heavy user. But I don’t want something that lags. What’s good in t-mobile?

    • B

      I would go for a physical keyboard since they really are nice. Either wait for this guy or go G1 (which can be had for super cheap from third-parties).


    • 2FR35H

      Every phone has lag but its all solved with root and/or home UI’s like panda home, GDE, DXtop, Freshface, open home, etc… I recommend the behold 2 or the T-mobile cliq especially if you are a camera type of person 5 mp’s with flash

  • FILA

    No ball
    Same Slow Processor
    Same Screen Size

    Def not worth an upgrade for the original myTouch people. I need a N1 with a keyboard, why not?

  • LuciusVerus

    It reminds me of something in the early 2000’s.

  • CharlieBoy808

    I’m happy to say that I’m glad that HTC is still trying to make phones with QWERTY, but I’m disappointed in it missing a dedicated 5th row for numbers. I was happy when the G1 came out and it had all five rows, but I was disappointed in the build quality of the phone. Let’s face it, I’ve been using a SideKick since it was black and white. I’ve been spoiled. I had an MDA for a little while and hated it for not having a number row. It’s a phone, a phone should have dedicated number buttons. And no more insulting the SKs. I’ve been a user for such a long time and it has served me well. That was up until MicroSuck came in and messed it all up. I’ve been looking to replace my SideKick with an Android device but they need to stop slacking on the 5th row! I’ll give you another reason why the number row is important [1=! 2=@ 3=# 4=$ 5=% 6=^ 7=^ 8=* 9=( 0=)] all of which is useful in my line of work. I type a lot of emails while I’m away from my desk, and I’m sure a lot of other power users are the same.

    I also agree with everyone who says it should have a little more power.
    They sure as hell could do a hell of a lot better than that! The ARM11 was cool two years ago. I think my LX09 is faster (don’t quote me on that because I don’t know if it is LOL).

  • jerry

    this is the first phone im considerin to trade my g1 for…

  • Terryjohnson16

    I bet half the people saying fail will be the same ones reading the reviews and saying they can’t wait to get rid of their g1s and cliqs.

    • BoomBoxx


  • cat

    you r all idoits!! tmobile is just handing you all another G1. Didnt they remove the keyboard from the G1 to make it the mytouch3g. Now they just put it back and sell it back to you as the sidekick slide.Give me a break. Do not buy!!!!!!!

    • john

      We “are” all idiots with the grammatical prowess, unlike yourself. All phones are revamped iterations of others. Case in point all iphones, blackberries, and nokias. Evolution happens this way.

      • sorandkairi

        Yep he’s right its called innovation!

  • drache713

    I actually like it the way it is and think it looks great! I will certainly be buying one!

  • Shon

    I rarely call people idiots but Cat you are an idiot sir. the g1’s keyboard is like your retarded cousin, you know its retarded but you treat it nice cuz its family. Also the arm11 processor is the processor used for the first 2 generations of the iphone. Personally I think that HTC should include a mininum of Cortex processors in all of their phones going forth. HD2 ftw.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don don’t really think this phone looks that bad. I would trade up from my G1 for this as long as the specs are somewhat good. Like a 5mb camera and at least the same amount of RAM as the MyTouch LE. I mean everything else it seems like if offers that I want. Sure its no Nexus One but it does have a real keyboard which would probably be better built than the G1s. If its good and is a fair price I will glady pick this up. Now my questions are… is this for real… and idea on price… and is is that date mentioned above pretty accurate?

  • andrew

    the phone looks so ugly mostly the back cover and the mic area

  • shawn1224

    what is up with the 80’s retro keyboard look?

    Hopefully this is only a mock up or something.

  • geronimo

    there is no way this should replace the sidekick! it looks like every other slider phone except a little uglier. i’d rather have a regular mytouch than this any day!
    p.s. tmobile could make a better sidekick though.

    • BoomBoxx

      I agree.

  • BoomBoxx

    I would get it because I want an Android phone, the Cliq just wasn’t cutting it for me.

  • shawn1224

    Eh i’ll pass. My Behold II is much more appealing plus has more RAM if the reported spec sheets are accurate. I’m not a fan of clunky keyboards.

  • Jones Scott

    looks like the calculator i used in the start of 90’ties

  • johnkzin

    Needs more battery.
    Needs a 5 row (dedicated number row) keyboard … like the G1 has.
    Tilt Screen and a Dpad would have been nice, too.
    How fast is the CPU?
    How much RAM?

    Otherwise … cool.

  • kevin

    it reminds me of a samsung moment. its not that ugly. its no sidekick replacement, maybe an “option” but in no ways a replacement

  • JP

    i know what that earpiece reminds me of… blackberry 8800. i hope this is not so… can’t htc just make the same mytouch front?

  • T

    Maybe it is the G1’s replacement?


      T-Mobile doesn’t offer anymore the G1 in the stores

  • STID


  • Alex

    Amazing how most don’t even bother to read the news. Its a PROTOTYPE!!! Its not gonna look this way when it drops. Goodness, now this I will be getting. Hope the screen size gets bumped, camera, memory and comes with Android 2.1

  • jenny

    I hope to see some major improvements by May…
    The best thing that appeals to me right now is the LED flash. ):

  • T

    I do tech support 4 T-Mobile & had the privelage of getting some hands on time w this ph. Couldn’t get any photos before having to return it tho, was being watched like a hawk. This is pretty much exactly what it looks like, has the HTC Sense ui, comes preloaded w/Swype for the touchscreen keyboard, & if I remember correctly, does have flash support as well.

    • Dave

      Yess, thanks for the info. I def want one. Best of both worlds. Swype for the touchscreen, Full Qwerty Keyboard for regular texting, & on my fave phone, the MyTouch 3G. I would’ve kept the original one if it wasn’t so dang slow & buggy. Hopefully, this one will pick up where the 1st one failed.

    • Connie

      It IS kind of BLAH looking. My white myTouch has far more sex appeal than this thing. Even still, if it had a better processor on it, I might have considered it. Is it asking to much for these new phones to run faster than the previous ones? Apparently. :-(

  • arcangel7

    So eager to get a new phone with my full upgrade in 2 weeks but…lack of quality devices is depressing. Want a touchscreen with qwerty. This is ok, but not what I want for 2 years.

    • Connie

      I agree completely. I’m on a non-contract plan and I’d have to pay full price. I don;t mind shelling out the bucks but they just aren’t offering us a lot. Seems everything is entry level or middle of the road. The HD2 is great but not Android. Cmon HTC, help us out. Some of us actually are willing to pay more for a premium Android device – and PLEASE don’t give it to Google to sell either!

  • chubbyluv08

    it should come in pink!! and it should have the 5th row

  • anon

    I have this phone in my possession. These were passed out at a T-Mobile convention. I went from a Cliq to this Slide, and I will tell you that, it is one sweet phone. The phone looks really good in person. I have no idea some of you people think it’s ugly. The phone is as slim as a myTouch, but with a keyboard.

    The best part about it? Android 2.1 already on it. Sense UI. Everyone has their own opinions, but I’ll tell you mines: this phone is SOLID. Great quality, fast feeling, and stable. It does NOT have live wallpapers, but I don’t care too much about that.