T-Mobile Considering Discontinuing T-Mobile@Home Service?


If you aren’t familiar with T-Mobile’s @Home service, basically it’s a service that gives you unlimited nationwide calling from your home phone, including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and call conferencing. It’s a landline service that operates by hooking up T-Mobile’s @Home router to your internet connection. This is not to be confused with T-Mobile’s UMA service, which uses a WiFi connection to strength a wireless signal. Rumor has it that T-Mobile is looking to discontinue the service according to a BoyGenius Report source. The new T-Mobile COO realizes that the company isn’t profiting off the service, and is looking get rid of it. We haven’t heard anything about this yet, so we’re going to take this as a rumor until further notice. File this under the rumor/overheard at the water cooler category for now.

What do you guys think, should T-Mobile get rid of the @Home service? Would anyone actually miss it?


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  • http://RobSleezy.com RobSleezy

    No Way! What the hell happens to all those who moved over from AT&T and Verizon and Digital Voice Carriers to T-Mobile for their home phone service?! This is one of the few VoIP products that actually works…

    • raoul

      This @home service is the only reason i have t-mobile

  • Me

    I am currently using Tmobile @ Home. I still have a year left on my contract. What is going to happen to my contract then?

  • Ryan

    I would miss it dearly! For the past 2 years it has replaced our need for a home phone line, at a small fraction of the cost. Please don’t do this to me T-Mo! This would be the first strike for me against magenta.

  • Paul

    There are not enough nice phones that make use of this feature. I would use it if more phones were enabled. It seems a lot of phones have the hardware to use this, but not the software. It is a good service and works well, but people want nice phones AND good service. Not one or the other.

    • Betito

      You’re confusing Talk Forever with @Home. With Talk Forever, you use a cell phone with the UMA feature connected to a WiFi spot to make calls. This article is talking about @Home, where you connected a traditional landline phone to a router and make calls thru the Internet (VoIP).

  • hoop

    it just means no new activations; not actually cancelling your lines just stopping new people from getting it. so if you already have it you are fine just no new people can get it.

  • James

    Oh no, I really hope this isn’t true, you can’t beat $10 a month especially for viop that works.

  • JJ

    Hell nooooooooooooo………….dont do that. It is one of the least expensive plan we get.

  • JB

    I have it and love the quality and you can’t beat the price. I hope this is just a rurmor and not reality

  • DavidinJax

    I love T-Mobile, but the truth is I don’t get a signal in my apartment, because it’s a “newer area” Anywhat.. as long as they don’t touch my UMA I’m happy and don’t care. But the minute they remove the UMA Function I’ll be calling verizon.

  • bob

    more writing on the wall, this ship is sinking!

    • Mega G

      Wrong.. T-Mobile is just getting back to their core business model – good handset selection and great value (i.e. super-competitive rates). They’re doing doing Picture frames, etc etc any more because that’s where the loss is.

  • Eric

    It $10 a month, it’s a great deal, I can see why they would want to drop it, how can you make any money with that service if you have to subsidize the hardware. Granfather me in Baby, just like T-zones! Unlimited network access all the bandwith I can suck down and steaming music I can listen to for 4.99! I LOVE THAT!

  • umaluver

    I dont any signal in my house whatsoever from any carrier, so the UMA is a blessing. Its quite dissapointing that we arent getting new UMA handsets. One can hope.

    On the brighter side, my buddies iphone has had 4 bars in there for the last 6 months or so. :X

  • whyhellomichael

    No one is touching uma. Anyone who thinks uma is being messed with needs to re read the article.

    • umaluver

      I read the article. Notice the lack of new UMA devices. It all goes together regardless of what this ‘article’ says.

      Both UMA and @home are definitely being ‘messed with’

  • Mega G

    You have it backwards… T-Mobile is keeping @Home (the landline service). It’s the UMA-based one they’re going to phase out.

    • Eli_the_great89

      Actually no sorry to say you have it backwards.
      T-Mobile has already discontinued their UMA feature due to their
      new unlimited plans.
      This article is on the $10/month @home landline.
      Read carefully kiddo.

      • Mega G

        Don’t call me kiddo you gonad.

        I know people AT T-Mobile. They’re not getting rid of @Home.

        Blow me.

  • Shootingblue

    This is one of the services that keeps me with t-mobile. I always looked at it as a perk that came with being a customer. If they get rid of this and disconnect current subscribers, I may have to look into another wireless provider. Between this and the new rate plans getting rid a my faves, it looks as if t-mobile may be changing directions on the great services that they provide to their customers.

  • Troyag1

    This is a bad idea, the I started the @home plane with the nokia to get a home phone, then when I could I got the @home router and have been using a standard pair of cordless 2.4ghz phones. None of our cell phones are on this service so I’d hate to give up my home setup if they go foward with this. Like others here if I switched to evil V-brand I could get calls inside my house.

  • ballhawk3

    Truely stupid if they stop this.

    It’s not making them money? They obviously don’t see the trickle down effect.

    First off…in order to have @home you must have a t-mobile line to go along with it (no @home by itself), which makes it selling like a data attachment, adding $10 data feature on everyone’s account every month. And for 2years, thats $240 extra revenue for them that really doesn’t cost them much (it goes off your internet connection). So…they lose money on the router you say? First off, I think they charge a little too much for the router, its practically full price in my book, but a 2year customer will shell out $240 for the life of there contract. Also how often will someone upgrade their router? People can stick with it for 3+ years I think.

    @Home also allows them to snag customers who wouldn’t consider t-mobile because of the reception in there house. Or customers who move to a near area, have no reception, now they have the ability to retain that customer. They can also sell heavy users on the Unlimited UMA calling for another $10/mo, more cash flow.

    Let’s keep in mind, UMA keeps people off their actually network and through wifi. Which helps with traffic and maintanence, i’m prerty sure that saves them money.

    I don’t know what these exec’s are thinking. That’s almost like saying let’s kill the Customer Care department, cause its costing us too much money and doesn’t generate any revenue.

    How can they not see the value in their own product.

  • Bill48105

    There were 4 reasons I switched from ATT to TMO:
    1. MyFaves because most of our calls are to a select few
    2. @Home because $10/m was a lot less than $30/m for Vonage
    3. UMA because it gave us service in poor coverage areas (which are plenty)
    4. Cheaper than ATT

    They’ve taken away 2 so far & working on a 3rd. (Don’t give me grandfathered BS because I can never change my plan base minutes or lose the features)

    I take it TMobile doesn’t want me as a customer..

    • umaluver

      I see they’ve only taken away 1 actually.

      • Bill48105

        Soz umaluver yer on drugs or splittin hairs, or both. Not sure which you are counting as the ONE but:
        1. MyFaves is only available if you already have it & never change minutes. For many that is not an option for too long (life changes and so does your cellular needs)
        2. @Home is what is on chopping block per the article. Granted we should be grandfathered in but it has been good selling point for me trying to convince people to switch to TMo.. Cuz they could move their home line, keep the # and save a bunch of #. Not to mention helps cut down on anytime minutes if you use @Home when AT home.
        3. UMA still works but they took away unlimited calling add-on unless you are grandfathered in. If you ever want to change your plan you lose it. Again another feature I pushed friends/family on if they could live with the dismal choice of UMA capable phones. It is a VERY handy feature to have when you are in an area with no TMo service or inside buildings where cell signal doesn’t travel too well. Wifi is EVERYWHERE. On top of that you save on anytime minutes IF you had addon before they dropped it. TMo is clearly dropping UMA or why else would the eliminate most UMA phones from their site? Eliminate the UMA search feature? Eliminate most UMA or wifi calling terms on their site? And on top of that no new WM or android phones with it. Just a bunch of crackberries & the 2009 Shadow. The rest are gone & none on the horizon. UMA is dead for TMo but they just haven’t mentioned what the replacement will be. Likely a femto microcell box of some sort but they desperately need something with their horrid coverage in many areas.
        4. They are def still cheaper than ATT & even more so now. Get the pun?

      • umaluver

        no need to be so long winded sir.

        1) my faves = gone
        2) @home = not gone
        3) UMA = not gone
        4) cheap = not gone

      • Bill48105

        @umaluver I was long winded to ensure I was clear as to my rationale. Based on your response it was a waste of my time to bother. Your list should say MyFaves is not gone per your logic since people are grandfathered in & still using it plus Unlimited Even More users can request for MyFaves interface to be enabled so technically the one thing you say is gone really isn’t any more than the one I consider gone (UMA) and the one that appears to be gone soon per this article (@Home). I tried to keep this concise for you but unfortunately I wanted it to convey some meaning which requires a minimum amount of words. Perhaps you want to go back & re-read my previous statements & understand their meaning before commenting again because I’m not sure you got what I was saying.

      • umaluver

        so none of it is gone? then maybe you should quit your long winded bitching?

        the four reasons you came to tmo are still in existence. wah.

    • Bill48105

      Quite bein a turd. The article is about speculation that @Home will be gone. (Look up discontinuing from the title) You yourself listed MyFaves as gone. I explained why I consider UMA gone. (Gone as in no long an option for new customers & eventually not for existing customers either) You are splitting hairs but you’re bald.

  • neel

    If they remove UMA, I am going to switch, that is the main reason, I am in TMO

  • Barakuda


  • ac2913

    Definitely not true…..we have monthly quotas for @Home….def not happening…

  • mike


    • Eli_the_great89

      They already discontinued the UMA unlimited HotSpot calling due to the new unlimited Even More and Even More Plus plans. Though only NEW signing customers or even existing customers looking to add it on after this change will find that it is no longer available. But be assured that people who had it on their existing plans and services before these changes were made will only be GRANDFATHERED…..meaning persons like YOURSELF and others that have it already will not be affected nor bothered.

  • http://www.end-happy.com Stab Man

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here. Hotspot@home is the UMA service, is it not? @home is the VOiP service.

    • eli_the_great89

      it’s understandable if you’re confused…it can be a little tricky.
      The Unlimited HotSpot Calling was a feature for $9.99, which is discontinued but grandfathered for those who currently have it, with HotSpot all you need is a UMA capable and/or WiFi Certified phone (i.e. Blackberry Curve 8320, Pearl 8120, Blackberry 8820, Blackberry Bold 9700, T-Mobile Shadow, and etc). Now since you have this phone, whenever reaching a HotSpot whether it being a Starbucks, an Airport, a Bookstore or any other place that has an OPEN WiFi enabled signal, all you have to do is flip the switch on your WiFi or if it’s already on it seamlessly transitions from cellular network to WiFi; now it’s VoIP.

      With T-Mobile @Home which is a $10.00 feature, they particularly advertised a cordless phone and a particular Nokia phone, though you can use your cellular phone thats UMA capable with this feature as well. You need a few things for this service though. You must have an existing Internet Plan with an internet provider like Verizon, Optimum Online or At&t and others, and you must purchase a Wireless G router if you don’t have one already. Now with these requirements and the addition of the feature enabled you’re ready to make VoIP calls.

      They’re both VoIP calling features and they’re both on or around $10. They’re very similar if not the same, just T-Mobile advertises it a bit different.

      FYI: its a shame they got rid of HotSpot calling and are thinking of doing away with @Home because these services didn’t only offer Unlimited Calling (which they’re offering in other ways) but they also provided Crystal Clear phone calls and the VoIP calls reduce the amount of RADIATION that enters your ear from your cellular phone. (if you’re wondering why or how, its because it’s no longer having to struggle between the carriers cell sites and its using an internet based signal)

  • dave

    well if tmo gets rid of @home…. i guess its time for ooma

  • Jason

    Wow that would really sucks T-Mobile meets all of my families need and getting rid of home phone would really suck!!!

  • cougle

    I think femtocells will be coming out for tmobile like their parent company in Europe. They phase uma and hotspot@home out so you can use any phone with femtocell that works in a 5000 square foot house.

    • Bill48105

      Problem with femtocells is they are usually locked down to a handful of authorized phones so you essentially need to buy one for every location you need the connection & a way to hook it up. With UMA you can pretty much connect to about any wifi and it’s EVERYWHERE with essentially no new equipment to buy. TMo is really stupid to blow off such a great thing but I believe the biggest issue was abuse by people using it where they shouldn’t (out of country for example), 911 liabilities (femto’s have gps to locate you at least which also controls where you can use it) plus people essentially getting ‘unlimited’ calling with lowest cost anytime plan by just hooking up to whatever wifi they happened to be on. The other issue was supporting it and having people complain about call quality issues when used on a wifi router that is overloaded. It boils down to $. They can make more with femto selling you boxes to put everywhere, have more control of your use it, limit where you can use it, and limit support headache. Can’t say I blame them other than people who love UMA freaking out but they know people have short memories for some stuff & will soon forget & move on.

    • watbetch

      Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, hold the phasing out if @Home. They’re probably replacing UMA with femtocell’s because UMA seems to be more of a pain to implement rather than a 3G femtocell. I’d LOVE A femtocell.

      I just got @Home, they decided to bring it into the new rate structure and raise it $5 so I doubt they’re going to toss it out the window.

      • Bill48105

        We have @Home & it is great add-on and silly for TMo to drop even if they don’t make $ (indirectly they did because it was one reason we switched to TMo in 1st place. It certainly wasn’t stellar coverage. hehe) but I will say we also have a voipo line that is $8/m when paid yearly (run by hostgator) and I think call quality is a lot better on voipo than @Home. Plus a TON of settings in web admin that TMo won’t even let you at. There is more of a delay with @Home vs voipo and more garble on @Home vs voipo. (Yes I am comparing with low network/internet traffic) Anyhow if TMo does away with @Home we’ll move that to voipo in a second, as line 2 on our existing adapter. (Which is free btw vs $40 or whatever TMo charges.) And NO I don’t work for them! lol

  • drivethruboy168

    If T-Mobile was gonna discontinue @Home, it would not effect the customers that currently have it because they have it already. It would be the people that wanna sign up for it. We won’t offer it anymore.

  • Roger

    I think a lot of this is T-mobile’s fault. The services they provided are clearly loved, but they seemed very capable of making a complete mess on their web site making it a lot harder for people to figure out what exactly was being offered. Heck even Tmobile geeks posting above can’t agree on which name corresponded to which piece of functionality. “Make calls over wifi” is far more descriptive than random combinations of punctuation and words. There were also issues with the quality of the UMA implementation in various phones – see endless forum postings with never ending tuning parameters. I’ve personally experienced it too with high reliability on some access points and dismal on others. (When it fails it does so after a few minutes of being in standby or at the beginning of a call, usually dropping the call.)

    If Tmobile drops UMA, either by canceling or by not carrying new phones that have the functionality when I need one again in the future, then I will have to change carriers – there is not enough signal at my house from them but there is from other carriers.

  • mike

    U guys should work at tmobile to know that the @home service has many flaws. U can’t use it if u have anything that ties up your phone line ie alarm, fax… it is a suck a hassel to sell and if u actually sell one the return rate is like 70%. @home is a good concept but it needs to be fefined. Btw it sucks if u want to use it for internation calls.

    • watbetch

      It’s perfect for me, anyone that has a fax should throw it in the garbage use eFax and I can get a local line for $5 through my phone company over standalone DSL.

  • mike

    Verizon offered this same concept about 4v years ago and dropped it only after about 6 months

  • Andre

    I have @home too. I’ve been waiting for magicJack to offer the number transfer feature to jump ship. It’s much cheaper anyway. Only thing it: you need a computer on all the time. :-) I’m just hoping I can transfer before Tmo dropped the service.

    But I don’t think they can or will drop their user before offering a compensation or an alternative.

    • watbetch

      The MagicJack is garbage, all of the money you’re spending running a computer all of the time completely offsets any savings. It has major problems as well and it installs adware on your computer.. they will also cut you off if you talk too much.

      • Bill48105

        No kidding. It has to use more per month in electricity than you’d pay for @Home, even if you use an old ‘free’ computer for it vs buying one. What a waste. I know there is a way to get it to run on a thinpc but why bother, not worth the trouble. Part of why they won’t let you run a convenient & power saving VOIP adapter like Vonage is fear of regulation. They want to be compared to Skype (not regulated & no # transfer or 911) NOT Vonage (regulated, taxed but # transfers).

        @Andre As far as waiting for # portability. Doubt it is going to happen. MagicJack doesn’t want to be regulated like a real phone company (responsibilities like E911 along with costs, taxes, fees, etc) so odds are they’ll keep things the way they are so they can keep it cheap. Otherwise you’d be paying more in taxes/fees than their service. lol

    • Nate

      MagicJack = no free tmo to tmo minutes like with @home = No Thank You.

  • Scott

    I love my @home service, $10 a month for a home phone is 1/2 of what I would pay on any other provider. A cable ip phone here is over $20, the phone company charges close to $30 with any services (caller ID, etc.). The only thing I can think of is going to the MagicJack thing if TM dumps @home.

    • Bill48105

      Voipo is only around $8/m if you prepay for a year for unlimited & all the features. I have it along with @Home & I think it has better call quality than @Home. Definitely WAY better than MagicJack any day. If TMo kills @Home I’ll switch that line to voipo too but odds are I’ll be grandfathered so we’ll see.

  • DCT

    They have probably taken away the @home option but if you want you can get the unlimited plan which is essentially the same thing. As long as you get the unlimited talk you can still use your @home service, but is no longer free from calling from a wifi spot. I’ve just had to change my plan since I recently got the N900 and so I went in to get the details. In the end what happens is that the calls you make from the wifi are going to be taken out of minutes you have. So essentially if you still want this plan, just jump onto the $49.99 unlimited talk plan. It’s about the same price as it was before for the lower plans plus the $10 at home.

    Personally I just dropped mine and went with the Every something plus 500 minutes and unlimited text and web for $59.99 since I don’t get that many calls.

    For most people that have this plan and already have the cheapest plans it may not work as well for you. But for those that have a plan that is already about $49.99 with the @home you’ll be getting the same thing.

    I’m not a tmobile representative I just happened to had to go into the store to change my plan :p.

  • mohit

    If the get rid of @home my parents would be w/o a landvoip service and I will leave Tmo as well. They are starting to hire “Even More Idiots’ than before.

  • shawn

    tmo @home service is one of the best offerings tmo has, and the only reason why i have a home phone. it is not profitable because they do not advertise the benefits it could offer, in fact i have never seen it advertised at all. tmo needs to wake up and understand it is the little things that keep their subscriber base afloat and tossing services such as this will only mean more lost subscribers.

    remember tmo, customer service awards can only do so much.

  • Andy

    This would be really stupid if T-Mobile discontinued the Hotspot @Home service because I live in a hole or valley and with no service and the only way we get phone service is with our Hotspot phones.. GAF!

    • Bill48105

      They’re talking about @Home (Literally AT HOME as in HOME phone service) not WIFI@Home aka UMA aka $10 Unlimited WIFI calling (calling with your cell phone over wifi) which hasn’t officially been dropped but they might as well have considering they’ve dropped most phones that support it, new phones like Android & TP2 don’t support it & they’ve removed most mentions of it from the sales web site. So yeah either way you’re screwed. lol Hopefully for your sake TMo releases a femtocell ASAP or you stay grandfathered until you croak. :D

  • Dave Grohl

    Who is the new COO anyway?

  • Bill48105

    You know based on the confusion in these comments do we really need to wonder why TMo is ditching @Home, WiFi@Home, Hotspot calling, Unlimited Hotspot calling, UMA, TalkForever or whatever else people can come up with to get them confused?? It doesn’t surprise me, TMo was stupid for coming up with such stupid & confusing names for such cool products/features that even their own employees get confused! When talking to sales I had to explain to them the difference! Calling into CS most of the time I have to explain the difference or correct them. I love both services but wow good riddance! Maybe they can release replacements with better names and then actually market them so people know what they’re missing out on.

  • safil

    absolutely upset!!! i hooked up my parents house w/ the tmo@home hotspot router and all is well. why not do like sony did w/ the ps3 when it first came out and take a loss. work on it and then it 2 or 3 years it will be profitable. who am i kidding. love to have it but, truth be told, there arent gonna be many land lines/voip going into the future. almost everyone has a cell phone so the need for land lines is little. and furthermore, the mobile carriers know this and its in their best interest to cancel/stop/discontinue land line use and offer incentives for a mobile line. already there are practically no PUBLIC pay phones left.

  • cellfreak

    even if they get rid of it, it’ll most likely be supported just like all the other services they’ve gotten rid of and grandfathered. but i’ve looked at sales reports and it’s not even really selling anymore…it’s probably for the better. but like i said, i doubt current users will have a problem. i don’t think they would discontinue your service too!

  • beastly

    I really don’t understand why they’d ditch the service altogether. If it’s not profitable, double the cost. If people buy it, then it’s suddenly become profitable. If not, you’ve effectively killed the service anyway.

    I think they should just sell basic service for $20 a month with unlimited nights, weekends, and UMA. Charge low “overage” for everything beyond that, or give people unlimited cellular use for $30 a month. That way, you can stick your SIM card in a router and get @home for $20 a month, but have the flexibility to pop it into a cell phone if you need to. Unlimited plans would be $50 a month for cell service, just like they are now.

    Agreed that the website is way too confusing. If you want someone to buy something, you gotta make it easy and intuitive. Ditto with their names for things.

  • socalfrank

    I had the UMA service which didn’t work that well for me. My house is large and the router was not reaching far enough.
    The Voip service has been good, but with the unlimited plans, I’d rather have less phone numbers to give out and just stick to my TMO cell line.
    I can highly recommend Ooma though for anyone who needs a VoiP service, and it’s FREE after you bought your equipment.

    • Bill48105

      Yeah coverage is an issue with UMA and a support nightmare especially on public hotspots that are overloaded.

      ooma might look like a great deal but you’re essentially taking a risk that the hardware won’t die on you because then you’re SOL & need to buy another one. Your break even point with vonage (high end) is like 9 months which isn’t too long but on the lower end it’d be almost 2 years for @Home or longer for something like voipo. If you’re lucky & the box doesn’t self destruct in at least 2 years (anything from lightning to the kids to getting stolen) then you could end up paying a lot more in the end. Plus remember the device only comes with BASIC services & you need to pay extra fees for some of the more advanced stuff. Granted some is optional but much or more is included with other voip systems by default. Anyhow it’s an option but people need to consider the real possibility the devices might not last long enough to break even let alone get ahead. Granted some people are extremely lucky & the box could last 20 years & they’d have a great deal, assuming you stick with base & the taxes/fees don’t get too high.

  • AndroidGuy

    Wow. someone has messed up and confused you all.

    hotspot at home is what is being discontinued. the info is dated.

    @home isnt going anywhere and is getting a major overhaul in Q1

    i have never understood how you all get so worked up over this rumor-blogging

    • watbetch

      That makes sense.. what is replacing hotspot calling?

    • Bill48105

      Well we can only go by what the post & article it links to says. Why else are we here on this site reading up then? Granted you need to take rumors with a grain of salt but that’s why we’re commenting on it, to give our take on it, true or not.. Either way we wait & see what materializes & what doesn’t.

  • sirjakeyjake

    Would be fine with me. Cheap is cheap, but you get what you pay for. Not only was I told in-store that you could do anything a regular landline can do, but we’ve had a lot of issues with our router and phones. When my contract is over, I’m probably going back to Comcast.

  • KB

    UMA is still available even with the unlimited plans. It’s still $9.99 a month. I don’t know where you people have gotten this disinformation (probably and AT&T plant). They just change the name of the plan, though it still exists.

    • Bill48105

      From TMobile sales & customer service. I just called both & both told me the wifi@home unlimited calling option is no longer available unless you are on one of the old MyFaves plans. If you have a UMA-capable phone you can still USE it but any talk time comes off anytime minutes as if it was a cell call so myfaves,m2m,n&w still apply. How many more times should I call? Do you have a special code or password that is needed? Obviously there is confusion not only between those of us here on this site but also at TMo itself.

      Btw it is funny you say it’s $9.99 (which is the old MyFaves price) vs say $10 which is what they did with everything on the EM plans to round things off & make them simpler. And I take it the fee on an unlimited plan only makes sense if it gives you use of TMo’s public hotspots vs using your own wifi routers.

  • vikingfan45

    OKAY everybody the only REASON T-MOBILE DID WAS ……………..WAIT FOR IT………………..

    TO REDUCE CHURN….. Its the only reason why t-mobile released this product lol……………………..

  • Jiggin

    I have two @Home lines in service. I moved from the telco and the cable company to TMO @Home shortly after bringing my cell service from Verizon. UMA has not been reliable enough for me to have cell only service at my home office. Rumor also has it that UMA is at risk of going away too. My Faves is already heading out. Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for home and cell service. TMO may be the price leader but it’s the extra services and Customer Service that keeps me on board.

    Without the extra services, Verizon starts looking better to me. Larger calling area, largest 3G coverage and always #1 or #2 in Customer Service.


    i have both.

    i love them both.

    just bought a used crackberry 8900 to replace my katalyst and i’m really starting to love it as well.

    if they discontinue them, bye bye bye.

    i won’t have to pay penalties to leave and i’ll have 2 brand new droids and a verizon network extender with a 19% corporate discount and all my numbers ported in 2 days.

    after 9 years of voicestream and t-mo.

    sure seems kind of funny though, when t-mo germany is touting using LTE for making calls and some corporate clown is shooting down a primitive form of LTE………

  • kershon

    I was on a contract family plan when the new em and em+ plans came out which included 2 cell phone lines and hotspot@home. I switched to em+ family plan. This included the 2 cell lines but I was told that the hotspot@home line would have to be considered as a 3rd cell line and would cost $30 unlimited or $10 for 200 minutes. I went with the unlimited everything plan for the 2 cell lines but only the 200 minute plan for the 3rd because I rarely use the home phone. I do use the wi-fi for uma calling and to run my laptop. One day a while back I was browsing the tmo website and looking at the phones and they listed the same router as @home so I checked it out. It is the same as the one I have. So I checked the plans and lo and behold the unlimited @ home calling is available for only @ $10 per month. I called customer service and asked why I only had 200 minutes when I could have had all along unlimited. As pointed out in some of the other comments confusion reigns supreme, at least when the new plans first came out. It was just set up as an additional line. After explaiining that I originally had the hotspot@home in the beginning, and would like to continue to have it although I probably would never need the unlimited minutes the cs rep switched my home service to unlimited. I also inquired about limits on uma calling and if minutes used were considered minutes against my plan. I was told that uma is unlimited also and do not count against any plan minutes and any data over wi-fi the same. This was good news because when I am at home I always run my phone over the @home router. Now I don’t know if this helps or adds to the confusion, but it is my .02 worth anyway.

    • kershon

      One more thing. The cs rep also told me the uma calling is also unlimited on the plans that are not unlimited talk. So if you are on a plan with only 500 talk minutes you should be in great shape if your phone is ima capable.

    • kershon

      One more thing. The cs rep also told me the uma calling is also unlimited on the plans that are not unlimited talk. So if you are on a plan with only 500 talk minutes you should be in great shape if your phone is uma capable.

    • kershon

      One more thing. The cs rep also told me that uma calling is also unlimited for those with plans that are not unlimited. So if you only have 500 talk minutes you should be in great shape if your phone is uma capable.

  • kershon

    Sorry for the triple post. I keep getting server timed out error message.

    • Bill48105

      Sure! You just want to compete with me for most posts in a day! :P That stinks what happened but doesn’t surprise me. Ever since they changed plans around there is MAJOR confusion when talking to TMo sales & CS because seems we all get different info lately, they often contradict each other & the web site. I’ve now talked to 10 different people @ TMobile and every one has said the same thing: UMA aka WiFI@Home still exist & you can use it without doing anything on your plan/services BUT it will use minutes so they suggest I be on an unlimited anytime plan but it’s not required. What doesn’t exist anymore (except for people grandfathered in on MyFaves) is $9.99 unlimited wifi calling service. Anyone who is on Even More has to use their minutes or get an unlimited talk plan. I’m not making this up, just summarizing what I was told on the phone.

      So I went to TMobile’s site & created new plans. I tried every combination of EM or EM+, limited or unlimited and used the Shadow because that supports UMA wifi calling and under ‘extra minutes’ there is NADA. That is where it used to be back with MyFaves plans but not now. There is a hotspot option but that is for wifi use on TMo’s hotspot which is not the same as unlimited hotspot calling.

      Obviously something screwy is going on. Either the people one of us are talking to are giving us a load, some have no clue or there is some secret phrase you need to say that lets you get the feature enabled even though they all insist it doesn’t exist for EM customers & isn’t shown on their site.. Either way I’d be careful & check your usage online! Make sure your anytime minutes are not being used when you make calls. Of course you’ll need to test on a week day, during the day & to a non-TMo customer. ;) I know on my account it showed online it was a hotspot call & anytime counter did not change. I need to test again but I think it still shows hotspot call but anytime drops which could me misleading.

      • kershon

        Bill4108 if I was going to try to compete with you I would have made more than just 3 of the same posts. Ha ha.Lol. Anyway come Monday I am going to do a test like you suggest. I will shut off the network and run straight wi-fi and make a call and note the time and lenghth of the call. When or if it posts in my account useage I will know. Thanks for the tip.

      • Bill48105

        Btw I checked & it shows “(U) ? (U) HotSpot call
        Minutes used on calls placed while connected via Wi-Fi to your wireless router using Unlimited HotSpot Calling service or via a T-Mobile HotSpot location.” under Call Type when you make wifi call but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t use your whenever minutes. Like you said you’ll have to test during peak hours & see but I checked my past bills online & there is a special line (along with Whenever, T-Mobile to T-Mobile, @Home, etc) that says “Unlimited HotSpot Calling” that shows a counter of your WiFi minutes used. I am pretty sure that counter went up 24×7, in other words it superseded M2N & NW but I can’t verify now because we lost Unlimited Hotspot Calling when we switched to EM+ plan to save some $ and get more Whenever minutes instead. Often our phones would switch back to cell from wifi on their own without us knowing and we’d get charged minutes thinking it was free because it showed WIFI on the screen. We found out the hard way that if the phone happens to be on cell when a call comes in & we don’t know (talking via Bluetooth so not looking at the screen) and got talking we’d rack up the minutes. Checking during the call doesn’t help because the phone would sometimes switch to WIFI right after connecting or mid-call (that’s how it’s designed which normally would be a good thing) but it only mattered how the call initiated so we were still charged minutes. We essentially had to look at the screen when a call came in to make sure it said WIFI before answering which was a pain. Too bad the phone didn’t say on the screen how the call was initiated but that would have been too much to ask. ;) Anyhow that’s how I reluctantly gave up myfaves & unlimited wifi in favor of more Whenever minutes and get to save like $30 per month, we just use @Home line more to cut back on cell minutes.
        PS. LOL yeah way more than 3 posts & WAY more words in each too. :D