T-Mobile Considering Discontinuing T-Mobile@Home Service?


If you aren’t familiar with T-Mobile’s @Home service, basically it’s a service that gives you unlimited nationwide calling from your home phone, including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and call conferencing. It’s a landline service that operates by hooking up T-Mobile’s @Home router to your internet connection. This is not to be confused with T-Mobile’s UMA service, which uses a WiFi connection to strength a wireless signal. Rumor has it that T-Mobile is looking to discontinue the service according to a BoyGenius Report source. The new T-Mobile COO realizes that the company isn’t profiting off the service, and is looking get rid of it. We haven’t heard anything about this yet, so we’re going to take this as a rumor until further notice. File this under the rumor/overheard at the water cooler category for now.

What do you guys think, should T-Mobile get rid of the @Home service? Would anyone actually miss it?


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  • http://homotechual.org Homotechual

    Ok, enough with the bash T-mobile employees. Not all of them know everything, they just need to brush up on the training thats provided for them. I’v been in the industry for 3 years now and have worked at Sprint, Verizon and now at T-mobile. Neither company had it’s perfect reps.

    In regards to the article, we have not heard anything about @home service being cancelled. If it is it’s because we don’t sell enough of them, the interest for home lines just isin’t there anymore voip or not. Internet service on the other hand is a must, What T-mobile needs to do is come out with some sort of internet service that’s not the 5gb USB stick.

    I also don’t see UMA going anywhere, if they were phasing out UMA they wouldn’t have bothered engraving the technology on the 9700.

    • Bill48105

      I can’t speak for others but I wasn’t bashing TMo employees, I think they are the best not only in cell land but about any CS I’ve dealt with in any industry. That being said I stick with what I said: They need to get their sheet together & fast. I’m sorry but it is their job to know what products/services the company they work for sells, both past & preset, or at least anything they’ll run into for grandfathered plans. If you are a TMo rep then you shouldn’t be defending poor CS & sales reps you should be pissed & mention these issues to your managers so that the employees can get a refresher and serve their customers and they can remain top notch. Even More plans have definitely been out long enough everyone @ TMo should be not only caught up but pros.

      I think it’d be a bad idea for TMo to get rid of @Home service (the land line replacement HOME PHONE) but they really should think about renaming stuff to make it easier for people to understand which is which.

      As a TMO employee can you clarify if unlimited wifi calling is still an available option for Even More plan customers?

      As far as UMA going away, why was it removed as search option on Tmo’s site? Why were most of the UMA-capable phones dropped? Why is the Shadow the only WM UMA phone? Why don’t any Android phones support UMA? And (unless I see proof otherwise) why is the unlimited wifi calling option no longer available?

      • lowboy14

        Well, I work for TMO as well, and the UMA thing hasn’t completely taken off yet. we are the only carrier in US that offers UMA handsets. You don’t see a huge selection because of that, and the fact that the FCC has tight restrictions seeing as no one “owns” UMA, that is why it is Unlicensed Mobile Access. The feds want to own and control everything. It is no longer an option because the vast majority of the UMA unlimited customers are businesses, and they can still get it.

      • Bill48105

        @lowboy14 AHH so you’re saying we need to be a biz customer to get it? Why would TMo take it away from non business people because business people are the main users? You lost me on that one. ;) Still seems funny that of the TONS of calls into CS they’ve yet to let me add it back in especially considering I had it before on my MyFaves plan. (Obviously I know it exists, I used it!) I could understand them restricting future customers from getting it but it’s stupid they restrict existing customers. Thanks for the info.

      • john

        Actually, there is no more wifi unlimited calling feature, ie entirely removed from the billing system as it relates to the em and em plus plans, it is entirely incompatable, the designers of the system can make features that just don’t work with the plans all together.

    • kershon

      No cs rep bashing intended. As a whole they are a great group of people and try very hard to accomodate customers. I do think that all reps should be on the same page so that it puts an end to the confusion. If more training or clarification is needed for them then T-Mobile should get them in the class.

      • Brandon

        UMA is not gone… Unlimited hotspot calling is grandfathered, not available on/after october 25th, 2009… @home service is absolutley going away, most likely by february… and no, the service really doesn’t bring more customers in. One store is lucky to do 1 @home acivation a month…

        And csr bashing is sad… you can’t go into any store or call any company and expect TOP NOTCH from every employee. The poor csr’s had a 30-minute training on the new plans, the day before they were released. and 7 minute (yes, 7 mins) the next day… Device trainings are computer slide shows with a quiz at the end, and the csr’s are allowed 15-20 mins to view the show and take the quiz… how do u expect them to retain the knowledge? To be a GOOD csr, you really need to love cellphones and the service and be willing to do your own research outside of work. The csr’s are on the phones from the time they walk in, to the time they leave… this leaves no extra time for research.

      • Bill48105

        Bummer Brandon, sad to see UMA & @Home go. :( I’ve been into many TMo stores and you have to beg to hear about @Home. I’ve heard sales people telling customers they wouldn’t want it because it’s junk. WTH would they do that? No wonder only 1 sale a month! Bad to blame the services because TMo did awful job of marketing (I found both on my own by accident and people I tell about them are always like “wow those sound great, how come I never heard about them?”) plus if the employees of a company don’t know the products & services they are selling it is tough to get sales. Not bashing employees, I think TMo dropped the ball, but I think if I can pickup & comprehend the pros/cons of something like UMA or @Home on my own in just a matter of minutes I’d hope a specialized direct training would work even better.. OK perhaps I’m not average Joe like most people reading sites like this but when TMo hires people they should be screening them for capabilities to keep support top-notch, even if that means not hiring some people or putting them through more training or requiring a certain amount of time studying the products & services.. Again, TMo needs to step it up & it’s bad to blame great services.

  • Tournstone

    I have had @Home since it began. It was a little iffy for the first couple of months, but has worked great since. I love the price and now love the service. The product itself may not make money for T-Mobile, but how many costumers do they bring in or retain by having this product? I for one put up with the less than exciting (for me at least) phone selection and proprietary 3G network simply because of the value-added service. My wife and I have thought of leaving on more than one occasion and it always comes down to “well, our home phone is with them and it works well and is a great price, so we stay”.

  • Jacob

    Oh dear god not my $13 (after taxes) a month home phone NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • raholco

    AT&T Shutdown their version of @Home (CallVantage) earlier this year-so its noit surprising to hear this possible going down.

    • Bill48105

      Similar but not exactly the same because CallVantage was run by the landline side of ATT vs cell side (ATT Mobility) so it probably wasn’t that they weren’t making money on it (CallVantage was still like $45/m for everything vs $10 for @Home) they just saw it as competing with themselves and an experiment gone bad you’d say.

    • watbetch

      CallVantage was probably replaced by U-VERSE although availability isn’t that wide.

      • Bill48105

        True, I bet uverse played a part in them dropping it or perhaps CallVantage was a testing bed for UVerse calling. ;)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think getting rid of Tmobile@home service would be a big mistake for Tmobile. Like someone stated above it may not make much profit for Tmobile but it adds an added value for the customer who has a landline. I myself use this service and just signed up not even that long ago and really like it. It beats my old home phone bill. The reason why I think landlines even exsist today are because people who talk at home or use their phone for business at home don’t want to be stuck holding a cell phone for hours on end. Plus of course they are still the cheapest route if you need to call international. If Tmobile gets rid of this service what will become of the current users? I am sure we will still get support but what if they stop making the routers and ones router breaks? Would we be stuck with a service and not be able to use it. Hopefully this is all rumors because I hate to lose my landline number that I have had for years. Its a number my kids memorized and I don’t want to port it again to a company that will charge me more. I find it hard that Tmobile would get rid of it also because not even that long ago they offered people $200 or something like that just to port their number to the service… why would they have even bothered? The only reason I could see Tmobile doing this is because of the rumors of them buying out clearwire (clear) which also offers their own home phone service with their internet plans… but its also $25 and not $10. Again no thanks! True I don’t use my landline as much as I probably do with my cell… but I prefer to use my house phone when I am home. Tmobile if this is true you better still support your current customers with hardware etc. Although if this is true… its just another mistake that may just cost you more in the end.

    • Bill48105

      Well many people like my family like having a common house phone along with a cell phone for each person to carry. That way you give the house # for Dr’s etc along with cell #’s for emergencies otherwise it ends up a mess with them leaving messages with one person while the other is home waiting etc. Plus you get unlimited calling on the @home line to save cell minutes. You get less exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell use, better call quality, the comfort of a house phone which is likely more convenient too because you can have multiple phones throughout the house vs just 1 cell that you have to carry on you or run to find when it rings. Granted the XLink gateway helps by connecting cell via bluetooth to house phones but call quality is WAYY better on @Home than all that converting via wireless going on. Cell waves->cell phone->Bluetooth waves->XLink->Cordless base->cordless waves->cordless handset. 3 wireless signals all criss-crossing for 1 call.

      Btw JBLmobileG1, even if the drop it odds are you’ll be able to get the adapters on ebay etc for a long long time. Besides in a worst case scenario just pull the SIM chip out & put it in a cell phone.. (That too is one of coolest things about @Home. Try that with vonage!) Or they have to give you a chance to port it somewhere else as long as you don’t cancel the service.

    • ItsMANgenta

      T-Mobile was offering those $200 for customer’s to port in from another carrier to help cover the costs of an ETF if applicable. It wasn’t just to activate an @Home service.

  • Mr. VIP

    I don’t think it should be discontinued because it is a great service and a great value (FOR THOSE WHO DO HAVE LANDLINES or LANDLINE NEEDS), but T-Mobile as a company needs to quit trying to push it like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Too many reps in my store have been written up for poor @Home performance. It’s because nobody wants to have a home phone when we can give thm a cell pone with UNLIMITED minutes for so cheap. If cell phone use cost the same as it did in the 90s, then a $10 home phone would be a freakin steal! To make all of this rambling short, T-Mobile should keep it as an optional service for those who want it, but not try to cram it down our (the reps) or the customer’s throats!

  • alan

    being a tmo employee i doubt the @home will be discontinued… As far as the wificalling or hotspot calling availability on EvenMore and EvenMorePlus, I honestly can not give a straight answer on whether its available or not. It sometimes appears as an option on the screen and sometimes doesnt. Reality is that it sometimes appears on our screen and sometimes doesnt. My advice for people that want it or are looking for it, I would just say it depends on the REP that you get. If you get a good rep that will add it for u, well thats great cuz sometimes some reps are lame and will say its not offered anymore which sometimes makes us sounds like liars and complete idiots (in my opinion). It really depends on the rep you get, i.e. today a co-worker of mine said a mytouch will not work at all without the internet and refused to sell a mytouch @ full retail without the internet. For those of you that are tech savy know that the phone WILL WORK but you do need the internet just to set it up initially and in order to access email and android market. Get my point?

    As far as UMA, i’m not sure why tmo is making less and less phones with this feature. I talked to a Samsung representative that had the Samsung Behold II months before the release date and she told me that TMO does not want Samsung to make any more phones with UMA. In my opinion most if not all phones should come with UMA because almost everyone has wifi in their house and with this we would get far less complaints about not getting signal inside customers houses but getting perfect signal right outside their door. Funny thing is that i need UMA because the signal is weak inside my house and ever since i got my bold 9700 i love this feature but the sad part is that its probably the last phone that will have this feature so when i quit tmo, i will just have to go to another company that gets better service inside my house and im sure alot of people are in the same position that im in. but yea dont get your hopes up people because android will not make a UMA device. thats my $.02!

    • Brandon

      I hope you quit soon because your facts are terrible.

      • Bill48105

        @Brandon LMAO, gotta love it. New or imposter employee? :)

  • tmobile representative

    The @ home service is a sweet deal, the problem with it is T-mobile is willing to fire employees who dont sell enough of it every month. You need to understand 90% of customers are not qualified for our @ Home service just based off the “complicated” matter of the device and my location has a nearly perfect 50% return rate.


    as a frontline employee for t-mo, i know how difficult this service can be to sell, let alone, keep from being returned. truth be told, we make very little money when we sell it and the aggravation of trying to help customers getting it setup isn’t worth the small monetary reward–actually, it’s become more of a pride thing, if anything, for that small group of us who have been successful in selling @home. i’ve noticed, based on my personal experience, this service either works really well or doesn’t work at all and it’s mostly because we’re expecting our customers–who call sim cards “slim cards” and wifi “wee-fee”–to set it up themselves. i ditched at&t’s landline service and replaced it with @home (mostly because t-mo employees get the service for free) and it works really well. granted, i know a thing or two about technology and having a stable internet connection (that’s never disconnected, lol) helps, too. now, in true t-mo fashion, i can almost guarantee that @home will just become another grandfathered service and those who already have it can keep it. i think it’s pretty obvious that the big people upstairs are probably planning to phase it out. if you look at the current floorset guidelines, the @home display is hidden behind the sidekick display, which, in most stores, faces the back of the store. now, that could be because they just needed a place to put it, but i also heard that the higher-ups aren’t even talking about @home during their weekly meetings anymore which makes everything seem more clear. i think with the new direction t-mo is going, now is probably a good time to say “hello to goodbye”. it was great while it lasted…at least for those of us who actually got it connected.

  • Bill48105

    @Mr. VIP, tmobile representative, alan & TMO INSIDER (Wow nice to get such great info from TMo employees! :D) It is stupid for TMo to make reps sell a certain # of @Home lines, especially when TMo has done such a horrible job or marketing it! I mean seriously, if I asked 100 people I know about @Home 99 of them would say “My home” and the 100th would say “Now or later?” Not sure how they expect you to sell a product people don’t really know about and worse yet has such confusing names between products like @Home vs Wifi@Home vs Hotspot calling vs WiFi calling vs Hotspots etc. Plus I had a hard time getting a TMo sales rep to give me info on @Home or wifi calling even when I requested it. It was like the company’s bastard child that no one wanted to touch. How can they seriously expect those products to succeed? And to fire an employee who can’t sell something under those considitions is awfully unfair.

    alan, I can kind of imagine what you mean because sometimes reps act like they have no clue what I am talking about, like I was an alien speaking some space language. Often they offered to put be on hold to check on stuff & sometimes come back with the right info but other times still act like I was crazy. Having the screen show different options at different times would definitely explain it. Sounds like a crazy business practice but somehow I believe it. lol

    I believe @Home & UMA are great services but poorly marketed & rolled out by TMo. Had they been properly introduced to people with names that weren’t so confusing & the benefits clearly explained to people with a system in place to help setup & support the stuff they could have gone a long. Very sad to see 2 such great products die a slow meaningless death. ;(

  • kb_jeep

    SO if they disconnect my tmobile @home do I get the $200 disconnect fee from Tmobile? I want it for at least my 2 year contract.

  • TMoEmpRet

    @ All Tmo Employees on here….

    @Home sucks. I’m actually on a Performance Improvement Plan because of @home. I have stellar metrics in all other areas but i haven’t sold at @home in 3 months. Now i’m on a watch list and apparently if i don’t start selling them I will be terminated. How dumb is that? Yes it adds value to the product and can save some old people money if they still want a land line BUT how many old people have internet? Hell, most old people can’t even use a computer mouse. I can sell an unlimited plan and give them a free phone that they can take ANYWHERE and make 5 times as much as i can by selling the @home. It doesnt matter if Tmo keeps or trashes it…the only thing i really care about is them not shoving it down my throat. Keep it as a feature like caller tunes or something…don’t push me to pass the failing product on to customers. Phew…sorry had to vent.

    • Bill48105

      I agree it is stupid for Tmo force employees to sell it, it is the wrong approach and it’s clear you are frustrated by it. The key to selling is to let people know it exists, what the pros/cons are & see if it fits them. It will not be successful being peddled to each & every person who calls or stops in, it’ll be a hard sale & will have high return rates & low satisfaction rates. Yes these days people are replacing their land line & going just cell so it would be a hard sell to a single guy on the go, he’d just get unlimited cell phone. But there are demographics where it’d be hot if done right.

      1. Families – We each have a cell phone but it is a royal pain to see who is home.. What, do we call every person on their cell? Having a common house line is great to call home & see, with 1 call. It gives a common # to give out to Dr’s, family, etc for the primary contact where there isn’t a particular person needed (like when grandma calls to say hi, she’ll talk to whoever answers) and messages can be left so that they can be properly routed. Plus for non urgent stuff people call the @Home line rather than call our cells which is less distracting when driving or in a meeting etc. Plus when calling between our cells & @Home line we use 0 minutes because it counts as m2m. $10/month is a great investment.

      2. Health conscious – With all the scares of magnetic radiation. @Home eliminates that concern because it isn’t transmitting over the cell waves. Not a huge selling feature to most but there is definitely something to be said about it and many who’d eat it up like candy. (Side note: This also applies to a lesser extent to UMA calling)

      3. Call quality, comfort & convenience – @Home call quality is much better than cell. Plus you can plug in your cordless phone system & have handsets throughout the house. You don’t have to carry your cell around on you to not miss calls (see #2 above too) and instead can keep it plugged in & charging so it’s ready when you want to leave. How many times have you run around the house searching for your ringing cell phone? Instead you get a cordless for each room. And cordless phones are a lot more comfortable to talk on than cell phones. So when home why not use a phone that sounds better, is more comfortable and is right there in each room all while your cell is in a known location charging?

      There are a just few selling points I use as a TMo salesperson. You definitely won’t sell them to every person you talk to but I find it hard to believe you couldn’t find a few a month. Granted too little too late now if TMo is dropping it but maybe they’ll just put it on back burner & they’ll give you @Home sales of the year award. :)

      • Bill48105

        Hate to respond to myself but to clarify I am NOT a TMo employee, the paragraph should have started “There are a just few selling points I *WOULD* use as a TMo salesperson”. Sorry about that. :)

  • MrBoJangle

    IMO.. this is a chicken and egg problem. People want to buy reliable & quality product. To improve the product, T-Mobile needs to invest on the product. But to invest on it, T-Mobile needs to see that consumers want the product.
    I’m confusing myself here..

  • Townwgn

    As has been state from other. It is we have stayed with t-mobile. We use the @home as the long distance phone. Our t-mobile cell service (as well as others) is spotty where I live. I have a TP2 and hope it has UMA capabilities. I wanted to start it up for that phone.


  • Adam

    T-Mobile @Home service is retarded. Everyone has a cell phone why would they want to pay money for a HOME PHONE? Magic Jack is $20 for a whole year. Plus Vonage gives customers unlimited calls to US/Canada/UK, whereas T-Mobile is only giving service in USA. Finally T-Mobile has realized their mistake… PEOPLE WANT COOL MOBILE PHONES and NOT HOME PHONES… ask Verizon Wireless how may “Hubs” have sold? Bottom-line… GOODBYE @HOME you won’t be missed. UMA rocks and T-Mobile should invest more with UMA because it enhances coverage and Wi-Fi can reduce network congestion.

  • http://twitter.com/raeyne Raeyne

    @Townwgn – To answer your question: no, the Touch Pro 2 does not have UMA capabilities.

    Also, wanted to say the following:

    1. Going forward, unless Samsung and Nokia work something else out, only the Blackberry line will offer UMA calling.

    2. The UNLIMITED UMA calling feature is grandfathered and not compatible with Even More (Plus) plans. Period. You can still use UMA calling, it is just not unlimited to do so. Your calls come from your bucket of minutes… unless you find a way around it. ;)

    3. No official word on whether or not @Home is going away, but good riddance if it is. We do at least 60 @Home activations a month in our market, which is decent, but the huge interest just isn’t there. Who’s to blame? Marketing. Plain and simple. Not a bad product and you can travel anywhere in the world and have free calling to the US… but they don’t want you to know that, so they don’t advertise it.

    Anyways, hope that helps :)

    • Bill48105

      @Raeyne Interesting info, glad you’ve confirmed much of what I’ve said. :D

      1. Shadow too..

      2. So, wink wink nudge nudge, do you know something we don’t about getting unlimited wifi on EM? ;) ;) Oh yeah, get on unlimited calling plan. :P

      3. I went into detail on who I think @Home should have been marketed toward but yeah I can imagine they wouldn’t want to advertise “Hey take your box with you when you’re out of the country for free calling back to the states! Oh don’t forget that works for UMA too!” lol

  • Brian

    I hear they are killing UMA also. The phone reps at Tmo and the store rep told me no more UMA phones will be made after the blackberry 9700. Odd, since this (UMA technology) extended their weaker network!!??? I’m not sure why they have made the decision.. Unless they come up with a better way to extend the network through some sort of repeater on cable lines similar to what sprint uses (which doesn’t require special UMA phones).

    Lets hope they do something ’cause I’m in a 1000 sqft deadzone where I bought my house..tiny, tiny, dead zone but tmo doesn’t work but the other three do….

  • Kurt

    Yeah, I heard they are killing UMA too. OR you can continue to use any UMA phone you have but they aren’t making anymore UMA phones for Tmobile (thus you kill it for any new users or people who buy new phones).

    Tmo did a terrible job marketing it! I use it and I pay nothing extra. This TOO was confusing some tmo reps said it was a $10 charge and some said it just came out of your minites for ‘free’ (which is fine with me).

    BUT I kept telling them (for marketing reasons) to call it “Voice over IP” and NOT UMA. this is Basic marketing people! Nobody understood what UMA was but Voice over IP or Viop is a buzz-word. They kept saying it not exactly “voice over ip” it’s slightly different…Who cares! people understand connecting to your cable TV line and making a voice call! The average person thinks of that as “voice over IP”…Call it Voize over IP” if you have to for legal reasons!!!! it’s all marketing! It IS VOICE OVER THE INTERNET! Tmobile really fails on marketing! They just really suck at it! This was really huge when it came out but they NEVER utilizlized it.

  • Miguel

    I never understood the value of T-Mobile’s @Home Service. Sure $10 a month s cheap. But the way most Cable/FIOS packages work nowadays, the phone usually ends up costing you an extra $10-$12 a month anyway.

    It’s even worse if you try to only order internet from the Cable company of Verizon. They usually charge you an extra $10-$15 a month for Internet-only service. So there goes your savings from using T-Mobile @Home.

    I’d much rather pay $10-$12 more a month to my Cable company or Verizon Fios for a RELIABLE landline that will work nearly 100% of the time, rather than pay $10 to T-Mobile for @Home, have to deal with extra equipment (special router), and not have the service be as reliable.

    Not to mention the fact that we are all on the Unlimited Loyalty Plan in my house so minutes are not an issue anymore. Battery life is the bigger issue.

    • Bill48105

      Well it must depend on where you live because for us on Charter Cable you end up paying $40-$50/month for phone service even in bundles. (We pay $39/m for 10Mbit cable internet & basic cable. They wanted $19/m to add phone for 3 months then it jumped to $49.. NO THANKS! $10/m @Home is better deal PLUS it doesn’t use up our cell minutes when we call from @Home to our family cells because they count as M2M! How come Tmo doesn’t advertise that fact? That alone could save you a lot of cell minutes each month.) Anyway, the cable companies play stupid ‘limited offer’ games where it’s cheaper for a few months or up to a year but once your year is up you need to fight with them to not have it jump from $89 to $189, many times they won’t give you current deals unless you cancel for 6 months which makes no sense. True some phone companies charge $5-$10 for ‘dry loop’ copper DSL but some like ATT have DSL-only deals for like $19/m which is a deal even if only 768k. lol Either way I’ll bet besides temporary discounted deals it’d always be cheaper for internet+@Home than for a cable bundle or DSL+landline, plus the m2m benefit equals much better deal.

  • JM

    Maybe I am unique, but i live in a canyon with spotty reception with ANY carrier. None can provide reliable cell network signal. Hotspot@Home saved the day and allowed me to make and receive mobil calls at home. Great reception, clear calls with my high speed internet connection. If the drop it, I will drop T-mobile. I am past my 2-year committment so the switching cost is nil. If they keep me grandfathered, i will stay with them until someone else builds a tower nearby that provides cell network access to my home.

  • ItsMANgenta

    I will speak my opinion as an employee for T-Mobile for 4 years now. T-Mobile’s @Home phone service is/was a great idea however the execution was extremely poor. Marketing for the service was horrible as well as there was no advertising for it. T-Mobile left it up to the sales reps to be it’s advertising campaign.

    If a customer came in for an upgrade or payment, they want the reps offering the service. Not only does the company only make a measly $10/mo on it but the sales reps were only making a $5 spiff on selling it. What rep wants to exhaust themselves pushing this thing to make $5? A rep would much rather exhaust themselves activating that unlimited plan waiting in line.

    The service is not fool-proof. Let’s face it, if you’re tech savvy you can setup a wireless network at home with no problem. Non-tech savvy customers (the primary base of customers that would utilize a home phone regularly) rather call geek squad to set the wi-fi up. I mention this because an @Home phone service is basically setting up wi-fi in order to use the phone.

    There are some good reasons for the service but for each and every one there are about 5 more reasons to get rid of it. We, as a company, will never move up the ranks by offering senseless services. The company should focus on upgrading the overall lineup. Android phones are awesome but not when AT&T and Verizon are getting the better ones. That’s a whole other argument. In short, I would love to see our @Home service disappear.

    • Bill48105

      Wow ItsMANgenta, $5 is it? LOL no wonder TMO reps don’t want to sell it. Anyway something I want to add that either points out reps like yourself don’t understand how @Home works (and therefore contributed to poor sales) or perhaps you just didn’t include it in your comment *BUT* FYI TMobile sells 2 pieces of @Home equipment.. (Well there was the old old WIFI@Home one that is NOT the same as @Home phone line that has long been discontinued that I won’t even go into) One is a Linksys/Cisco HiPort ROUTER & the other is a Cisco/Linksys ADAPTER. (I make the distinction because the ROUTER is as you said is a wifi router like average Joe would call up Geeksquad for vs ADAPTER is about as plug & play as they come. Plus the ROUTER is older style Linksys before they were bought from Cisco vs the ADAPTER is newer style Cisco after the buyout but guess that tidbit doesn’t really matter too much) Anyway, the point I’m tryin to make is that the ADAPTER requires NO CONFIG 99.9% of the time meaning if someone went to a TMo store & bought one & the sales person put the SIM in it they should be able to take it home & plug 3 cables in & wait for the blue PHONE light to come on. (Usually a firmware update is required which means it can take a good 10 minutes for that to download then it reboots & is ready but that’s here nor there because the customer doesn’t really need to know that, just plug the thing in & wait 1/2 hour & see if light is on & dialtone.) Or odds are the customer can figure out how to insert the SIM too because on the ADAPTER it is dead easy: Just slide SIM into slot until it clicks. Like I said almost true Plug & Play. In rare circumstances their home router will happen to be on same subnet or it might have a firewall/filters that block the traffic but if that was the case something like Vonage or such wouldn’t even work. Now the ROUTER on the other hand is a beastly mess for a few reasons. Many TMo reps had the wrong impression it was required for @Home service. Obviously for the @Home phone line it is not or why else would they sell the ADAPTER version too? BUT if you want the full ‘@Home experience’ then perhaps a TMo rep might be correct in pushing it so that anyone with a UMA WIFI@Home enabled phone can utilize the wireless function of the ROUTER version since it simplifies (ie automates) the UMA phone connecting to it (vs manually adding a non-TMobile router which isn’t too hard but the average person might struggle a bit) BUT if they already have a router (especially one with wifi) then adding the ROUTER version is redundant and has a higher change of problems than if they just got the ADAPTER instead. IMO the ADAPTER should have been sold 99% of the time over the ROUTER because of those issues. About the only 2 reasons to sell the ROUTER over the ADAPTER is if they needed 2 @Home line (There are 2 SIM slots but BEWARE they are shitty as hell & ez to break so odds are a customer will have troubles so not a good thing. Keep in mind if they really need 2 @Home lines they can just get 2 ADAPTERS instead which will work most of the time). The other would be if they didn’t have wireless already (especially if getting UMA phone) but if I were a TMO rep I’d suggest they get Geeksquad out to install one of THEIR routers & sell them an ADAPTER instead. Make Geeksquad do the heavy lifting & have Tmo sales focus on selling.

      Anyhow my point wasn’t to bash you or attack TMo reps. I believe much of the problem with both @Home services (the home phone line & WIFI@Home aka UMA) is confusion as to what their purpose is (perhaps was at this point) and what was required to get them in the simplest fashion that would just work. After reading your comment about how Geeksquad would be required to setup @Home and that it’s like setting up WIFI it made me cringe because I thought to myself “No wonder they had a hard time selling & had high rate of returns!” Probably too little too late but hopefully this helps clarify some things. Heck maybe you TMo reps can break some @Home records before it gets dumped. :D

  • mehere

    welp I would be bummed if they drop @Home…I only pay 5 bucks a month for it…comes in handy except when you forget to pay your cell bill…dooooooohhhh

  • ThatDB

    T-Mobile is not getting rid of @Home service, we are simply not going to be pushing it as much anymore ore doing much advertising for it.. As far as us not advertising it at all, that would be false. There were several advertisements both in print and on television for it. In addition to this, when reps were answering phones in the stores, they would say something like “Thank you for calling tmobile, home of the $10 home phone, my name is (insert name here) how can I help you?”
    But anyway — it is still going to be available to customers. They may purchase the equipment for it either in store or online at tmobile.com..and thats pretty pretty much all there is to it. There is no longer a need for the unlimited UMA ftr to be added to the new plans (Even More & Even More Plus) because you can get unlimited calling for very cheap, about the same as adding the feature to those plans. It is, however, still available if a customer is on a legacy/grandfathered plan. The UMA technology itself is still available on all Tmobile UMA phones and will be put into upcoming devices because this alleviates signal issues for customers in problem areas where building a tower would either be too costly or local community will not allow a new tower to be built. the latter happens surprisingly frequently. Its funny, people will protest a new cell tower til they are blue in the face and then complain about not having signal.
    Anyway – to sum it up, we will be keeping @Home, it will be available upon request, and the reps who assist with troubleshooting and activating the service will still remain in their positions. Also – in regards to all employees being on the same page – It is a little more difficult for a Tech rep to stay up to date on all aspects of billing and the same goes for a billing rep.. they are two completely different realms and rarely cross over, so that is why it can take a little longer for them to complete tasks that are outside of their scope. For a tech rep, maybe 1 out of 100 calls, maybe even less require accessing billing information in detail or making any account changes other than changing a web plan.

  • GS

    Man, you guys are complaining that Reps should get better training, that they should care about what theyre selling, and that they should wipe your ass on your way out the door. Fuck that! When you’ve been with a company for so many years and they still cant give you a raise more than $0.25 a year or if any at all, and when have to stand up all day unless you take a 15, I think you too will be drained and demotivated and your CS will go down the drain after a while. You know, its not even the raise that bothers me b/c Im pretty resourceful, but its the lack of chairs.

    When i walk by every other carrier, they ALL have chairs with the exception of the greeter of course. How do you expect someone standing up all day, running back and forth from customer to customer, going to the back room, etc. for 5, sometimes 7 days a week, to provide world class customer service and all that other bullshit. Im not even gonna sit here and give you my detailed opinion on this as im sure you can draw your own conclusions, but Im completely confident that all my fellow co-workers will agree.

  • JakeB

    I’ve had Tmobile@Home service for 1 1/2 years and have been pretty happy with the service the past year (first six months was horrible). Anyway, I recently got a cell phone (AT&T) from my employer so I do not need my Tmobile cell phone any more. My cell phone has been out of its contract for a few months now but my @home service still has 6 months left. Is there a way to keep the @Home service without the cell contract? I know that was a requirement when I signed up 18 months ago but maybe something has changed. I would love to keep the @Home service (even if the price goes up a bit) but it sounds like I’ll have to pay an ETF of $100 if I cancel the @home line.

  • reply

    JakeB – I believe they offer a $15 a month instead of a $10 a month if you do not have a cell contract.

  • billy

    TMO did not at launch, and does not today have the talent to market @home. TMO is now in shore up the quarterly numbers mindset. tmo will likely stumble their way into a deeper hole.

    @home is cooked as “new” management is unlikely to risk creating success.