T-Mobile To Pickup iPhone In 2010?


The iPhone is arguably the most loved or loathed phone available right now, and AT&T has absolutely reaped tremendous rewards from being the sole carrier. However, Apple and AT&T know the exclusivity agreement between them won’t last forever since current estimates are putting iPhone exclusivity in jeopardy sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2010. So while rumors run amok regarding a possible Verizon/Apple venture, we ask the question, what about T-Mobile? Thankfully a Thomas Weisel analyst states via TheStreet that T-Mobile is actually the more likely suitor for the iPhone, rather than Verizon. To call this speculation would be hitting the nail on the head but analysts have been known to be right one or two times before, therefore we take it with a level of trepidation. That being said, I think I can safely say that T-Mobile would surely see rewards from carrying the iPhone, provided the network actually works, something AT&T has trouble saying with a straight face these days.  The real question here is, will Apple consider T-Mobile a viable partner to help expand the iPhone offering to a larger customer base or will they want to partner up with larger, more expansive partners?!

Do you want to see T-Mobile pickup the iPhone? Sound off below.


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  • mcrollin2010

    Ok first i have never used an i phone and most likely never will. reason why when i was a bit younger i used to repair and rebuild Macs and one problem they always had was compatibility. in my opinion t-mo would be wasting there time with it i have used an i pod and one thing i do know itunes is a must which sucks i am a very avid cell phone entrepreneur i have used android ,nokia, blackberry and most other os’s i personally prefer nokia. i just recently got a nokia nuron (5230)
    i love it it has an app store a cost effective one at that with plenty of apps and very customizable this phone is a full touch screen phone with very easy texting capabilities you can have the feature that has the drag text as i call it which seems to be a very easily made S60 app i also have the ten dollar web which i can hook my phone to my computer and use it as a Internet connection it may not have wifi but what the hell is the point of wifi if you have unlimited data and never a coverage problem even taking into consideration i live a hour west of St Louis and they have not made it out here yet with 3g.To get to the point my nokia can and will do everything the iPhone can do yes the screen rotates with the phone yes you can use your nail or your finger yes it has a 3.5 mm headset jack with a great media player with eq (5 band) i could even customize the screen to look like the i phone i already have three dvds on it with its 16gb capability along with plenty of music and the best thing of all i do not need the PC dreaded iTunes i can load music right from my windows explorer now to set all that aside this is not nokia’s most advanced phone this is actually a lower end phone at a retail of $180 and comes with everything from the charger to the not needed stylus if they made the apps that they make for apple and make them for nokia or Java it would blow apple out of the water. i think it was the nokia 5800 that the list of features made my jaw absolutely drop, that phone retails and can be purchased directly from nokia for around $300 point being you shop around for a car for its features and looks why not shop for a cell phone the same way. and by the way nokia has been in the cell phone business almost as long as Motorola and we all know thats a long damn time and finally i do not think that nokia likes to use old technology as i have only seen sprint and Verizon and other knockoffs have only a few over the life of their business i could go on and on the point is iphone is just a hype. throw it in the garbage…………….android phones are also a waste of money except for the one that has a 1ghz processor that can actually give the os the resources that it needs

    • Johnny

      Are you selling the Nokia or giving an actual opinion???

      • Michael Meyer

        Yea thats what im tryin to figure out

    • Patrick

      you said your a “very avid cell phone entrepreneur”. That’s odd, owning several cellphones doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, if you had started a cell phone business you might be able to claim that. Next time Nokia hires shills for their product they might want to hire someone with a better command of the English language.

      • Fortune

        Damn….. thats right you tell them.

    • San

      I too have the Nokia Nuron, you are insane if you think the apps are equivalent to those of the Iphone!!!! I can name at least 5 off the top of my head that I would like but am unable to purchase because they are not compatible with the Nuron.

    • Rora

      I will have to disagree i have the nokia 5800 and it is super glitchy, slow, and the ovi market is horrible barely has anything neat or useful like the andriod market. When i read and researched the phone it did sound amazing. I do love nokia don’t get me wrong all i.ve ever used is nokia but i was really disappointed with this phone.

  • dominique

    yo they should beable to pick up the iphone becuz, im pretty sure they will get a bigger better, increase in the number of iphone users, expetially, when they make it and android iphone…or Google iphone…and t-moblie service is always working, un like some companies..well thats what i think, t-mobile should get the right to pick up the iphone…they will be the best partners apple, prolly every have…ill get it if they can pickit up…

    • Joey


      You shouldn’t be able to have an iphone, let alone any cell phone because you’re illiterate.

      • myles


    • Wang

      LMAOEH…. (Laughing my ass off even harder)!

  • Dollinquent

    I would definitely agree!!!
    T-mobile if a company I have always been happy with and have actually had the least amount of problems with. I have been waiting for them to pick up the iPhone so I can get one as I am sure that many other people have. I am also an AVID Apple user and considering their sales would at least double if they opened to T-mobile, I am sure that it would be a good business decision. I actually feel like a traitor to the Apple products I so love by not owning an iPhone but I wouldn’t switch carriers for the price and plans that AT&T offers. I am crossing my fingers for I can be a faithful Apple user again.

  • EM

    I have it, on good authority, that UPS signed a contract to ship the Iphone to T-Mobile later on this year.

    • David

      No you really don’t…

  • Sarita

    I would be stoked. I won’t leave T-Mobile to get an iPhone. Or, I won’t sign up with AT&T to get one. I love my T-Mobile service. I love Apple. Putting them together would be bliss!

    • yosita


    • http://marshunter.com MarsHunter

      Exactly! T-Mobile actually has helpful and knowledgeable customer service reps… the lack of which was the reason I left at&t and vowed never to return. T-Mobile, do whatever you have to do in order to get the iPhone, and your subscribers will double in number at least!

    • Eric

      Here here

    • big joe

      no other service for me is even near t mobile

    • roxi

      Im right there with you, i refuse to leave T Mobile. They have amazing customer service, coverage in areas that aren’t even on maps. I hear AT&T doesn’t. Regardless i would love T Mobile to carry the I Phone.

  • CAJ

    they need to pick up the iphone, that would be the BOMB. Having the iphone would be the best for t-mobile and me.

  • NM

    YES!!!!! Been waiting to use an iphone via t-mobile. I’m a mac user in everything (computer, ipod) except for phone because we use Tmobile for our phone. It will not only be good for T-mobile but NOT being exclusive to one phone carrier will be good for Apple!

  • ADam

    Apple will be expand their sales the most by including dual antenna’s and opening up next weeks key note with, “No matter what service you prefer, there’s an iphone for you.” As they introduce the factory unlocked iphone.

  • Teena

    I would be more than thrilled if T-mobile had the iphone. I won’t leave T-mobile but find myself daydreaming about someday getting that iphone. Right now I have the 3g Ipod touch and it is the most amazing devise…until I leave my wireless home connection – then I’m back to wishing it was an iphone again.


    I would definitely agree!!!
    T-mobile if a company I have always been happy with and have actually had the least amount of problems with. I have been waiting for them to pick up the iPhone so I can get one as I am sure that many other people have. I am also an AVID Apple user and considering their sales would at least double if they opened to T-mobile, I am sure that it would be a good business decision. I am crossing my fingers for I can be a faithful Apple user again. I will not switch to ATT been with Tmobile since it was voicestream wireless! I have been waiting for them to get the iphone~ I hope it happens soon! :) I will be such a happy girl

  • Johnny

    I don’t care what anybody says! If T-Mobile picks up the iPhone; even AT&T customers will drop ATT and change to T-Mobile. I’m pretty sure (and this is just my opinion) that at least half (if not more… A lot more) of ATT customers are just there because of the phone. I won’t leave T-Mobile For anything but would love to get the iPhone. Hate it or love it, It’s what most people want including me.

    On the other hand: If T-Mobile can and does pick the iPhone up; I hope they don’t make the grave mistake of increasing the prices on their plans. That would be a deal breaker for me. So T-Mobile… don’t get to cocky!

  • mydearsirwatson

    OMG…..does anybody know who us T-Mobile lovers can contact to BEG and PLEAD for this to happen. I have an iPhone, I unlocked and jailbroke it. I can’t function without it……..but I use it on my T-Mobile carrier. There is no way in hell I would switch to AT$T, they are way rude and expensive. Come USA T-Mobile, the UK and German T-Mo caught on already. I want to be able to update my iPhone when new updates come out, rather than waiting 2-3 months for a risk free way to upgrade.

    Who can I call/email/text????

  • Charlotte :]

    YES!!! T-moblie PLEASE get an iphone ! i want one soo bad!!! plzzz get the iphones !!!

  • hate me or love me…im still here!

    what do you people mean if tmobile has the service to suport the iphone i know many ppl who have tmobile service and are using an iphone….yes they arent supposed to but rules are just rules. tmobile getting the iphone would be the smartest move for everyone…well except verizon and at&t… so what is the big discusion about????? make the move!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Mobile

    Actually T-mobile already has the iphone on a 3g service for people in the UK this is not new.

  • MacBaby

    I was an AT&T customer when the iPhone came out. I got the original and now a 3G. But after SBC and AT&T merged the service and support just got worse and worse.

    A few months ago I said goodbye to AT&T, hacked my iPhone and am working on T-Mobile. The switch has bee good but since the iPhone won’t work with T-Mobiles 3G service I am stuck in data hell. I have to find local WIFI hotspots to get decent data speeds.

    At least my phone works!

    I would love to get the new iPhone but will not unless it works with someone other than AT&T.


  • SweetyPie

    I got the 3G Iphone and I disconnected the service with AT&T, I was not happy with their service.I tired to unlock my iphone through the Internet but those scambags never did anything and they just took my money without unlocking my iphone,so beware of website saying we are able to unlock iphones.. I had been with T-Moblie for 10 years now..and I do have the Motorola Cliq and I love it. but if T-mobile, will have the iphone service this Fall I’m going to add a line and reactivate my iphone too!! I’ll be waiting for that day!! cheer’s!

  • Michele

    When is this iPhone coming? Soon I hope or I am going to have to change companies. My Droid is already over capacity and I have only had for 3 months.


    I only pray T-Mobile will get a Iphone. Always wanted one but not with the AT&T network, People talks about other network not been able to support the Iphone, but they keep forgetting that AT&T network is always crashing and losing signal.

    I think Apple should re-think extending contracts with AT&T, because I know they will make more money on a open field. I will see apple stocks shooting to the sky if they start selling to Verizon, T-mobile. I don’t really care about Sprint because they are bastard. Sprint should left Nextel Alone and all they did was damage they good service they were providing by taking over the towels.

    Cant wait for Iphone on T-mobile!

  • Jenn

    Yes i think tmobile should get the iphone around the time i get my full dicount in sept…..alot more people will buy the iphone if tmobile gets it….it will be more popular than any other phone companies

  • washington

    YES, that would be awesome, i juts hope the price for the iphone will be reasonable if it comes to T-Mobile, say under 400, that would be glorious.

  • http://www.google.com Jack

    Just to clarify the confusion:

    My dad is an east coast regional manager and on the board of directors for T-mobile. He told me that Apple looses its contract with AT&T in late July. T-Mobile has already made plans with apple to incorporate the phone with both companies. T-mobile is the only company other than AT&T that has a compatible platform for the iphone. From what my dad hears, the iphone for t-mobile should be coming out thanksgiving 2010.

  • Punkin

    Well I have a brand new Iphone sitting in my closet waiting to be used. So rather Apple let Tmobile sell them or not, as soon as, the unlock code comes out for the new software I will be a proud Iphone user. LOL!!!!!

  • Denis

    Would love to see the union between t mobile and apple if not for anything else but to finally see T mobile grasp the fact that it needs to stay on the cutting edge of phone technolgy to stay competative. It has lagged behind for too long. While the g1 was the begining it has been slow keeping up. Their customer service is most likely the best in the industry they have been slow offering the technology that is available.

  • Jordan

    I say yes becuz there limiting there success
    See if they open up to other companies then they will have a better profit and a better success rate

  • Mr. T-Mo

    That’s an easy one……HECK YES T-Mobile should (will) pick up the iPhone. It’s simple really. T-Mobile has the best customer service and the most aggressive prices and with their HSPA + network ( fastest available). They are also building towers faster then any other provider so it is only a matter of time. Add an iPhone in the mix and KA-BOOM!

    Wake up America, T-Mobile is the future #1 wireless provider ! Oh yea, here’s another little nugget for you all. How’s about free mobile to mobile calling from Europe to the US…T-Mobile is the only provider to own their own network across the globe so don’t be surprised sooner rather then later.

    Mr. T-Mo

  • http://tmonews.com Brandon C

    T- Mobile has the best plans and service, Apple arguably has the best phone ( definitely the best computers ), let them get together and form like Voltron……I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Hands down T-mobile should and Apple should partner up. I’ve wanted an iPhone since they came out and am still waiting until they team up with t-mobile. I have been satisfied with their service and will continue with them as long as they have great coverage for my needs. Jump on the band wagon Apple! T-mobile users will benefit from your product and you will benefit from our usage :) Peanutbutter and Jelly…eggs and bacon…Sonny and Cher…the great teams of the human-kind. Let’s add T-mobile and Apple to the list!

  • Jay

    I dont think Tmo will get the Iphone only because it will east a TON of bandwidth, and tmo will end up doing the same thing ATT did with its data usage. I asked a Tmo rep in person and he told me the same. Plus it would take away from the other cellular creators. Think about this one thing…. If apple became the ultimate phone (which they think they are now) would cause a lot of upset in the consumer universe. They would make us think that there’s not a better phone than theirs and that is simply not true. I’ve been waiting for a great phone to some out in Dec which is the Motorola Roi (that is if tmo keeps or changes the name) Which at this point DECIMATE the iphone and has better qualities and features not to mention hardware. So will Tmo go with Iphone?? I think definitely NOT!! Let Steve Jobs find a new market I PHONE IS NOT GOD PHONE TARDS DURR

  • ray

    jay your dad just raped you way to much thats why you say that queer!!! but anyways tmobile should and will get the i phone and it will be bad ass and the most used network and phone ever………jays a queer!!!!

  • Marilu

    I believe that Apple should not limit their product (iphone) to just AT&T. I have the new iphone 4 and I Jailbrke and unlocked this phone so I can go to T-Mobile let me say way better, I have more bars (signal) then I did when I was with AT&T would never go back to AT&T. So Apple should let any and all carriers that use the GSM network use any and all future iphone (2g, 3g, 3gs, 4,) Do you agree????

  • super t-mobile

    have always wanted the IPhone but will never go to AT&T to get it. I love T-Mobile and REALLY hope they get the IPhone soon I am do for an upgrade Please T-Mobile get it all worked out by then I will be the first to get one in my family

  • J Dubya

    T-mobile has a long way to go it would be more hurt than help for apple to make this partnership.

  • Your Daddy

    T-Mobile is getting the Iphone so for those that don’t like it, switch networks. For those of you like myself can’t wait, standby it will be before the end of the year (2010).

  • lol

    yea iphone would be the next generation and apple be making alot of money iphone is the most selling and hit phone all over the world unlock and lock..apple think about it ..

  • http://yahoo octavio

    It would be nice to see the iphone on T-mobile because it would be good for consumers. ATT has been pissing off its customers for a while and they are fed up with the crappy service, in some areas lack-luster reception. ATT 2g works better than its 3g and anyone who has ATT knows that its EDGE functions much better than 3g Network. As for T-Mobile I hope they will reenforce their data server because there are a lot of unlocked iphones floating out there waiting for that brand new SIM card to work on their iphone. So T-mobile fortify your servers to maintain that customer sastifaction. Personally i prefer the htc hd2 and waiting for the htc hd3 or hd7 to come to a T-mobile store near me, but at the same time I’ll welcome the iphone.

  • Kim

    I think they should get the Iphone…I used to have at&t and had the iphone 3g and i loved it and now i have tmobile and miss it…a friend of mine has the iphone 4 and its great:)

  • Okgurlatheart

    YES Im waiting and waiting!!!! But for now… Ill keep using my jailbroken one :)

  • tmobileiphone

    there any confirmation on this, yet? as we are in the end of 2010 now..

  • Aliciaedison0

    Yes, hurry up. I know for a fact this would be great for Tmobile to actually have the iphone. Tmobile has a good network especially since they now offer the 4G network phones. Verizon, is nice but, too damn expensive, why pay more if you can pay less and have a great network along with great customer service. Tmobile prices are affordable. So, come on Apple we are waiting.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Bryandean

    I will switch to Tmobile if they get the Iphone… but if they don’t then I will stay with sprint….I will not go to verizon.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT news yesterday that AT&T no longer is the sole provider of the iPhone!
    BUT for now, I see Verizon will soon have the option for phone and service.

    I had Verizon for several years and for the first year I was happy with their service then things went down hill. The first year, I had no reason to contact their customer service and then when I needed too, things didn’t get resolved and their attitude was “take it or leave it”, so guess what … I left!

    A year ago, I switched to T-Mobile and I’ve been EXTREMELY happy with their service and their customer service is FANTASTIC!!! They are willing to bend over backwards for you and will do “whatever it takes to keep you happy and satisfied.

    I will be one of the first T-Mobile customers to order the iPhone if and when it is available on their network. I hope this will soon be an option as I’ve always wanted an iPhone but refused to pay the $90 a month (basic plan) to be a part of the AT&T network!

  • Jhorlback

    I think T-mobile should get the IPhone

  • LA

    TMobile is the only service I will use. I would love to have an iPhone but not enough to switch and I have been with Verizon for a SHORT period of time and will never use Verizon again. Would never use AT&T either. Odd how Apple picked both the most expensive carries with the worst customer service.

  • Guest

    I definitely think T-Mobile should pick up the iPhone!!!! Why not expand the target market????

  • BOB

    t-mobile is so much better!

    i mean comparing to verizon cheapest data plan… t-mobile is $20 lower for each smartphone
    since so many people want to get the iphone at verizon, those freaking idiots raised the data plan to $30.
    Now, if your family owns 4 smartphones at $30 each, that is 120 dollars right there.. FOR SERVICE!. You have probably another $120 for the contract. That is 240 per month and almost 3000 dollars a year!

    T-Mobile on the other hand offers $10 data plans. 40 bucks for 4 smartphones. There contracts are even cheaper too! More minutes for 60 + 10 + 10 = 80 dollar contracts. Total of 120 per month and less than 1500 a year! Half of VERIZON!

    IF t-mobile gets the iphone
    everyone will be happy!

    money for t-mobile
    cheap data plans
    more income for apple

    the only people who lose are att and verizon, right?


    But, I think that the T-Mobile G2x that is coming out might be pretty cool too.

    GO IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WVNE3D5SEAR3FZX3WLL3S4RN6A Tod

    fuckin right we do

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WVNE3D5SEAR3FZX3WLL3S4RN6A Tod

    Get it done tmoble needs this now