T-Mobile Says Goodbye to MyFaves


After T-Mobile introduced its new Even More plans, everyone was wondering why in the world T-Mobile had decided to get rid of their MyFaves plans which many, including myself, loved. If you aren’t already familiar with the MyFaves feature, it simply was unlimited calling to any 5 people (landline or mobile) who were labeled as your “Faves”. T-Mobile, in reply to FierceWireless, claimed that it’s “simply time to replace the feature”. T-Mobile states that they are not dropping support for customers already enrolled in the now “grandfathered” feature and will still continue to offer the MyFaves home screen on their mobile devices. Full statement from T-Mobile USA below:

Our new Even More plans, which feature options for unlimited calling, text and data service, have taken the place of our myFaves unlimited calling feature.” “We continue to offer the myFaves home screen, at no additional charge, across our broad portfolio of phones as a way for customers to easily connect with their Fave Five through voice, text and email.  And customers currently subscribing to the myFaves unlimited calling feature can choose to continue to benefit from that plan.

Let’s have some thoughts from the peanut gallery. Do you guys think this was a wise decision on behalf of  T-Mobile’s part? Would you rather the new Even More plans? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



  • caro crushed

    Guess i should try again. its so complicated and time consuming. everything is. I have a blackberry with wifi. Have spoken with Tmo many times. for some reason my wifi doesnt work at the house..my husband is hard of hearing and doesnt like using a cell phone for his calls anyway. idonno< and i guess for two people the new plans would be $90 anyway? Im stuck in a $69.99 plan, add husband and email and taxes runs $90 a mo. now with phone, will be $100 mo. ykes, just for talk. We use less than 400 minutes w/ faves but cant change plan. oh well. still better than using the phone god, at&t. maybe write postcards. oh wait, postage will be going up again

    • Bill48105

      Complicated is an understatement! I hear you there, I’ve spent WAY too much time working out comparisons between MyFaves & Even More plans as well as ATT, Verizon & Sprint to see which works best for us and in the end we’re sticking with TMo mainly because even though we have pretty crappy coverage it is the cheapest of the big 4 and we can’t afford to pay $1000 in early term fees so we’ll wait it out & hope TMo gets more towers up.

      Not sure why WIFI doesn’t work but maybe the key wasn’t entered right or perhaps you need to change the wifi channel if there is a conflict/interference but that’s require some troubleshooting like if wifi works other places or if you have something that works at home. WiFi calling is definitely worth the trouble if you have a weak signal.

      Something to look into is XLINK Bluetooth to home phone gateway which allows up to 3 cell phones to link to your home phone so you can use more comfortable cordless or corded phones with your cell phone(s). It should also reduce the electromagnetic radiation exposure you get and because you should be able to place your cell phone in a part of the house with the best cell signal it should help you use your phone too.

      Unless you use a lot of myfaves minutes you should be able to save on the new plans.. On Even More plus you get 2 lines with 750 anytime minutes (granted no free myfaves) for $49.99/month so right there is $20/m less than you pay now for only 400 minutes.. Add in $10 for the @Home & you’re still saving $10/month and now have 750 minutes instead of 400 & unlimited calling on the @Home line so as long as you use less than 350 MyFaves minutes or can make them up on the @Home line you should still save $10/m.. Or double your anytime minutes to 1500 for $10/m more & break even, possibly even dropping the @Home line to get back to a $10 net savings per month. I realize it’s super confusing but was just trying to run down a few possible scenarios for you to consider. Keep in mind you have to pay a fee to switch to Plus plans but that can be waived with AAA or other corp discounts.

      Anyhow, hopefully my long-winder posts help some. :)

  • Bill Berry

    I have 5 lines – MyFaves Family 1800, Unlimited Text for Families, T-MobileWeb. Total price is $169.86 before fees & taxes or $33.97 per line. MyFaves is a savior, pure & simple. I’ve been with T-Mobile 12 years and I rather stay with the “Devil I know” not the “Devil I do not know.” Verizon Wireless has their Family “Connect” 1400 Minutes with 10 Family & Friends with Unlimited Text & Web for $199.96. Their Premium Plan which includes V-Cast Video & V-Navigator is $249.96. When you look at the money being poured into data networks nationwide by all cellular providers; the money to be made is not voice; it’s data and a solely voice line is dirt cheap. Those of us who saw this coming jumped on board with T-MobileWeb when it was offered for $2.99 and later $5.99 and once Blackberry Plans rolled out; the writing was on the wall of things to come. Think I’m kidding about data; we’re not suppose to tether our phones to our computers anymore! The only solution that is available comparable to MyFaves is add a line for $5 and give someone a cell to call you; other than that these plans are designed for new customers; they do nothing for existing customers and I like the devil I know; $169.86 for my service can’t be beat and there are no advantages to buying a discounted phone. I like T-Mobile, but make a 611 call and tell me what else has changed?

    • Bill48105

      Yup Bill Berry welcome to the club, you’re unfortunately in the TMo Even More gap! 3 or more lines on a family plan that uses more than 1500 minutes per month (including what would have been free under MyFaves or WiFi calling) so you are pretty much SOL unless TMO does something like add a 3000 minute family plan or makes unlimited MyFaves/UMA optional add-ons or has something besides unlimited or 200 minute line add-ons for unlimited plans. If enough of us complain regularly to TMo customer support I would hope they’d listen & do one of the above otherwise there are many of us who just can’t make the new plans work without paying a LOT more.

  • brian

    One thing that pisses me off is the 1500 min fam plan for 79.99 sounds good but wait u add a line to ur account and now u need more minutes only other plan is the unlimited for 99.99 sounds good right but let’s say u have 5 lines those 3 add a lines go from 10 dollars to 40 dollars

  • walt g.

    I’m highly upset with tmobile getting rid of myfaves. My bill used to be at a reasonable price and now its too high! My faves was the best thing that happened to tmobile and now their getting rid of it? I’ve decided to go to verizon because if I stay with tmobile I will be paying the same amount a month. So why would I want to do that with tmoblie if I can have the best coverage with verizon? Five thumbs down for you tmobile!!

  • Jennifer

    yea this sucks this is the only reason why i went to tmobile was the fav5. an now they got rid of it! it sucks and am tinking about going back to sprint!

  • Amy

    Why is everyone so angry? We have had the same plan FOREVER and if I wasn’t thinking about getting my own account(currently on my moms) I wouldn’t have even noticed MyFaves was gone. If you love it you keep it…..what is the big deal. I talked to TMo today and they didn’t try to switch me to anything. I live in a huge city and T-Mobile has the best coverage out of all the providers….and I have had them all or know ppl that do. If you don’t like it then leave….never understood why ppl get so angry and call each other names. It is a cell phone…. that’s all. No one is making you do anything. MOVE ON.

  • Travelle

    WOW!!!! After reading everyones posts, I am jealous… currently on a my fave 400 anytime. 2 android phones unlimited text. I am paying $170 and some change (total) for only 2 lines. I called tmo yesterday to see if I can save money but the only plan I could change to was an unlimited which would be $20 more. After seeing people with way more minutes on here paying way less… I’m kind of pissed. My wife uses about 3000 mintues a month on fav five talk alone. I have had android since it was available. She just got the cliq. Do I really have to pay more when I see all these people with my faves and more lines and way more anytime minutes paying less than me? CSR’s are telling me the best thing I can do is. $190/mo for 2 lines unlimited. It has to be something better and cheaper.

    • texast

      Wow! That’s alot of money for two phones. We have a family plan with 5 phone lines, 1800 minutes, unlimited texting, pics & email, mobile to mobile and 5 my favs per phone. 1 line even has unlimited internet and my monthly bill in $165’ish. I definitely can’t find a better deal anywhere. As a current TMo customer signing up for another 2 years offers little advantage over what we already have. My favs will be grandfathered in but they only offer 4 types of free phones to existing customers. And of course they are not real good choices for what we use a phone for. Since 3 of our lines are kid phones, there is no need for internet capability and 2 of the phones require web plan. Texting is a necessity and the other 2 phones lack in that department. A real catch 22! If they don’t get you one way, they get you in another.

  • Lori

    Ok AMT, what people are angry about & what Tmobile doesnt tell you is that if you ahve to get a new My Favs phone for ANY reason, you cant! They dont make phones that support that feature anymore. so, you are forced to change plans. you can still buy some phone so on Ebay right now, but they will soon disappear.

    • max

      It does not matter if the phone does not support that feature, if you have that pland you can just go online to your t-mobile account and just change the # there. I have a BB and it does not support my faves, but i still have it, the only thing is that i have to go online in order to change or add people to my fave.
      So if you still have my fave plan it does not matter what phone you have since you can still use that feature.

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  • Joie L.

    Tmobile did this VERY quietly and secretly and then charged me for all the calls to people who used to be in MyFaves. Well my bill was never more than about $100, then to my surprise my bill was %500 last month!!! I am calling them to raise HELL!! To give NO notice about this was VERY underhanded. These cell phone companie are all the same.

    • Joseph

      If your plan was changed it was either an authorized person on your account or you changed it by accident and wasn’t listening to what was told. All calls are recorded. So if your plan was changed with out you knowing you will be able to get a credit. But if you changed it because you wasn’t listening then you will have to suck up your mistake. T-mobile is not allowed to change a plan with out the customers permission this is an FCC rule not a tmobile rule. So if your plan is change by some commission happy rep. Then the government is on your side and you have the power to get things changed or fixed.

      Also for those who don’t know there is a 3000 minute plan. It is the same price as the unlimited plan but it is only $10 or $5 a month for each additional line. Thats $10 contract $5 non contract.

  • notsohappy

    I am and have been a tmobile customer for 5 years. and i am upset that tmobile has changed their my faves… yes i still have the my faves and yes i will continue to have the my faves… but i am soon getting married and want to combine my plan with my hubby’s plan (he has a droid no my faves) so its either pay 2 plans or i have to give up my my faves and conform to the new plans. I hope that tmobile realizes that the my faves was one of their top sellers and bring it back.

  • Scottplough

    The answer is simple folks. Move to Sprint. I just moved three lines to Sprint. I am saving myself nearly $80 a month for three lines. I went from a T-Mobile 3000 minute plan to a Sprint 1500 minute plan. We can do this only because Sprint has UNLIMITED mobile to mobile calling (no matter the carrier).

    Seriously, T-Mobile F@<ked up when they took away MyFavs. Look at the aggressive trend:

    1st – They took away @Home with unlimited calling.

    2nd – They took away unlimited WiFi Calling (sure they still have WiFi calling, but it uses minutes even though you are using YOUR internet bandwidth!)

    3rd – They took away MyFavs

    4th – They are obviously, without admission, planning on dropping the Even More Plus plan. Who cares though. The first three things they took away removed their value as a carrier.

    The bottom line is they also have a very small broadband footprint, by acre not population. You all are allowing these carriers to snow you into believing their size is bigger than it is, dramatically, because they interpret size by population. Well, I got news for ya, most of us are NOT stationary figures.

    Sprint's entire network is 3G. Not just the cities and towns, like T-mobile. Seriously. Want value? Look at Sprint!

  • Scottplough

    Don’t even as why this website hacked my comment below. I have no clue, other than I spoke of something other than T-Mobile.

  • Cutegurl_00_03

    The whole reason I went with tmobile was because of the my faves. Now its gone and whoever thought it was a good idea to get rid of it is a complete moron!! You work for the company and most likely get free service so why should you care about your customers? Oh wait that’s right… you don’t you said FU to your customers and got rid of my faves which almost all of us loved!! Welll thank you very much idiot!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSEHWOZWCBQFPWSEYF2DB567MU rudyt

    ive had five faves for 7 years and now that i received a new phone it doest have five faves set up it was to replace an old phone that didnt work. serious they are tryin to change my plan with out even mentioning it.

  • gr8belief

    Well, even the grandfathered among us have been abandoned. No more my Faves or support even for the ancient plan people with actual minutes caps. I don’t want the new plan!! I like my old plan! It will cost me $100 more per month to switch. With my old plan, I can’t get new phones or international benefits, but I pay less than $140 for 5 lines all with data.