Windows Mobile Midnight Madness

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Well, I have long been a windows mobile hater, no question about it, and recent reports of windows mobile 6.5 have not done much to snuff the hate.  Fortunately, if this pans out it looks like T-Mobile USA lovers are going to get their hands on snapdragon love in the form of the HTC HD2 and its 4.3 inches of glory. If you want more info on the HTC HD2, try some previews here, here and here. For now, I would rather focus on the picture above and some of the mentioned features: TV/Movies at your fingertips, AWESOME. Fantastic web browsing experience. AWESOME. E-Reader Content. AWESOME! Details on this phone are very preliminary and a release date is completely unknown at this point, but for you windows mobile lovers, a snapdragon processor which allows you to read the newest Oprah “book of the month” recommendation is worthy of your future dollars. Stay tuned for more details!

For the record, there is NO indication this device has anything to do with Project Black!

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  • ryaninc

    Now THAT is one awesome piece of hardware right there! Unfortunately, after using Android, I don’t think I can ever go back to anything else. I’ll hold out for the next big Android announcement, personally. :-)

  • efjay

    So funny to see all the WM haters moaning, if you werent blinded by the hate you would be happy to see HTC release this with T-Mo US because most likely they will release a similar android phone (dragon) and other manufacturers will have to up their game to compete as well. Despite (in the haters opinion) running WM this device has been raved over and is getting good early reviews once again showing HTC knows their stuff so rather than hating be happy knowing this is the future of mobile devices.

    And btw, a look on the internet will reveal info on acer’s WVGA android phone so really, the landscape is already changing.

  • Sanjay

    I just bought the TP2 about a month ago. I will still go ahead and buy this if it is all I hear it is. This could be a game changer for me. TP2 is a step above the MDA I used for 2.5 years. But it still is sluggish at times. I hope T-mobile starts to get aggressive with their phones and network speeds. I don’t want to leave but have been tempted many times until the TP2 came out. Please get the HD2 soon and at a decent price with WM.

  • Mark

    Q1 2010???? So much for this being related to the Project Dark!

  • JB6464

    Hot damn ! A killer smartphone with 1700hz 3G radio. This will be my replacement for my unlocked and J/B Iphone i’m using now on Tmo. Thank-You T-Mobile !

  • Me

    Please tell me this phone has UMA. With the rumored Project Black and 3G recently launched in my area, the only thing keeping me from jumping is weak T-Mobile signal strength in the building I work in. A good UMA smartphone would solve that issue and move me back to Magenta.

  • Shades

    Project Black is about streaming mobile tv, much like AT&T and Sprint have, to your phone

  • Marc

    Darn, just when I thought I knew what my next phone was going to be (N900), What to do what to do.

  • YoYo

    Ok, someone help me out here, as I’m not a genius with the photoshopping… How the @#$% do you get the tmonews logo BEHIND the fine print on the ‘original’ slide?


    • David

      Its called layering, I layered the watermark on to the pic, then i drop the transparency down so it doesn’t end up like a BGR watermark, more like an Engadget watermark.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Now that’s a surprise for you. This, the N (possibly), how about a touchscreen Blackberry for the icing on the cake?

  • Craiger

    YES! I’m due for upgrade in Feb ’10. If all goes as planned, this will be my next phone for sure.

  • efjay

    This may actually turn out to be the android Dragon so all you WM haters relax, doomsday hasnt quite come just yet.

  • MTC44
  • reyes2007

    Well the photo does show the windows button in the middle. I am holding out on hope it does turn out to be the HTC Dragon they decide to release.

  • tp2

    I have the th tp2 but i think i would grab the n900 over this

  • MTC44

    I found the bit at the end (about the TV app) to be particularly interesting, especially because of lot of the PD speculation has been about a T-Mobile TV product over HSPA+.

    Mostly wishful thinking I guess. But here’s to hoping!

  • reyes2007

    Why did you remove the expect in Q1/10? Can we expect it sooner?

  • IwantToKnow

    this is not going to be an android device because the hd2 is windows mobiles and its already been released but not in the u.s

  • reyes2007

    Yeah but the HTC Dragon is an Android device. It is the Android HD2

  • Sweet

    After going from WM to Android… I’m learning now that what I really want is good hardware. My beef w/ G1 is the cruddy hardware. Even rooted and “over clocked”, that thing stutters and crawls and it kills me.

    So, T-mobile brings this… I don’t care if its Android, WM, Symbian or Maemo, I want it for it’s processing power. Finally, something with true power.

    Cliq and TP2 are quickly forgotten…

  • Renata

    WOW!!!! What a gorgeous phone!!!! But no android??? I don’t know about that. I’m hooked! Can htc make a gorgeous, sleek phone just like that but running on Android??? I would buy it in a second. I still have my bulky G1..I’m holding out for something spectacular! I love Android!

  • Iasthia

    @Renata yeah I’m still holding on my my G1 too. Putting up with it for now until something mindblowing comes out.

  • Brad

    I’ve been waiting patiently for another great winmo phone. I love my shadow and have been happily using it for two years. It does stuff you just can’t do on android. My main reason for not giving the G1 a try was that as I tried it out in the t-mobile store, it heated up something fierce, uncomfortable to hold even. My shadow is slower, but never heats up, browses flash websites, plays full length movies perfectly, reads ebooks and I listen to all my music with stereo blue tooth and it only cost $50 at the time that I purchased it new.

    Now that I’m a hard core WINMO follower, I’ll switch to the HD2 as soon as it comes out. :-)

  • MTC44

    Did anybody see the recent tmonews tweet?

    “Judging on the emails coming in and the information contained, I’m pretty confident we have a good idea as to whats involved with PD”

    Hopefully an update is coming soon!!

  • jinishans

    Let us know when it’s available, I’m planning to buy one

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  • jugstorecowboy

    Way to step up your game, TMo. I was about to buy the TP2, but I may just hold out now. N900 or Touch HD 2?!

  • Brazil

    it says “TV/Movies at your fingertips” does that mean we are getting Mobile TV and a movie service from T-Mobile? That would be so cool. i might just even get one since i am in need of a new phone!

  • just some dude

    windblows no thanks

  • FILA

    Damn, yea, now theres a beast of a phone. Been seeing it for a few weeks now, but to come to T-Mobile (in rumor mill) is great. The Snapdragon processor alone will be a beast. But WM, no thank you…

    …However I really do have a feeling that the G1v2 when released early next year will feature a Snapdragon, more RAM and all around a HUGE upgrade from the G1, hence the name. I think, like any other business move, make all the money you can on a low end device or the next big thing (ie. cliq, behold 2, click) and then make room for the biggest “must have that” phone, which will be the G1v2. Its gonna steal the spotlight and people will be once again forced cuz of the huge improvements to a new phone regardless of end of contract or not, like myself. HTC G1v2 will steal the show next year, and the “With Google” experience will be back! This is all speculation, but a good one!

  • yor PAPPI

    TMO realy is tryn 2 put themselves out their now huh after losing hundreds an thousands of customers due 2 the sidekick crap , well don’t let anyone down TMO cuz you continue 2 let me down with every phone that comes out but maybe its time for a change this is a very interesting HTC WM device that they just posted earlier but not allot is out there for me 2 make a decision because rite now the N900 is the most greatest phone out their rite now if any N900 enthusiast would like 2 checkout more on the Nokia N900 go to UMPC PORTAL .com the guys there do a very long review bout 3hrs worth but very interesting , because rite now this so called new HTC HD2 is a fluke 2 me any TMO phone that you get is altered b4 the final product so don’t expect the best until its in your hands so TMO cmon get the customers wut they really deserve spell check dat ……..

  • MTC44

    @yor PAPPI

    I actually kinda impressed you were able to make that incoherent crap all fit into one sentence. Nice work.

  • js-1

    its HTC as soon as its hits consumers. WE all know the folks over XDA will have ported over Android on it.

    HTC senses + android = WINNER!

  • Nerdlust

    Wow finally this is a every phone killer!!!! Release date please????

  • chidino

    I have been lusting after this thing ever since it first appeared. To come to T-Mobile would be freakin’ fantastic… unless T-Mo does their usual “customization” (read: neutering) of the HD2. Hey, T-Mobile USA: leave this thing ALONE! Just slap your name on it and ship it!!

  • chidino

    And for the Android lovers: absolutely no reason why, with this much horsepower, T-Mo can’t release an Android version, too. How about T-Mo locks this thing (the HD2) up for exclusive distribution in the US??

  • Chris L


    Exclusive contracts on a windows mobile phone is counter productive to the consumer. With websites like XDA-Developers, PPCGeeks, MobilityDigest, etc working on custom ROMs, apps and more, why would you want to limit the development to just one carrier? I for one would never switch to get this phone since tmo SUCKS in my area. I just picked up the Tilt 2 on Friday, but I’ll be all over this if it makes its way to the AT&T bands as well. If not, I’ll just have to wait.

  • MTC44

    @Chris L

    Your argument makes zero sense. Why would a carrier not want to lock in a phone with an exclusive contract? Especially if applications are being specifically made for the OS?

    Umm, iPhone? Wow.

  • yor PAPPI

    @ MTC44 HEY who in the hell are u commenting on my ways how 2 write wut are u a writing teacher get the f… off this website , mind yor buisness alrite ,i see you want to criticize everyone on here but get a life jerk this website is for ppl who actualy want 2 know about TMO an TMO pruducts SO check this B…H

  • Mr. X

    After reading through all the stacks and stacks of paperwork we have for our “big change”, all I can say is that there is a lot to read into this ad….You all will be pleasantly surprised by “project dark” or whatever you want to call it. Once all this sidekick nonsense is gone, pay attention to @TMobile_USA for some tasty hints as to what’s coming the end of this month. If you think the Cliq is the best we have to offer, just wait ;-)

  • Todd

    Not a fan of Windows Mobile, but I think I would make the exception for this badboy. It looks sweet. I just hope T-Mobile doesn’t tweek the design like they did with the Touch Pro 2, this looks very nice as is. I am a little concerned with its size, it almost looks to massive but I would have to physically hold it before I made the assumption. As of nw, I really want this. I did just sign a contract in July for the My Touch 3G however, so I don’t know if I can upgrade on this. Just joined T-Mobile, are they pretty strict on their upgrade policies??

  • Babaganush

    for the love of all thats mighty please let this rumor be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunstain


    haha … good call on the yor PAPPI comment

  • Btmec

    I saw this phone on the Tekzilla webcast and it looked awesome. The people on that show love the iPhone but they said they loved this phone more. It is a beautiful phone. This is a phone that could pull iphone users away from AT&T. My wife is your typical iphone user and she loved the HD2. She said she would go back to T-mobile if they had this phone.

  • Dirtay

    Ok I have used windows mobile from the start from the mda to the wing and upgraded the os on the wing to 6.5 and now have the g1 I am now and will always hate windows mobile and will never go back unless someone can show me that all the glitches are gone, but coming from “windows” (boo) I will believe it when I see it. Bring on eclair.

  • owenslady

    Ok I have to say that a phone that could pick up tv channels and you could watch Young and The Restless at lunch Im all for that! I might have to give up my blackberry for that right there. GO TMOBILE YOUR THE BEST

  • Nathan

    I really don’t know why everyone likes Android so much…?! Sure, if you use Gmail it is nice but that’s the only good thing about the phone. I use a live account and Windows Mobile is definitely my platform of choice. I am constantly saying I need a new phone (I have the BB Pearl Flip) and if this comes to fruition I will surely get this instead of the 9700. Nokia N900 I may just have to purchase so I can have it on the side after one of my other lines gets an upgrade. I am ranting (and I know no one wants to hear that) but after using Android and switching back to BlackBerry (but wanting WinMo) this is definitely a victory [if it is real!].

  • fMobila

    I just have bad feeling that T-Mobile will not deliver, as usual…
    T-Mobile has worst phone lineup, and is pretty bad with phones selection and delivery of expected phones. Why did they pick lame Cliq and not more powerful Droid?! Where is promised Sony Ericsson CS8?
    It’s just sad….

  • Resident Mortician

    I have always liked the original HD phone, and this one looks even better and the specs are awesome. I wonder how hard it would be to get rid of the WN 6.5 and put Android 2.0 on this baby??

  • en24

    t-mobile hurry and get this phone with android 2.0 if not android just grab this asp. iphone killer!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee get it :)