Windows Mobile Midnight Madness

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Well, I have long been a windows mobile hater, no question about it, and recent reports of windows mobile 6.5 have not done much to snuff the hate.  Fortunately, if this pans out it looks like T-Mobile USA lovers are going to get their hands on snapdragon love in the form of the HTC HD2 and its 4.3 inches of glory. If you want more info on the HTC HD2, try some previews here, here and here. For now, I would rather focus on the picture above and some of the mentioned features: TV/Movies at your fingertips, AWESOME. Fantastic web browsing experience. AWESOME. E-Reader Content. AWESOME! Details on this phone are very preliminary and a release date is completely unknown at this point, but for you windows mobile lovers, a snapdragon processor which allows you to read the newest Oprah “book of the month” recommendation is worthy of your future dollars. Stay tuned for more details!

For the record, there is NO indication this device has anything to do with Project Black!

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  • Y314K

    First.. What waste of great hardware…

  • Moose

    you missed the 12:00 deadline thought but its ok u just gotta kick nnesto in the balls

  • Galen20K


  • Kickstar13

    GO T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!

  • deemota

    YEEEEESSSSSS, I have died and gone to heaven!!!!!

  • Pedro

    Cool? Seems to be a powerful phone.

  • vwgtiron

    Am I sorry I left for Sprint/Hero?


    Well I’ll Be Damned.! D=

  • IwantToKnow

    i really taught you were going to surprise me and say wm 6.5 upgrade for the tp2 but yea the hd2 is pretty cool and it will work with wm7

  • Brad

    this better not be a joke, this phone is awesome!

  • terryjohnson16


  • J-Hop2o6

    I NEVER WOULD OF THOUGHT TMOUSA WOULD GET THIS!!! and i wonder what they mean by “tv/movies” at your fingertips?

  • eYe

    Same thing with Android please!!!!!

  • TheViper

    Well.. there we go.. that’s what I’m talking about. I wonder if they’ll choose to advertise this or if they’ll put it in the hidden pile like the tp2.

  • Brad

    i about wet myself when i saw the image above and read USA!

    where are you getting tmobile USA from, tmobile UK has been confirmed, but wheres the proof about tmoble USA? Details please!

    • David

      Brad please read the fine print of the bottom!

  • Ronald

    Wait is this a upcoming phone or a entertainment device like an itouch?

  • Steven

    I think this is the first htc phone for T-Mobile that I actually really like the look of it. Wish it were android though.

  • Armo

    i am in no way doubting that this phone is coming since TmoNews generally has a good track record, but why is the date on the bottom 7/30/2009?

    • David

      Are you really not considering that that is when the slide was printed?

  • Brad

    Ha, I am on a net book i couldnt see the fine print. thanks david!
    This has made my week… awesome!

  • playthecharade

    Now that is one sexy piece of hardware. Damn me though, I really wanted to try out the Android OS, then this comes along.

  • poochilau1

    OMG!!!! Oh M Gee! My golleey!!
    I just jizzed in my pants lol
    ha ha
    no but this is definitely a game changer!!!

  • CO_Yeti

    If this does turn out to be true it is awesome. Also this might not be directly related to “Project Dark” but you can connect the dots. There seem to be a lot more high end entertainment phones coming Tmo’s way 1st half of next year…

  • ryan

    Holy shit

  • Chuong

    First the N900 with AWS (still not confirm to be carried by TMUS) and now the HTC HD2

    This is heaven for TMUS users.

  • Brad

    I have been hoping all along “Project Dark” was the HTC Leo (now known as the HTC HD2)

    now add this phone with a $50 unlimited everything and that is a game changer.

  • loyd

    finally…. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JulioG

    FUCKING YES!!!!!
    I am getting this bitch!!!!!

  • jonny

    TV? does this mean t-mobile is getting a tv service like verizon and sprint?

  • Josh

    Ah, I always said I won’t get a phone without a tactile keyboard. This may be the phone that changes that. If T Mobile gets the N900 then I’m going to have one tough choice on my hands.

  • T1 connect

    Tmobile is rocking the leo huh…thats pretty hot.

  • Iasthai

    I was hoping T-Mobile would get a device with a Snapdragon processor. Too bad its not Android. Hopefully an Android version is around the corner.

  • Bigg

    Crap, now my N900 gonna have competition, hmmmm maybe I will carry the N900 and this HD2 around both at the same time. When is it due?

  • Kickstar13

    Expect the HD2 Q1 2010

  • http://. Derek

    Wow going back to windows just got easier

  • luis

    wait a min am I dead has hell frozen over? What’s going on here it must be a joke…… How in the hell…. Man ok I love tmo but wtf how? How’s that phone on tmo. Iam so confused right now its not funny. If that’s true then iam sorry the people that left tmo get on ya knees and just cry like a lil baby and also if its really true then how big is project black?

  • Robby

    All the specs look like what I expect for MS’s “Pink”. TV/Video and Snapdragon

  • luis

    I saw that and I pissed myself wow….. Iam in shock…..

  • Robby

    Ok I am getting sick of this. A game changer is not going to be a cell phone like the Iphone on another network. Yeah the N900 and HTC HD2 are going to be great devices however a laptop the size of a mobile phone is only gonna liked by those who are REALLY REALLY into cell phones. Cmon people just because a cell phone is going to have everything YOU want doesn’t mean it will be accepted by your average cell phone user. I will say there are benefits to be cutting edge but it is not the same as game changing.

  • Nicklera

    Project Dark will include T-Mobile USA tv services.

  • Y314K

    Kickstar13: Any chance of a HD2 Android device on Q1 2010 for T-Mobile??? Or a new HTC Android phone for XMax on TMobile.. ?

  • TehAndroid

    Why oh why does it have to be windows mobile. Such a waste of great hardware. Unless microsoft does something amazing with WM7 I man never going back to them. WM6.5 is complete crap, just 6.1 with some fresh paint.

  • Iasthia

    I like the design of the phone but I HATE windows mobile. Never using it again. Unless a kickass Android device shows up next year then it looks like N900 it is.

  • Florence

    If this is true, I will sign a contract for LIFE with TMO!!!!!!!!!!
    I have the HTC Touch HD and I love it but no 3G here…. So this is what I’ve been waiting for the past 5 years. Please TMO, make it real!
    Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    wow this and n900 is what ill be picking up, not the biggest fan of WinMo but eh unless some amazing android phone comes out, its this and N900 :)

  • tmonewsfan

  • smackiesfunkies

    holyyy hell!!!
    i HATE windows mobile but this phone is too damn good to pass up
    hopefully someone over at xda will be able to port android to it :P

  • laphoneuser

    Fantastic!! Awesome!! Incredible!!

    Great move, T-Mobile, USA. Great move.

  • Kershon

    I knew it. I just had the feelin. Been waiting on the bb9700 but that’s out the window now. Back to win-mo here I come! Or n900 maybe? Decisions, decisions. I guess I could get used to an on screen keyboard. Hmmmmmm

  • Kershon

    I knew it. I just had the feelin. Been waiting on the bb9700 but that’s out the window now. Back to win-mo here I come! Or n900 maybe? Decisions, decisions. I guess I could get used to an on screen keyboard. Hmmmmmm
    Sprint, better watch out cause you are not even gonna see T-Mo when we pass you up. Muhahahahahaha. GO T-MO FTW!!

  • Carlos

    Project Dark has…It has just gotta be an acquisition of some kind or an alliance…something. a 50 dollar plan with great phones just won’t stir me away ( albeit, I do have T-Mobile ). you talking 15 million customers….15 million new signups to switch phone services…I just can’t see it…it just has ( I got my hope hat on ) to be an acquisition…

    BTW…yup…Cool…phone….ANDROID with UMA…and I would sign another 2 year in a minute…