Some Key Points Regarding Project Dark


With all the information pertaining to Project Dark that is leaking, lingering questions remain. We are still days away from the official T-Mobile announcement, but one of our great readers was kind enough to ensure some key points still come across. If more questions are out there, pass them along and I’ll see what I can do about getting them answered.

Even More:
Discounted Handset Upfront

Even More Plus:
No Contract
Lowest Rates
No discount on handset
Retail Price of phone may be paid in 20 installments

-With the Even More Plus (no contract) there is no subsidized price on the phone, but customers will be offered to purchase the phone at retail price and pay for it in 20 installments, and yes, Equipment credit lines will be very high and reasonable for Even More Plus customers.

-After October 25th when these plans launch, all existing plans will become grandfathered are no longer available. Yes, MyFaves is gone. All customers with the grandfathered contracted plans will be able to switch to an Even More plan (contract) without an extension of their existing contract or an extra fee.

-The times where an extra fee is incurred include:
Switching from Even More to Even More plus will require paying a $200 termination fee, so us reps have been told repeatedly to make sure we help customers pick the right plan for them before activating.
Switching from a grandfathered plan to Even More Plus will require a $35 fee per line. On Family plans there is no fee for lines 3-5, so the most you’d have to pay is $70. Once on the Even More Plus, you must still carry out the rest of your contract, but you will never be able to switch to Even More and will never again get a subsidized price on a phone. The reason why someone might want to do this in the first place is because the Even More Plus plans are going to be slightly cheaper than Even More.

-There is no way to switch from Even More Plus to Even More without canceling all together and getting a new phone number

-To re-emphasize: Customers with existing plans will be grandfathered, yet with such low price offerings, will you want to keep them?


  • Alex

    There has to be something else, this just doesn’t sound like something “game changing.”
    Making people pay to switch their “outdated” services seems stupid, it’s not there fault. Also what makes it so important to not be able to switch from Plus to Normal?

    Dragon announcement please!

  • Andrew

    For those of you talking about the holiday offerings listed at other sites, they have been listed before here, about 2 weeks ago:

    on that note, the N900 still has no launch on tmobile confirmation, but 2 N series phones are coming.

  • NiiDiddy

    Dont get me wrong…I was excited to see what they have in store for us…
    But the more I thought about the plans, the less enthusiastic I got. But we’ll see…regardless the industry needed some sort of, kind of shake up…if it exists in Project Dark…we live to see!!

  • Dude

    This is hilarious! The change is very, very simple yet people are all up in arms about it. Will there be family plans? Yes. Will there be MyFaves? No. Will people save money by switching to the new plans? ABSOLUTELY

    The only reason you are confused is because you are going off of speculated information that is not complete.

    The bottom line to this change will be that TMob is going to all unlimited. No MyFaves, nights/weekends, etc. because they won’t matter! The days of limits, buckets, time frames, etc. are OVER! How is this a bad thing?

    Once folks see the pricing for unlimited talk, talk/text, talk/text/data there will be no question why this change is being made. You may not be excited now, but you will be. If you aren’t excited on the 25th…so help you God. Go somewhere else and pay more money.

    Lastly, the $35 activation fee will not be waived in any case. This is a change that will not take into consideration how long you have been with TMob, how much you have paid, or how many phones you have purchased. The savings from your new plan will recoup the activation fees within a month or two so accept this fact and move on. TMob is rolling the dice in once sense by letting folks go the no contract route, so the $35 activation fee will be a buffer… Remember, no exceptions so don’t waste your time or energy complaining about it.

    The second part of Project Dark is the HSPA+ TMobile will quickly have 21+ megabits/second over the network, while other carriers will be stuck around 6 megabits with their imaginary 4G. The Even More plus folks will not have any throttling whatsoever! Why have internet at home when you can tether your Windows Mobile phone or Blackberry with these types of speeds? I am so stoked for this aspect of the changes! So stoked!

  • sprinter

    @rubi76, I was pointing out that an Iphone 4G for $50 unlimited was ridiculous. I was pointing out how crazy the speculation and hope had become. I don’t think anyone will see an Iphone 4G for a while..and certainly not at that price. I think 50 to 60 bucks for everything unlimited is a home run…throw in great family plans and I am there! I like unlimited because overages are so darn expensive…but if they would reduce cost of going over, I could live with the 200 minute add ons for the kids on the family plan.

  • Kevin


    I have 3 out of my 4 lines out of contract. Should I reup my contract with all new phone now? Or wait?
    I have a the 69.99 plan with 50 dollars extra for internet for 2 phones

  • ehh

    hahaha, man, u do know tmobile is tracking this site, right? they r gonna track ur IP address and ur gonna get fired….u r such an idiot

    • David

      Who are you talking to?

  • Cambria31

    To make any kind of criticism of these plans without seeing the pricing is very premature. There is a reason why T-Mobile hasn’t revealed/leaked the pricing yet. Just wait until the 25th.

  • ctk

    i don’t like any of these plans. i may go to the t-mo store and re-up for 2 years (i got the rep to give me a 1 year deal for the smartphone data only plan because he wasn’t convinced an iphone 3g could get data through t-mo. it could) because NONE of those options is a good one for me. i don’t talk on my iphone. it sucks to talk on unless i have my earbuds with a mic around and plugged in. i text occasionally and i use data all the time. this was the reason that i went to t-mobile in the first place, because at&t has no data only plan for smartphones or the iphone. it makes zero sense for me to upgrade when it looks like i would have to pay $60 or $70 to use the options i use the most and be forced to take the option i use for less than 12 minutes a month. if there would be a way for this plan to be $50 for one option, $60 for two options and $70 for all three, it would work better for most people.

  • TDogg

    This sounds like an awesome plan if i’m carrying an individual plan, but somehow I’m having my doubts with the family plan.

    I think I’m going to cling on to my $59 2 line plan with myFaves and the $5.99 TMoWeb until TMobile pries it from my cold fingers.

  • rfgenerator

    So they are killing off My-Faves, pre-emptive strike against Google Voice much?
    Currently I have the 700 minute basic family time (2 lines) w/free My Faves that I picked up earlier this year plus $19.99 Blackberry plan. I usually use about 300 to 400 minutes month. I do have Google Voice installed on my Blackberry that basically gives me unlimited outgoing calls, however to be honest I don’t really use it since I don’t make that many calls. Was just curious if I could get it to work.
    I don’t need unlimited calls and don’t want to pay for it. Although the plans are grandfathered, does this mean when I go to upgrade my phone (been looking at the 9700) I will be forced to give up my existing plan? If so I’m done, I’ll let my contract expire and port out…

  • craig

    @ Dude, I would like to call and get the free Blackberry 8900 (promotion) or the Htc Pro2 for 49.00 which you must have the internet plan for the term of the contract. My question is do it hurt for me to call and get the phone or should I wait does it matter? You can Email me at if you like

  • kershon

    I am really excited about all this. Combine the plans with the hottest top of the line phones and great customer servive and 3g rollout and it will be bye-bye Sprint as we leave u in the dust. Go T-Mo! Sick’em! On to number 1! Lookout ATT and Verizon. You are next on the radar.

  • DOUG

    I am confused about something, maybe someone can clear it up for me. Everyone talks about T-Mobile’s unique 3g frequency of 1700, but if you look on their website at the phones, none of the phones that are 3g operate on this frequency. Why is that?

  • sprinter

    Had a strange thought….what is the difference between having a 2 year contract (even more), and financing a phone for 20 months (under even more plus)? If you leave in either case you owe a pro-rated amount – in one case a pro-rated cancellation fee, in the other you still have to make the remaining payments on the phone. Only advantage I can see of even more plus besides 20 vs 24 months is if you buy a phone that costs less then the 200 buck cancellation fee. Am I missing something? There was some mention that the monthly minute charge might be lower for the plus plan, but I haven’t seen much on that.

  • Shooter


    You’re making the assumption that all people will finance the non-subsidized phone. Some will be prepared to pay for the phone up-front in cash. Others will bring an unlocked phone to use. Either way, both of those groups will simply depart T-Mo when/if they choose. For those who HAVE financed the phone, they do have to pay it off … but they’re likely leaving with a device that they really wanted, otherwise they wouldn’t have been prepared to spend the extra bucks for a non-subsidized phone.

  • just some dude

    “There is no way to switch from Even More Plus to Even More without canceling all together and getting a new phone number”

    That would be against NYS law, im sure someone will out there will file a class action suite.

  • yor PAPPI

    WOW is this what all this fuss about unlimited can i call u cricket LMFAO are u serious that’s it WTF . See i said it b4 TMO u suck ass WTH is going on what’s next ur gonna file for bankruptcy LMAO. But we gotta pay for the full price on your sorry ass phones wut a F….N joke need 2 star looking else ware TMO u really drop the axe on customers this time ur a LOSER

  • TravMobile

    So will switching to the new Even More plan qualify for a handset subsidization early? If not, will the 20 month financing be available for non-eligible phone upgrades?

    I had no idea 3G coverage was going to proliferate so quickly and I am stuck with a lovely Blackberry 8900 which does not have 3G support.

  • PD4L

    These 2 new plans for T-Mobile sound great! I can see this definitely starting a trend in the US that should have happened 2 yrs ago with the Wireless explosion back then.

    Maybe it’s me but if someone finances a smartphone with the “Even More Plus”, doesn’t that put the monthly price right there with the other price plan from “Even More”? I read the “Even More” will require a 2 yr contract. Can someone explain what the benefits would be besides being under No Contract? Which you have to pay off anyway if you want to get out of that plan?

    Myself I don’t mind contracts but if someone can answer, are the plans for “Even More” going to be slightly higher or the same as “Even More Plus”. I thought the “Even More Plus” were for those who do not want to be tied down to a contract but ALL the new plans were the same. Maybe I am mistaken but if someone can correct me, that would be helpful.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wonder if they are still going to offer phone insurance or if that will be a thing of the past? If it isn’t being offered and you still owe money on a phone (say you lost or broke) do you still need to pay it off ? What about if you already have insurance on a phone and its no longer avaliable… will it still be honnored? I know its from a third party but I am just wondering. I’d hate to say make payments for a phone only for it to break or lose it then still have to pay on it and not be able to insure it or be able to replace it.

  • Brent


    I think the savings comes in if you pay off your phone. As it is now, once they make the money back from subsidizing your phone, you are still charged the same rate. If you buy a phone without a subsidy currently, you get the same plan as someone who is subsidized. Keeping the two things separate, you may not see significant price savings at first if you finance your phone, but you would once the separate phone payment is done.

    That is my understanding at least.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Another question…. if we get a corp. Discount now will be still continue to receive it with our grandfathered plans? Will they be avaliable with the newer plans as well…. both with and without a contract? I hope Tmobile doesn’t try to pull another fast one on me. I had the unlimited plan for $49.99 then after almost 6 months of getting a discount they told me I couldn’t get it anymore so I switched back to my old 1,000 min plan with MyFavs for $39.99 so I could get the discount. Sometimes things become so tight that saving yourself 10 a month can make a difference. Right now I pay about $64 for 1,000 mins with Myfavs the G1 data plan with the 400 messages and the 5.99 insurance plan. So unless these plans are unlimited everything for less than I pay now…. what’s the point?

  • sprinter

    Brent that is what I am hoping. I figure the subsidy is about the same as the cancellation fee – $200 bucks. so the subsidy would be 200 bucks over 24 month or $8.33 a month. If it works that the plus plan costs 8.33 less per month then the subsidized plan, it would be a great thing if you keep your phone more then 2 years. if the prices are the same you should take the subsidy and just pay a pro-rated cancellation fee if you need to get out. I can’t believe we still don’t have pricing and it is only 5 days away…they are doing a great job of keeping the lid on this one!!

  • Joey

    I have mixed feelings on this from a personal standpoint, but I think as a business model this will work very well for them. There is no way they won;t be able to lure in some Boost/Cricket/whatever the hell else with better phones. I feel like this is who this whole thing is going to cater to at first.
    Personally, I don’t think this will do much to me. I have 13 months left on my contract, so that’s a $200 fee. I have about a $75 a month bill, so if the plan was $60 a month, and I pay $200 to cancel, switching would cost me $5. Unless of course, switching from ANY grandfathered plan to the new ones costs $35, then I’d say like $155. But according the picures from Boy Genius, contract length will come into play..
    Just have to wait and see, I guess.

  • PD4L


    You have a point. I can see the difference now. Especially on new article out on how the new plans will work.

    If its $60 all unlimited, that’s GREAT!