Big T-Mobile Annoucements & The Mysterious “Project Black”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard something REALLY BIG. Well the guys over at PhoneArena have received word from a tipster that T-Mobile is about to “shake up the status quo of the U.S. cellular industry”. T-Mobile employees are being trained tomorrow for “Project Black”. This mysterious but catchy sounding name is supposed to be something so BIG for T-Mobile USA, that it is expected to lift T-Mobile out of 4th place among the nation’s wireless operators (Take that Sprint). PhoneArena’s tipster has stated those involved in this have signed non-disclosure agreements, so this looks to be huge. Also, their tipster also claims that we should expect a 3G enabled BlackBerry (9700 anyone?) headed to T-Mobile by Christmas time. The tipster also bumped into an ex-Nokia Rep who revealed to him that there will be two Nokia N-Series smartphones headed for T-Mobile USA early next year, one of them being the N900 with Maemo5. She says to expect more high-end Nokia devices headed for Magenta in the future. It looks like T-Mobile subscribers just won the Lottery! Sound off in the comments!


UPDATE: After doing a little digging around I’ve found some more interesting info. Our trusted ninja claims that there is something big brewing (not chicken soup) for the end of the month it seems. Bigger than a phone or a promotion plan. Everyone involved in it had to sign secondary non-disclosure agreements apparently. It is seemingly rolling out on October 25th because all field supporting positions are being required to work (its a Sunday) to support this mystery offering. Trainings will be the Friday before. T-Mobile USA is keeping this a super big secret so nobody knows what it is quite yet.

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  • pdusk

    Also just to show the post has some merit engadget just reported of a new blackberry on tmobile and att.

  • pororo

    The big news is Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back and she will join Whoopi, Phil Jackson and the rest of the 40 yr old plus celebs in a new MyTouch commercial.

  • ugh

    man, the more and more I think of this the more I just KNOW I’m destined to be disappointed (hey, that’s almost catchy…maybe that can be tmobiles no catch phrase once they flop this by already creating too much hype.

    It can’t be a cheaper plan. If people left carriers for “cheaper plans” than sprint and tmobile wouldn’t be last and second to last, haha. People obviously have no problem paying more for their monthly bills.

    If it’s any sort of network upgrade that’s just lame and won’t change anything anytime soon. Nobody is going to run to TMobile because myspace mobile loads 0.0000000000001 second faster.

    I personally DON’T think it’s the iPhone coming to TMobile while I simultaneously feel it HAS to be that. I hope that makes sense. Another way of putting it….though I don’t think that it will be the iPhone coming (because of contracts etc) it has to be to be the “game changer” they’re talking about. It’s obviously not a new device because it was have to pass FCC. But think about it…the iPhone isn’t “new” and could slip under the radar like that. It’s all wishful thinking though

    At the end of the day, saying things like, “shaking up the US wireless industry, blah blah blah” it’s going to be some sort of working relationship/merger/etc with Sprint. Which I guess is ok. At least I can get an awesome phone and a cheaper plan now, lol

  • bmoredave

    I’m thinking it may not be a merger with Sprint as a whole so much based on network incompatibility and T-Mobile not wanting to pull a “Sprint/Nextel” move of their own. But whatever happened to all those talks they were having with Sprint subsidiary Clearwire? Maybe we’ll hear some news on Wi-Max as a 4th gen alternative? Just an idea though.

  • rinklighter

    I’m really skeptical at this point. TMo is always good for hype and then a major letdown. An overhaul of their marketing department? Some higher-ups handed their walking papers?

  • pdusk

    I actually think this might have to do something with att because the bold 2 was just announced for both t-mobile and att. The on engadget they just posted something about the samsung i7500 has t-mobile and att 3g. Just sayin.

  • nunyabiz

    Iphone maybe?

  • Daniel

    I don’t know if this is it or not but I called Customer service and talked to a manager about a week and a 1/2 ago. I told her I was unhappy and switching for the I-Phone. She told me she would share a secret she just learned. She told me that Apple was looking for another carrier because AT&T’s network was slowing down with all the I-Phone users. They were looking at T-mobile and Verizon she said. So I don’t if this is it or not or even if it has any merit but I thought Id share that! Thanks

  • 30014

    What happened to the older comments link, its missing. I want to know what everyone thinks. There are about 40new comments since I last checked in.

  • achilles

    My guess is: Video Calling!

  • batman26

    It would be nice to see the iphone on tmobile.

  • Diego

    Why is everyone so crazy about the iphone? that would definitely not be a game changer, as tmo customers can already have it (without 3G…but who cares)…unlimited loyalty open for everyone I’d say…

  • Miguel

    “Project Black” is most likely a new 3G Blackberry coming to T-Mobile.. whoppeee! .

    Who cares about another Crapberry? The Blackberry OS is great for business users who want efficiency. How is 3G going to help a BB when the OS is not designed to be bogged down streaming video etc. The BB OS is trash compared to the capabilities of the Apple iPhone OS and Android OS.

    I sure hope this doesn’t mean that T-Mobile is moving away from Android because I will definitely jump ship for Verizon and pick up the Droid there.

  • matt_TX

    I’m calling it right now, IT IS A MERGER WITH SPRINT!

  • JB6464

    Android is a joke. T-mobile has had them out now for 2 yrs and they are way to slow for OS updates and better high end Android phones. 3″ to 3.25″ screens are small by today’s standards and their great for surfing the web but that’s about it. They lack some real support,period. Time to get with it or move on to better high-end phones like HTC HD2,Iphone,etc,etc with better coverage outside the major cities.

  • Miguel

    It’s also possible that Apple has been secretly been working on another smartphone and will launch it with T-Mobile. It will be different enough from the iPhone to avoid the iPhone exclusivity agreement with AT&T.

    Apple has been known to keep things more secret than the Pentagon, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they shocked the world. Could an iPhone-like device with a QWERTY keyboard be in the works… hmmmm.

    Of course this all means nothing if the exclusivity agreement with AT&T specifically bans Apple, or any subsidiary, from manufacturing any wireless device, whatever they all it, for any other carrier for the duration of the agreement.

  • Kickstar13

    Its keeps coming back to the iPhone or another “iDevice” from Apple. And for those of you that don’t think the iPhone will make T-Mobile USA #3 major wireless carrier I beg to differ. Look at AT&T the iPhone has done wonders for them the past 3 years. AT&T iPhone users will flock to T-Mobile if T-Mobile USA announces it will be selling the iPhone. That’s just my thoughts on “Project Dark”.

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  • Brent

    I can’t see Apple doing a hardware keyboard. They are always going for the sexiest look, and slide out keyboards aren’t that even in the best of circumstances.

  • Puv

    Perhaps it has to do with another Apple device as someone else mentioned above. There have been rumors of an apple tablet for some time. I doubt Apple or AT&T would want it on the ATT network seeing how bogged down it is now. However, I cannot see Apple releasing that only on Tmo and leaving the iPhone only on ATT.

    However, the rumors of Apple releasing new MacBooks / iMacs around the corner would line up with introducing a tablet – perhaps.

    That said, I feel it is nothing to do with Apple, and will be network upgrades. I’m going with widespread HSPA+ availability. Which will allow everyone’s data to see an improvement, whether your device is HSPA+ compatible or not!

    I for one DO NOT want to see Apple devices on Tmo’s network just based on what it did to ATTs network! MUCH TOO MANY USERS on it.

  • jmastera

    I can guarantee without a doubt it will not be the iPhone. It is either one of two things:
    1. a new rate plan structure
    2. a buyout\merger announcement (most likely Sprint).

    The new rate plan structure would make sense in that supposedly they have asked ALL associates to work that day (both in store and over the phone).

    I know everyone is putting down a Sprint buyout\merger because of the difference in CURRENT technologies but with Sprint currently moving to LTE(WiMax) and Deutsch Telekom pushing LTE in Europe, it would only make sense that they would want to use the same for T-Mobile here in the states (as they did for the current T-Mobile 3G).

    I know neither of these are really game changers like the article suggests but a new Rate Plan structure could have a big impact but that might take too long. A Sprint buyout\merger would definitely have a big impact and despite the long road for conversion of network and customer base would be something that I “personally” think could put a little fear into the eyes of AT+T and Verizon. The combined company would be very powerful in terms of customer and with Sprint already rolling out LTE would push them way ahead of the game in terms of 4G.

    Just my opinion, and that of my mole.

  • d

    @ rinklighter: that is the funniest thing i read! do you work for them?? LMAO

  • NobleTMobile


    WiMax is not LTE

  • Grr

    A merger or buyout would not warrant being open on Sunday or any kind of training. That would just be done through an announcement. The same can be said of any LTE annoucement. The way I am understanding the information given on this blog, it sounds like T-Mobile has something concrete to give customers on that day. That points out to some sort of device or plan…or maybe something we are not even thinking of.

    If it is a device, what could it possibly be to be such a momentum changer? I’m not a big IPhone fan, but it would have to be something on that scale. If it is, wouldn’t it be in everyone’s sights by now? There would have to be some sort of FCC leak or a product development leak. There always is. It would have to be something we are aware of, but may not necesserily know it is T-Mobile bound.

    If it is a plan, it would have to be one awesome plan to warrant the build-up. This is, however, the mostly likely scenario where T-Mobile could make a huge splash. Perhaps T-Mobile will figure out how to do something crazy like 100% subsidizing on any phone on a completely unlimited plan. If the price is right, thats something like that could deliver on what is being hyped up. It would also explain why you would expect a big increase in customer base.

    After seeing all of the information coming from the DT shareholders, it is sounding T-Mobile is basicly making a huge push to succeed. We are already hearing about a push to 21 Mbps to leapfrog from the worst data provider to the best or nearly the best (as far as speed goes). There has been a shakeup in the front office by hiring a COO for the first time since Sue Swenson. Now we have “Project Black” which seems to be the most tight-lipped secret I’ve seen from T-Mobile in quite a long time.

  • yor PAPPI

    well finaly sum good news 4 me i realy do hope yhe Nokia N900 is headed 2 TMO let me cross all my fingers , now about the other items in the black project yhe iphone its an alrite phone but ur just buying the f…. name thats all their just looking for more idiots 2 buy it cuz their sales are down do to other high end phones an the complaints apple has recieved on PC WORLD so bite on that apple so looking foward into TMO phone adds quit pushing that G2 or mytouch in everyones face , it might hav gotten 3.5 headphone jack but wut about the ppl that got it 1st their stuck like chuck LMAO spell check dis chit

  • Dude

    So I heard from a pretty solid source that the announcement will be based upon netbooks. From what I gather Dell and HP will be the initial manufacturers. This will actually be the announcement and could have a pretty big impact on TMob, but I still believe that there will be a merger/buyout coming down the pipes with Clear & Metro PCS being the primary “targets”. WIMAX AND Netbooks would most definitely take TMob to the next level.

  • grindking

    JB6464 shows he’s quite the uninformed user. Android OS and 1st phone have been out for approximately one year. 2008 to 2009 is one year, not two. get it right. I hope this is something that can help me as an EXISTING T-Mobile user and not something just for new or renewal.

  • jmastera


    You are correct, my understanding of the MIMO technology was skewed a bit. thanks for calling me out, I know have a clearer understanding between the two.

  • jmastera

    Now not that I think it will be the iPhone, but lets not forget that T Mobile Germany sells an iPhone 3Gs with compatible bands for T Mobile US:

    UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 Mhz)
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 Mhz)
    Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
    Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

  • fernandizzel

    Diego has it right I think. Cheaper unlimited plans. The loyalty unlimited was a test and now it will be available to everyone.

  • JB6464

    @GRINDKING, Ok One year. They shoved Andriod down your throats so much it felt like two yrs. Anyway you look at it,they don’t give you updates worth a damn,take forever to create any apps and does’nt even compare in apps and support like WM or Apple. Maybe in 2 yrs they might pick up the pace and get it right but right now Android is a wanna be Iphone surfing in net.

  • jeck

    @jmastera Any quad-band phone will work with T-Mobile EDGE, but the 3G network is a different story. We use 1700/2100 AWS bands here. So unless you’re just stating that the iPhone will work on T-Mobile, which any unlocked iPhone will, you’re not going to get 3G speeds here with T-Mobile USA. There are NO iPhones out that are compatible with T-Mobile USA’s 3G network.

  • http://tmonews mas

    This may be just a fart in the wind but , my brother in law lives in Puerto Rico ans he currently pays his unlimited plan for 79.99 , just my opinion of course , tmo drops the price of the unlimited plan by 20 dollars and releases the new bb bold2 …hhmmm…we shall see >:}

  • ????

    all stores are reciving accesory spinners for the launch so it is a phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    My idea of project black is either a merger (although to be big news I think they’d need to go with at&t or Verizon although Verizon doesn’t use GSM so that wouldn’t work out too well) or the iphone which would be Awesome for tmobile and its current subscribers wanting the iphone but I wouldn’t say that is hugh news for the us cellular service. If anything… something this big to make an impact would either have to be an unlimited family data plan or… since T-mobile is owned by a German company and I hear Europe doesn’t have contracts maybe they are switching their thinking and getting rid of contracts all together. Now that would be hugh news. No contracts would mean no credit checks and you could get the hottest phone out whenever you wanted without having to wait for your contract being up. Although the only way this would be good is if you can still get the phones at a good price. Its hard to really say… would be a smart move to offer a family data plan for one low rate since no other company that I know of offers a family data plan say on the Blackberrys etc…. I guess we shall see soon

  • JBLmobileG1

    On a second note… maybe they will include international calling as part of your minutes and myfavs… again not everyone calls over seas but that would be hugh news too… maybe make no roaming worldwide.

  • luis

    for the peole that keep saying tmo and wimax are wrong. Wimax is CDMA based network LTE is a GSM network………. Tmobile is already said they are going with LTE as there 4g network get that right. Sprint has there 4g wimax tru clearwire networks and guess what clearwire is open to changing and going with LTE at anytime and stoping there wimax 4g. I bet u the project thing might not be about there network but a merger. And there are netbooks coming to tmo later in time from dell and hp and accer or whatever there name is and the accer one will be android

  • sjw

    Very interesting that the sidekick system has major problems, while this Project Black is in the works.

  • one2tres

    its the htc hd2 with lower plans… and a android 2.0 1ghz device. why get the iphone, just get a device with better spec and put alot of money on the marketing and bam, you got a sensation…

  • one2tres

    lol at Just new plans

  • steven

    free data plan for all with a cap

    i can wish, right?


  • carol

    Hello All,

    T-Mobile Representative checking in. Just to let all of you know “Project Dark” (as it is being called) is a couple of different things. First off, when going into retail stores, the representatives will look a bit different. There will be new uniforms for all consisting of black shirts and gray pants. Secondly, and probably the most important part, will be the introduction of a “Everything Unlimited” plan for only ~$50 per month. This will include minutes, messages, data, and basically everything else. The goal is to have everyone switch from the cheap but bad coverage carriers (i.e. Cricket, Boost, Metro PCS) to our service for the same price. The number of people estimated to be using the small carriers is in the 25-30 million range. Combined with our current base of about 34 million customers, this would easily push us to 3rd, if not 2nd, in customer base between the four major carriers. Sorry people, no iPhone. We are getting the 3G BB 9700, two Nokia N series, and a few new Android phones though. Those will all be very cool. Also, don’t worry, we are not being bought out or buying out another company. We are just getting a little infusion of cash from Deutsche Telekom and doing what every carrier should be doing: More for Less. Remember that motto. You might be hearing it a little more often soon…

  • omg

    OMG finally tmo needs to come up to speed all the phones suck thats one! we should of had the iphone first and now this shit?
    it better be worth my time i have tmo and is been fucking up since the first time i got it fucking shit! finally they get some balls to come into the 21st century

  • WyzePro

    ok here’s the deal…Tmobile is going to give away a new handset for free with unlimited everything including data for a very low monthly rate….

  • JB6464

    If Carol is correct,that would be the bomb deal. I’ve been saying this for a while now. If Boost Mobile and others can offer Unlimited Everything for $50./month,why cant T-Mobile do it ? And if we are not getting the Iphone,then T-Mobile GET THE HTC HD2 ! It’s going to be as big if not better than the Iphone.

  • Joe

    I hope it’s the iPhone. Even though I already have one, it will be quite nice to feel that it’s designed for Tmobile and that they can offer me an upgrade to the 3GS without having to shell out a leg.

  • adrian

    i would love the HTC HD2 as well and prefer it over the iPhone. what android phones could carol be talking about? i didn’t see anything nearly as interesting as the HTC HD2 to be released in the near future according to the usual android sites.

  • ewells26

    Just for everyone that knows alot. Wimax is not a CDMA based technology, EVDO is. Sprint is a CDMA carrier obviously, however CDMA is a qualcom tech. WiMax is something completely different. It runs on diff frequencies blah blah. This news is either gonna be big or a dud.

  • dan

    im also a rep, and carol is right, we are getting new uniforms soon, so she might be right, i havent heard about the plans or the phones…but it does sound like she is correct from whats been going on around here lately

  • Lipshitz

    Im noticing a lot of people hoping for an iphone. Personally, I seriously doubt it. I think it would ruin tmobile’s service. Look what happened to AT&T. Why do you think their service has gotten worse? Its because of the iphone. Now imagine if all the people who are happy with the phone but hate their service switched over to Tmo. Then add the current Tmo customers who want to jump on the bandwagon and get an iphone. It’ll be armageddon, people! Complete chaos! Game over, man…GAME OVER!!!

    This is coming from a guy who has an iphone on TMo. I love my service and dont want a bunch if ship jumpers ruining MY service. yeah…i’m selfish…whattaya gonna do bout it?!?!?!