Big T-Mobile Annoucements & The Mysterious “Project Black”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard something REALLY BIG. Well the guys over at PhoneArena have received word from a tipster that T-Mobile is about to “shake up the status quo of the U.S. cellular industry”. T-Mobile employees are being trained tomorrow for “Project Black”. This mysterious but catchy sounding name is supposed to be something so BIG for T-Mobile USA, that it is expected to lift T-Mobile out of 4th place among the nation’s wireless operators (Take that Sprint). PhoneArena’s tipster has stated those involved in this have signed non-disclosure agreements, so this looks to be huge. Also, their tipster also claims that we should expect a 3G enabled BlackBerry (9700 anyone?) headed to T-Mobile by Christmas time. The tipster also bumped into an ex-Nokia Rep who revealed to him that there will be two Nokia N-Series smartphones headed for T-Mobile USA early next year, one of them being the N900 with Maemo5. She says to expect more high-end Nokia devices headed for Magenta in the future. It looks like T-Mobile subscribers just won the Lottery! Sound off in the comments!


UPDATE: After doing a little digging around I’ve found some more interesting info. Our trusted ninja claims that there is something big brewing (not chicken soup) for the end of the month it seems. Bigger than a phone or a promotion plan. Everyone involved in it had to sign secondary non-disclosure agreements apparently. It is seemingly rolling out on October 25th because all field supporting positions are being required to work (its a Sunday) to support this mystery offering. Trainings will be the Friday before. T-Mobile USA is keeping this a super big secret so nobody knows what it is quite yet.

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  • artiepants

    i buy it: a buddy of a buddy of mine who works for Magenta ambiguously posted in late Sept: “today will go down in history as one of the biggest days of my life when it’s all done.. wish me luck – I can’t wait to talk about it in Nov”

    …looking forward to what it might be and hope to heck it involves FAMILY. POOLED. DATA. PLANS. in some manner. And T-mo getting the iPhone. :-D

  • FILA

    Signing with Clearwire or LTE, or buyign Sprint, lol.

    Hopefully they release news about the v2, but I know they def wont cuz it will kill sales for the Moto

  • pdusk

    Man ever since Deutsche Telekom told T-Mobile to step up there game, things have been getting insane. From The new hspa+ network to whatever this is. I don’t know if I can handle it.

  • TK421

    I have heard this too… and was told that it was going to be the busiest day in T-Mobile history… but I don’t know what it’s about…

  • mu$h da great

    t-mobile needs to push the n900 release date up to say the beginning of november….. that coupled along with there new plan strategy could really do some damage…..

  • grr

    When I hear “project black” it makes me think Blackberry. Maybe there is something brewing with rim. I could see a beefed up storm-like device. Perhaps capable of hspa+ speeds. Or it could be something like a free high end phone on activation promotion. Whatever it is it sounds interesting.

  • Ryan

    Samsung Tegra device with wimax support to usher in broad release of the Clearwire agreement and day one launch of 4g services in select cities combined with everything data/voice packages that directly compete with Sprint’s. Hey if I’m going to dream, may as well go all out. Phone can run either Android or super secret early release of Win7 mobile. :D

  • pecoy


  • tmorep

    We are getting all new uniforms at the end of this month. I do know that. This code black thing is news to me. But obviously it has to be related. I’m wondering if we are merging with Sprint or some other company and we’re changing our colors.

  • willy


  • Scott

    I work for TMO and i have no idea what you are talking about… lol. It was
    a normal day today. I do know my manager was on conference calls all day but thats
    normal. I have heard no rumors or anything. I didn’t even know about the uni changes.

  • tmorep

    Scott, the uniform change was in our mail update the other day, with news and such. And now that i think about it the guy in the caption on the page was wearing black..weird.

  • scale

    unlimited calling, data, texting…please!!! you can also add iphone with that…

  • Scott

    I guess I gotta go through my deleted bin.. lol. Maybe on Streamline? If its a Sprint merger that would be the best kept secret in mobile history. Well whatever it
    is I hope it makes my commissions go up :)

  • tmorep

    and sprint sure has a lot of BLACK in their color scheme..hmmm

  • tmopayroll

    ^ Yeah I was off yesterday and saw the email today. It says our uniform change will be sent out starting in Oct. and the guy def had on all black. Damn I wonder whats goin on

  • Duck Dodgers

    LOL. Changing from magenta to black? Now that TMoNews just changed their webpages to magenta T-Mobile throws them a curve and changes to black. Way to go David, see what you did. ;)

  • Dude

    I know a few things…

    The project is NOT called “black” it’s called “dark”. The Dark Project

    This will not be JUST a device launch…the company will be allocating A LOT of resources to this “launch”. There will be no trainings (unrelated to this project) or coaching in call centers for 2.5 to 3 weeks because they need everyone on the phones.
    Some call centers may be offline for days at a time as a result (training?)
    Even though TMo has been hiring heavily over the past two months, we are expected to be at least 1k people shy of what we expect to need to meet demand.

    Some folks have already been fired for releasing confidential information. This means someone out there REALLY knows what’s going on. I wish I did!

  • Ivan

    I think it’s a nokia N900 with video calling . . . .

  • RDub

    I work for tmo as well and i have heard about this but no one seems to know what in the world its about, makes me nervous honestly.

  • Scott

    Well my kiosk is Magenta, White and Yellow… dunno how they would change that. Its a playground kiosk and they spent alot of money making those. Dunno how the black is going to fit in with that.

  • ugh

    man… be completely honest I really wish I wouldn’t even have read this. This is probably going to be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    Everyone is going to get SOOOOO pumped and it’ll be a change of uniforms or sweet costumer service(!), or some other way that TMo will drop the ball HUGE.

    Trust me, I’ve been out of contract with Tmobile for over 2 years and I want NOTHING more than for this to be something ultra omega sweet but I’m just prepping myself already for the ultimate letdown.

    A faster network would be worthless, people don’t even have 3g yet so that would change nothing.

    A netbook/laptop would be lame and change nothing.

    Now I don’t have the figures but Sprint is ON FIRE lately. They’re making a HUGE leap up from 3rd with their new plans and TOP of the line phones. If tmobile was in 4th place before Sprints surge they must be in a desperate 4th place so far out of reach it’s laughable.

    Now….what would this possibly be. One (I hope) the iPhone. Tons of people are sick of ATT’s poop service and WOULD come over to TMmobile. Whether you personally want the phone or not you have to admit it would be monstrous for the company. I myself would be the first one in line and am going to be soooooo upset when it’s not this.

    Second, lower plans….but I don’t see that either. Sprint offers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHIIIIING for $70. So Tmobile would have to offer me everything in the world also for 60 tops……we’ll see.

    Those are my 2 wishful thinking guesses. Anything shy of those….or free data for everyone….then this thing has already been overhyped beyond any salvation and consider me gone

  • T-Mo Mo

    once again, it’s not called project black – it’s the dark project because “everyone’s in the dark about what it is”. Your “black” (black friday, uniform change LOL, etc) theories are not correct!!

  • peachymomo

    Working for another carrier, we’ve heard nothing. Sprint is in the crapper they are hemoraging so bad and the pre is turning out to be a flop. I see them being bought up by someone soon. at&t has an agreement with apple and I don’t see anyone else getting an apple phone for a while and if they do it’s gonna be verizon. The only thing I can think of with them keeping everything hush hush is that they are probably going to revamp their image and maybe offer some new phones and plans. I will wait and see that happens.

  • artiepants

    If what Ugh and Dude are sayin’ is true, i can’t imagine it being anything but the iPhone ~ there’s simply other device that is going to move bodies like that. Look at the Palm Pre launch, and that was arguably the most hyped phone since the iPhone. and if they undercut ATT on an all-you-can-eat plan for it, it would be H U G E.

  • Bigfish13

    i know its been mentioned before but go look at the color of the iphone. project black. iphone much? yeah a 3g blackberry would be cool, but its not game changing. the iphone has been up for grabs for a while, verizon cant have it cause they dont use sim cards, att hasnt renewed the contract yet so theyre probably out, and sprint, is well sprint. big magenta is the only carrier that has a shot really. were getting the iphone guys!

  • John

    I think this will be really big. Whatever it is Tmo is expecting this to actually make people drop Verizon and AT&T mid-contract! There are many many rumors floating around; unbelievable unlimited everything rate plan and ETF bonus for switching, expanded coverage/sprint, family data, no credit checks… Hopefully it is actually great news and Tmo markets it this time!

  • 30014

    Wow, I’m late to the party. The iphone and a price package to undercut sprint are really the only things big enough to make the splash that tmo is looking for. Nokia is not a major player in America, so u nokia fan boys can forget about it.

  • Dude

    This is not just about a device launch. The leaks are talking about moving up in market share and one single device (even the iPhone) would not take TMob to the next level.

    TMob has roughly 34 million customers and Sprint has around 50 million. One device will not get T-Mob to 50 million all on it’s own.

    The Dark Project is more than a device launch.

  • Kickstar13

    AT&T and Apple Exclusive contract ends this up upcoming Summer of 2010. But I hope it is the iPhone. It would definitely make T-Mobile USA 3rd Major US carrier.

  • willy

    lol ^^^ dontbe so sure, im hoping it is either the iphone or a merger/buying of sprint my fingers are crossed

  • Kershon

    @Erich. Ur full of shit. I doubt if u ever were a T-Mo customer. U sound more like a iphone-Stevie Jobs peterpumper fanboy ta me. T-Mobile FTW!

  • trademark

    @ugh.. im sorry, but i dont see how it could be either iphone or everything for 60..

    for one, iphone is on contract with at&t till 2010.. and from what i read, they may be getting an extension til at least 2011. you can buy at iphone though and jailbreak it, tmobile secretly supports that.

    also tmobile already offered unlimited everthing(unlimited loyalty, ask about it) .. that, adds up to about $84 after taxes with an android phone… and with that, i rather pay that than be another complaining sprint costumer talking about how i keep dropping calls. i dont care how fast your internet is, its still a cell PHONE.. its meant for talking..

    i say, give me HTC Dragon, widespread HSPA+, or better yet.. tethering!!!!!!

    but enough with the guesses… somebody get fired over some real info or something..

  • pecoy

    Im guessing its a unlimited plans for families and individuals with voice,msgs,& data unlimited for a very good price..AND a really nice phone/s .. the g1 version 2?…htc dragon?..???…cmon we need more info leaked!

  • lazyn00b

    It’s the Apple tablet. It’s the only thing that makes sense. What else could be as big as the iPhone but not be the iPhone?

  • Duck Dodgers

    I think it is going to be a merger. How else could you “shake up the status quo of the U.S. cellular industry”?

  • Jay

    9700 is a nov 4th release

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    I agree with the people that think TMO has set up an agreement with Sprint for Clearwire 4G access. I also agree with the national analysts that think an outright TMO/Sprint merger would be disastrous (different technologies and other issues). Lately Sprint has been advertising that they’re the first cell company with 4G service in the USA. If TMO plopped down a lot of money for a large share in Clearwire, then TMO could also be early to the 4G game. And, if this big “event” tells people about TMO + Clearwire, and tells people which phones would support that 4G access, plus drastically slashes the price on those phones, that could possibly be a game changer. Then again, everyone speculating that the iPhone would come to TMO have a good argument too. :-) That would be a huge game-changer, since mass people would abandon ATT for TMO. TMO in Europe has the iPhone, why not TMO USA too? Now consider this — if TMO does really have the iPhone AND they have the access to Clearwire 4G, that combo would be HUGE, and truly a wireless game changer! :-) BTW, Please, TMO give Boise 3G access (or maybe even 4G with a deal with Clearwire)! :-)

  • achilles

    Let me take a guess: Video Calling?

  • terryjohnson16

    It’s either the iphone is coming and/or they are buying Sprint and/or lowering rate plans. Even if they did buy Sprint, it would face the FCC and DoJ, which wouldn’t be a cause for celebration since it would take a while to approve.

    I want to know what this is about. LOL.

  • terryjohnson16

    Maybe T-Mobile will say “Hello, Hello, Hello, to MetroPCS/Sprint.

  • John

    It couldn’t be a merger, Tmo and Sprint have investors and there is always the government and neither sign agreements not to talk. However Tmo could be signing an agreement to lease expanded network services and rebranding itself. The uniform change makes me wonder about new colors or logo. Whatever it is there is going to be a part that is a new type of plan. The unlimited loyalty plan was $50 for just talk, it never included text or data. $60 or $70 for truly unlimited everything would get peoples attention but I hope there is more.

    I remember the last time Tmo did something like this it was Flexpay. Hopefully we don’t have a repeat of a major letdown!

  • onwaitinglist

    Come on, guys, it is easy.
    Read the news in post two days, T-mobile recently anounces a corp wi-fi calling plan, it is the part of bigger plan to grappe enterprise market,

    And guess again who provides the best UMA device? the device name starts with BLACK!

    If 9700 not mentioned in holiday release plan, there must be a reason behind it, and project Black should be the one!

  • onwaitinglist

    What will happen if TMo just buy RIM

  • xoxol

    T-Mobile buying Sprint and resells it to Verizon, and on that money that they going to get from it buying At&t. :)(

  • John

    onwaitinglist: tmo expected a 20% lift in new activations in retail stores the last week of October. No offense to blackberry fan boys a new blackberry device that everyone knows about doesn’t produce those results. Also this are the results expected in the retail chain so it has to be bigger than enterprise. This has to be targeted at the average consumer. It has to be bigger than one device and the iphone is just another device now. mytouch, cliq, touch pro2, n900, behold2…. i don’t think tmo needs another touch data phone right now! And we all know you can’t sneak a phone past the FCC without cell phone sites picking up on it!

  • I work for the big T and have heard rumors about a buyout of sprint a few weeks ago. However their networks are incompatible (sim that works with CDMA demonstarted in japan last month with little success might have just got a lot better)). But who knows all I know is my boss knows nothing and he is the head of marketing phones at our location. I don’t think it’s a phone or a network upgrade beacsue that would take way too long to be ready by October 25. Also, att and apple are butt buddies so I don’t think they will be breaking up soon (unless att gets anymore stds).

  • umalover

    iphone 4gs
    $200 on contract
    $70 all in plan
    existing TMO customers get $50 credit in app store

  • Brandon

    PROJECT BLACKberry…prob releasing the blackberry storm or something close to it

  • pdusk

    It is going to be something bigger than a phone. And 4g services are not going to jump them from fourth to third. Maybe European type pricing and they will pay for the customer to switch, with a gigantic network roll out that we are all some how unaware of?