Open Comment Weekend


You have seen it before, but now we have a little change.  Instead of the standard Open Comment Friday tradition, we are going to try opening the comments section for the weekend instead.  This is your time to discuss what ever comes to mind (hopefully it is T-Mobile related); T-Mobile has left a bunch to be chatted about in the comments.  Maybe you can talk about the latest Android news, T-Mobiles ever expanding 3G network,  T-Mobiles quest into HSPA+ or maybe just the latest and greatest in T-Mobile phones.  So now I leave it to you, tell us what you think in the comments!


  • Elrich

    Bye bye T-Mobile. I’m going to the iPhone at the end of the month. Been a customer since 2003 but your Touch Pro2 pricing totally set me off. Too expensive. The iPhone is more bad a$$, has more apps, and is entirely suitable for MS Exchange as a business user. Bye bye TMOUSA, your execs are a bunch of dumb a$$es.

  • yor PAPPI

    hey iam bak fools so who ever was clowing on my spelling F U can u spell that . mind yor buisness , i can blog about wutever i want when i want SO who made the the leader or defender of tmo A H , BUT ANY WAYS tmo needs 2 step it up a notch or else everyone is gonna complain like myself cuz iam in need of a phone that has good GPS ido alot of traveling in my city which is HOUSTON the best city inda world thanku spell check my SH..!!!!!! now dumazz

  • Achilles

    Re: Motorola Cliq. The reality is that more people are using the camera on their cell phones. Whether the park, a bar, or the mall, people are snapping pics and sending them to their friends. A camera flash comes in very handy. The Motorola Cliq does not have a camera flash. I shall not be making this purchase.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Antoine

    yes there will be a netbook.. made by Dell.. it should release between Oct.-Nov.

  • Jason

    I really couldn’t care less, but it just seems odd to me that with a 5MP camera, you wouldn’t include a flash. Why would I want to take giant resolution pictures that look like complete shit in the dark?

  • antoine

    cool, thanks @j-hop2o6

  • Steve

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