HTC Touch Pro 2 Pricing Revealed


As we count down the days to the wondrous release of the Touch Pro 2 there has been much debate surrounding the price.  It just so happens that patience IS rewarded and the pricing has been uncovered, for better or worse.  The HTC Touch Pro 2, diamond encrusted with T-Mobile 3G, will run you exactly $213,487.23 $349.99 if you sign a 2 year death wish contract (with no rebate, sorry), and about $400 for a one year sentence.  In case you were wondering, the retail price will cost you an arm and a leg $550 (perfect to buy in installments) .  I hope this doesn’t ruin the surprise, but trust me, it is definitely worth it (for all that qwerty, WM, Touchflo, 3G goodness).  While you continue to lay awake at night count the days, drool over some video and pictures of the glorious device.  Larger (slightly) picture after the break (if you want to look over other prices, or just check my eyes).

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  • flyyphone

    I totally agree. I’m waiting to see the same…Sprint is getting theirs September 8th (from what I’ve read) and their coverage is amazing compared to Tmobile and oh how I miss that $99 unlimited everything plan. Either way, this BB 8900 is biting the dust and this TP2 shall be mine at last.

  • Jay

    If I can’t go to the T-Mobile store and have them swindle down the price by trading in my phone, extending my contract, giving me a partial upgrade etc. Then forget it! But on second thought, I spoke to a T-Mobile Rep. Yesterday and she said My account was eligable to split my payments (of a phone) in 4.. I didn’t even know T-Mobile had this type of paymeny plan..

  • GLSRacer

    I agree that the price is too high for this device. Its almost 2 year old technology apart from the screen. I was lucky enough to play with a TP2 for several hours a couple weeks ago, and the only thing that impressed me was the screen resolution when viewing web pages. The Opera Integration and the Touch Flo 3D are fairly buggy and you have to go down into the 6.1 interface to get any useful work done.

    I have a TM506(used as 3G modem) and an Hermes 8525 that I carry now. The interface on this phone is even less flexable than the WM set up I have on my 8525.

    I was so excited about this phone, but I think I’ll wait for the price to drop. The only saving grace for this phone is the 800×480 screen, otherwise its a poor implementaion(in my opinion). I’m no casual user and I have had windows and symbian smart phones continuously since their release nearly 10 years ago. I expect when you pay a premium for a device that it will be superior to older devices, but from my experience with the TP2, you get a brilliant screen with a clunky interface. Lets hope the prices fall and WM 6.5 has a more seemless integration with Touch Flo 3D.

  • Bigg

    What about retention offer? Do any of you think retention will knock off at least 50 bucks on it?

  • Elrich

    I’ve changed my mind — it’s all about the iPhone baby!

    Played with it the other day, can’t believe how good the onscreen keyboard works. And the folks here at work are hooked up to the MS Exchange server with full sync, so, my decision is getting more difficult.

  • ChampagneDreams

    Like i said before, this phone is well worth the price and im still getting it.

  • Jon B

    $350 with a two year contract and requried data plan is asking a lot. It looks like I’ll be getting the mytouch 3g instead.

  • Mappo

    Considering that all the other carriers will also have this phone very soon, and at least two of them will have 3.5mm jacks on thier versions, Tmobile would be idiots to sell it for $350. Watch how fast they drop the price when Sprint announces their $200 version on 9/3.

  • Cellular Stan

    I think the thing that bothers me the most is that it doesnt come with a 4gb microsd card like the MyTouch3G does…

  • tmobile lova

    Attention….the price is incorrect….2 yr is 279.99 and 1 yr is 329.99……this is 100 percent confirmed for release tomorrow…..not sure about rebates as of yet

  • Elrich

    I stand by my March 2009 prediction of $399 with a 2-year contract, and $799 without a contract.

    It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

  • Luis M Espinosa

    Just got off the phone with rep. 279.99$ FOR FULL 2years And 329.99$ 1 year!!

  • Cirrob

    Umm 349 like the article says

  • jrwingate6

    MichaelSF, as I’ve said in the forums, I am not a business professional. I am a Firefighter and I will be buying this phone day one. In my opinion it is not overpriced and it does more than any other phone out there right now. Not to mention it has a better screen and keyboard than any other mobile device. The list goes on but I just wanted to let you know I am a typical consumer in these hard times but I will still be dishing out 400$ for a mobile phone.

  • a.l

    550 i can just imagine how much im going to have to pay for it on verizon and how much the sales tax will be monthly and att LMAO the fuze is still at 399 with 2 year contract you guys should be more appreciative of your price because everyone else is going to be hurt with the price there going to throw at us and you cant compare the prices for the snap with vz because vz n att always sell their top htc phones at top prices not so sure about sprint

  • Ricardo


    retail price stays the same, rats.

  • IwantKnoW

    550 i can just imagine how much im going to have to pay for it on verizon and how much the sales tax will be monthly and att LMAO the fuze is still at 399 with 2 year contract you guys should be more appreciative of your price because everyone else is going to be hurt with the price there going to throw at us and you cant compare the prices for the snap with vz because vz n att always sell their top htc phones at top prices not so sure about sprint

  • MichaelSF

    I was planning only buying the phone tomorrow, but I have changed my mind, mainly because of the pricing. I am very disappointed. Simple fact is, while I can afford it (as a business expense) considering the type of device it is, I can’t justify the purchase. Here is how I reached the decision.

    Someone, somewhere mentioned that this was the same price as a netbook. That reminded me, I have two netbooks. Those have performed admirably when I don’t need to (actually the truth is “don’t want to”) lug my 8 lb. notebook. The netbooks are running Win XP, have 160 GB hard disks, 2 GB RAM and run all my MS Office apps.

    That person’s comment reminded me of how few times I have ever needed to use MS Word on my smartphone (PDA back in the day). We are talking about maybe once every few years.

    And all smartphones can access POP mail nowadays (for my G1 I simply have all mail set to forward a copy to a g-mail account).

    So what’s left between the TP2, netbooks and my G1? I can’t see anything so crucial that I need to pay $450 (TP2, tax, fees, accessories, and possibly shipping) and bind myself to a two year contract (contract is not an issue for me since I love T-Mo, but might as well mention it since it is an issue to some).

    Besides, I was going to miss my G1, as I LOVE Android. In fact, I rooted it and put the Hero OS on it. My God… Hero makes Cupcake feel and look like Windows 3.1.

    So I am leaning toward sticking with Android-based phones (I love the G1 and Android Market) and will look forward to T-Mo’s exciting new launch, the upcoming replacement to the G1, probably in Sept-Oct in time for the holidays. (IMHO all phones nowadays have a one year shelf life, that is tailored to consumer buying habits, which is to buy a new phone every year. So I look forward to a G2 with a full frontal display and slider keyboard.)

  • MichaelSF

    I had some time to think about my posts above). This morning I thought “The TP2 intro by T-Mo is a non-event. So close to Aug 12 and few store employees are aware of it. There’s no excitement, there’s no promotions. Everything is myTouch.”

    So unless one is really excited about this phone (and as a professional or business person you really should be more disciplined, LOL), the TP2 is a “wait and see device.” Wait to see if the price drops, wait to see what the other carriers do, wait to see if there is a price war, wait to see if there’s bugs, and wait to see what Microsoft does with WinMo 6.1, 6.5, and 7

    I also too suspect the price will go way down on this phone, maybe $150 in October.

    There’s many other reasons to wait and see:

    The people who buy tomorrow will be TP2 first adopters in the U.S. But what is different this time around is that T-Mo does not have the exclusive. In the next two months all carriers are getting the TP2 (albeit in different configurations).

    Literally in 30 days or thereabouts the uniqueness of being the first to get a TP2 will vanish. Thirty day or less exclusivity does not justify paying a huge premium for this phone.

    So what’s left after that, the functionality and the OS. WinMo 6.1 has been declared dead and before its release 6.5 is already on life support, mainly because anywhere you go it takes “two clicks” to discover you are simply using 6.1 with a superficial interface. The old and tired Windows Mobile engine is still there. This reminds me of the old days of Windows 3.1 and 95 being shells hiding DOS (that was doing all the work).

    I am also passing on the phone because I think it wrong for T-Mobile to NOT address the WinMo issue nor to assure/inform prospective purchasers (in its press release, for example) that purchasers will get 6.5 for free and also address: a) if WinMo 7 will work on the TP2, and b) if first adopters will get that OS as a free upgrade. (Sidenote: perhaps T-Mo has not promoted the TP2 because it does not want to address the the Windows Mobile headache?)

    In any event, WinMo 7 is projected to debut in April 2010. I think it reasonable for people today paying $400 for an “outdated” phone (at least as far as the OS goes) to know that their premium-priced phone will receive an upgrade that is arriving a mere eight months.

    Even if T-Mo is not sure what is going on with WinMo releases, it needs to be upfront with us. Also customers deserve some assurances on such a high priced device. (IMHO, the phone’s OS functionality is a major reason to buy a smartphone. The hardware and case are not reasons to pay $400 for a smartphone. At the end of the day looks don’t matter when it comes to getting the job done.)

    Just saying. Food for thought.

  • BoulderGuy

    Very well said. Couldnt agree more.

  • Beanz0nToast

    WRONG! I don’t know who your annonymous source is but I’m a current T-Mobile Customer Service rep and I’m looking at STREAMLINE right now and it states a 2 yr contract for full upgrade is 2 yr (279.99) and a 1yr (329.99). That’s the current information pertaining to tomorrows launch in Customer Care’s systems. Of course there is an $18 upgrade fee ontop of this pricing for both 1 and 2 yr pricing.

  • Ricardo

    Like i said 279.99 for full discount, meaning 2 yr pricing. HaHa rejoice, now i just have to find a store that has it.& out of the 8 i called said they have not received shipment yet.

  • Ricardo

    When i talked to the representative yesterday, they said the price was 349. Today i call and they say 279.99. They definitely were listening to us. Now i just have to camp out of the singular store that has the phone tomorrow. Wow, you right michael, t-mobile is putting no muscle behind this product. Non what so ever. Good job on the price reduction bad job on the release. I think that they thought the my touch 3g was the phone we all wanted so they didn’t invest in that many TP2’s. boy will they see the error in their ways tomorrow.


    Well , about pricing, its completely not true, the 2 year price is $279 and $329 for 1 year respectively. Enjoy!

  • MichaelSF

    The myTouch is a damn good reason for T-Mo to be excited. If one does not need a keyboard it is a beautiful device.

    I have been enjoying my G1 with Hero on it. Hero on a myTouch, that would be a very cool phone, except for its lack of a keyboard, an essential for me.

    But I have seen people texting like lightening with a phone dial pad, so to them I suspect the myTouch would be really nice.

    Sheesh, does that date me, that I want a keyboard? I gotta go now, I’m depressed.

    To feel better I’ll go to Starbucks and use my portable Dictaphone to dictate a few pages for my upcoming book.

  • dee_shock

    O yeah, I spoke to a tmo rep. and was told that I have a full discount. In addition my equipment installment plan credit is $120.00 and the tp2 would be available after 10am. Hot damn here I come.

  • dee_shock

    O, my bad! my I add that my price would be $279.99 + tax. Holla.

  • molten83


  • Elrich


  • 1r0nM4n

    People, don’t cry. This site has been mislead. Confirmed $279.99 with a 2yr contract for upgrade with best eligibility. Tmonews needs to update QUICK. Just call 611 and find out for yourselves. Don’t believe the hype EVERYTIME, just sometimes. :)

  • MichaelSF

    If T-Mo were slick they would launch the phone immediately online or at least post the pricing.

    Have to wonder how many people have been reading “it’s $400 with a two year contract and upgrade fee” and saying “oh well.”

    That’s the good and bad of the Net. Bad news can spread like wild fire, but so can good news. This $400 price has been online too long. I think T-Mo hurt their sales big time. Don’t know why they kept pricing so secret.

    In the end I am sure someone’s head will roll over this, whoever made the command decision to not disclose the price to where thousands eventually heard it was $400.

  • MichaelSF

    Just out of curiosity, anyone have an answer on why T-Mo would send a mere five phones to a store (per others comments)?

    No marketing, no fanfare, no promotions, no official price, no employee training, apparently no info to employees in stores, and few phones shipped to stores = oddest behavior I have ever seen on a product debut.

  • MichaelSF

    OK, just got off the phone with T-Mo and they confirmed it’s $279 and $329.

    Also, so you know, I confirmed with them my understanding on how discounts work. I am not too sure some of you know.

    Discount (or upgrade pricing) tracks differently than plan length.

    If you extend your contract for two years, for example, this does not mean you cannot upgrade your phone for two years. It means you can’t quit T-Mo for two years. You can change your plan withing that two years and also upgrade your phones.

    If you go with the two year contract price you can:

    1. Get a partial upgrade price (discount) on a phone after about 11 months into the plan. The partial discount is usually about $80 to $100 off the price.

    2. After 22 months you are entitled to a full discount or upgrade pricing.

    3. If you get the one year contract price, after 11 months you are entitled to a full discount or upgrade.

    Hope that helps.

    I also have some good “inside info” that I will be posting at 9:15 p.m. PDT, tonight, August 11.

    Bonus Comment: The CSR said that they still have the “credit plan.” A customer has on file a credit amount, in dollars. A customer can choose to apply that amount against a phone purchase and have that amount spread over four months (may be three months). The balance not financed is due on your next month’s bill if you are ordering online or on the phone.

  • Lance Romance

    SIGH..NO tp2 for me…at least not right now..

    so i’m a customer at Tmo for 5 yrs in excellent standing , but I’m not showing any credit for EIP…fml

  • Miguel

    How is the phone better than the G1? Buy a G1 for $149.99, and buy one of the many Exchange apps out there from the Android Market.. and you have a phone that has a better UI, a pretty good keyboard, full integration with Google Voice, and that will only get better and better over time, for FREE!

  • IwantKnoW

    ^^ blah but aneways i went to a tmo store at the mall and i got to finally play with the tp2 its not big and bulky like people keep saying its a perfect size for me its very slim the keyboard is PERFECT its very hard to make typing mistake and i love the 3d touch flow i do have to admit that when i 1st saw it i wasnt very happy of the looks tmo gave it but i love the phone i tested out the loud speaker it works just like in the reviews the camera works great the screen is fantastic i went on you tube and the videos are crisp the internet pages look great my wife was being a hater claiming that thats how the videos look on my vx6900 and her old iphone LMAO yea right i wasnt use to the clik sound the phone made wen you type or the vibration it did honestly ive only experience that with the cheap samsung and lg touch screen phones that my friends have but im certain that but theres an option to stop it i wish i had more time but the store was closing thats been the only tmo store in my area that actually had a display unit but anywho i know this is old news for you guys but its new for me because i have to wait for verizon to come out with it