Partial unboxing + TP2 = Success

If the MyTouch 3G doesn’t interest you (or maybe it does but you hunger for more) then we have just the pictures for you. Showing itself in all it’s marvelous glory is a big white box with graphics and text on it – also known as the Touch Pro2 box. For those of you waiting for unboxing pictures for this highly anticipated device, look no further as we’ve got ‘em right here! So why is this only a “partial” unboxing? That nice little jumble of accessories in the box still doesn’t count, they’re supposed to be spread out on the table so TP2 junkies can get their fix an idea of what to expect when they get to open their own box on launch day. Enough talking, more picture showing! As always, a few more pics after the break…

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  • Michael Mortimer

    JB6464… is your loyalty plan $50 for each line. I assume it is because mine is two lines, unlimited talking, for $90 total. And separately (not part of the loyalty plan) $25 ea for data. So for the two lines after taxes I am paying $149 a month.

    Let me know if you are getting a better deal. If so, I’m dialing 611. :)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Michael Mortimer

    I was almost ready to buy a myTouch. But I talked to a CSR today and asked what phones were coming up. He looked on his list and said the TP2 is on his list to debut on or before Aug. 12. So I am going to get the TP2. We will have the Android G1 and the MS TP2 and I can see which I like better.

    Different phones, for sure. I LOVE the G1 and it’s Android apps. But the TP2 has the ability to open MS Office programs/files which I also like (and need).

    Also, at the official T-Mo forums there is a member who posted that he has the TP2 and has been using it for two weeks. He likes it. He also has a G1 to compare it with.

    I asked him for further info.

    Here is the link:


    texas is the shit! bitch. hate on us.

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  • Butler

    Pushing it back??? When did t-mobile announce a release date, and what date did they push it back to?

  • J

    I disagree. It is not obviously ready. Having a couple of T-Mobile TP2s floating around does not mean they have enough stock to begin selling them.

  • JiMMY

    htc hero FTW.get the htc hero
    no offence to winmo buh when it is compared to androids Sense-UI,thats unbeatable TO ME.
    always will love winmo & android

  • Sparky

    You can have it all in one buddy. Get the hardware advantage of the TP2, but the OS Advantage of the Hero. XDA-Developers is already working on a fix to port android to the TouchPro2. They also have a un-stable release out to port the SenseUI to standard Android sets, but as time goes by, both releases should get better and better. So Just get the TP2, get a little bit of knowlage with RAM and Flashing, then you can have Android & SenseUI on the WVGA Screen and Slide-Out Keyboard of the TouchPro2.

  • Texan

    I think any comments that start with first or second etc….. should be deleted by a mod.

  • Cirrob

    Everyone with an ounce of common sense knew it was going to be released July 22nd based on the various leaked documentation from multiple sources all corroborating that date. Im not going to play your stupid game of “well they didnt officially announce it” BS. They didnt have to, all their employees did it for them. So knock it off already.

    Release date was july 22nd, now August 12

  • Duck Dodgers
  • Eric

    Shut up Texan and go cry somewhere else! TP2 is gonna rock it…if they ever stop pushing it back.

  • Tmo rep

    ^ Agreed

  • Michael Mortimer

    Yes, any “first” commenters should be deleted, from here and the Net. (And the planet for a second violation).

  • Tmo rep

    Don’t be a retard, There was never commonly available internal documentation that it would be available on the 22nd. Obviously you don’t work here other wise you would realize how extremely ignorant you sound. When you talk about something you can’t truly can’t know a lot about you should generally just to keep to yourself.

  • Tmo

    Don’t want to wait? Go to Sprint, you bitch.

  • cDAWG

    idk man 20 days is along time to wait for a phone….geeeeez relax buddy

  • blaine

    dude your kinda a fag “anyone with an ounce of common sense should know from leaked information” you are the biggest loser ever.. let me still live with your mom and dad huh?

  • Tmo rep

    just a bronze/ brown color, very tasteful IMO

  • Tmo rep

    EVERY PHONE = Free W/ 2 year tmo uk agreement
    Almost no phones = free w/ 2 year agreement on ANY US carrier

    Anyone else see the obvious routine?

  • pdxduckfan

    Anyone who thinks a phone is “free” is not very bright. Nothing is free in this world…..even in the UK.

  • 4ty-phive

    These US boys are raping us big time

  • Vit

    Ah, Jimmy, body… HTC Hero and TP2 both have pretty much the same UI (that’s user interface). Custom HTC own Touch Flow UI. with very little difference. So the question here is in functionality. and sorry to dissapoint you, WM OS is much more advanced.

  • mrkhan

    don’t buy it then. geez…

  • Tmo rep

    Last time i was buying a car i solely based my purchase off color, it was the best choice i ever made in my entire life, ever.

  • tyrel@tmo

    if u don’t like the color hit up skinit. seriously its a frikn amazing phone (besides the winmo interface under the guise of ‘touchflow…’) TP2 is gonna be amazing :]

  • Rochester

    Any post that starts with First,second or something in that nature should be deleted.Also any post that starts with shut up ( aka without any substance) should be considered for deletion.

  • aleeek

    Started texting with the TP and i jizzed in my pants

  • Tmo rep

    HAHA have fun with AT&T, lol nub.

  • TheBlueprint83

    The paint will be fine if you dont drop a million times, thats why you have a case for it. And if you dont like the tmo TP2 stock ROM you can always flash it to an HTC TP2 ROM.

  • J

    Yeah, you should really send a complaint email to the T-Mobile paint mixing department. They really need to do a better job.

  • Tmo rep

    Totally agree, i would def pay 300-400 more for a silver one. haha

  • docprego

    And losing 3G is worth getting the phone in a different color? It’s going to be the exact same usage experience with the exact same screen. Like the T-Mobile styling or not, it is still the very highly regarded Touch Pro 2.

    Also to say it is mutilated is a bit extreme, it’s just colors basically. Focus on the positive, T-Mobile gave us an external microSD card slot, no need to remove the back cover to access it.

  • J

    The updates and fixes generally come from the phone or OS devolpers who are completely unassociated with T-Mobile. I would expect to see more Android apps because T-mobile has an involvement with Google whereas there is none with Microsoft.

  • Elrich

    Only queers and steers come out of Texas.

  • edwin

    u kno who came outta texas?? our last president, SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

  • Elrich

    Phones are free in almost every part of the world with a contract except in the US.

    That being said, my bold prediction since March — $399 for the TP2 with a 2-year contract. $799 w/o a contract. No 1-year contracts offered.

  • Miguel

    It’s free to me if there is no cash coming out of my pocket for the phone. Obviously, we all know that the carrier subsidizes the price, so it’s not “free”, but it is for the subscriber.

    The point of my post is that the Hero is a better phone and can be had for free through T-Mobile UK, yet T-Mobile USA decided to sell the MyTouch3G (dumb dumb name)for 100% higher price (when you factor currency)than the Hero. Do I need to point out that this is the same price as the iPhone 3GS as well? The iPhone 3GS blows the specs of the MT3G out of the water.

  • Elrich

    If you’re a Republican, you should go to AT&T because they were a major contributor to the McCain campaign. Support your peeps!

  • Rick

    What’s wrong with AT&T? They have the most innovative phone on the market with a much larger network. It’s ignorant to badmouth a user when you claim to be an employee. I guess you and your horsesh** attitude would one more reason to leave t-mobile.

  • Docprego

    MicroSD slot, an awesome improvement over the European version.

  • kemikev

    This site isn’t official and in no way associated with Tmobile. It’s a blog. Why would any Tmobile rep in their right mind give customers unofficial information that they read from a blog? That would be more than a little irresponsible

  • TMOemployee


  • Taya

    I agree with you!

  • Samer

    YEP. 0 x 100% = $199.99

  • Rochester

    The question is the price of the plan you have to enroll into to get free HTC hero.If it is 50 Pound per month then you end up paying almost $81 each month . Which is around $1955 after 2 years.

    In USA,we will probably end up paying the same with a 2 year contract. For example , MyTouch is $200+$840(Unlimited data and Text)+$960 (1000 minutes /month). This equals to $2000. So, it is not that great of a deal. Although free phone sounds much better than paying couple of hundred dollar.

  • jtothada

    @ Rochester sory but your wrong i checked out the uk site for the phone to be free you would have to sign up for a 18mths with a 1000min and unlimt text which is rated at £36.00 plus £10.00 for data witch come out to £46.00 or $74.77usd (monthly) x 18 = 1345.80

    compared to us $200 for the phone 1000 min $40 data & unlimt text $35 = $75 (monthly) x 24 = 1800 + 200 (cost of phone) = $2000 we getting raped ! call 911 !!!!!! lmao

    i know they’re like oranges and apple cuz of the different lengths in contract terms, but thats the the price your goin to come out of pocket for phone and full contract service!

  • jtothada

    @ Rochester sorry but your wrong i checked out the uk site for the phone to be free you would have to sign up for a 18mths with a 1000min and unlimt text which is rated at £36.00 plus £10.00 for data witch come out to £46.00 or $74.77usd (monthly) x 18 = 1345.80

    compared to us $200 for the phone 1000 min $40 data & unlimt text $35 = $75 (monthly) x 24 = 1800 + 200 (cost of phone) = $2000 we getting raped ! call 911 !!!!!! lmao

    i know they’re like oranges and apple cuz of the different lengths in contract terms, but thats the the price your goin to come out of pocket for phone and full contract service!

  • Rochester

    @Jtothada. You can not compare Apple to Oranges. You are comparing 2 years of T-Mobile USA service to 18 months of T-Mobile UK service.If you take £46/month then T-Mobile UK is almost $200 cheaper plus the free phone. Crazy stuff.

  • jtothada

    @ Rochester

    and i state “i know they’re like oranges and apple cuz of the different lengths in contract terms, but thats the the price your goin to come out of pocket for phone and full contract service!”

  • Elrich

    WTF is this UMA anyway?

  • Galen20K

    I Freaking love love LOVE UMA! I don’t know WHAT happend all of a Sudden they just completely seemed to drop it from any of their New phones when its one of the Best Features on any phone on ANY carrier.

    I’m STILL puzzled by this, Obviously its what people want.

    *shakes head***

  • jtotothada

    lol im sure we all know what UI is, but i have to disagree the sense UI is very much different & way more customizable than TF3D, from the widgets( tweeter & facebook integration on home scrren), to being able to make your phone more personal, i personally think its a 100x better than TF3D, they have similarities but Sense UI is an easy pick over TF3D any day, for me it comes down to do i want 3g & keyboard or do i want 3.5mm headphone and a better cam and UI, i think im just goin to buy the touchpro 2 and if i get bored with it just unlock it sell it on ebay and then buy a HERO! hopefully they will have one with both att and tmobile 3g bands by then……..

  • Rhino

    UMA is effectively VOIP. It allows phones like the Curve to make/receive calls over the internet when there is a WiFi connection. Without UMA I doubt I’ll be popping for the TP2 as well.

  • Mike

    “I guess superficial appearance is more important to some people than functionality and other practical considerations.”

    You couldn’t have said it better. While it’s true that the TP2 shown on the HTC website looks better than the T-Mobile TP2, I am still going to purchase the TMO TP2 rather than the International version. Not just because of the TMO USA 3G bands, but also for the USA warranty. Many of the International versions will only come with the warranty of the vendor that sold the phone which is typically 30 – 90 days.

  • Duck Dodgers

    From T-Mobile’s “Needs, Meet Solutions” even in Seattle T-Mobile said it will not have UMA (Nether will the Dash 3G). That’s sad, it would of made the phone more attractive. Needless to say even with out UMA I’m still getting it.

  • tyrel@tmo

    and now ur LDI is red…..

  • Cirrob

    Tmo: Hey dickhole, I would go to sprint if they offered this phone before tmobile. In fact if tmobile offered this phone on August 12th at 12:01 a.m. and sprint offered it august 12th at 12:00 a.m. I would leave tmobile in a heart beat.

    Tmo rep: You’re not a tmo rep. Go pound sand. Nuff said.

  • Tmo rep

    lol, “nuff said”? While I’m not going to go out of my way to prove to you i work for t-mobile its plainly obvious that you need to switch carriers, although we are the small carrier we still have tens of millions of customers and your buisness wouldn’t be such a huge loss. That is assuming you can even legally sign a contract little boy.

  • Brett

    Tmo rep,

    From another T-Mobile Rep, Stop emberassing me. You should never talk to one of our subscribers this way. Not to mention telling them to hop carriers. Rumor sites get leaked release dates all the time. If you are a T-Mobile rep you know that we are the last ones told anything. If you havent figured that out by now then you should pay atttention. Devices, to let you know, get pushed back all the time every year. Could be things like stock levels, box misprints, and network readiness. August 12th was the first date we were given in Streamline but the tentative targeted date according to the leaked realease calandar for 2009 was for much sooner.

    This posting from you is old and generally would not warrant a response for me but to see you boasting that you are a rep while not having the ability to act like one left me wanting to set you straight for everyone in these forums.

  • da9th_one

    I’m gettn a case to cover that crappy color up anyway…tmo’s color picker needs to be shot…

  • jtothada

    im tryin to make the same decision unlocked hero or tp2, but im ah get the touch pro 2 and if i end up gettin bored with it ( cuz my tmo wing is running a tf3d rom so it almost the same phone except better hardware) just unlock it sell it on ebay and buy the hero !!!

  • Tmo rep

    To claim a carrier has the most innovative phone on the market is very opinionated one could argue the palm pre, my touch, or even blackberry storm is more innovative. the reason i even bothered to post is the overwhelming number of BS posters accessing this blog just to bash t-mobile, its absolutely annoying and just adds to the junk, but this will be the last post from me I’m not even going to bother reading comments anymore.

  • ChampagneDreams

    no its not the SD because you have to take the battery cover off to get to it.

  • Mark

    Better be at least as good as the D3G!
    Just picked one up earlier this wee and am getting between 600 and 800+Kpbs with the D3G here outside of Denver, CO.

  • MCBrian

    Docprego’s point is that you DON’T have to take the back off to access the MicroSD in the T-Mo USA version; that’s one of the already-noted differences in the USA version from the orignal version.

  • Mike

    We’re holding you to that promise!

  • docprego

    Thanks! How about a video? IF you post a video it would be the first (as far as we know) in the country!

  • docprego

    There are a couple of advantages:

    1. If you own more than one card you can conveniently switch between them.
    2. If you use an external card reader you can quickly access the card, remove it and have it back in the device with little hassle.

    Taking the entire back cover off is slightly more of a hassle. Especially since (IMO) HTC battery covers are generally a bit difficult to remove.

  • kemikev

    Let me help you out. Glance up at the top of the screen where the TmoNews logo is and tell me what it says underneath it. Thanks.

  • Galen20K

    I’m a VoiceSTreamer from Wayy Back also, so Include me in that 1% and I have Always Been Pleased All these Years! Just minor quibbles here and there.

    I think they should have only made the Loyalty Program for people who’ve been with the Company as long as Us, I don’t think 2 years deserves the Unlimited Loyalty plans. ; D

  • Galen20K

    You know that Latino’s are Foreigner too don’t you “Pappi”? ; D If this ain’t the Pot Calling the Kettle Black, I don’t know WHAT is.


    Your IGNorance is Comical! Please Lets have another one. heheheee

  • jtothada

    I have a bit of knowledge with flashing, this is my list of windows mobile phones, audiovox smt 5600, mpx 220, att 8125, verizon ppc 6700, tmobile dash, HTC Hermes, and tmobiles wing, and i’ve flash just about all of the pocket pcs, and ive seen the G1 and mytouch running those hero rom and they’ve come far from the non wifi and bluetooth workin days, but i still want that 5 megapixel and 3.5mm headphone jack badly i said my next phone from the wing would have both of those features and im just not sure if i want to sacrifice 3g with the hero, and i remember the early day of android on wm when you could barely make call i havent seen how far they have come lately but im ah check it out, are they make=ing android as an app or a rom?

  • jtothada

    I have a bit of knowledge with flashing, this is my list of windows mobile phones, audiovox smt 5600, mpx 220, att 8125, verizon ppc 6700, tmobile dash, HTC Hermes, and tmobiles wing, and i’ve flash just about all of the pocket pcs, and ive seen the G1 and mytouch running those hero rom and they’ve come far from the non wifi and bluetooth workin days, but i still want that 5 megapixel and 3.5mm headphone jack badly i said my next phone from the wing would have both of those features and im just not sure if i want to sacrifice 3g with the hero, and i remember the early day of android on wm when you could barely make call i havent seen how far they have come lately but im ah check it out, are they makeing android as an app or a rom?

  • jim

    How are they going to port android to the wvga screen of the tp2 when android doesn’t support wvga yet? i think the upcoming donut release will but that isn’t out yet

  • Duck Dodgers

    But those are not pictures of the TMO TP2.

  • Mike

    Just to keep things cleared up here, I have not been obligated under any contract for years. No bribing required. As far as the comment about the EDGE network, it has worked for me and I knew TMO would eventually go 3G. So it’s a win-win.

  • Brett

    22 Months is set to keep you but not so you wont go to another provider as much as you wont go to another provider until you have had service long enough to constitute the loss you expect us to take on the device. Let me share some cellular financials with you guys. Your cell phone providers do NOT make money off of devices even when bought at full price. Once you figure in costs of development, packaging, shipping, supporting and so forth it’s financially considered a loss. The only profit made is off of service. Therefor it takes 22months of service to compinsate for the price given vs. the full retail price that you of course are not willing to pay. The loyalty plan does NOT require an agreement by the way, the information you have is wrong.

  • Cody

    In the windows mobile world, that’s not entirely true. The updates depend on BOTH the manufacturer and the carrier. HTC can produce an update for the non-branded touch pro 2 and T-Mo users won’t automatically get it unless T-Mo makes a formal request to HTC for it (not sure if they have to pay for it, I expect they do). Once there’s a request, HTC customizes the update to fit T-Mo’s order. T-Mo can make requests even when HTC hasn’t released any special updates, but the only thing that would be changed/updated is T-Mo’s own software, nothing else would be updated in that scenario. Basically, if HTC makes an update, most carriers will also release the same update a couple months later.

  • Brett

    Very Good Cody,

    To add to that, if Windows Mobile has an update and your device sys requirements support it than as a windows mobile user you will be able to use it. Not necessarily through t-mobile or the device itself but you would be able to install it once you found the file and you installed it using Windows Mobile Device Center on your desktop.

  • Brett

    UUUHHH, as much as I can appreciate your thoughts Kumar I did want to point out to you that most business useres use BlackBerry. Why, I dunno. I would perfer WinMO to but thats the fact of that. Hope you enjoy your new TP2.

  • Brett

    Thats is indeed true. As a Representative Employee we can only offer T-Mobile generated information as factual. However, nothin wrong with teach a customer where they can go to get information on upcoming devices. This is a great site to recommend b.c the creator of this site is good about filtering information found on the other rumour sites and will state it plainly if the information is simply rumour or comes from a notable source. If T-Mobile hasnt released information to you on something publically via press release or their website you should not expcect instore or customer care reps to have the information. Not ideal for phone fanatics like us but none-the-less the way it is.

  • Brett

    Sounds LIke a good play jtothada. Just remember, ATT and T-Mo use different 3G bands. T-Mo wont be carrying the Hero according to statements made at the MyTouch press release which means another provider probably will. With an unlocked version you will not get 3G data speeds and warrany and support for the device is limited. Happy Shopping.

  • Brett

    Uh, foreign or not, i generally is the middle eastern owned and operated dealers that have the best unlocked phones and the point he was making is that the original HTC look of hte device was more attractive than the the T-Mo USA look of the device. Whih from the forums seems that most of us agree. NOt that its stopping us from purchasing it, the difference between the two designs are worlds apart and the original was the better looking. I will point out at this point, I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU EVER PLACING YOUR DEVICE CHOICES ON LOOKS OR YOUR CARRIER CHOICE ON DEVICES. LOL Happy SHopping everyone!

  • Sprint on 042410

    Understand you’re satisfied with EDGE, I was satisfied with EDGE when I used my Shadow. Upgraded to the G1 and the phone is seriously hamstrung on EDGE, although Opera Mini is good browser when your network speeds are terrible. I’ve tried to go back to the Shadow but I like the full keyboard of the G1, just wish T-Mobile would pay attention to the folks in St Louis and surrounding metro area when it comes to 3G. They say 3G will be here in Q3 but I’ll believe it when I have 3G pop up on my phone.

    If I was to stay with T-Mobile I would definitely go with the TP2 as I like the functionality of WinMo and it serves my purposes better than Android does. Glad to hear you have a great plan, mine is alright but the $24.99 for EDGE is criminal in my opinion.

  • Sprint on 042410

    Brett, first off let me say thanks for being a Tmo rep with class, your other posts were spot on also.

    Understand the recoup of costs in the contract term, not disputing that at all but would figure that’s a way to get people to renew. I had Verizon before I switched in Apr 07 and the only reason I switched is that Verizon would only pay for an upgrade to the primary phone (I have 4 lines on the family plan), while T-Mobile lets you upgrade all phones at the reduced price which I though was a good deal.

    The CSR I spoke with said that I would incur a minimum 12 month extension from the effective date of changing plans regardless of plan. Since I don’t want additional time I declined.

    Anyway, thanks for not acting like your fellow Tmo reps upthread.

  • JB6464

    I have the loyalty plan($49.99/month for unlimited minutes and text)on three accounts and T-mobile tells me i Must have the Data Plan to upgrade or extend to any new smartphone. So what are you trying to say when you state that there is no agreement required when on the loyalty plans ?

  • Michael Mortimer

    Brett is correct on the loyalty plan, if there are any doubters (not saying there are).

    When I signed up for it (when I called on another issue) the rep said “you have been flagged for us to offer the loyalty plan).

    He made a point of saying there was no contract tied to it.

    By the way, while that sound nice of T-Mo to do it that way, the real reason they did not do that per a contract was so that THEY could yank the pricing. I remember when he said there was no contract agreement I said to myself that I would prefer a contract so to LOCK T-MO INTO SUCH A GREAT DEAL. LOL. (mine is two lines unlimited blah blahing for $90 a month).

    As to phones, when I get them at the contract price that does NOT obligate me to a particular plan price (see above), it only obligates me to stay with T-Mo (that I have no problem with since I love T-Mo. They have always been good to me in the six years I have been with them).

    Sidenote: I hear the TP2 will be $250 with a two year contract since T-Mo considers it a high end phone. $500 w/o contract. Don’t know how accurate that is.

  • Michael Mortimer

    I disagree Brett. The purpose of early term fees is to HOPE that people get caught up in the concept of not paying it, so they stay with a carrier.

    Few people pencil it out and realize that it is often times cheaper to cancel, pay the fee/penalty and go with another carrier. How can this be?

    1. If going with T-Mo, for example, over the life of a contract will save far more money than the penalty paid.

    2. Instead of paying a higher price for a phone with the current carrier, often times a different carrier will give a free or severely discounted phone for someone to jump ship. So that amount has to be calculated into the cost of switching.

    3. Some carriers have even paid fees to motivate someone to switch. But that is not that common.

    4. Lastly, carriers are moving to the proration rule, where the longer one is on contract, the less of the fee or penalty that has to be paid.

    Just saying. I don’t think the penalty is assessed to recoup costs of phones, it’s to keep people from switching by getting them all caught up in avoiding paying a fine or penalty rather than calculating and discovering that it’s a better deal to break the contract.

  • Brett

    Hi, sorry late to respond. I tried yesterday but this
    site was having trouble.

    Sorry about that CSR you spoke with Print on 042410, the
    loyalty plan did not require an agreement. In most cases
    especially with promotional plans, there would be an
    agreement. However, the loyalty plan offer was an exception to this but would explain the CSR’s mistake.

    JB6464, The loyalty plan is a voice plan that did not require agreement. Upgrades, purchasing a new phone at a dicount, is an inteirely seperate ballgame. So im not saying there is not agreement require while ON the lyalty plan, im state there is no agreement require to migrate TO the loyalty plan. Hope this clears that up for you.