Partial unboxing + TP2 = Success

If the MyTouch 3G doesn’t interest you (or maybe it does but you hunger for more) then we have just the pictures for you. Showing itself in all it’s marvelous glory is a big white box with graphics and text on it – also known as the Touch Pro2 box. For those of you waiting for unboxing pictures for this highly anticipated device, look no further as we’ve got ’em right here! So why is this only a “partial” unboxing? That nice little jumble of accessories in the box still doesn’t count, they’re supposed to be spread out on the table so TP2 junkies can get their fix an idea of what to expect when they get to open their own box on launch day. Enough talking, more picture showing! As always, a few more pics after the break…

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  • Michael Mortimer

    JB6464… is your loyalty plan $50 for each line. I assume it is because mine is two lines, unlimited talking, for $90 total. And separately (not part of the loyalty plan) $25 ea for data. So for the two lines after taxes I am paying $149 a month.

    Let me know if you are getting a better deal. If so, I’m dialing 611. :)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Michael Mortimer

    I was almost ready to buy a myTouch. But I talked to a CSR today and asked what phones were coming up. He looked on his list and said the TP2 is on his list to debut on or before Aug. 12. So I am going to get the TP2. We will have the Android G1 and the MS TP2 and I can see which I like better.

    Different phones, for sure. I LOVE the G1 and it’s Android apps. But the TP2 has the ability to open MS Office programs/files which I also like (and need).

    Also, at the official T-Mo forums there is a member who posted that he has the TP2 and has been using it for two weeks. He likes it. He also has a G1 to compare it with.

    I asked him for further info.

    Here is the link:


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