Ready for some Touch Pro2 action? We are!

Heads up, incoming Touch Pro 2 shots!


Well well, what do we have here? The hotly anticipated Touch Pro2, courtesy of a very generous and photo happy tipster (thanks!), and finally some varied enough out-of-the-shadows pictures to give us a little more detail. They may not be in the sunlight (sans those white flash spots) but who are we to complain? We think the photo up top, front and center, showcases a particular detail which seems to have been “hotly debated” ever since the Needs Meet Solutions promo shots came around – the row of buttons at the bottom of the phone.

Unlike what many have come to believe to be some heavily protruding buttons, it appears the design is only slightly raised out of the body of the phone. If we’re not going to have flush buttons, this has got to be the second best thing, well, at least compared to horrible depictions of buttons as thick as M&M’s. You can also notice the look of the phone seems much smoother than in that scary promo shot, and not quite so dull. Here’s a direct link to the image if you really can’t remember. Alright, let’s open up the phone and check out some palm of your hand goodness


Fans of QWERTY and touchscreen rejoice! You’ve probably all had your eyes on this device already and just can’t get enough to look at, but here’s one where you can imagine the device in YOUR hand. For anyone on the fence about the looks of this lovely device, you ready to commit? You know you want to… sound off in the comments. Three more pics past the break.



  • Nikko


  • Daniel

    mmmmm yummmy sexxxiiii me want

  • T1 Connect

    oh yes indeed they are sexy, i cant wait add this to the collection.

  • Cellular Stan

    I want this phone more than any other phone I’ve ever owned.

  • Josh.

    i cant stop jizzing… why?!?!.. alskdjf. come oneeee. im gonna say before July 22nd.. god i hope so.

  • Mike

    In the last picture at the bottom what is the small door on the side of the device? Is that the SD card slot? If so that would be great because it would mean it was moved. On the HTC original design the SD card slot is under the rear cover.

  • Isaac

    damn cant wait for this phone if the release date is still july 22nd ima be even happier its the day of my b-day ….woo hooo it fukin sexyyyyyyy

  • Dylan Andersen

    Anyone know the estimated price (before / after rebate) on this thing? And July 22 is the release date?

    Ugh, I kind of want it. Even though it’s shitty Windows Mobile. Thankfully TouchFLO 3D rules.

  • Big S

    The original TP2 is way better…they fucked it up…who likes the brown, the chrome is so much nicer….why is it when a nice looking phone comes out they don’t spend the money to keep it like it was or make better color choices all black would’ve been a better…they also took of the curved edges and they had it more square..

  • TaTo22

    looks very sexy dam man here i go spending more money ugh dam u htc

  • Robert_x24x

    I remember the whole “raised button” thing being a huge issue with a lot of people, but I never cared, to be honest. A few raised buttons aren’t going to destroy how amazing this device is to me. Even in these photos here, they aren’t bad looking at all. I’m extremely impressed and I cannot wait to get this.

  • Big S

    you know looking at it more and more is still pretty nice.. i just think they should’ve went all black or something like the leaked pics a long time ago… this phone is still has some great functions i might be able to over look the cosmetics

  • Kacey Green

    I’m lovin’ the new picture zoom method

  • Sanjay

    Mr. T-mobile, I would like to pay a little extra and get this phone now. Really tired of my MDA (although my little MDA is still chugging along and actually working quite well).

  • johnkzin

    That is one SEXY beast. If only it ran Android.

  • Galen20K

    Oh it looks AMAZING now and Not Crazy scary at all anymore like the old Promo shot and I”m VERY happy they MOved the MicroSD slot to the Outside. It even says so in the Specs and I think that is the BEST move EVer.

    I cannot Waiiiitttttttt, I hope its still coming July 22nd.

  • mlwedell

    MyTouch or Touch Pro 2, decisions, decisions…
    (anyone know if TP2 can run Android?)

  • Surg N

    that is funny, I too still have the MDA, but will finally upgrade to the TP2. I wish they kept it chrome as well, or at least have a few options. anything besides this brown plastic Bakugan looking material. anyway, not too crazy about the looks, but its what it does that is the most important. Just give it to us soon. Please! Announce it officially already!

  • Jon

    Where the hell’d the front Camera go??

  • FILA

    damnnnnn man, now this is what Im talking about, very nice, now its back to begin a toss up for me between this and the G2…tough, but I’ll wait till I get my hands on it like anythign else

  • yor PAPi

    to all those ppl who complain it jus a F..KN phone OMG . myself ive bin tracking this phone since DEC 08 rite after the G1 came out so its been a LONG TIME an finaly yall post up horrible pics of teeth on the phone TMO wtf get with the program can u even catch up 2 the demand of the competitors well can U i hope so cuz the phone i hav rite now is the Shadow an its F..KN badazz it does anything except for touch screen so get with the program PPL FU

  • timmyjoe42


  • David

    Thats enough of the harsh comments people, be nice or be banned!

  • calemus

    the video conferancing cam, show me the video conferancing cam,,,,pleas me ease my aching pain throbing anxious blistering mind video cam shots PLEAS

  • pjs

    the real question is did they disable the Internet Connection Sharing option (3g tether FTW)

  • jrwingate6

    I must be blind because the phone looks like it is Black and Gray, not BROWN. I haven’t seen a picture yet that makes this thing look brown. By the way, it may not look as good as the original but T mobiles version looks better than all the other US carriers.

  • David

    It looks ok but I just am not a winows mobile fan..have had a lot of trouble with winmo devices in the past…so I went to the android side and now am a fan for life! I have a G1 and next year will upgrade to another android device when eligable. Sorry windows mobile fans.

  • PoppinPete

    For some reason the phone looks awkward with all these different colors. The front and keys is black, the back is brown,and the front buttons and key settings are silver. Why can’t they just go with one or two subtle colors that don’t have to stand out?



    i’m definetly getting the touch pro hd

  • Touch Pro 2 fan

    Yay!! thanks for the pics. THIS is the phone I want!!!!! Touch screen AND a full slide out keyboard (I just can’t hang with the touchscreen only phones). This phone is perfect for me. Can’t wait!! Soon enough I can trash my MDA and get a sexy phone. :-)

  • Flyyphone

    Can’t lie the original version of this looked sweeeet. However, the tmo version really does look all black not black and copper. Oh well. Def can’t wait to see and play with this in person. Bye bye blackberry curve 8900

  • B Webb

    I cannot wait for this phone. I really grow eary of all the comments of people saying they wish it were Android. This just positions T-Mobile more of a player in the market. Adding choices is never a bad thing people, just embrace it and move on. There will be more Android choices soon enough. The new HTC Hero almost had me wanting a Android phone especially with the MS exchange support. now if you want to complain, complain about that.

  • Jay4PreZ

    Am I the only one who for some strange reason thought this phone would have a 4way dpad? yet I don’t see it, and is the screen flush with the body? or slightly recessed as in picture 5?

    In either case, I’ll be getting this bad boy as my Wing is on the verge of failure

  • chip

    you could just go to xda developers and flash android onto it. It is bound to be an option sooner or later. or take a mytouch and flash it with windows mobile. my hacked Tilt is acting up. I need a new phone, and this is the one I want.

  • Simone

    lol are you gonna get it to for free?? since you work for t-mobile hmmm??

  • Bravehard

    Tmonews rock these are the pictures I have been waiting for Thanks.

  • Gizmalien

    My next phone…. hurry up and release it t-mo

    And seriously, is it that difficult to wipe the fingerprints off before you take pictures? I’d even settle for a quick wipe on the front of your shirt, lol. But thanks for the pics…more for me to drool over until release day.

  • SirJakeyJake

    Can’t wait for this Wing replacement. Definitely at the top of my list.

  • legend221

    Im wondering if you buy the tp2, that later t-mobile will come to their senses and give us all software upgrades to win mo 6.5…

    I don’t want to potentially brick a 400 dollar phone trying to use a rom from xda developers later.

  • KingTJ417

    I’ll be honest….this phone is better than all the other phone carrier’s versions. But like “yor PAPi”, I’ve been tracking this phone for a while. As a matter of fact. Since the Touch HD came out I been following the development of this phone. I’m currently a sprint and t-mobile owner. I got my HTC Mogul for sprint and my shadow for t-mobile. I was gonna drop the sprint and upgrade my ppc. I was looking for a phone that was in a class of its own. This phone looked like that phone for many reasons, but one that really shined was the front facing webcam for video calling. I thought that t-mobile was gonna release this breakthrough technology that would change the way that Americans communicate. But sadly, they always choose to be a step behind. I’m tired of t-mobile being a step behind at&t and sprint. We get the best phones, we have the best plans, now can we give the world something to drop they’re jaws about. Smh.

  • Orbitalz

    Yes, this phone would’ve looked better solid black. Maybe someday they’ll release another color. But out of all the colors possible, they chose the ugliest of them all… Brown.. I dont know if it’s because of the dudes thumb, since the chrome ring is gone; it looks like the top half of the phone is smaller than the bottom half.

  • Matthew

    I just have one question, anyone have a pretty good idea when it is actually coming out becasue i was just talking to T-Mobile the other day and the rep i was talking to didnt even know about it, all he mentioned that was due to come out was the dash, 2 samsung phones, and the my touch…

  • Duck Dodgers
  • Simone

    Does anyone have any idea how much this phone will be with a flex pay plan? full price?

  • Ed

    For a 800×400 screen I’ll take Neon Pink with Puke Yellow trim!

  • gsmsosv

    Wow, it’s like T-Mobile doesn’t want people to buy this phone. Sad.

  • calemus

    what do you know about the new pharos tmo is advertising as 3g capable? iIT HAS THE FRONT FACING CAM,,if this one dont, FORGET IT

  • calemus

    endorced by the tmo rep and available RIGHT NOW with discounted price on a “new” tmo plan at a reduced price AND HAS 3g capabilities teathering a keyboard and all the goods. Btw,,pharos is a graet gps company. nuff said on that.

  • Pororo

    Is there an app store like the Android market place?

  • Matt

    Unfortunatly the back falls off unreasonably easy. The speaker phone is the loudest i have ever heard on a phone though. I’ve had mine for only a couple of days but adore it totaly