Ready for some Touch Pro2 action? We are!

Heads up, incoming Touch Pro 2 shots!


Well well, what do we have here? The hotly anticipated Touch Pro2, courtesy of a very generous and photo happy tipster (thanks!), and finally some varied enough out-of-the-shadows pictures to give us a little more detail. They may not be in the sunlight (sans those white flash spots) but who are we to complain? We think the photo up top, front and center, showcases a particular detail which seems to have been “hotly debated” ever since the Needs Meet Solutions promo shots came around – the row of buttons at the bottom of the phone.

Unlike what many have come to believe to be some heavily protruding buttons, it appears the design is only slightly raised out of the body of the phone. If we’re not going to have flush buttons, this has got to be the second best thing, well, at least compared to horrible depictions of buttons as thick as M&M’s. You can also notice the look of the phone seems much smoother than in that scary promo shot, and not quite so dull. Here’s a direct link to the image if you really can’t remember. Alright, let’s open up the phone and check out some palm of your hand goodness


Fans of QWERTY and touchscreen rejoice! You’ve probably all had your eyes on this device already and just can’t get enough to look at, but here’s one where you can imagine the device in YOUR hand. For anyone on the fence about the looks of this lovely device, you ready to commit? You know you want to… sound off in the comments. Three more pics past the break.



  • dean

    I am dissappointed that they went with “MOCHA” instead of all black. it would have looked so good all black!

    and whats up with the cameras on HTC devices? crap..

    needless to say i want one!

  • Kenny

    Anyone know how much? I have about 25 days to save whatever the amount might be. I’ve waited for this phone for so long that I really dont care how much it costs, but i still wanna know…

  • Micro

    What these pictures do not show is how heavy this phone is. You can see how big it is, but until you actually hold it you have no idea of how big and heavy this is. I was very surprised when I got to mess with it. I still will be placing my order on the 22nd anyway, but this is no pocket phone.

  • Elrich

    This phone is going to be bad ass! Simple as that! I can’t wait! 22 days and a wake up!

  • Orbitalz

    Would be nice to see some videos of this newly branded tmobile phone in action.

  • WheresMy3g?

    TMobile giveth (exterior SD card slot) and TMobile taketh away (fugly brown keyboard).

  • Dre

    man i cant wait to get my hands on this come out on my bday so i gotta get this one..

  • Mjason

    Well I went to my local TMobile store and held my dream phone. It’s everything i was hoping for. It’s heavy, which i don’t care. It’s incredibly well built. Very tight, no gaps. Tight slider, much nicer then kaiser. Amazing screen that adjusts brightness compared to the ambient light. great speakerphone. The official release is sometime in August. I can’t remember because i was staring at the phone :) the price is+++++======= $299.00 I’m getting TWO! :)

  • edward78023

    does anyone know what version of opera browser is pre loaded..and does it support adobe flash lite 3.1 ? this is the selling point for me..if it does then its mine if not then ill pass..

  • Dar

    Okay, there seem to be a lot of concerns over the front camera, the apps, & the color that need clarification. Although it looks like the thread may have died already, here goes…

    Duck, is the front camera there or not? There looks like there’s something right beside the speaker in the pics (even the pic on the spec sheet) but it’s not clear and the tmonews logo covers that area in what would be the best shot to see it in. Or is that just an air bubble under a screen protector? Did that phone have a protector on it? Light sensor?

    J-Hop, “mega-pixel” has to do with SIZE not QUALITY. I really wish people could get this straight. I have an old Fuji digital non-mp camera that takes better pics than my sister’s far more expensive mega-pixel camera. What would be pointless is wasting a mega-pixel camera for video conferencing. The image just doesn’t need to be that big. I think the real reason some people want that front camera is for self portrait pics for myspace, etc., and a 0.3mp cam could still do a good enough job for that.

    docprego, if by “integrated” you mean an app, then there is one for Handango and it’s called ‘Handango In Hand’ and a link icon for the download was included in my WinMo 6.1 upgrade from T-mo for my Shadow. And for the rest of you app freaks there are plenty of sites where you can DL apps right on your phone, with tons of FREE ones. How many free apps can you get in your app stores or marketplaces, really? Those things, including Handango, are created to suck the $$$ right out of your wallet.

    And, finally, the color. If I know T-Mobile, and I’ve been with them since it was PowerTel and Voicestream, they will probably come out with at least two color options, although maybe not at launch. It’s become evident to me that they seem to gear one color option for the ladies and one or more for the guys or whoever. I, personally, would like to see one with a black face, matte grey ‘rubberized’ or whatever you call it (like my copper Shadow. I love that. no scratches) on the sides & back, with a darker grey keyboard. I wish this one was darker, it looks like brass or a matte gold to me, rather than copper. But, hey, I’ll take what I can get. I’m after function.

    And, Mjason, just how did you get your hands on one in the store when they haven’t even been released yet? I have trouble even finding a working demo of any phone in the t-mo store, rather than a dummy model. (which ticks me off to no end when I want to see one function) And is that $299 retail, or with a one or two year contract? If that’s the contract price, it means I won’t be getting one until next year when it drops.

    And, one thing I see that I don’t like. Those raised volume rocker buttons are going to be a real pain.

  • TmoDee

    I’ve seen it. I love it. It looks great, and I love that it will broadcast WiFi. It ran smooth and fast, streaming video was great.

  • HogCall

    What idiot takes pictures of their phone with finger prints all over it??

  • Brett

    I noticed on the Dash 3G, and am predicting it to be on the Touch Pro 2, the “INTERNET SHARING” application thats built into WIndows Mobile.

    Does anyone know if this application will share the 3G internet and function as a modem. My guess is yes but looking for some validation on that hunch.


  • sooperxtool

    i dig it. call me weird but i don’t think i’ll mind not having my phone mistaken for a blasted iphone. *shudder*

  • T1 Connect

    i see you’ve been in the android market.

  • TaTo22

    wow dont start that crapp here

  • Trevic

    I think it is. on the other post with the specs it says the SD card is hot-swappable. Good move for T-mobile. Now if they would just start putting 3.5mm headphone jacks on the phones

  • cheap

    if you read the specs on this page,
    it says it’s hot-swappable. :)

  • Matt

    It for sure is an sd card door and it is completely hot swappable.

  • Mike

    I hope you are right but hot swappable would not “require” an external access door, it would just make it a lot more convenient. Surely someone on here must have noted this when using the device at one of the T-Mobile events?

  • Mike

    It’s all a matter of opinion, there is no way to say which is actually better. Carriers want to give a device their own personal touch/branding. I happen to love the changes in the T-Mobile version, in particular getting rid of all that gaudy chrome.

  • GFunk

    I agree. I like the original better. The black looked much nicer. Do we know if there are any other colors?

  • Dave

    Yall complain too much, it’s so sad. It’s just a dang color, but whatever..

  • Josh.

    i really dont mind it, it looks good either way. if your decision is based solely on the look of the phone, you may as well go buy a sidekick. but i, however, am going for whats on the inside. haha. i do like the brown, i have a copper HTC shadow, so maybe i am patial, but it looks like its going to have the famous HTC matte texture to it.

  • Duck Dodgers

    I just looked at the HTC pics of the original TP2 with the crome and I like T-Mobile’s design better. It was kind of a shock at first with T-Mob design, but it’s growing on me. Now going back and looking at the cromed design it was almost a shock. Yup, the T-Mob design is growing on me.


  • drivethruboy168

    You also gotta think about your wallet and credit cards! They have to make it affordable for the market! No one is gonna want to buy a $600 and up phone on contract! I think it’ll be the same price as the Wing or $50 cheaper. I wouldn’t complain about the looks! It looks sexy! A color is just a color it’s all about what it does! Atleast we are getting the Touch Pro 2!!

  • Big S

    thats rite its a matter of opinion…i dont know if im gonna get this phone now…if it aint broke dont fix it

  • Big S

    you rite its not bad, but the origonal one is clean. T-mobile you can do better then this…

  • Kacey Green

    on TMOnews that is

  • Big S

    its sweet i agree

  • Sanjay

    I really like the 32GB micro SD option. That allows for storage competitive to the i-phone. They did well in this department.

  • Duck Dodgers

    My trusty MDA died after the T-Mobile Solutions event Thur. R.I.P MDA. With the MDA MIA I’ll be stumbling through the next few months with a SDA that I had sitting the drawer. Painful, very painful. Mid Aug. can not come soon enough.


  • Elrich

    My estimate (that I first announced over 3 months ago) is $399 with a 2-year contract. Gotta be the best deal in mobile phones out there! Kills the competition! It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! 27 days and a wake-up to have this phone in my hands! I’m going to totally j*ck off onto it multiple times.

  • Josh.

    400?? you really think its going to be 400? hmmm. interesting. haha.. idk. i think it might be less than the MyTouch3G. because the MyTouch is all hype and Android and stuff, they might try to play it off as the next huge phone that every man, woman and child must have. Im gonna firmly set my estimate at either 250 or 350. but surely not 400. maybe im wrong though!!.

  • Sparky

    Apparently no one can get the picture…If you want the benifits of the MyTouch’s Android, and WVGA screen of the TP2, just remember that Google made Android OPEN SOURCE. That means that Android can run on any phone that you can fit it on, that includes the TouchPro2.

  • Duck Dodgers

    At the corporate event the T-Mobile Sales director stated during the presentation it would be dropping tentatively mid Aug. TomWinWA over in the forums talked to some HTC reps afterwards. His comments can be seen here:


  • Kevin

    That is only for the european versions because in america we don’t support the camera in the front.

  • Duck Dodgers

    I believe it is (but I didn’t open the door up to verify). I just zoomed in to my original pic and the icon on the right side of the door looks like the outline of a micro SD chip.


  • Josh.

    working on it.. as of now, no. but maybe?!?

  • Josh.



  • Mike

    You know, it’s a sad thing to watch people completely butcher a language with intent to do so. Spelling errors, grammar errors, and the like afflict us all, but to purposely attempt to express an opinion in such a ridiculous and horrid way is just sad.

    As for the TP2, the market this phone is aiming for is neither the “look at me, I’m so cool and hip” iphone crowd, nor the teen/tween/20something android market, but it is geared towards the, “I have a company with 150 employees and have invested heavily in windows exchange and WM products since WM2003 was top of the line!”
    Looks and chic don’t really play much of a factor when you are an IT manager or an employer as much as functionality. This is why you’ll only see the little children who failed elementary English and the super-geeks who cry foul when anything is neither apple nor android whining.

    The rest of us just want it now, regardless of which network, so that we can get back to doing what we need to do.

  • mrkhan

    Oh my god my brain is bleeding trying to read this. You sound like the type that the sidekick is marketed towards, so why not get one of those? They’ve got 3G now too! OMG wuldnt that be teh shiznit?

  • Duck Dodgers

    I hope they will include a screen protector in the box. I would hate to see that nice screen all scratched up. Hopefully they will include a micro SD card with the TP2 like in the MyTouch.


  • Duck Dodgers

    Thanks David.


  • Duck Dodgers

    From what T-Mobile said at the Solutions event the TP2 (along with the Dash 3G) still has tethering. Saddly no UMA thou.


  • Big S

    I have a right to complain, I’m the one you call when you need a new phones and the response I get from most cst are your phones suck. The cst are always talking about how ugly the our phones are, all the other companies have better looking phones…do you think I want to listen to your bull shit for 10hrs a day F NO. so before you say something about the comments just look at the big picture before say something….I now you didn’t know that I work for them and I am not trying to be mean. I just want T-mobile to really compete with the other companies.

  • Big S

    you need to read the above comment

  • Big S

    Its not horrible but the phone doesn’t have clean lines anymore they took little this of the phone that I think made the phone look better… this one kinda growin on me the more i see it

  • Simone


  • David


  • Duck Dodgers

    Well the front of the TP2 is black, yes. The sides are a copper/tan color and the back is a brown. In reality it is all the above Black/copper(tan)/brown. I again with you, T-Mob’s design is growing on me.


  • Simone

    this is true i’ve see what the sprint version will look like…eh…at&t will be getting the normal version and verizon is a rectangle lol i like the fact that t-mobile went and moved out of the box

  • docprego

    I agree with much of what you have said. However, this phone really does have appeal to the “super-geeks” as you put it. Combine the large 3.6 inch screen with an excellent audio system and you have a potent multimedia device. For the avid texter the QWERTY keyboard is second to none. HTC’s Touchflo 3D effectively camouflages Windows Mobile to the end user providing a very fun and fluid experience. As a current iPhone user this phone appeals to me greatly from all of these persepectives and it will be replacing my iPhone (which I think is excellent).

  • bgbg85

    @Simone What is this “money” you speak of ??? Haha.

  • docprego

    No version of this phone has ever had a D-pad. It’s hard to tell in the photos about the screen being flush or not, but my guess is that it will be flush like the original HTC version. Some of the photos, particularly those taken head on do make it appear to be flush. There really isn’t any compelling reason for T-Mobile to introduce a border around the screen.

  • Fausto

    you can always put it on the T-mobile payment plan.

  • fanandualum

    wasnt the wing like 400 smackers even with a 2 year contract when it first came out like a bajillion decades ago??? but hey the wing did me justice and i feel that this phone would be honored to replace it.

  • Big S

    your right atleast were getting the TP2….I still think they shouldn’t have changed it…lol

  • Duck Dodgers

    Yes, there will be an upgrade to 6.5 when it comes out.


  • calemus

    intresting,,my tilt took a jump off usfullness a week ago,,touch screen no touche no more

  • Duck Dodgers

    Ahhh… What’s this got to do with the TP2?


  • docprego

    Not yet but when Windows Mobile 6.5 comes out there will be. It is called Windows Marketplace and reports yesterday indicate that it will launch with 600 apps.

  • gsmsosv

    You are aware that people have been happily loading apps on WinMo phones for years now, right? All without an “app store” and its ridiculous approval process. You don’t even need a PC, just download programs straight from your browser. App stores are just a way for Apple, Google, and Palm to siphon money off the success of third party developers.

  • calemus

    u familiar with

  • Pororo

    Thanks! No go for me.

  • Dude

    Speaking of looking at the big picture. You don’t think people have the same complaints for any carrier and their phones? Did you forget where we live? This is the land of entitlement…everyone demands the phone to be built the way they want it and not pay anything for it…oh yah and no contract or required data plan.

    I have family members that work for each one of the “Big 4″ and we all hear the same thing. Quit bitching!

  • docprego

    I’m glad they went with the mocha, it has a very unique look. If I had to have another black phone for 2 years I would be bored to tears. What I am really happy about is the lack of chrome, I am not a fan of it at all. IMO chrome is good at one thing: scratching easily.

  • Cirrob

    Im so tired of this comment. You friggen droids have a one tract mind: Cool phone, would be better with android. Nice computer, it would be better with android. Nice car, if only it ran android. This burger is sooo good, if only it had a little android on it.

    We get it! You like android. Great. Cool. Now stfu. The rest of us don’t. We like WM despite everyone’s anger at microsoft for not making an apple interface (which is why you like android: its not apple, but it copys it enough). Besides, TMO is releasing like what… a billion new android models in the next few months? Get off it already.

    Droid geeks remind me of Goth kids in high school: Desperately trying to be different so they latch on to the oddball thing with all their might.

  • docprego

    It’s also a very convenient way for users of a platform to browse and obtain the software. I realize you are trying to tell Pororo that the relatively small amount of apps are not a detriment, but I just wanted to look at it from his perspective.

  • docprego

    A matter of opinion for sure, I really like the look of this device.

  • WheresMy3g?

    A matter of opinion yes, but the original silver keyboard I’m sure has much wider appeal. Brown? That’s definitely a specialized taste. It would have been better as an alternative color option, and give all the rest of us basic silver, rather than force a large majority to settle for this odd color.

  • docprego

    Can’t say I disagree, I loved the silver too. But I am so excited to get this phone that color is not a concern at this point. However your point about widespread appeal is well taken.

  • Elrich

    Yep, I totally want to beat off onto this phone. It’s so bad ass. 22 days and a wake up!

  • calemus

    it’s got to do with the fact that my desire for the touch pro 2 was based on both performance and ABILITY,,,,where tmo has cripled a good phone,,pharos trav STILL has 3g teathering,,,a vid conferancing cam,,,and eveything els i need in a pocket pc.
    where tmo has once agine killed it’s potential, i offer to the disapointed an avenue out of thier frustrations,,,that, my friend is what my post has to do with the tp2

  • J-Hop2o6

    The (tmousa) TP2 HAS tethering support.. they took out the video conf. cuhz we (as so for the rest of the US carriers) does not care/support for Video Conf… its not even an important feature.. and plus they only use a 0.3 cam, so its REALLY pointless right now until they bump up to ATLEAST 1.3-2.0mp.. and i don’t really think tmousa crippled it (like Verizon does).. and if its still too cripple for you, then go over to XDA and get a custom rom for it.. i think you’ll regret buyin the Pharos over the TP2

  • docprego

    If you are asking me then very much so. Still that is a 3rd party distribution channel, an integrated app marketplace is again much more convenient.

  • Marco

    It is 2 days before mine. I am going to have about $400 left after paying my bills with my next pay check so I will be able to pay for my upgrade as soon as it goes on presale. :D The local Tmo store had no idea what I was talking about (or at least they were forced to pretend) when I asked about the Wing II. I think they are forced to sell the “Mytouch” before they can talk about this phone. I have been with Tmo for a few years and I never upgraded.

  • tyrel@tmo

    hey man im all over android, because windows mobile made me wanna puke… did u ever hear anything ggod about the shadow or the dash? 5.0 or 6.0? hell no u did not… let it go man… ur comment would have been good, if only it had a little android to it :]

  • FrankieStankie

    Easier said than done, I know it’s based on Linux but we over at xda-devs have been fighting to make this work on the HD for some time now. it’s not like there’s an executable or something that we can click on and install it. It’s more complex than that.

  • Brett

    Calling it the WING II was your first error. But MyTouch info did release to employess a few weeks before TouchProII but by the time either of that happened we allready knew more through this site. T-Mobile is very hush hush to their retail employees about upcoming devices. And as always, What you find out about phones online will always be more than you can get from my fellow retail reps. Now in our defense, some of us frequent sites like these to keep up but your chances are more likely to find a rep to look at you say “DUUUUHHH I DUNNO” (becuase they dont) than you would find a techy like me that can tell you all about it. Enjoy your upgrade, this is going to be an awesome device. If you have never owned windows mobile it might be a good idea for you to start reading up and looking for tutorials so you arent all thumbs when you get it. HAVE FUN!!

  • Gfan

    They are