Android Confirmed For Next Week


Still waiting for a new Android release? Get ready all you Android fans the wait it over! Because according to Engadget Mobile, a T-Mobile company spokesperson has said that: “Next week, T-Mobile will share more details about its next Android-powered phone, the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 with Google.” It is not certain that the “Android-powered phone” is the MyTouch 3G but that’s what we’ve got our money on! Sound off in the comments!


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  • Razius


    ” Also according to T3, the Samsung i7500 will be out for sale in the U.S some time in the next two weeks.”

    First paragraph of the article at the end.

  • JLA

    You think the next Android phone is going to be the Samsung Galaxy, rather then the Mytouch 3g? That would be interesting, or is the Galaxy releasing in the next two weeks, and the Mytouch 3g, in August? I will say when I talked to a rep over the phone last Sunday, she told me the next android phone would be from HTC, but also hinted there could be 2 android phones released this summer. I don’t know, but the Galaxy is very thin, which I love, so I’d choose it over the Mytouch 3g, what do you guys think? Does t-mobile have 2 android phones up their sleeves? Next week we will know


    the Samsung Galaxy is ugly compared to the iphone it wouldn’t have chance agianst the iphone. but the Magic is pretty slick and offers both of form and function. something that the iphone offers fully. although Huawei U8230 Android phone would be best against the iphone.

  • Mauro

    Not sure if mytouch 3g can fight with the new iphone. I haven’t use an iphone but I did use an ipod touch which is pretty much the same. After 2 weeks of using it I returned it, I didn’t like the interface. Android seems different and more reliable. I didn’t buy the G1 because it was the first android version and obviously I know the phone was going to come with some bugs. I like the galaxy design and I think that’s the phone that is going to fight directly with the iphone. Either way if tmobile decides to release the mytouch next week ill give it a try and if I like ill keep it until the galaxy comes out.

  • tmobilerep

    Sorry but the mytouch wont be out this month. The preorder will start i believe on july 8th. Also, the samsung phone you’re talking about may be the highlight which comes out july 15th..

  • tmobilerep

    oh yeah, brightlights is just a new way they want us to interact with has nothing to do with a phone release..

  • andy_lowe02

    That phone looks like the new G2 to me. It has been out in the UK for a while now dubbed the HTC Magic. You can see it on the HTC website. Andy yes for all you people wondering you will need a data plan for the phone as well…come on it’s common sense. You can buy the HTC Magic from UK or on EBay but it is not supported through the T-Mobile 3G network yet,it’s a totally different 3G. Hope you all like it! Look for the HTC Magic. Try and compare the G1 and the HTC Magic.