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T-Mobile names 6 winners of T-Challenge

Together with Deutsche Telekom, the winners of the T-Challenge have finally been revealed by T-Mobile.  The six-month long challenge gave innovators a chance to showcase their 5G-powered Extended Reality (XR) research and solutions. The participants gave a look at how 5G can help revolutionize the way people shop retail. A total of 19 teams traveled to Bonn, Germany to present their solutions.  “5G is poised to unlock the true potential of Extended Reality, transforming the way we … [read full article]

T-Mobile names 20 finalists of T-Challenge

Earlier today, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom unveiled the 20 finalists who will be taking part in the T-Challenge competition. The list is composed of young companies who are eager to share their ideas for virtual stores, store avatars, retail products and services, digital twins, and other XR technologies that will innovate how we shop.  Right now, the finalists are in the second phase of the competition. They are getting ready to go on an all-expenses paid trip … [read full article]

T-Mobile announces new T-Challenge for 5G startups and developers

T-Mobile has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to create T-Challenge. This is a global competition for startups and developers in the 5G space.  Earlier today, the two unveiled T-Challenge as a way for challenging startups and developers to come up with a more immersive shopping experience. They are hoping the participants in the competition will make use of more AR solutions in the shopping industry. As a result, shoppers get a more personalized and engaged experience.  The challenge … [read full article]