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Sidekick Data Outage Update 2

Here comes another update for Sidekick users that have had no data service since Friday. The future looks bright! Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is continuing to work urgently to resolve the service disruptions affecting T-Mobile Sidekick customers. The following is a status update for our valued customers: IM services and access to social networking applications are now being restored along with Web browsing. The Address Book, Calendar, and other features are available as well, however, we … [read full article]

Sidekick Data Outage Update

t-mobile tweet

Actually, not much to update here.  Anyone with a Sidekick would be able to tell you this, but, data is still out and it should have returned yesterday.  In the meantime, T-Mobile and Danger are working very hard to get things up and running as soon as possible, and they have this to say: T-Mobile and Danger/Microsoft are urgently working to restore impacted services to Sidekick, and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. Following … [read full article]

Sidekick Data Outage


If you happen to be handling a Sidekick right now, you may have noticed a lack of data service.  The nationwide outage reportedly started late last night or very early this morning and has been recognized by T-Mobile.  In the meantime, relax and T-Mobile will have it fixed “shortly.”  If this is really hurting you, you may want to give customer care a call and try out that award winning customer service.  On a related side … [read full article]