Sidekick Data Outage Update 2


Here comes another update for Sidekick users that have had no data service since Friday. The future looks bright!

Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is continuing to work urgently to resolve the service disruptions affecting T-Mobile Sidekick customers. The following is a status update for our valued customers:

  • IM services and access to social networking applications are now being restored along with Web browsing. The Address Book, Calendar, and other features are available as well, however, we advise customers to not ‘hard reset’ their device by removing the battery as it may cause information they enter into the Address Book and Calendar applications to be lost. We expect e-mail service and back-up of user data to be restored today. Some richer data services, such as new purchases from the Catalog, may take longer to enable.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as Danger works hard, around-the-clock to resolve this issue. We will continue to keep our customers updated as we have news to share. Thank you.

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  • Santiago

    I’m Jus Glad I Have AIM On My Phone, Again. It SUCKS On The Computer. Blehhhh.!

  • Moe

    What caused this? How hard can it be to fix it? This must be really serious since they still not fixed the problem. They need to step it up or hire better techs!

  • nuyorkborn

    My phone has been trying to sign in for an hour now…urgggh!

  • Koloheboy

    My service is still off and on, I went on to chat with CSR lol I was like the 280 person and now down to 70, it’s been over 3 hours LOL

  • Kickstar13

    Same here. My LX 09 is still trying to sign in.

  • Felicia

    Mine won’t sign in either.

  • My LX09 won’t let me sign-in but the bigger problem I have is that it’s refurbished and has the wrong username there and I can’t change it. The box is inaccessible so I have to keep turning my phone off and on to make it go away.

  • Connye

    Okay. I had the three dots before and then it went away. It’s been 4 days without internet on my phone. And being on the laptop using the internet and Instant Messaging is getting kind of tiring.

  • I want a crdt on mine! my lil girl cant use the data i pay for ! not kool!

  • Kickstar13

    I would call T-Mobile Customer Service and get that credit. I have recieved 1 month of data credit for my Sidekick.

  • jjo

    does anyone have data yet? mine still only has the two dots….

  • MeighanRocks

    My data is still not working, no G no address book, no calendar, didn’t they say they were turning this on at noon? its 5 now…

  • nuyorkborn

    I still don’t have any data,my phone is still “signing in”. I was able to get my credit.

  • citizeninsane

    I just got the Android 1.6 update

  • Red

    This is getting ridiculous. I’m done with sidekicks.

  • PhillySwag

    Talked to TMO customer service they said by tonight everything should be resolved, how true this is? Who knows…they keep pushing it back I am completely done with Sidekicks! They should just start giving away free phones for this lol

  • timmyjoe42

    Does T-Mobile offer a refund on the days when you don’t have data?

  • I don’t believe it will be resolved tonight. It’s horrible how many calls we have received since thursday. For all the people without service please contact customer care and TMO will give you a credit towards your bill.

    Sorry that it is down but us as reps really can’t do much about it. We have to wait just like the rest of you. Please try to refrain from going into a store and throwing or trying to kill us. We have had 2 people arrested for going overboard and yelling at one of our female workers because of their sidekicks not working.

    If you are receiving that text saying it is ok to sign in and you don’t have your username and email. Please also contact customer care. We do not have access to that information at the stores.

    If you do need your contacts just go to and login select desktop tools and you will have all your contacts on there. Again sorry but please don’t kill us reps.

    Don’t forget we can hit back if attacked. lol

  • Margie

    As of this afternoon, I’m able to use the web browser and a few of my network-dependent apps. On my Slide’s indicator. I sometimes have the “G” or I have two dots with a circle going around. It’s more than I had the last 3 days. Hopefully, the rest will fall into place. :)

  • Kickstar13

    Call Customer Care and they will refund you anywhere from $35 to three full months of data access.

  • Red

    Eroi, that’s ridiculous. Sorry.

  • Maddie

    :[ i keep getting the 3 dots and its animated but then it goes away and goes to 2 . then 3 . i still havnt gotten ANYTHING . Its true aim on the comp sucks , and especialy air aim on my phone . the only thing i can do is use my web browser . D::[
    lol – ok w.e that was a joke , but seriously – this is so not cool . >:O

  • kyle

    finally internet!!!!!!!!!!!!! no address book tho :/ they told me to remove my battery too so i better not have lost my contacts or im gonna be pissed!!!

  • pororo

    Danger caused the outage by trying to upgrade their system. It’s all because of Danger not T-mobile.

  • jojojack

    man having no internet for 4 days hurts :(

    I called tmobile & they only gave me $5 credit. >:o

    I want a $35 credit, what should I do?

  • It took me so long to find this update. It really upset me that when asked about a news website for the sidekick, the people at T-Mobile told me that there wasn’t one and that service should be restored in 24 to 48 hours.

  • gee this so frustration I try to calm down…better promise get email back today if not i keep BUG U BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    I got my G back but dam my myfavs still not comin back an my phone still not goin off when i get my text!!!


    even better is that when data came back online for me last night, social networks were left wide open, every log in attempt to myspace or fb that i made took me into someone elses acct! a billion log in attempts only took me into a billion other ppls pages and them into mine appearantly, cause they changed everything in my acct, including my bday making me 16 again lol!! of course tmobile did nothing for me, and myspace didnt either… im beginning to wonder about the actual security on this wonderful Danger Network…

  • Candace

    still down, and T-Mobile Rep says I have to call them back when I get service restored in order to be credited for the lost days. Really?
    Partial service is not what I am paying for either. The web browser may work intermittently, but still no email, contacts, etc…

    T-Mobile is failing on this matter from day one and asking customers to call back to get a credit for lost services is insane. I have the chat saved with the customer rep and will be sending it to the BBB. I am also reviewing my contract to see if I can get out of this mess and move to a more stable provider.

  • Jenn

    I still have no email or internet service. I keep getting the same response from the reps “we are working on it”

  • Mikey


    You guys keep saying to login through the desktop tools, but those are still down as well. No one can get into anything that’s backed up.

    Just thought that someone at T-Mobile should be told that their telling people to do something that doesn’t work.

  • maaan tmobile is fuckin upp i type in my username and my password and it sayd invalid password after i wait for bout 30 min and than it ask if ima new user and all that stuff let know what i caan doo

  • uncfan1297

    is text back yet? it dosent work. or is this what i bought?

  • Bianca

    My catalog isn’t working. When I get a phone call it takes about an hour for my g to come back. I got 5 dollars credit at first and then when they had me on the phone for like 4 hours they gave me unlimited downloads…ah sweet downloads…that I can’t even get! Grrrr my catalog will not load!

  • pinkk (:

    — i got my G back last night once i receieved an email with a uswername & password but had to try login in plenty of times before it actually worked.
    my internet works but i have no data :( & also my email is mot working [?]

  • Kickstar13

    Got IM service back this morning finally. now for email *waits*

  • Mitchell

    i have everything working fully now.EXCEPT for the fact on october 5th 2009 i dropped my phone 2 times and the vattery falls out everytime it is dropped so i lost ALL of my things on my SIM card.

  • Sweezy

    Tmobile is giving a month of data service to all the sidekick users that lost their data

  • Sweezy
  • Kickstar13
  • My phone finnaly started getting the service I called tmobile && made a complaint. && i got $20 of credit to my account damn right && then got a message saying I got a free month. But I have an issue. I lost my contacts 3 days ago && I still haven’t goten em back amd I gonna get em back????

  • cora

    Here it is Oct 7. Got 2 emails coming in on my Sidekick .. “receiving” and “receiving” for several hours now. Hasn’t stopped yet. I have not been able to read them. These past SEVERAL days have been a bummer and I want out of my phone plan.

  • reem

    everyone is getting the dam text with there new password except me ugh this is so fustrateing!! and i called tmobile but all they say is just wait for it it’s been 4 or 5 days now!

  • emily

    Well i ordered the lx 09 last thursday and got it this past monday,besides having no data,i still wouldn’t even be able to use the internet or anything cuz i have to wait for my next billing cycle for the sidekick dta plan to start which is oct 10th,i hate tmobile,when i was using my unlocked iphone w/tmobile they changed the plan almost immediately,the cust ser rep said their policy’s have changed bs,they have the worst customer service ever!!i wish i stayed with sprint,great customer service,i could talk on my phone in my friends basement apartment without the phone signal dying,if i had a problem they would fix it,one year i was low on cash and they extended my service for 2 months,i think this is crazy that it is taking danger this long to fix this problem,so now i’m stuck with a brand new phone,i can only talk nd text,I’M SO PISSED.

  • fiston

    man i am sooo not happy with freakin tmobile. its been a week without a phone that i payed for already. you guys got to be kidding man!!! seriuosly, this is gettin really ridiculous.

  • fiston


  • alexandra

    Omg! This is so frusturating…I lost my fav 5 lost all my contacts and mails…and my phone dosent vibrate when I get a message…when is this gona get fixed!? Or is it!?

  • samuelin

    okay well anybody ready for my problem?
    well lets see, i ad a sidekick 3 tat messed up two days after the outage. so lets do our mat so far (2) i went a week witout a cellphone because of the water damage (6-7days) yet they still have the nerve to charge me ( i have prepaid) so i call right.. and get this i not only don’t have web yet but all they gave me was 5 dollars? dumb jerks!!! plus i got hung up on 3 times after waiting for what seemed like forever. yeah my life sux.. still no web… and now i’m waiting on number 45 on the internet… hope they don’t end the chat on me… anyways lets look at equation 2+6=8 thats at least 8 dollars i should be getting back and plus they need to pay me for the inconvenience that i had specially since i depend on my sidekick… what should i do?

  • jimmy

    I cant even use my sidekick….at all it reads my sim and it says “searching”…..errr

  • bosslady

    im havin a big issue wen the sidekick’s lost they data and extra stuff it deleted all my aim passwords how can i get them back i dont remember them