Sidekick Data Outage Update

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Actually, not much to update here.  Anyone with a Sidekick would be able to tell you this, but, data is still out and it should have returned yesterday.  In the meantime, T-Mobile and Danger are working very hard to get things up and running as soon as possible, and they have this to say:

T-Mobile and Danger/Microsoft are urgently working to restore impacted services to Sidekick, and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. Following is a status update for our valued customers:

* We expect data services to begin gradually returning in the next couple of hours (Saturday evening)

* Web browsing capabilities should be first accessible first; additional functions such as IM, social networking applications and email will then follow.

While we anticipate a significant portion of data services to be restored by Monday, some richer data services may lag. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work hard with Danger/Microsoft to resolve this issue. We will continue to keep you updated as we have news to share. Thank you.

Things are getting sorted out, and data may be back as early as tonight.  To help you with your trouble, T-Mobile has issued bill credits ranging from $35 to three full months of data access  Tell us how this is hurting your weekend in the comments!


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  • Sean

    Well, my birthday is today(Sunday) and people have been greeting me happy birthday and whatnot, and I reply to them. “Thanks! But I lost all my contacts, so who is this?” FAAAAAIL.

  • Santiago

    I Got A Full $20 Credit =)
    A Nice Little Ole’ Lady Helped Me.

  • Nate

    Am I supppose to call to get some sort of credit? I have been without service since Thursday!!! this is ridiculous, hopefully it’ll be back by tonight.

  • bigfish13

    ive called tmobile twice and im gonna call back when i have service again and get credit and a new phone. forget sidekicks

  • Pedro

    I only got $10 dollars :(

  • These are all interesting posts. It’s nice that T-Mobile is offering to provide it’s customers with a credit for this outage, even though it is not required.

    And by not required, I do mean that in your contract there is a clause that states the service may be prone to interruption and T-Mobile does not have to compensate you.

    Just a thought.

  • ~G~

    this aggravates me… i payed my service and havent been able to use it in 3 days sofar!

  • LL CooL A

    This is bull crap my service has been out since early friday morning. now my cousin who lives a block away from me has a LX 07 has his data service back and not me.

  • david

    im glad i got rid of my sidekick when i did becuas eif not id be experienceing the same issues but i went and got the mytouch for the sidekick becuase i didnt like the new sidekick but good thing i didnt keep it.

  • Felicia

    I thought it was just me! I imported about half my contacts from my SIM, but half of my txts, I don’t know who they’re from.

  • Joey

    So is this T-Mobile’s network causing the problem or is it Microsoft’s (Danger)fault? All T-Mobile is saying is that “we’re working on it.”

  • The Observer

    its microsoft/danger fault

  • Margie

    I have a Sidekick Slide on prepaid & luckily have not been charged the full daily amount that would normally be charged: Probably due to this outage.

  • susiedoll

    this is so messing up my weekend its pretty messed up
    wait does this mean i get something deducted from my bill ?

  • susiedoll

    and i also got all my contact deleted aswell this is GREAT TMOBILE UGHHHH

  • manuel

    so wll my contacts come back??? an i didn get any credit ahhhhhh

  • Andy, Inc.

    man i hope they credit everyone
    i just called and the doodoo that helped me didnt offer me shit :o

  • My Data service has been gone since Thursday. I called earlier and asked for a credit and they Put $35 on my account for my inconvenience….They told me that the Engineers over @ danger said problem will be Fixed tonight…. Will see ;)

  • unknown

    T-Mobile says, “we” because per policy we have to take accountability for everything. That’s why when people call in because of something they did, “I locked myself out of my g1” or “i forgot my blackberry password” they go like, “I’m sorry to hear we forgot our blackberry password”. It is a danger outage only. When the RIM servers go down or the Microsoft exchange servers go down people still blame T-Mobile. There was a problem with the BES and BIE a couple of months ago and same story. They are working on it. I get it. Your service is down. STOP CRYING. IT’S NOT GOING TO MAKE IT COME BACK ANY FASTER. IT ONLY MAKES YOU MORE MISERABLE IF YOU FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE.

  • FILA

    Well you gotta give them credit. People gotta understand that things fail at times. Yes it sucks but on the flip side atleast t-mobile is willing and kind enough to credit every sidekick user back. If a 2 days of the system being down is worth 3 free months, hell I’ll take 2 down days every 3 days, it sucks but its free service in the end!! Be happy, you could have ATT and just get fucked with your bill or Verizon, there good for that

  • This sucksss I’ve been on holdd for half an hour and still no representative ! And some people are getting 3 months free?!?

  • Joey

    My Sidekick is my LIFE.
    Naturally, I demanded a refund for my lost days of data. I got them to pay for this month’s bill xD

  • J

    I’m a prepaid Sidekick user,and they told me that I’m not being dinged the $1 a day charge(The prepaid rate for unlimited internet,IM,Text,and PIcture message). I can still use my texting and phone,but no internet,which still sucks. I wonder if they can still kick me down a few bucks for the inconvenience. You really don’t realize how important that web browser is until you lose it!

  • Bill

    I know having a sidekick specifically for entertainment purposes (in some cases even business) having the internet go out is basically crippling the device. However, anyone who has owned the device, sold the device, or researched the device, you would know how dependant upon the internet the sidekick has always been. The fact that you lose contacts when you lose internet is nothing new, nothing has changed in the design of the phone over the past 6 years.

    The great thing about the sidekick is if something happens to your phone (lost/stolen/warranty exchange) your information comes back to you once you sign back in. The downside is when u lose data connections. I have worked for T-mobile for 3 years and this is the first data outtage of the sort in my tenure. Is it crippling? absolutely. Is it frustrating? without a doubt. Is it understandable in technology that at some point that there will be some type of issue causing a loss of some form of communication? In my experience and opinion, yes it is. The t-mobile network is very reliable, and the amount of outtages with any of the services is minimal. I find it interesting to say the least that people expect more than a prorated amount of usage refunded to them for loss of service. Trying to profit off of a temporary loss of service will only hurt you, the company, and others using the service in the long run. T-mobile is constantly trying to improve the network and reducing potential funds so that you can have 1-3 months of service free for 3 days of partial service will reduce the ability to expand the network in the future (or any other potential improvements).

  • kira

    so i got stranded at work 3 days in a row because i can’t access my address book.. i haven’t been home til today(thanks to a co-worker)because of this outage. and they won’t give me a credit either. Isn’t that great.

  • unknown

    Thank you Bill! That is exactly what I was thinking. Kira, a credit is not going to give you your time back. A pen and paper to write a single number to get home is not going to kill you either. Why do people expect more than just the prorated amount? Ultimately T-Mobile doens’t even have to provide them with any credits in the first place. Goodwill credits are abused of. :(


    I’m pissed off. 3 days with no data services is crazy. I am getting rid of my sidekick as soon as possible.

  • Mejilla

    wow I haven’t had service still thursday nite…now it is mondayy..I got it back for like 15 minutes and that’s it..but im still on the net..weird..I want my data BACK!

  • Dan

    ANGRY-TMO-CUS….I’m with you, but it’s because I was getting new phones with my wife on Thursday. The Sidekick was cool when I first got it, and I knew it was overpriced but I blocked it out because I thought it was a cool little phone. The past year has given me nothing but problems with this phone (SKLX bought in Dec 2007) and this is just the cherry on the top of my shit sundae. At least T-Mo’s Customer Service is awesome – got a $40 credit due to Danger/Microsoft screwing up. I’m content with that and counting down the days till I don’t have this phone anymore

  • Dan

    I had a G!….but I tried to get my contacts back by shutting down and restarting and now it’s gone

  • Kim

    It looks like my phone has finally stopped running the three dots searching for the network, but my phone is still useless — no phone book (and therefore no way to make calls or texts), no email, not web … nothing.

    And, to top it all off, I’m afraid that somehow during this whole fiasco it totally fried my device. My pics are missing, I no longer have any Internet bookmarks, all my applications have been reset — beyond f’d on the phone front. NOT HAPPY.

  • Melissa

    I’m in college in another state and Ive been trying to get in touch with my professors since saturday (Mid-term week.. lots of stress and “How am i doing in class?” kinda things) My professors’ office #s, office hours, phone numbers and emails are all in my phone… My Mailbox combination and directions on how to open it are there too, so I haven’t been able to get my paycheck nor pick up my debit card. It’s all in the mail. To top it off, T-mobile hasn’t picked up my NO CREDIT FOR ME =( =(

  • Melissa

    I know money wont bring back time but it would help A LOT! I haven’t been able to get my paycheck which means I haven’t paid my T-Mobile bill.. a $40 credit would be Awesome! Besides, as a college student I need all the money I can get.. Books, tuition, food, etc. Everyone has their own needs, so don’t give us the “it wont bring back your time” excuse. We don’t need that C***. Also, what do we care about T-mobile’s expansion and what not? If T-Mobile doesn’t satisfy its customers they won’t Need to expand. Please, Don’t Give Us That C***!

  • Marcus

    Damn it sucks i didnt have anything since friday, i didnt no money, and now i cant even sign back in(Stuff like this makes people change phone companies)

  • Brad


    As a couple of people said earlier, you’re lucky T-Mobile is even offering anything more than the pro-rated charge. If you’re paying $35/month x 5 days… you’re looking at a reasonable credit of $1.16/day x 5 days = $5.83.

    It’s not my problem that you chose to go to college and can’t pay your T-Mobile bill. Don’t criticize a wireless company when putting a band aid on the problem obviously won’t fix your situation.

    It’s absolutely pathetic to see all these people trying to milk a company for a few days of “data service.” Remember when people actually used mobile phones for making and receiving calls? Now they’re giving out potentially $25-$100 for something like this.



    even better is that when data came back online for me last night, social networks were left wide open, every log in attempt to myspace or fb that i made took me into someone elses acct! a billion log in attempts only took me into a billion other ppls pages and them into mine appearantly, cause they changed everything in my acct, including my bday making me 16 again lol!! of course tmobile did nothing for me, and myspace didnt either… im beginning to wonder about the actual security on this wonderful Danger Network…

  • mcaslan

    Microsoft once again displays their shher incompetance in the deployment and management of mobile voice data area.

  • Freshman

    Mii phone has been off since Friday n today is WEN.!! (this sucks)
    tmobile is lucky they hav sweet people on c.c (i lost mii behold n the helped me find it)



  • Cadinho

    i lost all my contacts on friday because of this but i do have the G but still haven’t got my contacts back like i seriously want them back when all this comes back to normal and my catalog is still loading so it means they are still fixing it

  • I got my internet back n all that buuut I let my battery die and thus all my contacts bookmarks and notes have been deleted. DON’T LET YOUR BATTERY DIE! I haven’t called tmobile about it yet, i’ll give it a couple more days.

  • ne@69

    I work in the sidekick department and I can tell you this if the battery was remove of SK you may not get your contacts back because the contacts are backed up on the danager server but the server crashed so if the battery was removed during this outage the info is gone

  • unknownnnnn.

    i too have a sidekick and am having data problems since sunday afternoon.
    tmobile says that they are “still working on it” and not sure when its gonna be done but they said that when the data problem is fixed all the contacts and stuff should come back.

    does anyone know if your phone starts doing that rebooting thing when the data problem is getting fixed on your phone???

  • Ali

    this is what happens when microsoft dips its fingers in anything, they mess it up. screw microsoft, this is why i got an iphone, but my husband still has a sidekick, and he’s uber pissed, they just sent out a mass text saying through all the troubles they lost al of his contacts, calendars and everything. we’re over this, going to AT&T so we can both get iphone service.

  • aw man

    my phone died lastnight… noowwwww i most likely will not get my contacts back..i want a phone that doesnt erase my life..haa mann…good excuse to get a new phone though! haaaa

  • mz.dairy queen

    ThiZ sidekick issue is krazy no contacts…..i kall in asking questions about the service.and they have the nerve to say …that contacts might not be able to get back..idk..about this..but im so ready to give up on this company real talk…..ugggh!!

  • Hello im scott this sucks but who ever has prepaid sidekick just keep calling in an get mad with tmobile.postpaid is geting 1 to3 months of voice an data plus a mytouch come on an we prepaid they do not care I talked to them for days f@@k us they only care about postpaid not us prepaid so every one that is prepaid call in an get mad an tell them you want same as postpaid since they lost our info an can not get it back an you want a new cellphone if every prepaid does that we sould be good but if you keep taking 5 or 10 dollars they can keep it they need it more then me then all of us sould just start a cass action lawsuit over this we deserve the same as postpaid data has be out since 9.1.09..12 days now an danger says it could be a week or a month good luck my sidekick prepaid friends……..

  • Brianna

    I have the sidekick 2008 and I hate no interent or anything for about 4 days :[ but luckly its back on now and hope every one got there problems fixed bcuz I know I hated it

  • Hello every one well I have a prepaid sidekick lx tmobile has not done one thing for us prepaid but postpaid gets a new mytouch an 3 months of free data an voice plus 100 dollars wow come on an we get nothing well its ok I just maid the payper the tampa tribune tbo go look tmobile its just the start cnn was monday today tbo news on the web an tonight live every prepaid sidekick im trying to help tmobile is going to do for us like the do for postpaid I lost my pictures my apps my info is gone an thety do not care so im going to be all over the news with this tmobile will give me what postpaid gets I want the mytouch an 3 months of voice an data plus the 100 dollars for my lost info so tmobile us prepaid do we get that too when are you going to call us or text us you have not told us anything you are going to do for prepaid an why not is it because you don’t care what we are going threw I see you cheat an steal from us then do not want to treat us right I see thank you tmobile